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Season 3

28 Aug. 2000
Lightning Rod
Fi runs into an old friend, Bricriu, while a friend of Molly's and her daughter Annie visit. After Fi says a spell out of her spell book everyone but herself and Annie turn into animals or plants. Fi makes a decision to protect her family. While Annie's mom asks a favor of Molly.
7 Sep. 2000
Talking Board
Molly decides to sell the old house and move closer to town. Jack, Annie, Carey and a couple of friends spend a night with a Ouija board. When the Ouija board starts to predict the future Annie tries to prevent a disaster.
14 Sep. 2000
After breaking a minor rule, Annie and Jack are sent to permanent detention thanks to a pair of strange watches. While in detention, they are also forced to perform a series of extremely hard tasks.
16 Mar. 2001
Pen Pal
As "Annie" was worried about being late for college after spilling a drink over herself, she soon then discovers that Molly Philips started getting mail from "Annie" who at the same time was also in "Washington DC". The only other solution that Annie could see was that another "universe" had collided with their own which allowed the two Annie's to intertwine with one another.
28 Sep. 2001
The River
In this clip show episode, Ziegler from "Exit 13" gives Annie a package, containing a spell that makes the gang lose their memory about Annie. Annie tries to refresh everyone's memories using anecdotes from their past adventures.

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