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23 Oct. 1998
A dead cop condemned to Hell makes a deal with the Devil to recover 113 escaped souls, now loose on Earth, and earn a second chance at life on Earth. His first bounty is a deranged priest who sacrifices altar boys in a perverted attempt to prevent the Apocalypse.
30 Oct. 1998
600 years ago Gwendolyn set fire to those who raped her along with their families. Having escaped Hell, she causes terror at an L.A. college as Ezekiel finds himself conflicted over returning her to Hell.
6 Nov. 1998
Stone hunts an escapee who has a personal connection to him. The Devil changes the rules in this one case.
13 Nov. 1998
Preying upon the homeless, a Nazi escapee is stealing eyes but insists he is repenting, being an 'Angel of Mercy'.
20 Nov. 1998
In Chinatown, Stone hunts for a damned soul of a Tang Dynasty poet, who is killing young women "for love".
4 Dec. 1998
Stone hunts an escaped damned soul who is electrocuting those he thinks have gotten away with their crimes.
11 Dec. 1998
Ezekiel may have met his match when he tries to prevent an ancient Carthaginian warrior from killing widows of police officers.
18 Dec. 1998
Ezekiel is hunting a serial arsonist, who has an interesting MO for a damned soul.

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