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Season 21

30 Nov. 2017
Revealing the Stuff of Legend
Ash and his friends have come to Poni Island to meet the legendary Pokémon Solgaleo. However, there's no Solgaleo there; instead, the Pokémon said to be the guardian deities of the Alola region have gathered there. And just before the surprised Ash's eyes, Tapu Koko and the other Pokémon take a certain action.
7 Dec. 2017
Rescuing the Unwilling
Ash and the others have passed through the Ultra Wormhole thanks to Solgaleo's powers. The place they eventually arrive is the world the Ultra Beasts live in. They make an attempt to rescue Lusamine, but the Pokémon that have been put under the Ultra Beasts' control stand in their way.
21 Apr. 2018
Shine, Z-Power Ring! Super Full-Force 10,000,000 Volts!!
With Lusamine still under control from the Ultra Beasts and with time running out Ash, Lillie and Gladion must think of a solution fast before all hope is gone.
21 Dec. 2017
Thank You, Solgaleo! Our Hoshigumo!!
With Lusamine and everyone now safe, they all head back home welcomed by many. On the very same night Professor Kukui tells Ash something very important.
28 Dec. 2017
The Strong Sleeper, Nekkoara's Secret!
Samson Oak tells everyone the story of how he first met Komala and a surprising but all too familiar face from Kanto plans to ruin it's long deep slumber.

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