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A touching, wonderful film...go see it!
Ari Taub11 November 2004
I recently saw "Night at Sophie's" at the Big Bear International Film

festival. A heartfelt comedy with humor, pathos, and love. The film

picked up the "Best of Festival" award and deservedly so. The

story, characters and situation were so very unique and

entertaining. Scott Schofield's directing was superbly subtle and

understated. I could relate to every character's motives, conflicts

and desires. The editing was superb, and the story very interesting

and moving. The movie made me cry and laugh--and after it was

over--I wish that I could linger along with all the great characters.

Go see this will have a great time!!!!
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Engaging, heartfelt slice of life.
longvalleyequip30 November 2006
A Night at Sophie's chronicles five friends on the eve of a wedding. It's simply but beautifully shot. Director Schofield guides his cast expertly. George wants to get away from his wife, while Johnny hopes to close a deal with a rep from the Home Shopping Club for his nutty new invention. We see the goofy ad on local cable for his previous invention, a ridiculous "food clamp", and here Schofield shifts gears and turns in a dead on parody of these commercials. Harold is forced to cover for the groom and his indiscretions,, and this and other feelings that he hides are tearing him up inside. The film switches from hilarious to bittersweet, from silly to sad, and we are delighted to be on the ride. It's clearly a modestly budgeted work, but one that outperformed standard Hollywood fare by a mile. Schofield is clearly a director to watch.
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