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Episode List

Season 1

8 Sep. 1998
Pokémon, I Choose You
Ash starts his Pokémon journey off to a rough start when he receives his first Pokémon, the reluctant Pikachu.
9 Sep. 1998
Showdown! Pokémon Center!
Ash and Pikachu make it to Viridian City. As Pikachu rests in the Pokemon Center, after being attacked by Spearow, the Center gets attacked by Pokemon thieves calling themselves, Team Rocket.
10 Sep. 1998
Pokemon gettoda ze!
Ash catches his very first Pokemon, a Caterpie. However, Misty has a problem with bug Pokemon and rejects Caterpie's presence.
11 Sep. 1998
Challenge of the Samurai Boy!
While still traveling through the Viridian Forest, Ash and Misty find a Pokemon trainer named Samurai, who has been challenging all of the trainers from Pallet Town.
14 Sep. 1998
Nibi Gym Battle!
Ash challenges Brock, the Pewter City gym leader.
15 Sep. 1998
Clefairy and the Moon Stone
With Brock as their new traveling companion, Ash, Misty, and Pikachu head for Mount Moon, where they discover a group of Clefairy and the legendary Moon Stone.
16 Sep. 1998
The Water Flowers of Cerulean City
The gang head for Cerulean City. But Misty mysteriously disapproves. When they arrive, they find out that the gym is run by Misty's sisters.
17 Sep. 1998
Road to the Pokemon League
With two badges, Ash begins to get cocky. He challenges A.J., a trainer that no one has been able to beat, because of his Sandshrew.
18 Sep. 1998
Pokemon Victory Manual
The gang come across a Pokemon school, where the kids learn how to become trainers and get into the Pokemon League without badges.
21 Sep. 1998
Fushigidane of the Hidden Village
While lost in the woods on their way to Vermillion City, Ash and friends come across a little village where wounded Pokemon come to heal. The village is guarded by a courageous Bulbasaur.
22 Sep. 1998
Lost Pokemon Hitokage
Ash and friends find a lone Charmander that's waiting for it's trainer to return. At the Pokemon Center, they discover it's trainer actually abandoned it.
23 Sep. 1998
Zenigane Group's Appearance
The gang arrives in a town that's disturbed by a gang of Squirtles who have been abandoned by their trainers.
24 Sep. 1998
Masaki's Lighthouse
The gang find the lighthouse of the Pokemon researcher, Bill, who is trying to solves the mystery of the mysterious Dragonite.
25 Sep. 1998
Electric Showdown! Kuchiba Gym
The gang finally make it to Vermillion City!! But the gym leader, Lieutenant Surge, is big and brutal with his Raichu. Will Pikachu be able to defeat his evolved form?
27 Sep. 1998
Battle on the St. Annu!
With three badges down, Ash and the gang's next stop is the gym in Saffron City. But first, they decide to take a cruise on the Saint Anne, where trainers cruise for free. Unknown to the trainers, the cruise is a trap set by Team Rocket.
29 Sep. 1998
Pokemon Adrift
The Saint Anne has capsized and sunk with Ash, the gang, and Team Rocket trapped inside. Now, both sides must put aside their differences in order to escape.
30 Sep. 1998
Giant Pokemon's Island!?
The trainers, the Pokemon, and Team Rocket find themselves stranded on a mysterious island that is populated by giant Pokemon.
24 Jun. 2000
Holiday at Aopulco
After accidentally wrecking the boat of a local restaurant owner, Ash and the gang help him pay off a few debts by entering a beach beauty contest.
1 Oct. 1998
Menokurage dokukurage
When a town is terrorized by a school of Tentacool and one giant Tentacruel, it's up to our heroes to bring balance between humans and Pokémon.
2 Oct. 1998
Ghostly Pokémon and the Summer Festival
The ghost of a beautiful maiden bewitches both Brock and James. Will our heroes and Team Rocket be able to save them from a Gastly fate?
5 Oct. 1998
Bye Bye Butterfree
It's the Butterfree Mating Season. Ash decides to let his Butterfree have a chance at love. Saying good bye may be harder than it seems for both of them.
6 Oct. 1998
Casey! Psychic Confrontation!
The gang make it to Saffron City and challenge the psychic gym leader, Sabrina. However, there is more than just a trainer badge at stake: the gangs' freedom.
7 Oct. 1998
Capture at the Pokémon Tower!
The gang find out that in order to defeat Sabrina's psychic Pokemon, they need a ghost Pokemon. They travel to Lavender Town.
8 Oct. 1998
Ghost vs Esper!
Haunter willingly travels back to Saffron City with Ash and the gang to help them against Sabrina and free her from her psychic prison.
9 Oct. 1998
Don't Get Angry, Okorizaru!
Ash finds out that he's falling behind his rival, Gary, once again. When a Mankey shows up at their camp, Ash tries to catch it and ends up making it angry.
12 Oct. 1998
Erika and Kusaihana
Ash challenges Erika, the Celadon City gym leader.
13 Oct. 1998
Sleeper and Pokémon Hypnotism!?
All the children are missing and the pokemon are all weak. Ash and friends need to find the mysterious sleep waves and where they are coming from in order to find the lost children.
14 Oct. 1998
Rokon! Breeder Confrontation!
The Rocket-Dan plans a scheme to steal many Pokémon by opening a grooming shop. Satoshi and his friends meet Yuki, a famous Pokémon breeder.
15 Oct. 1998
Hand-to-Hand Fighting Pokémon! Big Battle!
While moving on his journey, Ash feels a need to catch a new Pokémon. But while trying to catch Hitmonchan they meet a girl named Rebecca who asks for their help to get her father back. To help, Ash uses his Primeape against her father in a fighting Pokemon tournament. Will he win?
16 Oct. 1998
Do Coil See Dreams of Electric Mice!?
The group arrives in Gunjo City where everything is dark and gloomy. A Coil follows Pikachu everywhere ever since he caught a peculiar illness, but it is the Betobeta and Betobeton that are causing trouble in a local Power Plant.
19 Oct. 1998
Full of Digda!
Satoshi finds himself among a group of Pokémon Trainers hired to protect a construction site from the interfering ground Pokémon, Digda. The construction is shut down after it is revealed that the Digda and Dugtrio are trying to protect their home. Musashi's Arbo and Kojiro's Dogas evolve into Arbok and Matadogas respectively.
20 Oct. 1998
Sekichiku Ninja Confrontation!
Ash battles Koga, the Fuchsia City gym leader.
21 Oct. 1998
Fire Pokémon Big Race!
The gang enter the Safari Zone and find a Pokemon ranch, run by Lara, who's planning to enter a yearly Pokemon race, with her Ponyta. But when Lara gets injured, Ash decides to ride Ponyta instead.
22 Oct. 1998
Garura's Lullaby
While traveling through the Safari Zone, the gang help a married couple find their lost son, who is being raised by a family of Kangaskhan.
25 Nov. 1997
Miniryu no Densetsu
Satoshi wants to capture the rare Pocket Monster Miniryu, but the gun happy warden doesn't want him to have it.
23 Oct. 1998
Storm on Cycling Road
The gang are asked to deliver medicine to a sick Pokemon in Sunny Town. But they'll have to cross a bridge that is run by a tough bike gang.
26 Oct. 1998
Metamon and the Mimicry Girl
During a storm, Satoshi and his friends arrive at a mysterious Mansion. While there, Satoshi meets Imite, a girl who is an expert at impersonation, and she happens to own Metamon, a Pokémon that can transform into any Pokémon. However, Metamon cannot seem to figure out how to change its face, a fact that stopped Imite's variety show. As they all try to help Metamon perfect its transformation, the Rocket-Dan tries to steal the Metamon so it can transform into a Miniryu which they can give to the boss.
16 Dec. 1997
Dennô Senshi Porygon
In the process of investigating a virus in the Pokémon Transport system, Ash and company become unwitting beta testers for a Human Transport System.
20 Nov. 1998
Pikachu's Woods
The group come into a forest where it is quiet and peaceful. They notice a large group of Pikachu that Satoshi's Pikachu tries to make friends with. After saving a young Pikachu from drowning and rescuing the herd from the Rocket-Dan, Satoshi's Pikachu is welcomed among the other Pikachu as one of their own. Saddened by this sudden distance, Satoshi tries to leave Pikachu behind (to Kasumi and Takeshi's shock and dismay), thinking that in the long run, it is going to be better off with its own kind. As they attempt to leave the forest with Satohshi still standing his ...
27 Oct. 1998
The Four Ivui Brothers
The gang come across a tied up Eevee. When they try to return it to it's owner, they find out that the owner's older brothers are trying to make it evolve.
28 Oct. 1998
Wake up! Kabigon!
Ash and the gang come to a village where there is no food, because the river is dry and plants can't grow. They decide to investigate the problem and discover that the water is being blocked by a sleeping Snorlax.
29 Oct. 1998
Showdown! Pokémon Gym!
The gang arrive in a place called Dark City to find that two rival gyms have been terrorizing the place with their feud.
30 Oct. 1998
Nassy Squad Big March!
When at a carnival, Satoshi and his friends meet a magician who is really losing his touch and fails in his own magic show. In his effort to get better, he decides to hypnotize Satoshi and uses his Pokémon Tamatama to capture loads of Nassy. But the Nassy end up hypnotizing themselves and the Rocket-Dan and almost destroy the entire carnival. Luckily, they are saved by Hitokage, who evolves into a disobedient Lizardo.
13 Feb. 1999
Paras and Parasect
Having run out of medicine, Satohsi and his friends go to a local shop to get some Potions. However, they don't have much due to the owner's Paras being weak. Satoshi and his friends decide to help out the owner by training her Paras, hoping that it can evolve into Parasect.
20 Feb. 1999
Sing! Purin!
Entering Neon Town, a bustling Metropolis where everyone is tired and rude, Satoshi and his friends find a Purin who is too shy to sing its hypnotic song. Realizing they can kill two birds with one stone, Kasumi tries to teach the Purin to sing while the Rocket-Dan attempts to record the song so they can use it against Satoshi. Everyone falls asleep, including Satoshi and his friends and the Rocket-Dan, and a miffed Purin uses the marker hidden in her microphone to draw on everyone's sleeping faces.
27 Feb. 1999
Resurrection!? Fossil Pokémon!
Ash and friends get caught up in a Pokémon Fossil rush. During the rush, extinct Pokémon get discovered as still alive and a new Pokémon is discovered in the form of an egg.
6 Mar. 1999
Lucky's Clinical Records
After Pikachu gets an apple stuck in its throat, Satoshi and his friends rush it to a Pokemon Center. After being treated, they hear of a traffic accident (caused by Rocket Dan) that has left many Pokemon injured. Satoshi and the gang are recruited to help treat all the Pokemon that cant fit in the Pokemon Center.
13 Mar. 1999
Gardie and Kojiro
After finding a missing person sign featuring Kojiro, Satoshi and his friends decide to find Kojiro and inform him of his parents' death. However Kojiro's parents turn out to be alive, and their death was only a decoy to get him to return home to the rich Rumika, a girl Kojiro was arranged to marry from when he was a little child. Kojiro has left because Rumika is terrifying, so everyone tries to save Kojiro from this fate, including Kojiro' old pet Gardie, Gar-chan.
20 Mar. 1999
Kamonegi's Easy Mark
When Kasumi's Monster Balls are stolen by Kamonegi, Satoshi and the gang investigate to try to find the thief and get all the stolen things back.
27 Mar. 1999
Who Gets to Keep Togepy!?
The mysterious egg finally hatches to reveal an unknown Pokemon, named Togepi. Now the gang begins to fight over who gets to be it's trainer.
3 Apr. 1999
Fushigidane's Mysterious Flower Garden
Bulbasaur is close to evolving and Ash is very excited. But Bulbasaur is beginning to fear that evolving is the only thing Ash cares about.
4 Sep. 1999
Fierce Fighting! Pokémon Girls' Festival!
Ash and Brock allow Misty to use their Pokémon when she has to compete against Jessie at the Queen of the Princess Festival.
11 Sep. 1999
It's Children's Day! All Members Gather!
Ash and his friends arrive at a small school on Kids Day. One of the children believes Meowth is the Pokémon who had once saved him from a Beedrill.
10 Apr. 1999
Police Officer Gardie
When Satoshi and his friends see a group of Gardie training against a Policeman posing as a robber, Satoshi decides for him and Pikachu to do the same training to become the best they can be. However, when the Rocket-Dan comes to steal them, Officer Junsa, Satoshi and the gang's voice gets changed, causing the Gardie to think that the Rocket-Dan are the Officers as they use their ears to follow command.
17 Apr. 1999
Shutter Chance Is Pikachu
The gang meet a Pokemon photographer, named Todd, who wants to get a photo of Pikachu.