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19 Sep. 1981
City of the Ancient Ones
Overlord frees Amber the sorceress from the Temple of the Cave-Apes and puts her under his spell. He forces her to lead him to Tamborian where lies the lost scroll of the ancient ones.
12 Sep. 1981
Search for the Starsword
Blackstar, Mara & Klone are attacked by Lava Locs while having a quiet drink on the edge of a volcano. The Lava Locs manage to get hold of the Starsword and bring it to The Overlord so he can reunited it with his Powersword.
26 Sep. 1981
The Lord of Time
Timelord Kadray uses his scepter to revert the Sagar Tree into an acorn. With this he plans to reactivate the dreaded Fountain of Fire.
3 Oct. 1981
The Mermaid of the Serpent Sea
The Trobbits sail to Red Crown Reef to supply the Merminites with Sagar fruits and nuts. But Captain Typhod the Phantom Sailor attacks, captures the Merminites and all the fruit.
10 Oct. 1981
The Quest
When Poulo the Trobbit swallows the poison of the pond, Blackstar seeks out the healing stone of the desert dwellers to cure the little fellow. But during the quest he is challenged by the Emerald Knight.
17 Oct. 1981
Blackstar's lover Katana uses a Fusion drive time ship capable of multi universe travel to journey to Sagar and return him home. But the Overmind captures her and forces her to help him acquire the Starsword.
24 Oct. 1981
Lightning City of the Clouds
The Overlord orders Crios the Ice-King to secure Leelana's key to springtime, so the harsh Sagar winter will last forever.
31 Oct. 1981
Kingdom of Neptul
Blackstar and his allies are swept away during a terrible rainstorm and end up in the undersea kingdom of Aquaria located in the Magnetic Sea. There they face Neptul, one of the Overlord's minions and his captives, the Flame People.
7 Nov. 1981
Tree of Evil
Blackstar & Klone return to the Sagar Tree after fighting the Overlord, but walk into a trap at a duplicate tree inhabited by evil versions of the Trobbits.
14 Nov. 1981
The Air Whales of Anchar
The mystic balance of the Starsword is upset during a battle with the Vampiremen. Now Blackstar must find the Air Whales of Anchar to repair the Starsword with their vocal chords. If Blackstar & Mara don't get there in time, the Starwsword will explode and take much of the world with it. But Blackstar is captured by the Sky-pirate Nehilis.
21 Nov. 1981
The Overlord's Big Spell
The Overlord casts a spell that drains all of Sagar's magic forces towards him, then turns the energy into a giant demon named Brilerand. But when Brilerand turns against his creator, Blackstar and the Overlord find themselves forced to work together if they want to defeat it.
28 Nov. 1981
The Crown of the Sorceress
After rescuing Princess Talena from an assault by the monstrous Thorg, Blackstar offers to escort her to her kingdom in the West. However, neither Balkar nor Mara have ever heard of Talena or her kingdom.
5 Dec. 1981
The Zombie Masters
The rebel leaders are trying to convince Dahl of Gandar to join their cause when the city is attacked by Marakand, the city of Zombies. Soon Princess Luwena, Mara and Poulo are under the spell of Shaldemar the Zombie master.


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