Monkeybone (2001) Poster


Bridget Fonda: Julie McElroy



  • [last lines] 

    Stu Miley : [Buster runs over to Stu, who is near a fountain]  Hey buddy! How are ya?


    Stu Miley : How are ya?

    [Stu stands up and sees Julie, who is by the fountain] 

    Julie : [looks into Stu's eyes]  Is it you? Is it really you this time?

    [they kiss and the camera turns to Herb, who is in the water near the fountain] 

    Herb : [to the camera]  People, for the love of God, take off your clothes. Take *off* your clothes!

    [the scenery turns to cartoon, Herb flies away, a number of people remove their clothing and become monkeys] 

  • Julie : It looks so... new.

    Stu : Well that's because it is new!

    Julie : But the heirloom - your grandmother's ring...

    Stu : What? You want a used ring?

  • [Stu goes into a phone booth to call the authorities and report the car crash, unaware that a large red pipe loosened by the crash is starting to tilt over towards the booth] 

    Julie : [sees the pipe start to move]  Stu!

    [Stu turns around a waves to her, then turns back to the phone as the pipe starts to fall] 

    Julie : [screams]  STU!

    [Stu waves at her again, and the pipe falls on the booth, putting Stu in a coma] 

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