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Underrated comedy excellence
flumpman-15 April 2007
I remember watching this movie when I was working in America in the year 2000 with my cousin and absolutely pissing my pants with laughter at it.

I then totally forgot about it until I noticed it on a website for sale for like £3 and thought I would buy it and see if it was as funny as I remembered. It was - and it was funnier the second time around.

Molly Shannon is an underrated comedic actress who we should see more often and who should be given lead roles on a more regular basis as she is absolutely hilarious in Superstar.

This movie has absolutely no point and no story but is just full of class comedy moments which make me chuckle over and over again. And not only is Ms Shannon rather good in it - Will Ferrell is on top form before he made it big time. Its just a shame he didn't drag Molly with him and make her as big a star as she is.

Get her in the Frat Pack now! Oh - and this movie is well funny so I recommend it highly to anyone with a sense of humour!
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What the Shiznit?
cloudblood11 May 2005
I have no idea what is wrong with all these lame-ass downers.... Don't listen to any other comments on this movie. Because obviously, non of them got it.... This movie has been on my top 10 funniest movies since the first time i saw it. My friends and I still gather on occasion and light a Lil something up while we laugh are asses of at this film. Molly Shannon is a Comedic Genius, and Will Farrell falls right behind... Buy this move right now, smoke some bongs, and get your fiends over to watch it with you, so that after its over, and your quoting the movie ever 5mins after, they know what the hell it is you're talking about. As for he rest of you.. WHY DON"T YOU GO DRINK A BOTTLE OF YOURSELF!
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Very enjoyable
BrightVibes21 October 2013
I completely enjoyed Superstar. Its one of those movies that are kind of cute, but still had enough off color humor to keep your attention. It is not raunchy at all. The off color humor comes from many things that kids in the age group really go through.

I grew up attending Catholic High School. So I can related to many things in this movie. Just the uniforms alone are funny. And the characters of the Priests and Nuns are very funny, and reminds me of many of the teachers I had back in the day.

Yes both Molly and Will were a little too old for their characters. I wonder what the movie would have been like if they made it with child actors. It certainly would have been a whole different thing. But I like how they made it with the older actors. It's Molly Shannon's character and really no one but Molly can play her.
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Don't Always Believe Critics' Reviews
reginamia6 June 2006
Because we had seen all the other comedies at the DVD store, my son and I finally watched Superstar. It had been so panned by every review I had ever seen, I thought it would be a waste of time. Perhaps especially for those who have memories of Catholic schools, it is as delightful as it is silly. My twelve-year-old does not have these memories but he laughed hysterically none the less.

I do recommend this film, but I do not recommend the critics who gave it only one star. Like psychologists, film critics must understand both the genres they review, and every type of audience that will view the film. This comedy may not be for everyone, but I cannot imagine anyone taking real offense at it either.
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Very Funny Movie
HellTex12 April 2000
This is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. There are many really great belly-laughs here. There also are some very heartwarming moments when Mary Katherine Gallagher conjures up feelings of sympathy for her plight as a "nerd" among "beautiful people." The ending was wonderful. I really enjoyed seeing Glynis Johns again. I've always enjoyed her performances very much. All in all, I think this is an all-round good, very enjoyable movie!
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A true classic comedy!
Bryan Akers14 December 2005
I loved this movie! It was probably one of the funniest movies I had ever seen! When I had watched Molly Shannon preform her "Superstar" on SNL, I loved it. It was hilarious and something new and enjoyable. This movie makes me feel better for some reason. When I'm depressed or something, I watch this movie and laugh forever and instantly feel better! My favorite part of the movie was Mary(her name in the movie) saying Superstar! I loved it. It made me feel happy and made me laugh. Also, this movie does have some meaning to it. It shows you that anything is possible. And I mean ANYTHING. If Mary Katherine Gallagher can do it, you most certainly can. I really think you should at least rent it but I really think you should buy it because of how many times you will want to watch it. It's hilarious and you will find yourself watching it over and over again. " didn't know you were competing against a...SUPERSTAR!!!"
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If you want a good laugh even if you know you'll feel dirty, then this movie is for you!
The Rayato15 April 2000
The Rayato has a confession to make. I'm with stupid! Yep I am. While all you high-class society puppets prefer AN IDEAL HUSBAND or some type of crap like that, you know deep down you yearn to watch DEUCE BIGALOW,AUSTIN POWERS,or WATERBOY. Yes, you know you do. I am not afraid to show my love for the stupid comedy. And if you want stupid, then SUPERSTAR is as stupid as they get (and as funny). SNL alum Molly Shannon (who I plan to marry someday) plays everybody's favorite horny Catholic schoolgirl Mary Katherine Gallagher who wants to become a "Superstar!" so she could have a chance with Sky Corrigan (Will Ferrell, brilliant!)and get the kiss she dreams about. I love basically everything in this movie, from "Supermodel Documentary Hour" to the ARMAGEDDON spoof. God bless SNL, for bringing America Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, and the latest among the giants, Ms. Shannon herself. B+

P.S. MTV's Tom Green makes a cameo has some dumb guy and well....he's....dumb.........BRILLIANT!

The Rayato has spoken.
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Superstar is one super movie.
dobbin-49 November 2007
Superstar is the not so hit movie starring Molly Shannon and co starring Will Ferrell in one of the first movies they did together. The movie is about Mary Katherine Gallagher and all she wants in life is a Hollywood kiss but she realises that to get that she needs to be like the people in the movies. The movie is funny on many bases and Will Ferrell's character just held it together beautifully. The movie is definitely a must watch for fans of Saturday Night Live or Saturday Night Live skit turned Movies and Molly Shannon/Will Ferrell shows. Overall this movie is funny the whole way through and Will Ferrell's character was excellently petried. I rate this 74%.
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Reply to SamRag comment : This movie rocks
Suedeheadboy20 July 2005
Ceirtanly Molly Shannon is one of the most brilliant humorists right now, and yet we hope she still has a lot to do. From her beginnings, she has always been involved in interesting projects dealing with both comedy and drama, but always from the independent wing of the factory. Some of her appearances on TV: Twin Peaks, Will&Grace, Sex and the City and the most popular on Saturday Night Live, performing one of her greatest characters: Mary Katherine Gallagher, who leads this crazy movie. Besides, she also appears in Never Been Kissed, Happiness, American Splendor... It is not a coincidence that all the projects she is involved in are such recommendable. Warning: Superstar is a freak movie. A pure freak film... freak enough to be a cult film. If you enjoy Family Dad, Kevin Spencer, Airport, Top Secret, John Waters' movies, Ghost World... you'll like this one for sure. That character , Mary Katherine Gallagher deserves an honor place in the comedy history. She's totally freak obsessed with being kissed. What else better than becoming a superstar for that purpose? There are all the necessary elements in this high school movie: the typical religious school, 30-year-old playing teenagers, the mean blond girl, the cute-one (that has at least 40 and wears a wig!!), the freaks from the special education class and a talent contest. The movie itself maintains the rhythm , with hilarious moments, and it's so easy going that you can't believe it longs 90 minutes. Of course Molly Shannon puts all the attractiveness to this movie, her character is the freakiest thing ever. Once you have seen it , it will be part of your cult movies to watch with friends and laugh time and again. If you like it, it does mean that you are a freak. But if you don't, it does mean you are a freak , a freak without sense of humor.
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Much better than I expected...a really funny movie!
poulet12 November 1999
I went to see Superstar on the understanding that some SNL movies are terrible, and I didn't expect too much...but I really thought this was a great movie. I also enjoyed the additional surprise that his film was directed by Bruce McCulloch (whose talent as a director was revealed in his Kids in the Hall sketches; i.e. "Sausages".) I think his direction was excellent. The plot was predictable (as some like to point out...predictably) but who goes to a film like this expecting wildly innovative writing? The actors were very funny and the humor quirky; it even managed to be warm, but not in a syrupy way. This is a movie I recommend!
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If Forrest Gump were searching for an ideal date movie, he'd grab "Superstar."
zardoz-1326 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Anybody that watched "Saturday Night Live" back in 1999 knows about Mary Katherine Gallagher. Comedian Molly Shannon portrays Mary as a klutzy, disaster-prone, teenage ugly duckling who has trouble fitting in at a stuffy Catholic school. Wearing dorky horn-rimmed, birth control glasses, she obsesses over kissing Mr. Right and attaining media super-stardom. The 'in-crowd' hoots at her, while the 'out' crowd adores her. Mary Katherine is the kind of stereotypical screw-up we are meant to laugh as much as love.

Obviously, "SNL" producer Lorne Michaels felt there was something about this Mary that made her a prime Hollywood property. Some "SNL" characters, such as Wayne and Garth, survived the transition from boob tube to the big screen. Although "Superstar" qualifies as the comic equivalent of "Rocky," this spasmodically unfunny farce proves that Shannon's character was better off on TV than in the movies. Almost as abysmal as Julia Sweeney's "It's Pat: The Movie," Mary Katherine Gallagher's bid for cinematic immortality wears out its welcome long before its flatulent 82-minutes buffoonery runs out of gas.

A spin-off from the popular "SNL" sketch, "Superstar" depicts the outlandish antics of an orphaned teenager, Mary Katherine Gallaher, who lives in the ugliest house on the block in a small town called Besame. By the way, Besame translates as 'kiss me' in Spanish. Gallagher's hard-hearted grandmother (Glynnis Johns), who hates showbiz with a passion, struggles to keep Mary Katherine focused on a future as a businesswoman. According to Grandma, a school of hammer headed sharks devoured Mary's parents.

The truth is that they got stomped to death on a dance floor when an accelerated record player triggered a nervous breakdown among their fellow dancers. As a result, Grandma wants Mary to avoid show business. Nevertheless, poor Mary wants to enter the "Let's Find VD Talent Show" sponsored by Catholic Teen magazine at St. Monica Catholic High School. The winners gets a chance to appear as an extra in a movie with "positive moral values." While Mary Katherine dreams about super-stardom, her chief rival, Evian (Elaine Hendrix), a popular but mean-spirited cheerleader, devises schemes to humiliate our heroine.

Bulimic Evian manages to keep Mary Katherine off the cheerleading squad and wants to prevent her from entering the talent contest. Meanwhile, Mary Katherine fantasizes about kissing St. Monica football hero Sky Corrigan ("SNL's" hilariously funny Will Ferrell) and stealing him from Evian. Evian mounts a down-and-dirty campaign to degrade Mary, pulling off all the predictable pranks when she isn't acting like a "Heathers"-bent-for leather ice queen.

"A Night in Roxbury" scenarist Steve Koren's dumb and dumber screenplay makes Mary Katherine into a classic underdog heroine we can root for no matter how horribly the opposition treats her. Indeed, Mary Katherine resembles a teenage version of the woebegone heroine in "Welcome to the Dollhouse." Of course, Mary Katherine will emerge triumphant after one too many setbacks, and the smug villains will get their just comeuppance. Unhappily, "Superstar" boasts few surprises, fewer laughs, and lacks the overall subversive hilarity of "There's Something about Mary." Certainly, "Superstar" ribs the Catholic Church, but nothing as derogatory as director Kevin Smith's "Dogma" distinguishes this timid, status quo burlesque. They make fun of Father Ritley (a beetle-browed Mark McKinney) when he crunches his toast in front of several nuns ,and then orders them to find out why the toaster burnt his bread. Sure, "Superstar provokes an occasional laugh, but not enough to redeem this nonsense. Mary Katherine is at her funniest in small doses. We chuckle when a nun catches her hugging—as well as French kissing—an oak tree. Or when she decks a nun with a high kick during a dance class. Of when she destroys everything around during a cheerleading audition. Her role as 'rewind girl' at a video store is worth a chuckle. Unfortunately, during the long stretches, she loses her spontaneity and imitates just about every other underdog that comes from behind to win despite impossible odds. The drawn-out confessional scene where Mary Katherine reverts to "Sybil" shows that somebody didn't know when to quit.

Blame for stretching Mary Katherine's exploits beyond the two-minute warning mark into an overlong 82-mintue fiasco rests not only with Koren but also with "Dog Park" director Bruce McCulloch. "A Kids in the Hall" alum himself, McCulloch does little more than usher Mary Katherine from one stupid predicament to another. The spoofs of "Carrie," "Armageddon," and "Jesus Christ Superstar" grow pretty tiresome, especially Will Ferrell's 'surfer Jesus' set to the top hit "Spirit in the Sky." The clash of the cliques plot is lame, tame, and pretty much the same as in "Never Been Kissed," "Can't Hardly Wait," and "Drive Me Crazy." Nothing new here. Never mind, also that everybody looks about 20 years too old to be playing their respective roles. Happily, the veteran cast of comedians ignores the shambles of a script and maintains a straight face throughout this hokum. As Mary Katherine's grandma, Glynnis Johns gives a spirited performance. If Forrest Gump were searching for an ideal date movie, he'd grab "Superstar."
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Stupid Critics! This movie was Funny!
jmcool51641 March 2000
This movie was one of the funniest SNL movies ever! Every critic imaginable hated this movie but I still think that it is the second funniest thing Will Ferrill has done. (1st being DICK) I saw it in theaters and thought it was so funny that I made it the first movie of the millenium that I saw. Yeah, my grandparents hated it but still IT IS FUNNY!!! I guess you just have to be a kid to like it.
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Not worth watching
YankeeJD25 July 2001
Time should not be wasted on watching garbage such as this. Superstar has a weak plot, dumb acting and mild and stupid humor. There are very few laughs in this film and it is proof that all of these Saturday Night Live actors cannot act in films. Comedy like this is meant to be on T.V. as a skit people can't expect to be able to watch 2 hours of crap skits that are on NBC. Superstar is definitley not worth watching. 2/10.
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Frighteningly Bad...
teegz10 January 2001
Most of us are familiar with Mary Katherine Gallagher, Molly Shannon's popular Saturday Night Live character. She now joins the ranks of the many SNL sketch characters on the big screen, with disappointing results. Most of the sketches that have been made into movies suffer from a fairly simple problem: taking five minutes of sketch material and stretching it to an hour and a half. Some writers are able to develop the character and surround them with an interesting plot, but this film fails on both counts.

Superstar revolves around Mary Katherine Gallagher, a Catholic high school girl with big dreams and a serious lack of social skills. An outcast at her school, Mary dreams of getting kissed just like she sees in movies, and the only way she can envision it happening is by becoming a superstar. The object of her affection is Sky (Will Ferrell) the most popular guy in school, and the best dancer. Standing in Mary's path is Evian (Elaine Hendrix), Sky's girlfriend: blonde, bitchy, beautiful, and a great dancer. Mary's opportunity for stardom and popularity arises when her school hosts a talent competition, with the winner getting the chance to be an extra in an upcoming movie. In some comedies predictability is comforting, but in Superstar it turns into annoyance; anyone who has seen Flashdance knows the story already. The characters are fairly standard as well: Tom Green as Sky's sidekick, Helen (Emmy Laybourne) as Mary's nerdy friend, Slater (Harland Williams) as the cute mysterious guy with a Harley. Mary even has a wheelchair bound Grandmother. Will Ferrell's character Sky is the only one who offers something new.

Those familiar with SNL know how funny Ferrell is, but he is a surprisingly good actor as well. Sky is different from the normal 'Mr. Popularity' role, and the change is refreshing. Instead of being an insensitive jock, Sky is very feminine and sensitive, with hilarious results. When asked who was the most naturally funny comic on SNL, Shannon immediately said "Will" Molly Shannon wrote all the material for Superstar involving Mary Katherine Gallagher and Steve Koren (SNL, Seinfeld, and A Night at the Roxbury) created the rest of the story and the other characters. Shannon's talent shines through in the solo scenes; without having to worry about plot or other characters, her comedy is at its best. A scene with Mary talking to her own breasts is extremely funny, and shows the potential Superstar has. By the end of the movie though, Mary's character is too pathetic, and the audience ceases to care whether she gets kissed at all. The problem with Superstar is in the writing. As opposed to a good SNL spin-off, such as Wayne's World, Superstar takes on a cheesy sitcom feel as the movie drags on. By the end of the film the viewer is bombarded with Cosby show values on having dreams, being yourself, and knowing who your friends are.

Essentially, Steve Koren dilutes Shannon's edgy comedy to make it appeal to a wider audience, but in the process takes away the heart of the movie. When asked whether she wanted to do movies or television in the future, Shannon said it didn't matter because, "what's most important is working with good writers." Obviously the writing team for Superstar wasn't good enough. Kids in the Hall fans may see hope in Bruce McCulloch directing Superstar, but aside from a few dance scenes McCulloch cannot inject anything into the weak script. Shannon notes that "Bruce McCulloch is really into the robot...and would would keep adding scenes with the robot dance." It seems his addition is simply based on his membership in the Lorne Michaels SNL family.

Hopefully in the future Shannon can throw the SNL monkey off of her back and make comedies that challenge the viewers instead of simply making them drowsy.
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Sometimes hilarious, but stupid like most SNL movies are.
zack208511 October 1999
'Superstar' was really funny, SUPERSTA!, especially when Mary Katherine Gallagher utters these words so funnily, and the rest of the movie is pretty funny too. But when you think about it, this movie is a little stupid, but that's what makes it great. My rating: 7 out of
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What a piece of crap.
dlerma18 January 2003
Now, I'm one that pretty much laughs at any comedy; even the ones that critics give bad reviews, but this has got to be the lousiest and most unfunny film I've ever seen. Not even Will Ferrell or Tom Green (who are funny as hell) brought laughs to this joke of a film. I like Molly Shannon; she is both funny and attractive. But, as Mary Catherine Gallagher, she is neither and that makes it very difficult to find her undesirable. I hope she puts this character to sleep for good.
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This could very well be the worst movie ever.....
bigt_tremonte21 August 2000
This is could very well be the worst movie that I have seen in my life. The only thing that kept me going is the slim chance that it couldn't get any worse, only better. I was wrong. The story line was horrible. Who would back this movie? I still can't think of any logical, and mentally stable, people to back this movie. I think Saturday Night Live should stick to 11:30 on Saturday nights if this is their effort to touch us otherwise. I feel bad for anyone that has any ties to the making or the producing of this film. You can email me and let me know if I am the only one this disgusted, but otherwise I hope you can take this as a warning.
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Coxer993 September 1999
Runs awful close to being the worst "SNL-skit" film ever made with Shannon performing her unfunny characterization of disgusting school girl, Mary Katherine Gallagher. "Kids in the Hall" alum McCullough directs...well, tries at least. Nothing much goes on in the film. No script. No story. No laughs. I would never want to be Lorne Michaels.
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Stupidity is fine when accompanied by cleverness (which this film lacked)
Asteri-Atypical26 May 2001
Considering this came from SNL, I had to think back about my favorite all time short sketch; Mr. Bill. I *loved* that stupid play-dough doll. Yet; it's hard to imagine sitting through a feature length Mr. Bill movie.

The same applies, to some degree, here. Molly Shannon is talented and has presence. Yet this movie was, overall, unmoving. The stereotypes and situations were too predictable to make for clever parody. There was no substantive main plot nor any clever sub-plot.

Either this movie attempted something funnier and more clever than was apparent and missed OR this movie was just too low brow and aimed at too juvenile an audience. I cannot say. I just know that even movies like "Bevis and Butt-Head do America" managed to be more interesting and clever.

I don't blame Shannon in this. It's the horrid writing.
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This super-sucks!!!
mattymatt4ever11 May 2001
Mary Catherine Gallagher is one of the few recurring characters on SNL who...I just don't get! OK, so she puts her fingers under her armpits and sniffs them, shows off her underwear and likes to recite monologues from made-for-TV movies. I'm still not laughing. It wasn't funny on a 10-minute sketch, and it damn sure wasn't funny for an hour and 20 minutes! Watching the trailers where Molly Shannon, who plays the character, smooches with the bark of a tree--I wasn't expecting much in the first place. Obviously. But there was nothing else to see. So I can't say I was disappointed. When I saw this in theaters, there was a group of teenagers cracking up beyond belief. At what--how the hell would I know? Glynis Johns plays Mary Catherine Gallagher's mother and actually has one funny line. Molly Shannon is definitely talented. But this character wasn't funny from the get-go, so there wasn't really anything to work with.

Hey, if you find someone lip-locking a tree to be funny...this is the movie for you!

SNL failed again. Geez, I'm surprised. The days of "Wayne's World" are long gone. So just stick to repeats of the show on SNL.

My score: 3 (out of 10)
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the worst movie of 1999?
Roland E. Zwick12 July 2000
If you are searching for the answer to the question, `What is the worst movie of 1999?,' you may have to look no further than `Superstar,' an alleged teen comedy that – and this is no exaggeration - provides not one single laugh during the duration of the entire film. And even though that duration is a blessedly brief 86 minutes, it is safe to say that every single one of those moments is a veritable torture to sit through.

I must confess that I have never had the privilege of encountering Molly Shannon's Mary Katherine Gallagher character on TV's Saturday Night Live; however, on the basis of this film alone, it is safe to say that it is a character completely lacking in charm and likeability. Do we really need yet another in a long line of films built around over-caricatured teenage nerds who go to desperate lengths to fit into the snooty upper tier of their snooty private school setting? The problem with `Superstar' is not that it lacks energy but that it mistakes inexplicably weird behavior for satire. For instance, having a young lady behaving seductively with trees and stop signs makes no sense when the sole driving force of that girl's life is to fit in. The audience, rather than finding her plight humorous and touching, simply loses patience both with the character and the film as a whole.

It is simply impossible to overstate the complete comic failure of `Superstar.' The characters are dreadful, the slapstick antics lowbrow and laborious, the acting strained and amateurish. However, in all fairness to the actors trapped herein, one must acknowledge that they have been given pure offal to work with. What a shame especially to see comic veteran Glynis Johns reduced to so low a level. Yet, it is equally doubtful that any of the budding young `superstars' caught in this mire will be any more anxious than she to keep this particular film on their career resumes. The makers of `Superstar' owe them and us an apology.
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This movie really did supersuck
Mr.Socko12 October 1999
When i went to buy tickets for super star I was expecting, or maybe hoping for, another funny snl take off. Recently SNL movies have been going downhill. The night at the roxbury was just simply terrible. Now this? Superstar looked good in the commercials, but then again, don't most movies?Well anyway, This movie used up all its amusing moments in the previews. Well, I'm sorry if you don't agree with me, but whatever you say, I'm right.
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Just plain stupid
kamaribrendanpurcell5 April 2013
I think that the humor in this movie was awful. The part about how the parents died is extremely stupid and not well thought out. The only thing that saved this movie for me is the fact that Evian (Elaine Hendrix) was in it. Only memorable part of this move was her in her bra and panties. Will Ferrel was decently funny but overall the movie as a whole was just plain terrible. The movie was filled with cheesy lines. The single worse part was the random singing and dancing. I thought this was an even stupider version of glee. The acting was way over the top and not in a good way. I didn't find myself crying on the floor laughing.
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one of the most funniest movies
ChelsinWonderland7 September 2009
i remember watching on TV and i died laughing it is one of the most funniest movies and molly Shannon plays Mary Kathrine Gallagher a nerdy catholic school girl who wants to be a star and win her school talent show and their are plenty of laugh out loud moments and molly Shannon plays Mary Kathrine Gallagher really good and i really couldn't picture anyone else playing that role and well the whole main cast played their roles really good too. this is really a good comedy movie very funny a really underrated comedy. anyway i hope people see this movie it is a funny movie and i hope people enjoy as much as i did thanks for reading my opinion on this movie
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