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25 Mar. 2012
Money Issue
Sunday Morning offers its annual special episode on money. "Making Change" considers the move to a cashless society. "This is a Test" looks at how companies test market their products. "Adding it Up" explains why clothing costs what it does. "Full Plate" looks at the history of Fiesta dinnerware. "Over There" examines economies in Europe. "House of Cards" looks at the decline of baseball card collecting. "Can Do!" examines the history of Goya foods. "Have You Herd?" visits an alpaca ranch. Special segments include Suzy Orman with advice for young people, a history of ...
4 Mar. 2012
Rubbish!/Sitting Pretty/Bombshell/Smart Cookie/Cindy Crawford/Masters of Charm
"Rubbish!" examines the great Great Pacific Garbage Patch. "Sitting Pretty" profiles two furniture designers. "Bombshell" discusses the inventions of actress Hedy Lamarr. "Smart Cookie" examines the history of the Oreo. "Cindy Crawford" features an interview with the former model. "Masters of Charm" looks at a Charm School at MIT. News coverage features tornadoes in Kentucky, elections in Iran and Russia, the death of Davy Jones. Special segments commemorate the birth of Sherlock Holmes 131 years ago, reflect on the year 1962, and offer footage of baby bison enjoying ...
11 Mar. 2012
Japan: One Year After Disaster/Larger than Life/Pillow Talk/World of Pain/Dress Rehearsal/Prince Harry on Tour/Aretha Franklin/On the Road
"Japan: One Year After Disaster" goes to Japan to look at reconstruction one year after the earthquake and tsunami. "Larger than Life" profiles a man who makes museum displays. "Pillow Talk" looks at the effects of sleep deprivation. "World of Pain" examines the shortage of morphine throughout the world. "Dress Rehearsal" looks at the cross-dressing tradition at the Annual Hasty Pudding Show at Harvard. "Prince Harry on Tour" follows the prince on his visit to the Caribbean and South America. "Aretha Franklin" interviews the singer. "On the Road" goes to Montana to ...
18 Mar. 2012
One in Ten/Name of the Game/The Chieftains/Crystal Cathedral Split/Eric McCormack/On the Road
"One in Ten" looks at the latest numbers on depression. "Name of the Game" visits a museum exhibit dedicated to the art of video games. "The Chieftains" profiles the famous Irish musical group. "Crystal Cathedral Split" reports on how the Schuller family has been forced to sell the famous Crystal Cathedral. "Eric McCormack" interviews the actor about his new Broadway show. "On the Road" visits a museum dedicated to cleaning. Sunday Journal news coverage focuses on Robert Bales murders in Afghanistan and the Rutgers intimidate trial of Dharun Ravi. Special segments ...
1 Apr. 2012
Less than 1%/The Lucky One/Sure Shot?/On the Road/Patti Smith/No Foolin'
"Less than 1%" examines the reason why Joshua Oukrop died when his cardiac implant failed. "The Lucky One" interviews Zac Efron. "Sure Shot?" looks at lasers energy research at the National Ignition Facility. "On the Road" profiles a young man who built a nuclear reactor. "Patti Smith" interviews the famous singer. "No Foolin'" looks at how the Internet propagates phony videos. Other segments include an Almanac look at Wrigley Field, a look at fake art, a memorial to Earl Scruggs, and a commentary by Conor Knighton on 3-D.
15 Apr. 2012
Episode dated 15 April 2012
100th anniversary of Fenway Park/botox; America at tax time - what cheaters cost us; Blair Underwood; "Three Stooges" directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly.
22 Apr. 2012
Episode dated 22 April 2012
The Black Keys; the cost of a nation of incarceration; the 75th Shell Fair; the 175th anniversary of Tiffany & Co.
29 Apr. 2012
Episode dated 29 April 2012
"The Avengers" director Joss Whedon; The Beach Boys; LBJ returns under Robert Caro scrutiny; hard lessons about College costs; 'New Yorker' covers.
3 Jun. 2012
Episode dated 3 June 2012
Jane Fonda; Diamond Jubilee; Porgy and Bess.
19 Aug. 2012
Episode dated 19 August 2012
Rashida Jones; the right to marry; Hole in the Wall Gang Camp; New York's Second Avenue subway.

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