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Great film about unrequited love and the love of another peoples history and culture.
demzalf8 April 2003
I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I'm not a huge fan of the Indian god Hanuman, but happen to be a huge fan of the Chinese god/legend of Sun Wu'Kong, the Monkey King from the famous 100 chapter long The Journey to the West(Xi You Ji). Both are very similar, but the Chinese version being more powerful and marvelous. I loved the location shots and the scenes involving the monkeys. The film does has a very powerful message about honoring the history of ones culture and anothers while still being able to love. I really enjoyed the action sequences, the story moved at a brisk pace, and the score was amazing. The male lead and his Indian paramour were very believable as former flames who rekindle their childhood romance. I wish this film would receive a wider release, perhaps on DVD or at an arthouse. I watched this film on VCD and would recommend seeing it to anyone interested in the beauty of India, the marvelous monkeys, the great cinematography and the elusive Monkey God, Hanuman.
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Lousy and low budget production.
SimonHeide20 November 2011
Lousy and low budget production all the way through. Long scenes with monkeys running around where you really have suspend your intellect to drift along and imagine what is going on. If you do this you realize that the monkeys have a friend that helps them against the bigger monkeys - really not enough for me or my daughter to get involved. The love story is too corny. I couldn't muster the necessary energy to see this movie through. A total waste of time.

The scenes with slapstick humor is to infantile even for children - again as far as my daughter goes....

Don't bother.... Really...!

Ps. When you read reviews that gives max score check to see if the user has made more than one review. If not consider the possibility of a lobbyist. If you agree consider putting this post scriptum at the bottom at your own reviews.
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