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Season 3

29 Jun. 2000
If I Could See Me Now: Part 1
Now unemployed, Billie spends her days drinking and doing cocaine with Maureen. But when she finds herself in need of cash to pay her overdue electric bill, no one - not even her mother will help her unless she seeks help. Dave invites his friend Marcus to stay with him after his wife kicks him out.
29 Jun. 2000
If I Could See Me Now: Part 2
Billie gets served an eviction notice and Maureen has an idea. But when Billie discovers what Maureen has in mind, it could result in something even worse which leads Billie at rock bottom and ready to admit she has a problem.
6 Jul. 2000
To Love and to Serve
Continuing with her recovery, Billie gets offered a job from Trudy's lawyer boyfriend, Martin as a process server. And one of her first duties is to serve Marcus divorce papers from his estranged wife, Nancy.
17 Aug. 2000
Do the Right Thing
Marcus has a difficult time sharing Billie with the program and feels excluded from her life. Billie invites Marcus to an AA meeting, but he decides to write an article about it. Billie has difficulties taking on her new responsibilities as the AA group secretary.
24 Aug. 2000
The Casting Ouch
Billie learns that Marcus has set up an interview with a prominent director and tries to set up a meeting of her own. Stan wants to hold an AA meeting at Dave's restaurant.
31 Aug. 2000
Three Men and a Womb
Clark and Henry ask Billie to carry their baby, but Marcus doesn't think it's such a good idea. Dave suffers from of chronic tiredness since he began dating a female athlete who beats him soundly at every sport they try.
7 Sep. 2000
All's Well That Amends Well
Dave and Marcus attend a party at the "Perfect 10" mansion without telling Billie and Raquel. Invitationless Billie and Raquel hatch a plan to get even with Dave and Marcus. Nobby Clegg makes amends with a playmate.
14 Sep. 2000
Telltale Heart
Trudy enters the hospital for plastic surgery, but the doctor refuses to do the operation because her drink problem has lead to a life-threatening heart condition. Martin tells Billie he is leaving Trudy.
4 Jan. 2001
Throw Mama from the Apartment
Trudy moves in with Billie in an effort to adopt a more sober lifestyle. Dave and Marcus shoot a video to send to Raquel in Australia.
11 Jan. 2001
Ode to Billie and Joe
Marcus' demanding father visits, not knowing that his son is getting divorced and that he and Billie are dating. Pregnant Haley asks Dave to act as her husband at a college reunion because she doesn't want anyone to know she's a surrogate mother for a gay couple.
18 Jan. 2001
Kiss, Kiss, Kiss...
Billie gets a small role in a new film. She is attracted to her co-star, whom she has to kiss. Dave and Haley share an awkward kiss. Marcus spends the night with Nancy, whose mother has just died.
25 Jan. 2001
Dave tries to tell Billy that Marcus is involved with Nancy again. Dave first gives the wrong impression when he attempts to warn Billie, but things come to a head when Marcus shows up at his own surprise party with Nancy.
1 Feb. 2001
Blessings and Dead Guys
Billie goes on a date with movie star Jake Newman, but he dies during the date and Billie is asked to speak at his funeral service. Dave accidentally proposes to Raquel when she tells him her visa has expired.
8 Feb. 2001
Dawg Daze Afternoon
Dave is caught up in a jewelry store robbery with Billie on the day of his bachelor party while shopping for a wedding ring for Raquel. Trudy wakes up in the arms of a handsome man who turns out to be an expensive gigolo.
15 Feb. 2001
Altar Ego
Billie tries to stop Dave's wedding. She takes extreme measures to prevent Dave from marrying Raquel, including seeking out a medicine woman to place a curse on the ceremony. Marcus reconciles with Nancy.

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