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Anyone who's interested in the music business should see this video!
Classic Camp16 August 2000
This movie provides an interesting look into the recording process, from the creative process to the final album release. This video follows Aerosmith through every step of the recording of their famous "PUMP" album. It's sort of their answer to Madonna's "Truth or Dare," but instead of following an artist on a tour, it follows them through the recording studios.
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Boring as it gets
peterpants6624 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Steven Tyler is a man who looks really really weird in this movie, from his outfits, to his mannerisms, well everything about him pretty much creeps me out. I started a game with my roommate to see who she would least rather sleep with, Steven Tyler or...It's been a ton of fun and the only time she chose him to date was up against that pundit on Sundays after Meet The Press, Kruathammer. Or however you spell that guys name, anyway i got this at Goodwill the other day for a dollar and usually like band documentaries no matter what the band is. The buck stops here though. Whoever they got to make this was way to artistic for their own good, the interview portion of the movie is lots of camera gazing and impromptu/meaningless close-up's. It's nauseating to watch, and hear what these guys have to say about the album and recording, but i don't really blame them, i think they could have done a much better job and probably should have thought a little more about putting good footage in here. If your a die hard, you will probably love seeing this movie, with lots of rehearsal footage on the songs for the album and talking and talking and some playing. But for me it was probably the worst band doc I've seen in some time. How about the stooge from the record company that comes in to tell Steve and company whats hot and whats not about the record, he's a real treat. If you want really good Aerosmith interviews watch Decline of western civilization 2, the bad boys from Baston really came through better in that one. As for this turd its only marginally worth it to play the game i mentioned above or gawk at Steven Tylers outfits, Where in the world do you buy this crap, or does he make it himself...? I heard recently that Aerosmith is going on tour without Tyler, that he's back in rehab and they might be getting L.Kravitz to do the singing?! Wow there's a concert id pay money to see. That would be like going to a Barry White show and instead have to sit through Biz Markie doing his songs. Actually that might be interesting. Hate the film see it if you dare, i just got rid of my copy.
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Not horrible, but don't expect much music
aerodude316 November 2000
This is definitely primarily a documentary. There really isn't more than a few songs clips on here. Basically, the deal is this: Aerosmith has appeared on Columbia and Geffen records; Geffen put out "Things that go pump in the night" a better video not to be confused with this one. This was Columbia's attempt to compete in the video market during a big album for Aerosmith. Also, because Columbia doesn't own the rights to the songs on Pump, all the song clips are studio-out takes or production stuff because of a loophole where performed material doesn't really violate copyrights on competing labels. Anywho, this should basically be reserved to die-hard Aerosmith fans like myself. There is interesting conversation, but not too much happening. No offense to Aerosmith, but don't get this one until you own most of the other Aerosmith videos. Definitely better Aerosmith videos out there: Big Ones you can look at is the best, then something like Video Scrapbook, Texxas Jam '78 (good set list), then Things that Go pump in the night, then Making of Pump, then Permanent Vacation 3x5. That's my ranking for the Aerosmith videos, anyway. Of course, I love them all, but I'm just looking at for potential fans who naturally want to start with the best videos. Rock on!
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A Must Have For Aerosmith Fans
Mike Wilhide29 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Well worth your time, you see the dynamics of America's answer to The Rolling Stones. Watching Joe Perry cut the solo for 'What It Takes' behind the soundboard is priceless, has are the interviews with band members about each other and the long lasting effects they've had ON each other... Listening to Joey Kramer talk about the tick he has is a bit hard to handle, especially when he reveals that Steven is the reason behind it. And the fact that the band has survived the decade after Steven and Joe earned the "Toxic Twins" nickname is discussed, but not throughly enough. The band proves through out this DVD that these guys are in it for the long haul and that they have a sense of humor over their many issues through the years. Good Stuff but not great...
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