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A movie with a gentle but long-lasting impression.
undersky27 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The Sixth Sense enjoys being playful with our imagination. What your eyes see is not exactly what it is. What your mind paints is not exactly what there is. In the world of The Sixth Sense logic is your worst enemy.

There are obvious (and sometimes less obvious) hints right in front of you but you don't grasp them because of your preconceptions and premises. I once read a novel called 'Somewhere carnal over 40 winks' which used similar techniques found in this movie, but in writing. I'm sure you will enjoy this book as much as I did, if you like to be intellectually surprised.

If you haven't seen this movie, don't read reviews and don't talk to your friends who have already seen it. The movie is very much susceptible to spoilers. It is suffice to say that the ending is just shockingly delightful.

I don't consider this movie heavily philosophical or thought-provoking. Having said that, it is one of the movies I love to watch again and again.
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An appropriate spoiler-free review
kylopod31 December 2005
The surprise ending to "The Sixth Sense" has gotten so much attention that it threatens to overshadow the film. I occasionally hear people say things like the following: "The 'twist' was so obvious that I figured it out in the first five minutes!" Some of those people may even be telling the truth. There's no way to know. But there's a lot of condescension in such remarks, an implication that anyone who didn't figure it out must be a really dumb sucker. At least in my case I have an excuse. When I first saw this film back in early 2000, I knew nothing about it other than that it was about the relationship between a psychiatrist played by Bruce Willis and a child with some sort of psychic power. I didn't even know what that psychic power was, and an early scene led me to think it was telepathy. In short, I had no idea even what the movie's subject was until about the middle of the film, so I was completely adrift as to solving the movie's mystery.

Still, to anyone who did figure the secret out quickly, I have this to say: you may be smarter than I am, but that does not make this a bad movie. Hitchcock went to great lengths to keep the ending to "Psycho" from leaking out. Many people who watch that film today figure the twist out (probably because it has been imitated in countless thrillers since then), but the film is still a classic that holds up well today. Surprise endings are, ultimately, just clever contrivances, extra layerings on the cake. They do not constitute the difference between a good movie and a bad movie. A movie must work on its own terms before springing a surprise.

Nevertheless, there can be no denying that the twist in "The Sixth Sense" is particularly clever. It's no virtue if a twist is impossible to predict. It is just as important that the twist be logical as that it be surprising. Plenty of thrillers feature twists that are arbitrary, where the plot fails to provide enough hints. Even a clever thriller like "Fight Club" requires a bit of a stretch to accept the ending. What makes "The Sixth Sense" impressive is that it never cheats by suggesting that earlier scenes were imaginary. Everything we see is real, and only our assumptions fool us. If, however, you weren't fooled, all the better: just because you figure out the magician's trick does not make it a bad trick.

Consider what appears to be happening in the film. Willis plays a psychiatrist who has received accolades for helping children with problems. We see a romantic evening with him and his wife at home. Then he gets into an ugly, violent confrontation with a former patient. Willis believes he has failed, and he wants to make amends by helping a new child (Haley Joel Osment) who appears to be having the same problems (and perhaps the same abilities) that his former patient once displayed. But just as he thinks he's making progress with Osment, his marriage seems to be falling apart. His wife isn't talking to him, and is beginning to see another man.

However these events may be reinterpreted by what is revealed later, the movie is effective because it works on this basic level. In a key scene, Willis asks Osment what he wants most, and Osment answers, "I don't want to be scared anymore." It is not always clear that Osment is really facing a mortal threat. But because the movie establishes that he is undergoing a scary experience, by the time the movie reveals what it is that is frightening him, we have our emotions invested in the character, and the terror is very real to us. This is a step that most horror films neglect, the recognition that the most powerful fear may be the fear of fear itself.

When I was a teenager, I assumed that all good horror films had to have an R rating. Even as an adult, I was surprised that a movie as frightening as "The Sixth Sense" received only a PG-13. In hindsight, however, most of my favorite horror films, whatever their rating, have relatively little violence. Like all good horror films, "The Sixth Sense" allows the suspense to build and does not rely on either excessive violence or cheap scares. The ending adds an additional level of intrigue, but it is not necessary to one's enjoyment during the first viewing. Still, if you have not seen the film by now and remain woefully ignorant of the surprise lurking in its plot, I urge you, before someone ruins it for you, go and watch the movie!
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A movie that will not be outclassed in its genre for years to come
jayp-54 December 1999
When I first saw The Sixth Sense, I didn't know what to expect. I guess I was looking forward to a good scary horror flick. I was very surprised. I found that the purpose for this movie was far greater than just trying to scare the audience. I found this movie was showing not only the emotions of fear, but also faith, commitment, sadness of loss, and love. The end was so surprising, I had to see it again. The second time I watched it, I did it from a totally different perspective (this is a very rare quality for any movie), and I enjoyed it just as much, or maybe even more. I also, as many viewers have, tried to detect fallacies in the story. I couldn't find one. In addition, for those that appreciate great soundtracks, the music only helps to heighten the experience of the movie.

I believe that a great movie is one that helps the viewer perceive life and the world differently. The Sixth Sense is one of those extraordinary movies that does that to me. This movie reflects on some difficult subjects that will make the viewer walk away asking eternal questions. Questions about death, about letting go, about eternal love and commitment, about the love between parent and child, and between husband and wife. Maybe I read too much into this very wonderful film, but I believe it will be difficult to find a movie that has touched on these subjects so poignantly and so well for years to come.
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The most careful attention to detail
Steve Steckel25 October 2000
What makes this film so wonderful to watch is not simply the acting, or the terror it instills, or even the plot itself. It is the way in which the writer/director M. Night Shyamalan takes his vision from the page, and carefully crafts a tale that completely absorbs the viewer. As a result, we are treated to a wealth of emotion: fear, sadness, joy, confusion, and humor, each one a compliment to the other.

Haley Joel Osment delivers, plain and simple. By now, so much has been said about the young actor that any more would be repetition. Needless to say, his portrayal of Cole Sear is remarkable. His ability to communicate, through a simple look or gesture, the depths to which his character's soul has been thrust is what truly carries the film. He succeeds at this task beautifully, convincing us while never going over the top; indeed, by the time Cole utters his now-famous line, you not only believe him, you are chilled by the fact that Osment the actor may actually believe it himself.

Bruce Willis turns in a stellar performance, complimenting his young co-star while never overshadowing him. It is a tribute to his respect of the material in so much as he fine tunes his delivery to seem reserved, yet not too toned down.

The Sixth Sense is more than simply a wondrous two hours. It has, in effect, created a new genre of filmmaking... the film is neither drama, nor horror, nor action. Rather, it is a seamless blending of all three, a film that encompasses the best aspects of each genre, without being limited by the worst. Hollywood has taken notice of this, and one can only expect a series of poor imitations to follow. But at least they'll always have The Sixth Sense to guide the way.
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Spirit-210 December 1999
The Sixth Sense is one of those films that rarely happens these days. In other words, I knew so little about it before sitting in the cinema that it wasn't ruined before it started.

I don't want to ramble on about it so I'll just say... absolute perfection. An incredible story that had me and my friends gripped from start to finish. The twist in the tale was totally unexpected as well.

After it finished we sat through the whole of the credits and talked about how fabulous it was. If only more films were like this. I can't remember the last time we did that!

Congratulations to all involved in this masterpiece.
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You'll be knocked for six
Joanna Kelly26 November 1999
This is an incredibly powerful film. Awash with emotion but never stooping to sentimentality this is the story of one frightened little boy you will never forget. All your worst childhood nightmares: the noises in the attic, the intruder in your house, that cold breath that makes your hair stand on end are here and then some.

Bruce Willis gives one of the best performances of his career as the child psychologist trying to get himself back on track after a violent encounter with a former patient and it would be a crime if Haley Joel Osment were overlooked at coming awards ceremonies for his powerful performance here. It has been a long time since a child actor displayed such maturity in a role. Cole's innocent little face hidden behind his absent father's large-framed spectacles betrays a child coming to terms with a terrifying secret in the only way he can.

You don't need to go and see this film again to realise why the end is such a surprise but you will rush out to watch it again purely because it's an almost perfect example of it's genre.

Laugh, cry, jump a mile out of your seat, sigh with relief - but not too early... We did!
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indianajonze23 March 2000
The Sixth Sense is a brilliant film, plain and simple. It is unique in that it relies on imagination and psychology to scare you and make you think twice about the world around you. The director did a fabulous job constructing the imagery of the film, and I genuinely did not know about the ending until it was revealed. Quite a shock! The Sixth Sense goes in my book as the single greatest psychological horror film I have ever seen. Anyone who bashes it are simply not giving it a chance or don't fully realize the complex dialog and imagery around them. Brilliant
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One of the films of the Nineties
Readster8 December 1999
This is perhaps my film of the decade so far. The reasons are too numerous to go into in such a short critique. Surely there have not been too many films that can take you through the range of emotions that the Sixth Sense does. The prime emotion; fear, is a difficult emotion to generate in a modern audience that has seen it all before, but this film succeeds where others fail, praying on your imagination and generating suspense from subtle devices rather than blatant horror.

It is such a relief that the performances of Willis and the excellent Osment live up to an excellently directed quality storyline. I will be disappointed if the youngster doesn't receive at least an academy nomination.

I seldom go to the cinema twice to watch a film, in fact I cannot remember when I have done it before. Tonight I am taking an old friend to see this film as it will be a tragedy if he doesn't see it on the big screen. He has heard so much about it that he is reluctant to go, as I am when something is over-hyped. Just for a change though, here is a film that lives up to its billing and has you thinking about it for weeks to come. As for the twist at the end? Well it totally disorientated me, my mind spinning back throughout the whole film. A fantastic punchline to my film of the year.
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Still Very Good Even When You Know The Ending
ccthemovieman-18 November 2006
This was hyped big-time when it came out and, if memory serves me, was a good conversation piece among those who saw it at the theater.

I didn't see it for a few years afterward, on tape and now on DVD. It was very good but I didn't find it as "the greatest movie ever" as some did. It is an involving story, however, and I've come to appreciate it more with multiple viewings. I've seen it three times, the last one looking for mistakes to disprove the surprise ending....but couldn't find any. The filmmakers covered their tracks. However, a couple of scenes were misleading. Those who have seen this movie know what I'm talking about. For those who haven't, I'm not going to spoil it here.

I enjoyed both Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment as the two leads. Willis has had many action-packed, profane macho roles in his career but I like him best when he's low key, as he is in here (and in "Unbreakable," to name another fairly-recent movie) The story is slow-paced but it sure is not boring. In a way, it's nice to see a slower-paced film be a big hit, as this was.

Osment, meanwhile, is a terrific child actor, as he has proved in other films. He's simply one of the best of his young generation. He and Dakota Fanning are the two best child actors I've seen in many years.

This isn't just some supernatural-horror movie. It's a nice human interest story. There is one scene late in the movie in which Osment's mom is having a talk with her young boy in the car. It is an extremely touching scene that brings tears - a great moment in the film.
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One of the best films of 1999!
Xophianic3 February 2000
I am embarrassed to admit that the only reason I saw THE SIXTH SENSE when I did was because THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT was sold out. I hadn't seen BLAIR WITCH yet but I heard great reviews, and of course it was sold out when I went to see it. So my friend and I decided to see THE SIXTH SENSE instead. Not only did it turn out to be a better movie than BLAIR WITCH is, but it turned out to be one of my favorites.

THE SIXTH SENSE is about an award-winning child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis), who is depressed because one of his former clients committed suicide because Crowe was unable to help him. Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment) is a child that has social problems frighteningly similar to Crowe's old client, so Crowe decides he will try to help this child in order to find redemption. Cole later reveals that this problem goes well beyond normal social problems. He claims to be able to see the ghosts of dead people, but no one else can.

The acting in THE SIXTH SENSE was superb. Olivia Williams does well as Anne Crowe, Willis' depressed wife, and Toni Collette does a great job as Lynn Sear, Osment's loving mother who is very concerned for her child. I think that Bruce Willis is at his very best in this movie, and I happen to be a fan of Willis. But I think that Haley Joel Osment stole the show. He did an amazing job, expressing more combined emotions that most adult actors have to deal with. He is definitely the best child actor I've ever seen, and I am glad that Bruce Willis let him have the spotlight.

The plot is very entertaining, though at times you may wonder where it is going. The ending is the best part of the movie, and it completely changes whatever you originally thought of the whole story line. I applaud the advertisers of THE SIXTH SENSE for not leaving a trace of the surprise ending in the previews of the movie (unlike DOUBLE JEOPARDY) and I certainly will not give it away in this comment. But I will say that it will completely surprise most all of you. (I think many that say that they saw it coming are probably lying.)

THE SIXTH SENSE is one of my favorite movies, and I think it is surely one of the best films of 1999. I hope it wins many Oscars this year, and I recommend that you go out and buy this movie now.
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Death, Lfe, Fear and Hope
keval14 February 2000
Review: The Sixth Sense, Director: M. Night Shyamalam

As a film which has undoubtedly caught the eye of the film going world, it was difficult to avoid the surrounding hype and publicity. Luckily most of the people I had spoken to who had seen the film did not spoil the 'twist' at the end, which, although is rather a laboured point by now in reviews, certainly adds to the "Oh, I see now" factor.

The story revolves around a child psychologist played characteristically by Bruce Willis. I say characteristically, because although his portrayal is quite real, and at times touching, there always seems to be an unnerving 'Die Hard'-ness to his speech, lending the dialogue some comical qualities. Having said that, his overall attempts at revealing the vulnerable and disturbed psyche of his character achieve good results. As the psychologist, he is plagued by a particular event in his professional life which he perceives as his personal failure, and sets out to redeem himself by righting the wrong and wiping his failure from his conscience. This opportunity presents itself to him in the form of Cole Sear, played devastatingly well by Hayley Joel Osment. Cole has a problem, he sees dead people. To the outside world he is seen as a loner, a problem child, and has become increasingly isolated. Hence the need for a child psychologist. Once we have been introduced to these two central players, we are taken on a journey of discovery, as both of these characters in the space of the film will learn a great deal about each other, themselves and human nature.

It is this particular point which the film attempts to address so strongly - human communication. That when this breaks down, an inevitable cycle of interpersonal destruction takes course, sometimes irreversible. This is framed within the context of a superbly told ghost story. The sheer truthfulness and honesty with which the concept of fear is expressed by all the characters, is breathtaking. Cole's' experience of the walking dead, appearing out of nowhere, Malcolm's fear of a deteriorating marriage, and Cole's' mother's fear relating to her own existential angst. All of these are played against the backdrop of the often difficult but finally warm relationship between Cole and Malcolm. Eventually, and against the odds, each character displays courage and bravery as they face up to their existential and supernatural fears.

There are one or two niggling problems plot wise, but in a film where the overall atmosphere created is one which encompasses death, fear, and finally hope, it is impossible not to overlook incongruencies. Superb direction, acting and ambience lead me to think that M. Night Shyamalan has really succeeded in telling a chillingly touching story about the triumph of the human spirit.

February 14, 2000 Harshad C. Keval
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Wanna See Dead People?
WCS026 August 1999
"I see Dead People!" Sixth Sense is well worth the ticket price. It's a tight story and the acting is outstanding. There are a couple of good scares, rendered more effective because I dropped my guard. My sixth sense says such was the Writer/Director's express intention. :-)

It's a ghost story yet doesn't rely on special effects and computerization to chill your bones as the Haunting tried to do. The scares come from the sliver of possibility "what is happening may be true." Well that, and the dropping your guard thing.

Everyone in the cast is outstanding. Bruce Willis is at his best since Die Hard and The Last Boy Scout. His patient is 33 years junior to him ( played by Haley Joel Osment) is outstanding. Truly. I was mesmerized by his ability to get into this "sixth sense" possessed character. Malcolm and Cole helping each other resolve their problems occurs with good chemistry, and is believable, despite the heights you have to take your mind to believe the story's premise.

I am sooo tempted to give clues on when to grip the one you're with or arms rests a little more tightly; but alas, cannot in good conscience (or for fear of hate mail!) And out of respect for M. Night Shyamalan for a very good script and story thesis.

Summing: if you're "only" looking for the Chill Factor, take in Blair Witch over this one for those final 10 minutes. The reality factor is stronger, both despite and because of the low budget factors. But if you want to see one of the best Hollywood manufactured horror films in a long time, give Sixth Sense a chance. I enjoyed it.
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A surprising masterpiece!
Brogan3 August 1999
Warning: Spoilers
Sometime Bruce Willis can make some bad films, like HUDSON HAWK and MERCURY RISING. And other times he can make some films that change the film industry and blow the audiences away (i.e. DIE HARD triology, 12 MONKEYS, and PULP FICTION). Now Willis' new film, THE 6th SENSE falls in the latter catageory, as a surprising masterpiece that will leave images stuck in your mind for quite sometime. Willis plays Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist, who is quite good at his job, he has a loving wife named Anna (played by the beautiful Olivia Williams), and he just got awarded by the mayor of Philadelpia for his excellent work. Then one night, Malcolm gets a terrifying unexpected visit from one of his former patients. The visit is so terrifying, that it haunts Malcolm later on. Months later, Malcolm's job is going downhill, and his marriage is falling apart. Then his life is changed around when he meets Cole, a eight year old boy who is considered a "freak" by everybody but his mom. Cole is usually alone, scared, and has cuts and bruses on his body. The doctors and social workers think the injuries come from his mom, Lynn Sear (Toni Collette). But Lynn loves Cole too much that she wouldn't even think of harming him. The truth is that the injuries that Cole has are from other people, people that Cole only sees, people that are dead. Cole sees dead people walking around with the living, and only Cole sees these ghostly figures. Malcolm tries to help Cole with his unique gift, and to also find out what these ghostly figures want with him. When I saw the trailers for this movie, it looked like a o.k. movie. Acutally, the preview didn't have any effect on me at all, as for seeing this film. But when I saw this film, I was blown away on how excellent this was! This is a highly entertaining film that is scary, sad, funny, and even touching. The plot is brilliant, it has intellegence, and shows the personalities of the characters well enough that you feel like that you know them after the movie is over. The acting is also great, Willis does a good job as the doctor trying to help poor Cole. Toni Collette is also great as the suffering mom who's very worried and protective over Cole. Oliva Williams is good as well as the suffering wife of the doctor who feels that she's losing her husband more and more everyday. But the real surprise is Haley Joel Osment, who plays the little boy, Cole. For a child actor he's excellent! He shows potential to becomming a great actor in years to come. He's the next promising child actor that will hopefully do well like Elija Wood and Anna Panquin. Overall, THE 6th SENSE took me by surprised, and I ended up loving this film. I would have to place this film as one of the best films of the year, as well as for the summer films. And for a PG13 rated film, it's quite scary! This is one film that no one should miss!!! ***** (out of five)
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I'm not one to watch a movie twice...
Sterling521 September 2008
...but I had to watch this one again, right afterward, because I needed to go back and watch for clues. Honestly, and I won't give away the 'ah ha!' moment, but I knew that he was... well, you know, what he was. What I didn't get was how that was possible, or how the interaction with the others that I saw... so I had to go back and watch the movie AGAIN, just to make sure there were no errors in the filming of it. Sure enough, I found none that I could call an error, and was totally blown away with how this was filmed. I am a writer, and I also adapt novels for scripts, and when something like this comes along, that something that just totally grabs me and says, "This is something special... this is not the ordinary..." well, I am impressed. I aspire to write something that can really AH HA! someone in this way. I recommend the movie, highly.
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It's all in the ending
mjw23052 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Cole (Haley Joel Osment) is a young boy troubled by an affliction, he can see the dead all around him, for much of the time and he is labelled a freak by everyone except his mother. Haley Joel Osment puts in such a fine performance in this role, it is hard to believe he is a child.

Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) is a highly acclaimed child psychologist, who's relationship with his wife is in trouble and his ability in his profession is diminished as a result. A different role for Willis, but he proves he doesn't have to be all action all of the time, with his remarkable performance.

Crowe becomes Cole's therapist, and is faced with personal demons from a previous patient of his, a very similar patient to Cole, and Crowe has to figure out how to help him, however horrific the truth is.

M. Night Shyamalan both wrote and directed this movie, and he helps provide an Ora that is extremely tense and spine chilling throughout.

All in all the movie was very good in every way and would have scored 7 or 8 as a supernatural thriller, but then came the ending, well it's more of a revelation. It is simply wonderful, and you will want to see the film again, to find out exactly how they hid it from you, and the fact is they hid it well and didn't cheat in the slightest.

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A Film For Thinking People
Lechuguilla24 June 2004
A child psychologist, played by Bruce Willis, tries to help a troubled boy, played by Haley Joel Osment, who says he sees ghosts. This film could easily have been one of those dreadful fright night horror flicks played for cheap shocks, aimed at a juvenile mind. Instead, the film maker chose to tell a story of fragile human feelings, and hidden assumptions. "The Sixth Sense" thus appeals to a more mature audience.

This film is carefully constructed, and deliberately slow, so that we can absorb the excellent cinematography, and have a chance to find clues that will help us avoid preconceived ideas. But our assumptions are hard to overcome, and most of us are headed for a surprise ending, an outcome which is made possible as a result of superb film editing.

And the acting is well above average. I would not have cast Willis in the role of the fatherly psychologist, but he is more convincing than I would have predicted. Osment's performance is as good as I have ever seen for a child actor. And Toni Collette is totally convincing as the boy's mother. Both Osment and Collette deserved their Oscar nominations.

This film may, or may not, have a subtext. I found what could be one, but then I may have been reading too much into the story. Sensitive, thought provoking, and well crafted, "The Sixth Sense" is one of the better films of the last ten years.
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Stunning drama with horrifying and hair raising images and wonderfully directed by Shyamalan
ma-cortes2 November 2007
The film focuses a child psychologist named Doctor Malcolm(Bruce Willis).One night, when the doctor and his spouse(Olivia Williams)find themselves their home, they are visited by a nutty patient and the tragedy take place. More later, the Doctor sees a traumatized young boy named Cole(Haley Joel Osment), he communicates with dead people who don't know they are dead. Cole's mummy(Tony Colette)is worried about her terrified son's nightmares ,increasing problems and episodes of acting out. Because of this, Cole is named geeky in the college where appear various dead people who ask his help.

The film provides creepy scenes, a well-knit drama, grisly terror when the living dead appear and suspenseful throughout.The flick contains the more famous plot twist from cinema history, because the ending leads to a breathtaking and unexpected outcome on what's happened before. For that reason , gets a highly original and imaginative script by Night Syamalan,-also director and secondary actor, as usual in his films-, and has been copied and imitated several times, such as, ¨Stir of Echoes¨(David Koepp) and ¨The others¨(Alejandro Amenabar). Acting by main actors is top notch, Bruce Willis is magnificent as restrained psychologist and Haley Joel Osment is awesome as traumatized little boy, carrying the movie on his frail shoulders; furthermore, appear future promising actors as Mischa Burton(OC) and Trevor Morgan . Mysterious and sinister cinematographic atmosphere is well made by Tak Fujimoto and eerie soundtrack by James Newton Howard, both are Shyalaman's usual collaborators. The motion picture is produced by famed Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy(Spielberg's producers) and stupendously directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
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Loved It
GundersonRocks2 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
M. Night Shyamalan has created something that will not, can not be outdone. This film is so simple, yet so complex. It is so out there, yet one gets a strange feeling from the film because it seems so real. The acting is amazing. Bruce Willis has never been better. Toni Collette is at the top of her game. Haley Joel Osment was robbed at the Academy Awards, because he gave in this film the single best child performance and one of the greatest performances of all time (adult or child) in this movie. The only child performances that rival his in this movie are Osment's other performances. And let's not forget Olivia Williams who had perhaps the hardest time since she had to play the part that can be viewed on two very different levels. *hint hint* Perfect.
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Strange but ultimately rewarding
SKG-225 August 1999
First of all, I've read a few comments about the pace of this movie being too slow. I sort of agree with that, but I think it's refreshing to have a movie which takes its time and builds things with subtlety(although here, as I said before, I think it took a little TOO much time). And I think it was realistic at how long it took for the boy to learn to trust the doctor and for how long it took the doctor to discover what was really going on.

Having said all that, in addition to the pace, there were some times when I felt a little queasy, like I wasn't sure what exactly the movie was trying to say. At other times, I was caught up in it, especially in the performances of Willis and Osment. Then came the famous twist ending, and I will tell you that I was quite surprised, and it's making me turn the movie over and over again in my mind. I probably will have to see this again. Overall, while I don't think it's the best of the year, it is a good film.
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I see dead people...walking around like regular people.
Panterken21 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The Sixth Sense is M. Night Shyamalan first big budget and best film. It's a film that heavily relies on the creating and maintaining of a certain atmosphere. It has a psychological tension that's only broken in a few scenes( Magic trick scene ao.). A little comical relief( although there are only 2 such scenes) is very welcome to not make the story too heavy (so everyone can enjoy it). Films tend to get boring if the story is too linear.

The Sixth Sense has a surprise ending ( many films will use this in the following years) but it's not all about the ending ( in contrary to certain other films that I will not name to avoid spoiling). The story on itself is very interesting but the ending is the cherry on the pie. Many who saw it the first time were in disbelief: is this right...? After re-watching it several times...yes it is. The plot is almost watertight. I suppose if you want to you can always find tiny little mistakes but I haven't found any big ones.

The Sixth Sense is unbelievably well cast: Bruce Willis delivers his 2nd best performance( 12 Monkeys is his best), debutant Haley Joel Osment is excellent( his performance in A.I is also excellent, other movies of his were mostly disappointing performances), Toni Colette delivers the first in a long series of Oscar-worthy performances (also see The Night Listener, The Hours, Little Miss Sunshine ao. ) and the performance of Donnie Wahlberg musn't be forgotten even though he only gets 3 minutes of screen time. Olivia Williams may be the only lesser performance in the lead cast but she still does an OK job.

We can see several Shyamalan's trademarks for the first time: He uses very natural colors( brown, white, gray, beige, green) in the interiors and clothing. Another trademark for his work is the fragmentary use of a rich red color to break with the dull colors in the background. He doesn't overuse the red so it preserves its power. We can also see Shyamalan's excellent use of colors in The Village ( even more then in the sixth sense): red stands for evil,misfortune and fear while yellow stands for weakness. The Village is M. Night's third best film in my opinion (Unbreakable is the one that closest approaches TSS brilliance). It's also unbelievably well-acted, the story is strong, the settings are beautiful...definitely worth watching ( if hope you have seen it but if you haven' know what to do). It's a bit under-appreciated on IMDb but don't let that fool you.

I'm no direction expert but I found it to be brilliant. The brilliance lies in the details; the excellent use of mirrors and shadows, the lighting, eccentric camera viewpoints,'s a delight for a filmenthousiast( like yours truly) to watch. You can feel Shyamalan is both writer and director; he knows exactly what to do with the material and which camera shot would be best for which scene.

What makes The Sixth Sense into a brilliant film( what distinguishes it from other great films)? It's hard to explain but it's a magical film to watch. Certainly one of my personal favorite films.

10/10 for this flawless piece of brilliance !!
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Eerie, creepy and superb
jamiecostelo5816 December 2006
Upon first watch of The Sixth Sense, I was hooked and shocked at the same time. I expected a complete horror story, mixed with the usual gore and stomach-churning scenes we ordinarily witness in other movies with a similar theme. The Sixth Sense is anything but. It details the emotional aspects of love and devotion, as well as having to cope with being an outsider.

The purpose of The Sixth Sense is to captivate us into looking and evaluating our own lives, on how we treat ourselves, our husbands and wives and our parents and friends. It details these points to graphic effect.

Young Haley Joel Osment is terrific as Cole, the young boy who sees 'dead people', and portrays his emotions and his mind to an easily captivating audience. Also wonderful to see Bruce Willis turn away from his usual 'action man' sequence to allow us into the equally troubled mind of Dr. Malcolm Crowe.

A divine and heartwarming film combining elements of horror and suspense has made The Sixth Sense an engaging film that is simply unforgettable. It's another firm favourite of mine.
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Rockford_630 August 2008
I don't really want to talk a lot about this movie because I could spoil the effect. Instead, I'll talk about this filmmaker's first movie. THE SIXTH SENSE, also by M. Night Shyamalan. I first saw it in December 1999, on a 20-hour flight from Chicago to Hong Kong. My only flight out of the USA. The film really pulled me in, which I suspect is particularly difficult on an airplane. Then, the ending. Based on the article you just read, we can say that some viewers weren't surprised. Me, I was blown the heck away and wanted to see it again. Years later I finally did. I taught movie classes, this is a film I chose, and I saw it about a dozen times, fully aware of the ending. It had a bit more going for it than that. My only complaint is with people who think Bruce Willis was the star. The star is Haley Joel Osment! I may have missed out on "the surprise ending" because I was watching the kid instead of the shrink. Bruce Willis could probably star in a few more movies after he died and we'd never notice. But I digress. THE VILLAGE is about a pilgrim-style village. Some place quaint, rural, close knit and low tech. Nobody from the village goes into the surrounding woods lest they encounter Those We Do Not Speak Of. The acting was flawless and the scenery most certainly created a mood. Shyamalan is a masterful writer, director and producer. But I had trouble caring about what happened to his characters. That could've been my fault. Saturday morning at 8, Jan was working, and my goal for the day was to pack for our impending move but I was too drained to begin. The neighbor had loaned us this DVD back in February, so I figured watching it and returning it to him was a good start. (The same bad attitude that I brought to THE SIXTH SENSE, right? One of these days I'm going to watch a Shyamalan movie in the right frame of mind.) "The ending." How would you like to be a filmmaker judged solely on "the ending?" In the case of THE VILLAGE, it worked for me. I thought about this film for days after seeing it. Actually, I was trying to decide what to write in this review. How about this? "Shyamalan is a filmmaker of bold originality surviving in a commercialized medium." That's a good thing, no matter what your opinion of each individual film is. I believe some critics are panning him, but I'm not panning this one. I'm glad I saw it. I've missed a few films between THE SIXTH SENSE and THE VILLAGE, and there will be more after THE VILLAGE. I'll watch them all.
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Possibly 1 of the last great original films :(
lilextreme26 June 2019
I am writing this review long long after this movie had been released so I will try to stick to my feelings at the time I watched it. It definitely started a new & exciting trend in movies but it also made it more difficult for future movies to surprise(?) us as successfully. However I really didn't enjoy this movie the first time I watched it and even watched it again to look for certain things that I may have missed. This is something I rarely do (re-watch). It was a very good classic horror story that kept me entertained and I enjoyed watching till the end. Almost all horror...etc.. movies nowadays have very disappointing endings,( and I use the term "ending" very very loosely).. it's like they just decide to stop filming after realizing they didn't know how to conclude anything & basically wasted our time watching a story that went nowhere while spitting out the usual BS excuse " we wanted to leave it up to you the user to decide what happens" , which basically explains nothing.

I felt like the sixth sense left me with an extremely satisfying conclusions and The overwhelming excitement to discuss it with others. If you are one of the very, very few people who has not watched or heard of this movie, then first of all ..."WoW!!!" You're lucky if you getting to watch it for the first time without any info about it & second, if you are planning to watch this soon, I suggest you do so without really reading too much about it or letting others who've already seen it, tell you much about it.

As for the film itself, I really enjoyed the story, the entire unfolding, the acting and basically everything else. It did a great job of keeping me engaged and pretty much stuck to the story without adding unnecessary scenes for nothing more then shock value or filler. It's definitely become a cult classic and my only regret is not being able to see it for the first time again.... I feel as though this was sadly one of the last decent movies in at least the last decade or so. it's so obviously only about money now... instead of quality storytelling. There are many extremely talented people out there who are MORE than capeable of creating amazing films, but most likely they'll never be given the chance to express their work Because Hollywood is too crowded for "unknown" & unproven talent..

So until them we will keep getting these generic scripts or consistent rewrites from the people with the "big names" that make money. :::sigh:::
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Emotional, chilling, and the end will give you shivers
pokemon_trainer_lucas24 June 2019
What an incredible film! No matter how many times I watch it, it never loses its affect. It's the kind of horror movie that has the odd jump scare, plenty of suspense, and a plot that is intensely captivating. And then, when you get to the end, it slaps you round the face with the ultimate twist! I literally felt my blood run cold when the twist was revealed. Shyamalan does an incredible job, and none of his films since this one have ever had quite the same awe inspiring twist as this film. I recommend it highly!
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andrewchristianjr30 March 2019
The first 20 minutes are slow and it took me so long to understand the story, but in the end I mean THAT TWIST in the end give 😯 face. Genius! I don't see that coming. So it all make sense. Overall good horror film. Not so horror but recommended.
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