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One of the best shows of the 1990s? You bet!
david-34510 February 2000
A recent article in (I believe) USA Today named a critic's picks for top shows of the 1990s. As someone who despises mainstream movies and television, I laughed at every show picked. With the notable exception of one. "Arthur." Now there was a show the critic and I could agree on. Arthur features more intelligence, wit, humour and maturity than just about anything else out there and that includes prime time shows. Arthur is a rare children's series that can be enjoyed by both children and adults and truer words were never spoken. Arthur is not "dumbed down" in any way. It refuses to treat it's young audience with anything but respect for their intelligence and feelings. Problems are dealt with in a realistic manner and each of the characters has a distinct personality and come from diverse backgrounds. This is shown in several stories that do not focus on Arthur and his sister, DW (she steals the show by the way) but the supporting cast like Buster, Muffy and my favorite character, the tomboy Francine. Muffy is a rich priss, Francine and her family come from a working class background, the gluttonous Buster's parents are divorced, Sue Ellen and her family have travelled the world and the perceived bully, Binky Barnes, is anything but. The producers need to be commended in their effort to make every character a seperate individual and to give them stories in which they can shine.

I'm 28 and cannot miss an episode of this series. Arthur proves that children's shows can (and should) "grow up." TV wouldn't be such a vast wasteland if more shows (for children and grown ups) would take a lesson from Arthur. It really is "that good."
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Sooooooooooooooooooo Under-rated
music31013 July 2003
This show is so great. it deserves a lot more credit. its a show for all ages. its not just for the little ones, which most people assume. Also, its WAY different than the books. The books are for kids, and the show is for everyone. Which is why i love this show so much! Actually it reminds me of the show doug, a cartoon that aired on nickelodeon a few years ago. I recently found out that doug arthur have the same writer! But arthur is a lot better. I heard that there is gonna be an arthur movie? did any one else hear this?
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Great Message
music31023 June 2004
This show gives off such a great message of friendship. Even though all the characters are so lovable, they each have their own unique flaws. Like how Arthur complains about D.W all the time or like when Muffy gets her snobby attitudes. Also when Francine gets competitive, and the brain brags about his I.Q. Then there's also how Binky can be a bully and how Fern isn't very social. Well, anyway, back to my point: They're all friends even though none of them are perfect, which is one of the main reasons why I love this show so much. Its not like one of those perfect, happy all the time "kiddy shows". This show represents life's imperfections and how to deal with them. Arthur and his friends have so much fun together because they except each other for who they are, which i think is definitely a message kids should learn early in their lives. Does anyone agree/disagree with me?
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My son and I love this cartoon!
bsbcowboysfn11 March 2003
This is a wonderful cartoon. My son is 18 months old and he loves to watch it. This is a show that deals with stuff that kids go through every day. One episode that is one of my favorites deals with Arthur being teased because he is the only one in his class who hasn't lost a baby tooth.

I now see why children like Arthur and his friends so much. Kids of all ages can identify with him, not just eight year olds (Arthur and his friends are all in the third grade), but everybody can identify with the characters. Even adults can identify with the parents on the show.

Also, I like this show because each character is different (except for Timmy and Tommy Tibbles) both physically and personally. No two characters are the same, and the friends all accept each other's differences. I think that that is one thing that parents need to teach their kids: to accept the fact that no two people are exactly the same and that everybody is different. That is what makes everybody special.

I hope that parents watch this show with their kids. If you do, I think you'll approve of it for your children. I know I approve of this one!
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I Love This Show!!
PiperGilmore055 November 2005
I am 19 years old and I still watch Arthur. This show is a very good series chock full of important life lessons. In each episode, there is a problem that the kids have to deal with that does actually happen in real life. Sometimes, the problems cannot be solved at the end of the show and the writers don't try to solve them. I think this is important as in real life not all problems can be solved. Arthur sets the bar for what children's television should be. It is a show that teaches about friendship, family, love, dealing with bullies, siblings, responsibility, growing up, and even death with grace and style. It's topics are very relevant in our society today. Arthur has been a hit in my family for years and will continue to be for many more to come. Based upon Marc Brown's popular Arthur Adventure series, Arthur is a class-A hit for all ages!
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Very good
henkster10 February 1999
Arthur is a very good animated show. Based on Marc Brown's wildly popular series of books for children, Arthur - a third-grader in an aardvark suit - and his anthromorphic family and friends attempt to make sense of one another and the world in general. Arthur has a pre-school sister, D.W., who just for fun annoys him. Very believable, and very good if your child is 4 to 8 years old. Grade A
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Admitted Arthurphile
mugsyo25 January 2005
I am 32 years old. I started watching the show just because I had PBS on for my son. Now I watch it even when he's not there! There is so much subtle humor for adults in this show. I, too, dislike the way they sometimes get heavy-handed with the "lessons," but that's an educational kids' show for you. This show illustrates how people aren't perfect (Francine is too bossy, Muffy is spoiled, etc.) and that is soooooo refreshing! Plus, they make fun of themselves (The Andy and Company episode, the Magic Toolbox, etc.) Arthur is written in such a way that it is appealing to kids AND their parents, whereas most kids' shows make their parents want to vomit.
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This Show is Rad!
aldeheid14 August 2000
Arthur is such a great show because, it has everything for kids like learning, playing, and kids sticking up with each other. It's much like watching "Flying Rhino Junior High" and "Recess", too. I had first seen this show back in 1996 (right before 1997). Let me tell you a few funny parts: Arthur imagines that he was Oliver Twist; Buster shrieks after he daydreams about the substitute teacher (which was Mr. Ratburn's sister); Francine sings loud while beating her drums and interupted everywhere in Elwood City; and D.W. pretends to be Arthur and pretends to be the audiences sleeping. Oh, yeah. D.W. makes fun of Arthur's Crunch cereal commercial song that's with the line, "my brother stinks like a piece of cheese." Man. I wuv this show and it rocks!
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"Arthur" is the new "Peanuts"
spenshel217 January 2003
Don't let the PBS Kids label fool you--"Arthur" is really a show for grownups that children can enjoy as well. The writers constantly throw in witty cultural and pop cultural references that the kids (and many adults) don't catch. Here's an incomplete list of references/spoofs from the latest season (7) alone:

"Alan Greenspaniel" extolling the virtues of the "sock market" The famous artist "Andy Warthog" Dr. Phil MacGraw "Waiting for Godot" (Binky and Brain wait a long, long, long time to be picked up, while subsisting on carrots and turnips) A combined "Back to the Future"/"Bill and Ted" spoof N'SYNC Muffy the Vampire Slayer And everybody's favorite, Harry Potter.

Not to mention appearances by Larry King, the Backstreet Boys, and those guys from Car Talk. Seriously, it's becoming the "Simpsons" of public TV.

Some notable moments from previous seasons (again, incomplete):

A Teletubbies spoof that has them reciting Shakespeare. The poet William Carlos Williams shouting, "Free verse! Free verse!" "I am educational...I am educational..." "Is there someone inside your head watching everything you do on TV?" "The Contest"...a tour de force featuring spoofs of South Park, Dexter's Lab, and WWF. Bionic Bunny vs. Elias Howe. Yo-Yo Ma and Joshua Redman in the same episode. The Spinach Heads. "Nancy Drew gets criminals to confess by wearing attractive pastels." Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde Hyde Jekyll... "It's like being dead, only there's homework." Hound. James Hound. "Initials? That's it? Didn't you give the kid a full name?" Buster's "Planet of the Apes" reverie. An introductory narration directly lifted from Boris Karloff's "Frankenstein" ("This story will thrill you and shock you...").

This show is great fun for everyone. I hope the high level of quality continues, and that the writers continue to come up with great ideas.
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Such a great show, would be even better with less DW
camiacono8 June 2017
Arthur is a great show for kids that is not only charming, relate- able and fun and taught great morals to watch but also had great characters. Like the ever reliable best friend Buster who had a running gag of eating questionable food, the tom boy Francine who is hinted to be a love interest for Arthur, Binky the on and off again bully, Fern the adorable shy girl and many more. But for every good character on this show there is a bad trait put in to 1 of the worst characters of any show ever DW! DW is annoying, bratty, mean, selfish, loud, snot nosed, whiny, rude, greed and just plain a shot in the foot to the show for having so many episodes with her put in the lead role. For a show called Arthur their sure is a lot of his sister and some episodes really could have been better if they just swapped her out for someone else. Their are good episodes with her in the lead role like the fire drill episode or Bleep. But there are the bad ones like the one where she gets an allowance but is jealous that her friends get more and does some pompous bull crap to trick her parents into giving her more or one of the episodes I hate the most, "Never, Never, Never" where she has to donate toys she doesn't play with anymore but obviously she doesn't want to get rid of them, so you know what she dose, she gives legit all her toys to the tibble twins and like the brats they are don't give them back and she acts like a brat for the rest of the episode and doesn't really learn anything at the end of episode. Or The episode DW flips she could have been replaced with Sue Ellen or any other girl character. Overall I was just ranting about DW a bad character in a show full of great ones.....but really there should have been less of her.
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Delightful tales of an Adventurous Aardvark
commonwealth132530 August 2004
For some reason, I have always been taken with this show. It's devoid of the fast-paced "ADD" glitz and flashing lights and endless one-liners. It's simply about a young Aardvark trying to survive in his family. There's not a better word to describe this show other than "delightful." It's simple, entertaining, and I'd watch it over anything else on TV. It's not blatantly "educational," it simply follows Arthur around, discounts his irrational beliefs and supports he and his friends' right answers and good deeds. I'd recommend this show to anyone and everyone-- especially if you are tired of head-spinning animated features like Shrek, and you want to enjoy a moment of purity on TV in an otherwise deteriorating field.
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Maybe the greatest kids show ever!
benaboo2 April 2018
This show is up there with Little Bear, Franklin, Sesame Street, and Veggie Tales as one of my all time favorite kids show. I love most of the characters. There are a lot of classic episodes such as Arthur's Eyes, Locked In The Library, Arthur's Family Vacation, Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm, The Chips Are Down, The Cave, Best Of The Nest, as well as the special Arthur, It's Only Rock and Roll and many more. And there are some not so great episodes like So Funny I Forgot To Laugh, You Are Arthur, and the one I stopped watching after five minutes Vomitrocious. I would say that after Season 15 the show became a lot less great but there are still great episodes such as Lend Me Your Ear. I mean come on it's awesome seeing Mr. Ratburn play a Nirvana like song. This show does have problems but like some other children's shows it holds a special place in my heart and I still like to watch it but mostly the older episodes.
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Worth a 10!!
cgkosw9226 March 2007
I was introduced to the series when i was in my childhood,somewhere in 1998 and i still love the show as much as i did two older sisters were 11 and 14 and were themselves huge fans of the cartoon.adding to the list now is my younger sis who is now about 8.even though i'm a lot older now and both my older sisters are in college we all absolutely love the show!!the characters are simply cool, Buster being my favorite, and the jokes are really funny, innocent and clean..the cartoons are appropriate for any and every age and you don't have to feel awkward or bored or anything during the show.they are a 100% better than the crap we get from cartoon network and stuff...every time an episode gets over there is a big smile on my face(because i enjoyed it and not because it got over) and i'll be eagerly waiting for the next one...i assure you that i loved the show, i still love it and i'll certainly keep loving it....
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The best show for kids
speedemon12 December 2003
I think that "Arthur" is one of the best shows for kids, and it's one of my favorite shows. I watch it nearly everyday, and I never get bored with it. It's got lessons, and sometimes it doesn't and it's just silly stuff. And I love all of the characters. You can identify with at least one of them, since there are so many different ones. It's just a show about the normal life of an 8 year old. Arthur goes to school, gets homework, has friends, has a family that we can identify with. It's a very friendly and funny show, and older kids can watch it and not feel like it's a "baby show", and younger kids can watch it and simply enjoy the lightness of it.

Overall, it's a great show for anyone who watches it
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VERY good show!
megnshane18 January 2005
My 7 yr old son, 4 yr old daughter, and 2 yr old daughter all LOVE this show! It's not "too educational". It's cute! The story of a 3rd grade student and his pals, all from different circumstances. Arthur is your typical kid, with two sisters: a preschool aged sister, DW and a baby sister, Kate. They've shown Arthur having to deal with a friend moving away (temporarily), having a new baby added to the family, a "tough" teacher, spelling tests, having a crush on the babysitter, dealing with bickering siblings...

Arthur's friends are all different, too. There's Buster Baxter (his best friend and star of the spin off "Postcards From Buster"), who's parents are divorced and lives in an apartment. Francine Frensky is another friend, his family doesn't have an over abundance of money and live in an apartment but still comes from a good home (with a garbage man father, working mother, and teen sister). Then there's Muffy Crosswire, a rich, single child- her father owns the car dealership. He has a variety of other friends, too. One who's shy, one who's family just moved to Elwood City, one who had to deal with wetting the bed, one that's considered the bully but proves to be otherwise.

All in all it's a GREAT show and one of few children shows that I actually do NOT mind watching with my kids! Also, this show raises no concerns for me as some PBS shows do (seeing that my husband and I are conservatives and PBS tends to lean to the left).
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On the right track, but....
The_Light_Triton19 May 2008
I won't lie. Arthur is one of the best children's shows out there. it doesn't sugar coat anything. it's like telling you about reality, and telling you to live with it or suffer the consequences. in one episode, the character sue Ellen (i think thats whom) has a bed-wetting problem but doesn't want to admit it. one night, she's invited to a sleep-over, and she has to wear a diaper to bed. this embarrasses her, and when the truth comes out at the sleepover that she's a bed-wetter, no one laughs at her.

but some lessons i disagree with. for one, Arthur gets mad with his little sister after she destroys his model plane, and he hits her, and Arthur is the one who takes all the blame, while Arthur's parents just want to talk to D.W., and leave it at that. why i disagree with it, is that it brings 2 elements to the table, one of which that an ignorant person would jump all over, and another that would be worth talking about. the 1st element is that Arthur is hitting a girl/his sister, which is wrong, unless of course they're both equal in strength. the other part, is that D.W. gets no punishment and Arthur gets punished. which basically means D.W. can keep on ruining Arthur's stuff, and hide behind her parents, saying "mommy! save me! Arthur wants to hurt me!" Bottom line, Arthur is somewhat of an enjoyable show, but if you have different opinions, it might not be.
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Arthur is about a bunch of 8 year old's and about their life.
husnain_0518 October 2005
I really enjoy watching Arthur and just think it is brilliant.My favourite characters are Buster Baxter,Alan (The Brain),Muffy and of course the star of the show Arthut Timothy Read.I liked watching Arthurs -a perfect Christmas and I can't wait for Arthur- I lost Pal to come out in cinemas.My favourite episodes are Sue Ellen chickens out, when Buster discovers a comet and Double Tommy trouble. Arthur is about a bunch of 8 year old's and about their life.They all are different like: Arthur-The star of the show Buster-The Picky eater Alan-The clever kid (Brain) Muffy-The rich kid Francine-The great athlete Binky-The bully and a lot of other kids that are talented or have something.
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Perfect for Kids
au_law20012 February 2005
Oh those days, the 90s, I was still a kid then. And I remember this show very much. I used to watch together with my brother and sister, this was a very memorable show based on children's books. I only read one of them, but I can't remember most of it, that was when I was back in the States those days, but then I was introduced to this show and thought hey, I know this, it looks so familiar. And as I watched it, I kept my eyes on it. It's perfect for kids, and it gives some educational value to them, and the characters were very colorful and nice, even though a few of them were a bit stereotypical, but it's not the ones that would annoy you. Recommended to the family, very okay for kids. "When I say hey, Hey! What a wonderful..." ah forget it, I forgot the words.
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I can relate to this
RESERVOIR SIM17 February 2000
This a great show. I can relate this to a lot of things that have happened in my childhood. The characters are like real kids, unlike 'Hey Arnold' and 'Recess'. Whoever wrote this show knows kids and how they behave, especially siblings. I'm not afraid to admit that I thoroughly enjoy this show. My favourite characters are D.W. - she's such a little madam and Buster.
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Fewer Reruns, Please!
naia_zifu23 November 2004
I'm some 20 years older than the show's target audience, but I like to watch it sometimes, just because the characters are cute and some of the stories are so much fun! I loved the ep done completely from the POV of Pal the dog and baby Kate! It's such a novel idea that, to them, we seem like babbling simpletons, while they're all enlightened and intellectual! The only thing that bothers me about the show is that there are so many reruns. I know small children like to see the same things over and over, but this show appeals to a lot of older people as well, as the message boards here will attest, and we are more easily bored by all the repeats. If there were more new episodes, I know for sure we'd watch it more in this house, and likely others would, too.
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This show is stuck with me forever but its far from perfect.
Wisesoldierthe622 November 2018
It is the only show from my childhood that I still watch from time to time.

Its a great, mature, funny and adventurous show. That doesn't mean its a perfect or an A+ show.

What this show does wrong as of 2018. Is the new animation is horrible. Sure it was probably a money issue and some of the newer episodes are still fun to watch but the animation is terrible and choppy.

D.w. hasn't evolved as a character in 20 years. She is still the greedy, bossy, mean little girl that has the anger of a teenage girl on her period. The parents do nothing to discipline D.W. They do maybe once every 60 episodes but it means nothing because usually its at the end of the show so we don't get to see her being punished. (Other than that 1 episode where she was grounded and whining about being selfish.)

Arthur is a great brother to D.w. Arthur sometimes does selfish things but most of the time he sympathizes, apologizes and looks after his sister. D.w.'s response to that is to keep on bugging Arthur and the parents do nothing. It as well seems like Arthur doesn't learn either from always trusting D.W where it always leads to Arthur being fooled.

The Pal-Kate episodes where teh babies can talk to the dog and animals are dumb and boring ever since the first time they did a dog, baby episode.

Francine is the 2nd worse character after D.W. because she bosses and teases Arthur and Buster. Never apologizes then when something happens to Francine, Francine has to be pitted, we all have to feel sorry for Francine. Francine is always yelling and being mean to others. Why Arthur is still friends with her, I'll never know.

Muffy has gotten worse ever since her debut. She also has parents that don't discipline, teach her about money, parent or at least mention to her to not spend so much money. Muffy is spoiled, selfish, greedy and rude to her friends. She enslaves her darling butler and treats him like a child. How anyone can be friends with a snob like Muffy you must have low selfesteem. Plus Muffy Episodes are usally awful and boring. Its always about her being selfish and ignorant. Its the same formula all the time in Muffy episodes.

D.w, Francine, Muffy all female characters who are portrayed the worse and in many episode we have to turn a blind eye and forget about all the bad things they have done for 20 years to sympathize with them when they are sad.

Other borderline bad characters that are tolerable are the Tibble Twins and sometimes Binky.

Tibble twins cause a ruckus and the grandmother like D.w's parents and Muffy's don't discipline their children.

Binky is a strange one. He is the school bully and also hangs around Arthur and his friends. Its so silly and makes no sense when you think about it. He picks on George and George allows the abuse and he doesn't fight back which is sad and i feel THIS SHOW promotes BULLYING. Binky bullies Geoge then by the next episode George is friending up Binky.

I wish we got to see more character development form other children and adults in the show like Arthur parents, Franinces Parents and many students of the school. Some characters are seen in 1 or 3 episodes then they disappear or are only cameoed in the back.

What's good about the show.

That its not your typical children show. They touch base on a lot of sensitive issues and pop culture. This show has jokes only adults can understand. The characters mesh together real well and you can have a great laugh and many episodes make you think.

The animation before it went choppy was superb for its time. The singing episodes are fabulous. The weird characters like mr. ratburn, the male music teacher and the community garden guy make a huge impact on the children and the viewers. They are the most meaningful characters (Gardener and music teacher are only seen in a couple episodes, which is sad).

At times Mr. Ratburn is used for comedy but overall he cares about his students and has a lot of knowledge.

As I conclude. Arthur is a great show. but due to Bad characters, character contradictions, character development this show gets a 6. (5.8 if I could). D.W. Muffy, Francine, the Pal-Kate episodes really hurt this show for me.

I've spent over 20 years watching Arthur and I recommend this show to all.
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Best of PBS
Hollywood_Yoda26 September 2018
Arthur is probably the best show that PBS has offered on its network in the last 30 years. It's right up there with Sesame Street and Mister Rogers Neighborhood. The only difference is that Arthur is entirely animated.

Fun for the entire family too, the stories originate from the children's books by Marc Brown. Each episode is a learning experience for the viewer, dealing with almost every sort of subject; from chicken pox to bullying to a new baby and even religion.

One of the best episodes was when Fred Rogers guest starred. The show still seems to be going strong after more than 20 years, which is great for PBS. If you enjoy Arthur, be sure to check out the Christmas special.
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The show will get better if they not use Muffy or dw! Their annoying!
gamertoy24 September 2018
It makes the show boring when they air dw episodes. Same with Muffy! Their just annoying! It should be more about Binky, or other cool characters! DW is such a spoiled brat! Always begs for stuff she wants! Muffy gets on my nerves! She only wants money and she's is greaty as well
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