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MPAA Rated R for violence, language and some strong sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman showers and we see her figure obscured by a shower door.
  • A woman removes her towel; we see the silhouette of her nude body.
  • Two women kiss; one opens the other's top and reveals her breasts. They french kiss and touch each other while breathing and moaning heavily.
  • A bare-breasted woman lies on a couch and another bare-breasted woman climbs on top; they kiss and caress each other while the woman on top begins to thrust.
  • A woman masturbates and we see her hand moving in her panties while she moans and cries. She also wears a very thin white tank top, her nipples and breasts are translucently visible.
  • A woman wears a tight shirt (her erect nipples are outlined).
  • A woman faints and we can see up her skirt.
  • A man finds another man and a woman in bed covered by sheets.
  • A man pulls a woman very close to him and they act out a scene for a film audition; the woman acts seductively, they kiss and he is presumably aroused (he's breathing heavily) and touches her hip and buttock.
  • A man smacks a woman on the buttock.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a car accident, a body is shown. Two men fight and one has blood streaming down from his nose. A person is shown to be bleeding from the head, after a car accident.
  • A hitman shoots a person in the head. His hair is seen stiffened from the force of the bullet, and blood is shown on the wall. Two more people are killed in cold blood.
  • There are two short fist fights.
  • A dead person is shown, her face disfigured by decomposition.
  • A person commits suicide -- no blood is shown.


  • 3 uses of "fuck".
  • Other occasional strong profanity.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Various characters are seen drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes at parties. Drug use is sometimes implied.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole film is like a dream, presented in a theme such as neo-noir. It shows the dark side of Hollywood. While horror may not be the film's genre, there is an eerie feeling throughout that leaves a haunting effect on the audience.
  • In a fraction of a second we see a terrible car accident. Later we learn many died.
  • A male body is seen laying next to a car bleeding yet dimly lit.
  • One sene combines suspenseful dread with a somewhat shocking jump scare. There is build up as a haracrer approaches a place where he thinks someone he dreads is hiding. Suddenly the person or thing reveals its face, which looks like a very dirty and creepy beast. It can be shocking or scary for some viewers.
  • A creepy woman yells ominous things.
  • A dead woman's body is partially decomposed on the bed. We see a semi close-up of her decomposing face which is frightening to see.

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