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Season 2

20 Sep. 1999
Lest Ye Be Judged
Callaghan is approached by a former informant, Carmen Fitzgerald, who claims she has information in relation to the murder of her best friend, Lyndsey Mackie, who disappeared on New Year's Eve. She claims that Lyndsey was murdered by her pimp, but has no information as to the whereabouts of the body. Cally and De Pauli interview the girl's father (Del Henney), who still holds out hope that his daughter is alive.
27 Sep. 1999
King of the Castle
De Pauli is approached by Ian, who is concerned about the welfare of one of his parishioners, John Kelly (Conor McIntyre), whose daughter, Simone, has got into a shoplifting ring. He asks De Pauli to have a quiet word, but when she interviews the girl, she discovers she was bought the trainers by her music teacher, Peter Kitchen (Adrian Rawlins), who she claims has been sexually abusing her. Kitchen denies all knowledge of the abuse, and when Kelly persuades his daughter to retract her statement, Jo is suspicious that he might be the abuser. Meanwhile, it's Patrick's ...
4 Oct. 1999
Nine 'Till Five
De Pauli and Jo go undercover at a nightclub in the hope of securing evidence against O'Brien (Patrick O'Kane), a known drug dealer with a history of violence. When De Pauli's cover is blown, the operation is aborted, much to the dismay of Tomaszewski, an out-of-town detective who finally hoped to bring O'Brien to justice with the squad's help. The situation turns from bad to worse when O'Brien manages to obtain Pauli's address, and leaves a threatening note on her front door. Cally and Frank decide to pay O'Brien a visit, but their incitement only leads to further ...
11 Oct. 1999
Pause for Thought
Word reaches the squad that a fresh supply of uncut heroin has hit the streets, but Howard is unimpressed when Hill orders him to abandon the investigation and instead re-open the investigation into a massage parlour suspected of offering 'optional benefits'. With one further hit required before a raid can go ahead, Cally goes undercover posing a customer, but ends up with egg on his face. Frank decides to finish the job and is able to gather the required evidence, but when the raid goes down, masseuse Michelle Lynch (Christine Tremarco) makes allegations against ...
18 Oct. 1999
A Rush of Blood to the Head
Following an anonymous tip-off, the team organise a raid on the flat of Connor Tierney (Ian Puleston-Davies), the man they suspect of being the supplier of uncut heroin which has resulted in four drug-related deaths. However, during the raid, Tierney claims that a twelve-year-old boy, Lee, who has been staying with him, has vanished. Tierney is taken in for interrogation, while the search for Lee gets underway. Lee's mother, Bernadette, appears to have little care for her son, even when he turns up dead on a piece of overgrown wasteground. Tierney claims that ...
25 Oct. 1999
Sweet Dreams
Cally is forced to re-think his future in the police force when he offers to provide a false alibi for John Sullivan's brother Liam, who is arrested on suspicion of shooting club bouncer Joseph Aherne. Despite Aherne himself naming Sullivan, and an off-duty police officer placing Sullivan at the scene, Cally refuses to change his statement. Hill is convinced that he has faked the alibi, and pushes Howard to expose him, but Howard refuses to let Hill's suspicions mar his faith. When an angered Pauli confronts him, he struggles to lie to her, and decides to tender his ...

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