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9 Jan. 1986
Song of the Seashells
The family begins building their new house -- high in the branches of a tree. Becca wanders away from her responsibilities, and is washed from shore on a drifting log.
23 Jan. 1986
House Up the Tree
While Fritz and Ernest scale the mountains, the rest of the family scouts for supplies. Becca's playfulness almost ends in disaster, but her mother comes to the rescue, and they find an abundance of food.
6 Feb. 1986
Rescue Meri-Chri!
When Fritz and Jack go fishing in the new canoe, their little pet Mercedes falls overboard. The danger of sharks prevents an easy rescue, but the dog Brewster saves the day.
13 Feb. 1986
Flone Goes Hunting
Becca is excited about her first hunting trip -- until Fritz shoots a bird and her pity overcomes her taste for meat. She lures home a goat, providing milk and cheese as welcome additions to the family's diet.
20 Feb. 1986
I Can See the Ship
Standing watch for ships at the cape is an important, though always useless job. But today Becca spots one, and the family's joy turns to desperation as their signals go unheeded. Though disappointed, they refuse to give up hope.
27 Feb. 1986
Baby Turtle
The Robinsons watch a turtle laying eggs on the beach, and are impressed with the solemn ceremony. Becca and Jack keep watch over the nest, fighting off a hungry snake, until the eggs hatch and the baby turtles disappear into the sea.
22 May 1986
Rain, Rain, Come Again
Ernest and Morton devise a last-chance plan to escape from the island. Morton directs the shipbuilding, and everyone pitches in.
5 Jun. 1986
Cave Secret
The cave is dry, but is it hospitable? The Robinsons find the cave already occupied by multitudes of bats -- and a skeleton, the grim remains of an earlier shipwreck victim who once lived on the island.
19 Jun. 1986
Franz tells his family how he managed to survive the first few days on the island when he thought he had been the only one who reached shore.

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