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Robert Llewellyn's quest to spur a green energy revolution in his village

Actor’s efforts to persuade Temple Guiting to generate its own electricity captured in BBC4’s Great Village Green Crusade

Robert Llewellyn is not a typical eco-activist. “Oh, I’m absolutely un-green,” says the actor and TV presenter. “I’m as un-green as a corporate exec. I fly a lot. Though I have hugged a tree. Actually, I’ve lent against one while I was having a wee in the woods, I’m not sure if that counts?”

You don’t need to wear an environmental hairshirt, however, to believe it’s possible to live in a different, more sustainable way. For the actor, who presented Scrapheap Challenge on Channel 4 and is best known for playing Kryten on BBC2’s Red Dwarf, that belief stemmed from a longstanding passion for new technologies, particularly renewable energy.

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Remembering 90s Thunderbirds & Captain Scarlet toys




The Gerry Anderson toys that arrived in the 1990s may have been a little bit shonky, but they provided hours of fun...

Millions of years ago, in 1992, the BBC made a very wise decision: it broadcast the Gerry Anderson series Thunderbirds on its second channel. Back in those days BBC 2 on Sunday mornings (and 6pm weekdays) appeared to be curated entirely for geeks, with episodes of Star Trek, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica and further Gerry Anderson series such as Stingray and Captain Scarlet being broadcast alongside Shooting Stars and This Morning With Richard Not Judy. It was hella formative.

The renewed popularity of Thunderbirds had led to Matchbox releasing a Tracy Island playset. This became a must-have Christmas item, to the extent that fights were reported over the remaining sets in stores. With supply failing to match demand Blue Peter - the BBC’s flagship-show-named-after-a ship’s
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FremantleMedia Takes Stake in Former Fox Exec Simon Andreae’s Naked

Cambridge, England — Production and distribution giant FremantleMedia has taken a 25% stake in Naked Entertainment, the newly formed production company from producer Simon Andreae, who was most recently executive VP, alternative entertainment, at Fox Broadcasting in the U.S.

Based in London, Naked will develop original entertainment, factual, and factual entertainment formats, with series and one-off specials. The deal further strengthens FremantleMedia’s content pipeline for the global distribution market.

Cecile Frot-Coutaz, CEO of FremantleMedia, said: “We are actively looking for the right companies and talent to expand and strengthen our business. Simon is one of the industry’s pre-eminent factual entertainment producers with a long history of delivering hits with global appeal. He already has a strong development slate and I’m really pleased to be partnering with him to bring his projects to audiences around the world.”

Andreae commented: “I’m excited to be back in the U.K.
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'Apollo 13' 20th Anniversary: 20 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About the Tom Hanks Classic

Not all Hollywood blockbusters are about rampaging dinosaurs, time-traveling cyborgs or spandex-clad heroes.

Some big-budget movies get by just fine focusing on real-life moments of danger and drama. "Apollo 13" is one of those films.

Released 20 years ago today on June 30, 1995, here are 20 things you need to know about how director Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks worked to deliver one of the best space movies in the history of always.

1. It may be one of the most iconic lines in movie history, but "Houston, we have a problem" isn't exactly what was said during the mission. Jim Lovell actually said, "Houston, we've had a problem." The edit was made for the film because "we've had" implies that the problem is over.

2. On that note, Jim Lovell wasn't the only astronaut to speak that famous line. Jack Swigert first radioed in with "Okay, Houston -- we've had a problem here.
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Interview: A conversation with Robert Llewellyn

Villordsutch chats with actor, comedian and writer Robert Llewellyn...

Villordsutch: Always an easy question to start with: I suffer from a bad case of a dry sense of humour and it often gets me into bother with people I’ve just met; occasionally relatives too. Has your humour ever caused any concerns to your own personal safety?

Robert Llewellyn: That’s a fascinating question and although people in my profession are probably asked weird questions more than say engineers, plumbers, accountants, I’ve never been asked that before.

In about 1982 I wrote a sketch about a flying psychoanalyst who visited remote outback farmers in Australia and helped them ‘deal with their emotional problems.’ I was performing in a comedy sketch and music group called ‘The Joeys’ at the time, we performed the sketch and many people laughed, well, everyone laughed. It was funny.

One night in Cricklewood, North London
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The Point Radio: Super Heroes In The Real World

  • Comicmix
Don’t the name fool you. Freaks Of Nature is a reality show that introduces viewers to extraordinary people who possess the power to control, manipulate or conquer nature, performing feats that could harm or kill the average human. Sounds like super-heroes to us! We talk to show host Tyler Harcott (Junkyard Wars) about the amazing people he’ll showcase on the new Weather Channel series. Plus The Killing is back – again – and some big bucks for Brave & Bold #28.

The Point covers it 24/7! Take us Anywhere! The Point Radio App is now in the iTunes App store – and it’s Free! Just search under “pop culture The Point”. The Point Radio - 24 hours a day of pop culture fun for Free. Go Here and Listen Free on any computer or on any other mobile device with the Tune In Radio app - and follow us on Twitter @ThePointRadio.

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Sony Pictures Television Greenlights Scarlet

London — Sony Pictures Television has added to its stable of U.K. production companies with the launch of Scarlet Media, which is headed by producer Simon Andreae, who most recently worked for Discovery in the U.S.

Spt will hold a majority stake in the London-based shingle, and will distribute its output internationally. Andreae becomes managing director, reporting into Andrea Wong, prexy, international production at Spt.

It is the fifth U.K. production company in Spt’s international production portfolio, which totals 19 companies across 14 countries. Spt’s other U.K. shingles are Left Bank Pictures, Gogglebox Entertainment, Silver River and Victory Television.

Scarlet will develop original factual and factual entertainment formats, with series and one-off specials, for U.K. and international broadcasters.

Andreae was most recently senior veep, development and production, West Coast, for Discovery in the U.S. Titles developed during his tenure included “Naked and Afraid,” and “Fast N Loud,
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A+E Rebuild: BBC’s Jana Bennett To Run Bio And Lmn Under Nancy Dubuc’s Plan

Exclusive: Nancy Dubuc is not wasting any time putting her stamp on A+E Networks. While she doesn’t officially transition into her new role as president and CEO of the company until June 1, I hear Dubuc already is working on plans for the brands. With A&E and History in top shape and Lifetime well into the rebuilding process, Dubuc is focusing her attention on the group’s next tier of networks, Bio, Lmn and H2. As part of her turnaround plans, I’ve learned that veteran BBC executive Jana Bennett, who helped usher TLC into mainstream programming in the early 2000s, has been tapped to run Lmn and Bio. (Dirk Hoogstra is in charge of H2.) Bennett spent more than 30 years working for the BBC, most recently as president of worldwide networks and the global BBC iPlayer for the corporation’s commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, a position she
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SuperScrimpers: Spring Clean; Motor Morphers – TV review

SuperScrimpers' expert solution is to get people to spend a bit less. Who knew?

SuperScrimpers: Spring Clean (Channel 4) was a piece of patchwork television. Fitting, perhaps, for an hour of advice on how best to pinch and stretch those pennies, but not much of a way to make a TV show. With the loosest of stitching and patches as unrelated as asparagus recipes and pension advice, watching felt a lot like channel-hopping. All that was missing was the physical exertion of lifting the remote. And the hope of finding something else.

Which is not to say there was no useful advice here. There was a little, courtesy of presenter Mrs Moneypenny, who spent her share – a fifth, perhaps – of the patchwork hour doling out elementary tips on ISAs, insurance and tracking down old pensions for good-natured members of the public kind enough to humour her with a query, as
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Miptv Briefs: Keshet Int’l; AMC/Sundance; ‘Big Brother’; ‘Restless’; Bear Grylls; Own UK; Warner TV Distribution

  • Deadline TV
Refresh for latest… Keshet International‘s UK office has hired producer Amelia Hann as head of unscripted programming to oversee a new factual production venture. Hann was most recently executive producer on Channel 4’s The Undateables and her other credits include the BAFTA winning Ross Kemp On Gangs, Wife Swap USA, Baby Bible Bashers, Scrapheap Challenge/Junkyard Wars and The Hunt For Britain’s Sex Traffickers. AMC/Sundance Channel Global has made a trio of exec promotions bumping Harold Gronenthal to Evp, programming and operations; Jennie Morris to VP affiliate marketing; and Mark Fareri to director of operations, AMC/Sundance Channel Global. The group has also pacted with Passion Distribution to acquire Push Girls for We tv Asia and with We tv Us for Cyndi Lauper docu-soap Cyndi. Sweden’s Svt, Finland’s Yle and Denmark’s Dr networks have acquired Restless, the adaptation of William Boyd’s spy novel that stars Hayley Atwell,
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Citytv Fall TV Schedule 2012-2013: Comedy Is King

  • Aol TV.
Citytv Fall TV Schedule 2012-2013: Comedy Is King
Now that U.S. upfronts are over and the new and returning shows have been announced, it's the Canadian networks' turn to fight for shows that'll air in the 2012-13 fall season.

Citytv was up first, and quickly made it known that bringing the funny was their main goal -- the network has filled six of seven nights with comedy blocks. But don't count out dramas just yet. Citytv also added four new dramas to their lineup.

Mondays might be City's strongest day, simulcasting with CBS for the first half of the night. "How I Met Your Mother" kicks off at 8 p.m., followed by the new comedy "Partners" and the second season of "2 Broke Girls." "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" follows the three CBS sitcoms, and NBC's "Revolution" (from J.J. Abrams and Erik Kripke) ends the night.

City's Tuesday is dominated by Fox, with "Raising Hope," "Ben and Kate,
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10 Characters We Want To See In Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale sounded like a fake game. For a while there, noone really expected to see it announced for real, but now Sony Ce have announced that we will indeed get to play the cross-over fighter that will reportedly bring all of the best and most beloved Playstation characters under one fight banner, and have them square off to the death.

In anticipation of the day that we can pick up controllers and smash Sony’s finest brawlers to pieces, and of the full reveal of the game’s roster, we thought it might be fun to offer some of our own picks from the Ps annals. We already know of six characters – thanks to early previews of the game – for certain (and a seventh one appears to have leaked since then) but the final roster of playable characters is bound to be much bigger.

So, which Playstation
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Rewind TV: Borgen; The Mystery of Edwin Drood; Hustle; Horizon – review

Borgen proved the perfect replacement for The Killing while the BBC's Dickens season went from strength to strength. Now, if only they weren't cancelling Hustle

Borgen (BBC4) | iPlayer

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (BBC2) | iPlayer

Hustle (BBC1) | iPlayer

The Hunt for Higgs: A Horizon Special (BBC2) | iPlayer

How to Be a Good Mother (C4) | 4Od

I know they keep saying class is dead. And all generalisations are dangerous, even this one (and if you are middle-class you'll probably know the origins of that quote what I stole). But there has in my lifetime seemed one failsafe test question: do you like Scandinavia? Do you… get it?

I suspect it had something to do with postwar films. Most featuring tall, kindly, polite, brave, well-spoken people called things such as Knut, who got to be principled by gunning down a Nazi but then, wonderfully, got to… go for a ski, just to get home,
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Readers recommend: TV themes – results

You sent us your top tunes on the box – we broadcast the results

"Your name, please."

Um, Jon Dennis.

"Your special subject?"

What makes a good TV theme.

And I'm glad you asked me that, Magnus. The name of the music accompanying the opening titles (that chair!) of the long-running quiz show Mastermind was appropriately titled Approaching Menace, by Neil Richardson. Like many memorable TV themes, it began life as a piece of library music – not, in other words, commissioned especially for the show. Yet it stirs the necessary emotions in the viewer – tension, dread – before Mr Magnusson has uttered a word.

Another thing – you don't need to have seen the show to appreciate its music. As I mentioned last week when I asked you to recommend some TV themes, I don't watch much telly. I hadn't even heard of Friday Night Lights, evidently a drama series centred around the
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Let's see more of Mrs Brian Cox – doing science on TV | Lindsay Keith

Employing more girl-geeks on screen would redress a gender imbalance that must discourage young female scientists

The problem with science television is merely an amplified version of what is wrong with the rest of TV – institutionalised male boorishness. The argument is as follows: there aren't many women working in science, so it's a small pool to pick from. We don't succeed when we go out to cast female presenters so we fall back on male presenters. There aren't any strong female role models in science on TV, so not very many girls go into science. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As a scientist turned TV producer I've worked on numerous science programmes: Superhuman (fronted by Robert Winston), Scrapheap Challenge (Robert Llewellyn), Brainiac (Richard Hammond), The Garage for Discovery (a documentary set in a garage repair workshop run by men) and Top Trumps (Robert Llewellyn and Ashley Hames). If a programme has
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Game British Academy Video Game Awards – Jacks Report

Last night saw the great and the good of the games industry; notable public figures and Blue attend the Game British Academy Video Game Awards to celebrate what appears to have been a fine year for gaming. The jamboree took place at the classy Park Lane Hilton (which, according to one source, would cost a mere £350 to buy). As guests arrived, the assembled media, including Blogomatic3000, were ready to catch titbits of information from the glamorous celebrities. Here is what we learned…

First up, we met Kryten himself, Robert Llewellyn.

Hi Robert, what is your involvement in the awards tonight?

I get invited to a lot of these kinds of things and usually I’m lazy and don’t go along… I do a lot of after dinner speeches and things, but to come along to one of these things and not have to work sounds good to me! I
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New series of Red Dwarf confirmed

My current tussles with the Linux command line have kept my radar swinging pretty slowly lately; therefore thanks to Mark C for pointing me to Robert Llewellyn's blog. Llewellyn, the presenter of Scrapheap Challenge for 10 years, but beloved of Sf TV fans for playing servile robot Kryten in the BBC's Red Dwarf, has commented on the Daily Mail's joyous re-reporting of Craig Charles' announcement on Real Radio: TV channel Dave is planning a new series of the science-fiction comedy for 2012, in the wake of the channel's 2009 21st-anniversary specials, which proved hugely popular, with viewing figures that trumped BBC2 and C4 combined.

Speaking to presenters Ditchy and Salty on the Real Radio breakfast show, Craig Charles, who played Lister in Red Dwarf for most on the 1990s, and is currently featuring in Coronation Street, told listeners "They've just commissioned another series of Red Dwarf. We're gonna film at the end of November,
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No elimination on 'Celebrity MasterChef'

Gregg Wallace and John Torode have sent through all three contestants on Celebrity MasterChef. The judges were unable to choose one competitor to eliminate in the second episode of Knockout Week, so decided to send the full trio to the next round. Lisa Faulkner, actor Chris Walker and Scrapheap Challenge's Dick Strawbridge join Wednesday's victors Christine Hamilton and Neil Stuke in the next stage of the competition. Before revealing the news, Wallace said: "I'm struggling, John. I'm really struggling, John, to find one of these to go. I think the standard is high and they have pushed themselves." Torode added: "They all have skill. (more)
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Macey, Strawbridge win 'MasterChef' heat

Athlete Dean Macey and Scrapheap Challenge's Dick Strawbridge won their Celebrity MasterChef heat last night. The duo impressed judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode and edged out fellow contestants Marcus Patrick, singer Kym Mazelle and TV presenter Jennie Bond. In the final challenge, Macey served up scallops on pea puree with smokey bacon for starter, with a main course of steak and chunky chips, alongside a poached egg and cherry tomatoes. Praising the main course, Torode said: "Very nice rare steak. Beefy, almost sweet. A sticky egg on top. Very, very good chips. Seasoned well. Very good!" Meanwhile, Strawbridge cooked kidneys on a celeriac rosti with cream vermouth sauce, followed (more)
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Two More Sign On and New Concept Art: Sherwood Horror

Never mind the bloated version of Robin Hood in theatres now; what you're really looking for is some quality time with a more murderous kind of merry men, right? If so, you'll be happy to hear that some more casting news and concept art have come in for John Regan's Sherwood Horror. Dig it!

From the Press Release

Two more join Sherwood Horror, a contemporary set reimagining of the Robin Hood legend with bite. Ex-con Rob Locksley (DJ Perry of Dean Teaster's Ghost Town, 8th Plague, Blood Ties, and upcoming thriller Renovation) returns home after a six-year absence to find his town under the rule of vampires. He must join forces with his old roughneck hunting buddies to wage war against the evil Sheriff and his horde of blood-sucking minions.

Paul Proios (Gps, Dean Teaster's Ghost Town) is in talks to take on the role of Guy Gisborne, Nottingham's wicked deputy and right-hand vampire.
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