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engaging, good story, terrific new actors, great photography
hbg229 March 2001
Sunburn was shown at the Irish Film Festival in New York City last year and that is where I saw it. The writers and director are Americans who have created an engaging and very sensitively performed coming-of-age story about Irish young adults who spend a summer working on Long Island. The interweaving of characters, their histories and feelings is very well accomplished and the cinematography is so beautiful as to almost be distracting. This is a film that would please a large audience of varied ages. Really delightful.
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Sensitive, lovely, bitter-sweet, coming-of-age, feel-good film
Darwin-922 October 1999
This is a beautifully filmed work with excellent performers and an engaging story. The characters are sensitively developed by the director (Hume) and the cinematography is almost distractingly lush - the film has a distinct "look". I saw it at the Toronto Festival where it seemed to be enthusiastically received by an audience of mixed ages. It is very enjoyable and should be seen.
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Sweet little film
PeachHamBeach20 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
After several months of watching nine to ten minute chapters at a time, I finally finished SUNBURN last night and I really enjoyed it! It's not anything monumental, just a cute, sweet and sometimes sadly and refreshingly honest story about a group of Irish kids who immigrate to the U.S. and try out the American dream, living in Mantauk, Long Island. They get odd jobs, party, fall in love and make the kind of mistakes kids often make trying to figure themselves out. Davin McDerby (Cillian Murphy) isn't a perfect person or character. He's made quite a few stupid mistakes in life, the worst occurring right before he leaves Ireland. While in Mantauk, he falls for Aideen (one of Murphy's BFFs, Paloma Baeza who is great as always!). They'd make a perfect pair, but when Aideen accidentally finds out that Davin has a big secret, she's hurt and angry, and instead of being in denial about his huge mistake, he's forced to acknowledge it.

There are several people in the film, but the only other two who are well developed are Robert Fiske (Barry Ward) and a woman he falls in love with, Carolyn (Ingeborga Dapkunaite). The end of the movie is a little sad, but at the same time, rather fun to watch, romantic in a surprising way. Why this film isn't available on Region 1 DVD is a mystery to me!
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sweet,coming of age mini saga of young Irish immigrants summering in Montauk,sensitively written and filmed
garrahan26 November 2006
A sensitive portrayal of young Irish immigrants who come to the United States to work. They enjoy a casual lifestyle while enjoying the company of each other for one summer. It evolves as a "coming of age" mini-saga.The players interact romantically and emotionally whilst seeking to find work and support themselves. Interestingly, it appears that for most of the actors, this opportunity to film in the US was their first acting gig.As a result, the film imparted a sweet, truthful feeling. The writing was smooth; the filming transitionally lovely. While some scenes were of a sexual nature, I would recommend this film as a 13 plus target group without hesitation.
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