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A tale of two shows
whitepe21 December 2000
So Weird is like a PG-version of "The X-Files". It explores paranormal phenomena but in a way that is still suitable for younger kids.

The first and second seasons were good and entertaining. They featured Cara DeLizia as Fi, a teenage girl curious about paranormal phenomena. She portrays her character well, including Fi's unfulfilled longing for her father who died when she was very young. Patrick Levis played Jack, Fi's brother, well; and the sibling rivalry between Jack and Fi is humorous and easy to relate to. Mackenzie Phillips portrays "Molly Phillips", a concerned mom and singer, very well (and has a very good voice as well). Erik von Detton, an experienced actor, portrays his character, a member of Molly's bad who gets reluctantly dragged into Fi's adventures, very well also. You can sense true chemistry between the cast members as you watch these episodes.

Then, for some reason ... Fi is replaced as the main character by Annie Thelen. Instead of Cara DeLizia as Fi, we see Alexz Johnson as Annie. The explanation is that Fi moved away to live life as a normal girl, while Annie, as an aspiring singer, has decided to join Molly on the tour. Coincidentally, Annie just happens to be interested in paranormal phenomena... just like Fi ... hmmmmm. The only difference is that Annie can sing.

So while Alexz Johnson is a talented singer and actress, the third season (unlike the first and second seasons) is just plain silly with ridiculous story lines and one-dimensional characters. Annie's fascination with an invisible panther that she believes protects her does not have nearly the depth of Fi's unfulfilled longing for her deceased father. Annie's ability to sing does not make up for Fi's intellectual curiosity. In addition, the sibling rivalry between Jack and Fi is absent.

While references to Fi are made several times in the third season and we see Molly hug Fi (probably not Cara DeLizia) from a distance in the Thanksgiving episode, this show's third season just isn't as good as the first or second seasons.

That is why I call So Weird "a tale of two shows."
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A good show gone downhill.
Rekrul16 August 2001
When So Weird first started on the Disney Channel, I was afraid that it would be like most everything else they air; silly storylines, bad special effects, no real sense of suspense or drama and aimed at little kids. I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the pilot episode. The show was well written and was taken very seriously. Scenes like the one in which Fiona comes face to face with a ghost, or where the ghost looks out at her from a photo on her computer screen were very well done and even managed to give me a slight case of the creeps.

The show continued to turn out some excellent episodes, with the best being (in my opinion) Angel, Rebecca, Lost, Medium, Mutiny, Banshee, Strange Geometry and Twin. There were a few silly episodes, Simplicity, Boo, Troll and Shelter, but even those were fairly well done.

Then for the third season, they replaced Cara DeLizia as Fiona with Alexz Johnson as Annie Thelan, switched to a different co-production company and apparently hired a bunch of grade-schoolers to be the new writers. None of the third season episodes have any suspense or drama at all and you can see every plot twist coming from a mile away.

Where Fiona used to search out the supernatural, Annie just kind of blunders into it week after week. In an incredibly weak attempt to keep the character of Fiona active on the show, Annie has to e-mail her for advice about every single problem she encounters. Of course you never see her, they just use her name.

The first episode of the third season had Fiona in it to explain why she was leaving and to hand the show off to Annie. After that, it just went downhill fast. The first episode with Annie as the star, Talking Board, had me groaning at how incredibly bad it was. Since then, the third season has produced maybe three decent episodes, Voodoo (which went way overboard with the special effects), Exit 13 and Still Life. The rest of the episodes are everything I feared the show would be when I first heard about it. It's as if they suddenly told the writers "Make every story so simple that even a 5 year old can understand it." While watching the episode Grave Mistake, anyone over the age of 8 will figure out the twist in the first five minutes and spend the rest of the episode wondering how the characters in the show can be so dumb as to not get it.

Disney had a good thing going in the first two seasons of So Weird, but they ruined it. I feel the show could have survived the cast change and I have nothing against Alexz Johnson, but as it is, the third season just plain stinks.
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Great Supernatural Show
Despite being a "kids" show this is one of the better supernatural shows on TV. Much like a pre-teen X-Files. Unfortantly, the producers ruined the show by replacing the main character in the third season. The first two seasons revolve around Fiona "Fi" Phillips a 13-year-old who lives on the road with her musician mom Molly, her brother Jack, and the roadie Bell family.

The show is surprisingly dark for a kids show and each show is eerie and original with Fi finding new and mysterious things in every town she comes to. The center of Fi's obsession (which is what the supernatural is) is her father who died in a accident but who was into the same things as Fi.

Fi has to deal with normal teenage stuff as well as the supernatural stuff. Her family often worries about her "hobby" and how it effects her which gives the show a great family dynamic. The original cast had amazing chemistry together and you really could feel the family element.

While Alexz Johnson as Annie did a okay job in her role it changed the whole feel of the show. The show had always been dark until Annie came along when it suddenly became colorful and a little cheesy... more like a kids show then a good supernatural show. Unlike Fi, Annie tended to stumble into the situations she encountered as opposed to Fi who often went looking for the paranormal. Also, the family thing no longer existed with Annie like it did with Fi... The only really good thing about season 3 was there was more music. Though for GREAT So Weird music see the last episode of the second season (Molly's concert) is the best show to watch.

Speaking of music, this show has great music. I want a soundtrack!
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Great Actors, good plot, what can I say??
Kissez20 September 1999
This show has the drama (like the death of Rick-Fi's father) and the individual sibling disputes (between Jack and Fi), the problems a star (Molly) goes through, and the mystery (obviously from the adventures that Fiona drags Jack and Clu into in each episode.) The show also has talented actors (not to mention EXPERIENCED) like Erik von Detten who has acted several times previous to "So Weird" and Patrick Levis who did an excellent job in the episode where he has to face his fears of losing his sis and mother after losing his father and when he was taken over by the spirit of Spunkie. And Mackenzie Philips who plays Molly Phillips.

On top of that, it's has will be TOO bad that Erik von Detten (Clu) will be leaving the show to go work on another but in the series he's going to college...but I personally think that Casey (Clu's brother) will be taking over when Clu leaves.

That's ALL!! ENJOY!!
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So weird is a good family show
Devy17 April 1999
I really like "So Weird." The scripts are good and the actors have nice talent. You really can get caught in with it, and any fans the old "Eerie Indiana" show, would like it as much as I do.
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This show rocks
swagner7659 January 2001
This show is so cool. I love it. I mean I can't believe that MacKenzie

Phillips from One Day At a Time took this role. This show's title suits

it perfectly. I mean this show shouldn't be on Disney, no offense, I

just think it should be on like the Sci-Fi channel or something. Some

serious stuff happens. It's about a unique fifteen-year-old girl

(newcomer Cara DeLizia) who lives on a tour bus with her sarcastic

older brother (Brink's Patrick Levis) and her musician widowed mother

(One Day At A Time's Mackenzie Phillips) this girl is into aliens,

vampires, ghost and the works of the paranormal, and she always

searches for the weird things that happen where she goes.
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Why So Weird needs to be on DVD
asherffius31 March 2005
So Weird is one of Disney's best made shows ever! I just don't know why it's taking them so long to bring it out on DVD. It's been almost a year since they renewed the rights for it. I would buy it in a heartbeat. I have been watching Disney try and duplicate what they did with So Weird but have never got close. The show had a perfect blend of weird stuff, action, awesome plot, and music that all mixed to create a lot of times a very emotionally powerful punch. My favorite episode is where Fiona is in Ireland. That episode is a perfect example of how emotionally powerful this series can get. Cara Delizia the actor who plays Fiona is brilliant. They could not have found a better actor to play Fiona. She had such subtle such as when there was something really emotional her bottom lip quivered ever so slightly. You can't fake or teach that kind of subtlety. Awesome show. Needs to be on DVD!!!!
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Really Great Show
jessicaf26 July 2002
So Weird is the coolest t.V. series on Disney. I find it very interesting on cool. Really, it is not a kids version of the X-files. The main character is Fiona and in the later seasons, Annie, Who are very into the paranormal and love solving the mysteries about the strange things that happen. I recommend it to anybody. ********** (10 stars!)
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moiraine20025 March 2001
this show is suprisingly good. i was skeptical,for i am a big x-files

fan and i heard it was like the x-files for the younger crowd, so i

decided to give it a chance. i was very impressed. Fi is a strong

charachter (whom i would like to see return soon) who is very determined

to find anything and everything paranormal. Her brother Jack is the

skeptic,and teases her any chance he gets,but you can still tell that he

cares for his baby sister. Clu is the lovable doofus that they always

have on every show. he is a free spirit type, and he is funny. he adds a

lot of atmosphere to the show. Molly is the typical loving mom/pop star

who writes cool songs with bizzare lyrics and haunting melodies. the new

girl Annie is smart and recourceful like Fi, but she lacks a lot of the

drive that Fi has. the mysteries seem to come to her instead of her

finding them. ill admit there were a few really corny episodes in this

series, but for the most part this show is imaginative and smart! it is

a good show for people of all ages.
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Best Ever!
MagusKain22 January 2004
This show was and is the best show ever aired on Disney. The acting was better than any paranormal show or movie I've ever seen. Cara (Fi) is one of the best actresses that the show had out of all three seasons. All the actors/actresses worked very well together to bring us a unique paranormal television series if you have a chance check it out. I am still waiting for it on DVD.
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Best Disney Show EVER
s_tomas23 June 2006
SO WEIRD was a show played in Disney Channel whose principal characters were Fi, a 14 years old teenage; Jack, Fi's sister; Molly, a widowed-star; and the Bells. Fiona Phillips (Cara DeLizia) started her first season really good, it was a show. It talked about ghosts, Fi's father, Molly's break-outs and paranormal stuff. Nothing too much special. The second season started better, this time it talked deeper about Rick, about Molly's childhood and warnings to Fi, trying to stop her. Disney would consider this season to be kind of "dark", and when they got known the third one was going to be worse, they tried to cancel the show. Instead of that, they kicked the really EXCELLENT executive producers (Jon Cooksey and Ali Marie Matheson. Since that, the show went down. First, instead of Fi, came this girl, Annie Thelen (Alexz Johnson) replacing her in episode Lighting Rod (the first of the 3rd season). Annie wasn't a girl with a supernatural beginning, but spite of that, the supernatural chased her, as it did to Fi. Annie was protected by her panther and, finally, its finale surprised us a lot and left too much to wish. Nowadays, fans are trying to get it back thru all possible ways, however, Dinsey won't consider it as an idea, a really selfish option in my opinion. So Weird's real 3rd season would have contained this:

In the original ending of "Twin", Rick would have told Fi that she was on the right course, and that she should continue in investigating the paranormal, and that it was her destiny. Then the demon would have returned to attack Fi again, and Rick would've pushed Fi out of the way. The demon and Rick fall over the building and vanish into the Earth. This would have made Fi even more desperate to know if her father is OK.

  • Molly would have gone back on tour as she did in the original season three, and we would follow her growing and blossoming career. -The aliens from "Memory", "Listen", and "Roswell" would have finally contacted Fi, like Molly sees in her dream in "Roswell". They would have shown her the hologram of Rick, with him saying that he knew about the aliens, and that they could help her. Fi would learn that every planet with sentient life had a person like her - someone who was a channel for investigating the paranormal. All of these people like her are destined for a fight against Evil, which is invading the universe. Before the aliens left, they would have indicated to her computer and tell her to get an upgrade after she asks how she can contact them again. - In a later episode Fi would have gone to Tad Raxall for help in getting an "upgrade". Using the translator, and harnessing the power of SETI, he would have made his brower into a REAL universal gateway so that she could e-mail the aliens. - There was to be a Bermuda Triangle episode where Fi gets pulled into an alternate reality where her father never died, she had a little brother, and the Phillips-Kane Band was still together. -Fi would find documents in Melinda's attic giving clues about her father. - We would have discovered where Rick was going the night he died, and what he found there

Besides of that, a soundtrack, two more seasons (without the faked-3rd one, and a probable movie. But, what is weird is that when Annie signed for So Weird, she did for 1 season, no soundtracks but, what is really interesting, a movie. An interview was made to Cara DeLizia last year by an important Maryland magazine, and in this, Cara showed herself pretty interested in coming back (if it was possible, though a movie might never been recorded).

So well, I'd tell the fans to keep the faith, and to remember: Life is SO weird.
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the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LBCstreetZ24 June 2000
its scary powerful and good acting love the monsters and the wow acting again its one of the best series i have ever seen it has every thing you need for a series i would give so weird 10 out of 10 because it is so good in every way plot so there you have it!!!
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For once i'm glad of disneys 65 episode rule
Melissa Andrews12 February 2003
I'm so glad it got canceld! I actully loved the first two seasons of this show, but when they brought that Annie girl in I practically broke my t.v. (o.k., maybe not quite) Bringing Annie into the show really messed it up. All of the "Fi" storys were interesting, but Annie's were pathetic. I mean, a protective panther? Yeah, riiiiiiight. Also, none of Annie's episodes scared you. I would burst out laughing at the "scariest" part, because Annie was waaaaaay over dramatic. I would have liked the show to last longer with Fi, but with Annie I'm glad it's gone.
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Dang good show!
dustinh45611 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
So Weird aired in 1999 and ended in 2001. The first two seasons of the show centered around Fiona Phillips, a girl with the ability to attract the paranormal wherever she goes. From ghosts, bigfoot, and a 1300 year old girl, the show never lost it's appeal until season three. New writers and a less dark tone were added to the show, losing it's older audience and gaining only a young audience. During season two more childish episodes were included and the originally planned season three was trashed and Annie Thelen was brought into the gang. Though Disney tried to make it work, it just didn't live up to what most people originally fell it love with it for. The first two seasons get a perfect ten and season three a five.
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This show is so weird...
xf_6035 March 1999
When I first saw this show, I thought that it would simply be a kiddie version of "The X-Files". But, I was wrong, this show is good family fun, and entertaining. Although it doesn't compare to X-Files, it's still watchable. I would give it 8 out of 10 stars.
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Extremely Entertaining
NoNeverAgain14 October 1999
Before the show even came out I knew I would like it. It combines the obvious mystery/horror theme, as well as a little bit of drama and comedy. Personally, I really, really, LOVE the theme song "In the Darkness", a well as all other music on the show performed by Mackensie Phillips. Each and every cast member plays their part perfectly - Fi with the mysterious, but fun outlook; Molly with being a part-time star, part-time mom; Jack being the suspicious older brother; Clu as the radical friend. If you want to watch a show with all of the above, or your looking for a teenage show about the unexplained, then "So Weird" is for you.
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Anyone around ever tape the show?!?
articrosegarden20 April 2007
I'd be willing to pay big bucks to get my hands on even just one videotape (VHS) *or* DVD. Email me and let me know or post your comments here! We can talk and find out what's possible. I was a little too young to be into the show when it aired, but I think I remember a few episodes and now I'm extremely anxious to watch even just one episode. My favorites that I can remember include Annie and Jack being stuck in a detention room, being forced to write many lines on the chalkboard, do tons of homework, and scrap tons of gum off the bottom of desks. I also remember an episode that has the song, "The Rock" in it that Fi's mother sings. (Anyone know the lyrics?) I also remember an episode where everyone was in a drought. And where everyone went to bed around six at night and couldn't remember anything after that. Anyone tape the show? Please say yes.
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i loved this show so much...
striderlee8 December 2006
awesome show!!! it was like my favorite show in the world, i was heartbroken to find out it was canceled, it sucked so bad when that happened. i loved the panther in there (i love all kinds of cats, this type especially) i wish i could have a panther doing that to me (wont say what, cause that would be a spoiler i guess) i mostly loves this show 1. because of the awesome music, and 2. because paranormal stuff is really cool, and i have always been really fascinated with that kind of stuff.i actually used to stay up an hour past my bedtime just to watch this show, hehe. i really wish they would bring this show back, as i would love to see these again. it would also be cool if they released them on DVD, as i would definitely buy them, lol.
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"So Weird" has gone weird!
Yoshi66669 September 2006
I loved all the shows, from first season all the way to the end of the third season. I wished that they didn't tie in Alexz with Fiona, because Fiona was so much better, and had her own website.

But still, the suspense in this show was excellent. The paranormal was reached to and thats the reason why this show was good, because it is awesome! Everything the show went was excellent, but I wish the show wasn't cancelled. I hope they will be making another season of it, because then I would be happy.

In other words, I love the storyline and plot of this show. Alexz and Carla did an excellent job at acting in their career of the show. Keep the paranormal coming! Peace out, -YOSHI6666
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Save So Weird Petition
chels2011-131 July 2006
I love So Weird. It was my favorite show ever. If you would like to sign a petition to get it back, go here: Please help So Weird if you really love it! I know I do. So far there is only 1 signature which is mine. It is to Disney Channel, asking them to please make it a Disney Channel regular again and or make DVDS and VHS of it so we can watch it. Please don't let So Weird down. If you would like an episode guide of So Weird to see how many of the great episodes you have seen go to and search for So Weird.

Thanks, Chelsea
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show is great and needs to come back
chrishoule_712 April 2004
i have seen all three seasons of so weird and loved each and every one of them........ i believe that we are lucky to have seen the show and have it on now if disney/ abc will bring it back on the air that would be great...........i believe that we need to push them until they return the show back on the air......and not with new episodes but the old ones are the best and nothing would make me more happy then to see this done......lets band together to do this and lets get it back on the air.............. Rock on and carry on people lets work to get the show that brought disney fame in my opinion back on the air...........
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It was a intresting show
one_sweet_lady211 March 2004
I watched this show when it was on. I really like it. It made you believe there was more out there then you see. You should question the unreal. I wish they would make it on dvds or something. The songs were wonderful. I really wish they would make a cd of them too. I mean the show was watched by a lot of people. But at soon as Fi left. The show turned the wrong conor. I really think if they brought it back it do very well. I mean look at how our minds have changed in the last few years. I serisly would watch this again. I wish i had taped some of the episodes. They were well written although some not as believable as most but stil intresting. I still say this sjhow should be back on the air
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So Weird Rox!
emmafaye14 October 2003
I loved the show So Weird. Its so sad its not on anymore, how come people don't like it? The acting is fabulous, Cara(Fi) is so talented Erik(Clu) and Eric(Carey) and Patrick(Jack) they all worked so well toghether and made the show fantastic. The story lines are great, i love the parnormal, its the best show, well one of them but its number one out of the three best shows. I wish they could have kept Cara, but I liked Alexz(Annie) too. I wish they could have acted together. Its the BEST! I have every show on tape and I watch them everyday, its great!!!
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This show is brilliant!
Cory23 July 2003
Hi. I just wanted to say how much I love "So Weird". I think the characters are excellent and believable. They interact wonderfully. In fact, this show is what brought me to Disney Channel. Thanks to it, I'm a fan of "Even Stevens", "Lizzie McGuire", "Kim Possible", and "That's So Raven". Fiona was by far better than Annie, but I can accept the latter. I thought they wrote the scripts well enough that the paranormal phenomona was realistic.

The only thing I'm disappointed with is that Cara DeLizia left in the third season. Jon Cooksey, the executive producer and show-runner, had it outlined, but it was never made. Alas. Anyway, I still hold out hope for a movie.

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Really GOOD
moon_angel200212 June 2003
This show is in my veiw one of the only decent shows that disney ever came up with. It's interesting and you'll love it. I was unhappy when they got reid of Fiona, and even though no one could ever compare to Fiona Alezx Johnson is good. She adds something new to the story and its still interesting. Even if I would have preferred they didn't get rid of Fi the third season is still worth watching.
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