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Why'd They Cancel It?
MollyWobbles609326 October 2004
This was a cute show...i loved the episode where Bobby has to take a drug test and he finds out he's been eating birdseed instead of cereal, which has been making his test come back positive for drugs every time (and the scene where he's been "holding it" for a while and everyone's trying to make him think about having to pee)! And Justin Cooper was just the most adorable little blond kid ever (see Liar, Liar for more proof)!^_^ Why would ABC cancel it? This was one of the best shows on TGIF before all this George Lopez and Hope & Faith crap. This one and Teen Angel (where a not-so-bright teenager dies after eating a hamburger from Halloween in summer and comes back as his buddy's guardian angel) made it worth staying in with the family on Friday night.
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Perfect Chemistry - A Keeper
ginaloo25 November 1998
The chemistry between these two brothers is perfect. Porter is serious; Bobby is wild and fun-loving. Most of us have been in a relationship like that - from one side or the other. The casting on this was very good: William Ragsdale is great as the anal-retentive brother, and Sean O'Bryan captures the lovable slob perfectly. The writing is a cut above ordinary sitcom also.
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Ravyn13 October 1998
He is just adorable!! I've loved him since "Herman's Head" but this new show is even better. He's sooooo cute and the little kid is adorable as well. The brother gets on my nerves, but I suppose he'll grow on me!!! :)
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I luv this show
Lissie28 February 1999
I luv this show!!! It's soooo cool! I'm 13/f. My favorite characters are Porter (William Ragsdale). And Dena (Bess Meyer). Bobby (Sean O'Brian) is ok, and I think they give Oscar to much publicity. But as I said before, I luvvvvvvv Porter+Dena. Maybe they should get together. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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An okay show, but there are funnier shows of its ilk
raisleygordon30 July 2012
"Brother's Keeper" is a fairly mediocre sitcom that just isn't in the same league as "Perfect Strangers" or "Two and Half Men". It doesn't have any of the slapstick of the former, or any of the charming humor of the latter. Needless to say, I can see why it was cancelled. Oscar and Felix are no Charlie and Alan, and certainly no Larry and Balki (The stars don't exactly have chemistry). Also, the character of Deena is completely unnecessary, whether you find her interesting or not. However, this show is worth checking out at least once. This was one of 5 TGIF shows to get the ax after a full season. "Two of a Kind" was also dull, but at least the Olsen twins brought some interest to their show.
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The same thing
Peter T. Movie22 November 1998
The first time I saw this show I thought I was watching "Full House". The cast is very similiar. For example, there's the childish, idiotic brother who is similiar to Jowy from "Full House". There's the over protective father (Bob Saget from "Full House"). And we must not forget the girl friend, and the kids, who need no explanation. Aren't there any original sitcoms any more?
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