Liberty Heights (1999) Poster

Ben Foster: Ben Kurtzman



  • Ben Kurtzman : You don't walk out on Sinatra, sir.

  • Ada Kurtzman : [about Ben's Halloween costume dressed as Hitler]  Your father says you're not going out dressed that way.

    Ben Kurtzman : And I'm not changing.

    Ada Kurtzman : He says he's not changing.

    Nate Kurtzman : I wanna talk to Hitler.

    Ada Kurtzman : He has a swastika on his arm and big black boots! He's wearing big black boots! He came down the stairs in them with swastikas all over!

    Nate Kurtzman : Put the F├╝hrer on the phone!

    Ada Kurtzman : Your father wants to talk to you. Sorry!

    Ben Kurtzman : [to his friends]  You guys can go without me. Yeah, I'm having Halloween here.

  • Ben Kurtzman : [voice-over at the end]  Life is made up of a few big moments, and a lot of little ones. I still remember the first time I kissed Sylvia, or the last time I hugged my father before he died. And I still remember that white-bread sandwich and that blonde dancing girl with the cigarette pack on her thigh. But a lot of images fade, and no matter how hard I try, I can't get them back. I had a relative once who said that if I knew things would no longer be, I would have tried to remember better.

  • Ada Kurtzman : How are the coloureds doing at school?

    Ben Kurtzman : Okay, they're doing okay. They're getting better grades than I am. The girl's pretty attractive.

    Ada Kurtzman : What?

    Ben Kurtzman : ...She's attractive.

    Ada Kurtzman : [angrily]  Oh, just kill me now! Just kill me now!

    Ben Kurtzman : What are you talking about...

    Ada Kurtzman : What do you mean "she's attractive"?

    Ben Kurtzman : Pretty.

    Ada Kurtzman : Oh my God...

    Ben Kurtzman : Mom, I said she was attractive, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm attracted to her!

  • Ben Kurtzman : By the way, where's the jawbone of the ass?

    Ada Kurtzman : What?

    Ben Kurtzman : The jawbone of the ass, where is it?

    Grandma Rose : Is he crazy? What kind of talk is this?

    Van Kurtzman : [walks in]  Your ass does not have a jawbone.

    Ben Kurtzman : Well, Samson slew the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass!

    Ada Kurtzman : Not your ass, an animal!

    Ben Kurtzman : [shocked]  There's an animal called an "ass"?

    Grandma Rose : [frowning]  Such a mouth...

    Ben Kurtzman : Look, I loved 'Samson and Delilah'. I hope they bring that movie back.

    Ben Kurtzman : [impersonating]  "... and he slew *hundreds* with the jawbone of an ass!"

    Van Kurtzman : What, you believe this stuff?

    Ben Kurtzman : I don't know.

    Ada Kurtzman : What do you mean you don't know? It's in the Bible!

    Van Kurtzman : Oh, so that makes it true?

    Ada Kurtzman : It's the Bible! A story.

    Van Kurtzman : Yeah, a true story?

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