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Colorful, Charming, Nice Story Most People Should Like
ccthemovieman-116 August 2006
Wow, there are lots of name actors are either in front of the camera or being used as voices in this unique animated-real life film. They use real people and animals (except for fake mouths when the animals "talk") and an animated mouse (Stuart, voiced by animation favorite Michael J. Fox.) who looks incredibly life-like.

The colors in this movie are terrific, especially with the house that the Little family lives in. The story has some clever stuff in it but it strictly played for laughs and reactions since credibility is about zero in many parts of this story. However, it's supposed to be outrageous. I don't think Geena Davis has ever played a nicer role than this. It was good to see. The husband was just as nice, played affably by Hugh Laurie.

The jokes are good for the kids and adults. I know a couple of parents who liked this movie even better than their kids, so don't believe it when someone writes that this is a film strictly for kids. That is not so. I did object to some profanity in here at the end, which seemed so out of place, but it's hard to expect Hollywood to get everything right.

The sequel to this film is even better!
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Think Big
albechri16 August 2000
Truly a family movie, especially made for kids. That explains all; the absurdity, the irrational acts, the incredible story and yet the finale.

Don't mess the story by thinking how can it happen in real life, because it won't.

The casts are well chosen, unfortunately Jonathan Lipnicki is less adorable than his appearance in Jerry MacGuire. Geena Davis is very standard as well as the other casts. But look at that little mouse! He's so adorable indeed, very sweet and beautifully made to make you fall in love with him from the first sight.

Well, it worked well, at least from the ratings and the gross income.

A family classic movie. Watch it on a Sunday morning. It will lift your spirit up.
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Sweet and memorable movie.
TheLittleSongbird14 May 2009
This movie is really sweet, and I enjoyed it enormously. Sometimes it is a bit overly sentimental, and the human characters aren't as charming as the animal characters. Jonathan Lipnicki was sweet as George, but doesn't quite have the charm he brought to the The Little Vampire. Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie do amiably as the parents, but both seem subdued. Luckily, the human characters don't interfere too much with the animals, and still bring a certain charm to the screen. Stuart is wonderfully voiced by Michael J.Fox, and he joined by a hilarious Nathan Lane as Snowbell and a villainous Chazz Palminteri as Smoky. The script is intelligent and sweet, and there are plenty of charming scenes with Stuart and George. All in all, really sweet, fun and memorable. 8/10 Bethany Cox.
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Mouse with Pet Cat Saves Day
dfranzen7022 April 2000
If you told me five years ago that I'd be watching a movie about a mouse who is adopted by humans, I'd probably ask you what kind of drugs you were taking and how many would I need to take to enjoy such puerile piffle. But five years ago we didn't have the kind of technical wizardry we have now; witness Toy Story, the new Star Wars, or any of the recent Disney films. Five years ago, the mouse would have been a regular rodent with a not-too-subtle voiceover. Remember Homeward Bound, the movie about the two dogs and the cat? There was no computer animation there, and you were basically left with three animals who appeared to cavort onscreen while some humans talked in the background.

So now here we have Stuart Little, a tiny little mouse (voiced by the always-fresh Michael J. Fox) who has lived his entire life in an orphanage. One day, the Littles (Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis) come to the orphanage looking for a brother for their young son George (Jonathan Lipnicki). Of course, with so many cute little boys and girls, it's impossible to choose - until they come across Stuart, who seems smart, funny, and wise beyond his years. George isn't too fond of Stuart at the start - he expected something a little... um, taller - but this is a kids' movie, after all, so eventually they bond as only a boy and his mouse brother can - by winning a boat race against a nasty bully.

There are a few storylines jammed into this 85-minute extravaganza. Stuart wants to learn about his natural parents, the family cat wants to kill him, and the parents want Stuart and George to get along. The way most of it plays out will come off as standard movie fare - predictable to those of us over 10, perhaps - but the winning charm of Fox as the loveable Stuart coupled with an engaging and appealing cast of characters makes up for any familiarity you might feel. On top of it all - the special effects. Now, I'm not one to heap overweening praise on special effects, but at no point during the viewing of this movie did I consider Stuart (or the cat, voiced by Nathan Lane) to be an artificial computer creation. Sure, you have to suspend belief a little bit for this movie, but hey - don't you have to do that with almost any movie, anyway?
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This one is for adults as well as kids...
TuckMN21 January 2000
A combination of seamless animatronics, puppeteering and computer generated effects make this a completely believable movie.

You will be left wondering "How did they do that?"

But once you stop being amazed at the wizardry involved in just making this movie there is a wonderful story behind it all.

Stuart, who just happens to be a very charming white mouse, is adopted by a very special family -- the incomparable Gina Davis and the ever amazing Hugh Laurie.

This is a story of acceptance, unconditional love and of a great deal of caring -- even though you may be a little "different."

This is a "not to be missed" film -- and adults will enjoy it as much as children do.

In fact, the day that I saw it there was only one child in a nearly full theater; and I had the feeling that many of the adults there had seen it before.

Don't pass up a chance to see one of the best written movies of the year.
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great family film with a good heart
TheUnknown837-19 June 2008
Both "Stuart Little" and its first sequel, titled "Stuart Little 2" are two nice little family films that I recommend for their effective blend of drama, adult humor that never goes out of hand, controlled suspense and violence as well as language, and yet it never gets so immature as to become only for the kids. Some critics thought that the movie might have had some moments too intense or unsuited for young children. I was eight years old when I first saw this film and it never bothered me. I was surprised to find swearing in this film, but again, it didn't degrade the film because it was sparingly used and by that I mean it was only used once or twice.

The character of Stuart is very effectively brought onto the screen. The mouse is entirely computer-generated in an efficient way and the contributions of Michael J. Fox's voice work out very well. The same goes for the other animated characters. All of the live-action performances were well-done and they blended in perfectly with the CGI characters.

"Stuart Little" has a good heart and it is can be a very warm little family movie for everybody to enjoy. I still enjoy it nine years after I first saw the film and I do recommend it. It's a film that will suit audience members of all ages. As long as you enjoy family films.
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A cheery little holiday film
Shiva-1115 December 1999
Stuart Little: The Little family set out to adopt a child, and choose a amiable talking mouse instead, much to the chagrin of their son and the family cat.

There are two words that describe this movie - words I swore I would never use in a review- : cute and sweet. Based on the children's story by EB White, the story is funny, cheerful, engaging and translates well to the screen.

The filmmakers obviously realized that making Stuart look real was essential to the movie's success and spared little expense (approximately half the film's $60 million budget went to Stuart). The results are phenomenal - you can see each individual hair on his face, his movement is amazingly fluid and when he talks, you forget he's animated . The same techniques are also utilized to make the film's felines talk. The voices - Michael J. Fox as Stuart and Nathan Lane as Snowbell - were ideal choices and help to enhance the experience.

Everyone left the premiere sporting a big silly grin and I think you will too. One note - you'll never look at pest control quite the same again.
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Overly sugary but still quite fun
bob the moo28 December 2003
The Little family are looking to adopt a boy to give their son George a brother. When they go to the orphanage they meet an adorable mouse called Stuart and decide to adopt him. Despite early resistance from George, Stuart makes himself part of the family, much to the chagrin of the house cat Snowball. To get rid of Stuart, Snowball reaches out to some local alley cats to set up a whack on Stuart.

If my plot synopsis has talked up the mafia connotations of the cats, it is because that is the part of the film that I find the funniest part of the film because it is lacking in the syrup that kind of takes away from the rest of the film. The main story is quite sweet but also has a good sense of humour that will appeal to adults as much as children. It's not perfect for, like I said it does get a bit overly sentimental at times although it just about manages to stay sweetly sentimental and not fall into being sickly sentimental.

The animation is superb and only occasionally does Stuart look out of place in the frame. For the most part it all flows well together and was deserving of the Oscar nomination. Just as deserving is the animal training - anyone with cats will know how hard it is to get the little b*stards to do anything you want, so to have them do so much work is very impressive (although I understand it is all about food).

The cast are all pretty good. Davis and Laurie play it straight and are lumbered with carrying the emotional side of the film and don't have much comedy (a shame considering Laurie's talents). Michael J. Fox does the best work - he makes his Stuart very sweet and likeable; a true prince amongst mice! Lipnicki does OK but is basically just the `cute kid' that is legally required in all American family movies. The funny stuff comes from Lane, Zahn, Kirby, Tilly and, best of all, Palminteri, who's mafia cat is hilarious and sends up his own characters by doing so.

Overall this is an enjoyable family film. It may not be hilarious for adults in the way Toy Story and it's like are but it is not dull. It has characters for adults and plenty for children and it's all a bit of fun with a slightly overly sweet centre to it.
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This movie was great.
moviebuf-4921 December 1999
what a great movie for kids and not to mention for the holidays. there was fantastic funny jokes,some good special effects,and some good acting especially Michael J. Fox as the voice of the title character and not to mention the other good voices. I recommend this movie for people of all ages.
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the most adorable film ever made!!
kathleen-93 December 1999
This is the cutest film I've ever seen!! It has good, clean humour that still managed to leave my sides splitting, and is sure to be a hit for all ages. Michael J. Fox's voice fits the little mouse to the tee. Jonathon Lipnicki is fabulous, and so is Geena Davis and John Laurie.. Personally, my favourite character in the film, is that cat! What an attitude! No matter what age you are, I URGE you...go see this film!! You'll be REALLY glad u did!!
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Why is this movie so low?
BatmanFunReviews201813 July 2018
The Little family adopt a charming young mouse named Stuart, but the family cat wants rid of him. Stuart Little is a beautifully animated, special effects film that benefits from a very unique storyline but also just a very sweet and charming main star plus Michael J. Fox does an incredible job as the voice of Stuart, Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie were also excellent as his parents and i loved the cat as well. This is a pretty funny and hilarious movie for sure but also deep and really sad at times and that's what makes it such an incredibly well done film. (A+)
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Traumatic misrepresentation of adoption
kenspigl20 January 2000
Not since the "Problem Child" movies have I been this angry at a movie's appalling disregard for the adoption process and for adopted children who may go to see it. In a plot thread which was never present in the E.B. White classic, Stuart is adopted, rather than the biological child of the Littles, and during the course of the movie is taken from the Little home and "returned" to his "real parents." This plot device can do nothing but traumatize the thousands of adopted children who go to see the movie. The issues of the possible return of biological parents and of being taken away from adopted parents probably lurk in the minds of most adopted children, and the depiction of it here came like an ambush as the story unfolded. Shame on the moviemakers for inflicting this on thousands of children in the audience. And shame on reviewers who do not warn potential viewers of this, as they warn about violence, profanity, or other potentially disturbing aspects of movies.
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I Love Stuart Little
jscplatt27 October 2018
Stuart Little

Was My Favorite

I Watched It For When I Was A Little Kid

And Back For When I Was Little

I Wanted Stuart Little Stuff
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M. Night Shamallamadingdong wrote the screenplay?!?
graves-scott25 March 2018
I can't flipping believe it. We were watching this for some background while doing chores and I noticed Shamallamadingdong has a credit for writing the screenplay. We had to go back and make sure I wasn't high on cleaning chemicals. Sure as shootin' there was old Shamallamadingdong's name under screenplay credits. Mind you he wasn't directing, acting and writing this one like he did everything else in his career so someone was there to stop him from making Stuart into a conduit for all the cat-evil in the universe and Snowball a secret agent of the intergalactic mouse police. They kept him from having the father go downstairs and be murdered by all the remote control toys working in concert and the mother from having a torrid affair with one of the evil cats.

Shamallamadingdong... wow... who knew.
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Cute movie...a Rob Minkoff's masterpiece
jose_antonio-1412725 May 2017
See this movie is excellent because it re cute, has excellent performances, excellent script and excellent story, is a fun and entertaining movie for the whole family.

I really liked "Stuart Little", it's dramatic comedy with a bit of animation, one of the best movies I've seen, it's about a Mouse that looks for a home and finds it when the little ones adopt it, to George it does not like anything and the cat Snowbell hates it and in a part saves it of some cats that try to eat it to him. In short, it is a film suitable for all audiences. The voice of the mouse in English is done by Michael J. Fox and Snowbell is done by Nathan Lane. I can not stop laughing at the part when Stuart is in the washing machine. I give it 10 points, I love this movie is one of my favorites because the truth is that I loved this movie.
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Great movie for all the Family
jacobsmithdude3 September 2015
Note - This is a condensed version of my review


To start I felt the voice and on screen actors gave great performances. Michael J. Fox as the voice of Stuart little was a great choice as he brings in my opinion allot of charm and emotion to the role, now it may seem strange to cast him as the voice of a ten year old mouse even though at the time Michael was in his late thirties. It's really hard to comment on though because I thought the voice and the character design fitted perfectly. The rest of the voice cast are great too, Nathan lane as the voice of Snowbell is again another great casting choice, and he brings so much charm to the role as this reluctant and over melodramatic feline, not to mention Steve Zhan as Monty the alley cat who brings allot of wisecracking humour to the role.

The on Screen performances are also very really great; Keep in mind that Huge Laurie, Geena Davis and Jonathan Lipnicki all had to work with thin air, literally. As Stuart was this CGI character, he'd later be brought onto the big screen through post production as all the on screen actors had to work with was maybe a replica doll of Stuart and then would have to do the actual take with just them imagining he was there on the set so it's pretty impressive considering that's what they had to work with throughout the majority of the film.

I also have to mention that the score by Alan Silvestri is incredible. I felt the score truly brought Stuart little to life and made all of these small sized adventures seem more grand and captivating than originally thought. Now some may say that the score can get some what overly whimsical at times however I thought the score was perfect for this film and really stands out during the Central Park Boat Race. Alan Silvestri has performed scores for many films including allot of Robert Zemeckis productions including the Back to the Future Trilogy, Forest Gump, Cast Away and even the first two Predator films not to mention a couple Marvel films including captain America: The First Avenger and the Avengers.

I should also mention the direction of Rob Minkoff is great too; some of the action scenes in the film including the Central Park Boat Race and a car chase that happens later on in the film are very well shot and extenuate how daring these events must be for a mouse like Stuart.

As I said at the beginning of this review Stuart little was nominated for an Oscar for best visual effects, how this wasn't for best original score, I don't know but considering the other two films nominated for best visual effects were the Matrix and Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace, I think the film got overshadowed by those two films but I do think the CGI for Stuart has held up incredibly well and considering the Film came out over 16 years ago, the Oscar nomination is well deserved and plus id rather take Stuart Little any day over, Jar ,Jar Binks.


Some of the dialogue is also a bit odd, like there's this scene when Mr little and George are preparing their boat for the Central Park Boat Race. George is unsure about the boat race and Mr Little asks if George is okay and George says he wants to go home. Mr little asks 'why' and George says 'I forgot to bring my lucky underwear, Mr little replies'you don't have lucky underwear' but George replies with 'well maybe we should get some and then come back for another race'. What? I don't know whether that was meant to be funny but to me at least it's a very strange piece of dialogue but then again this movie was written by M. Night Shyamalan so I shouldn't really be surprised one bit.

I'm also not sure how close the movie follows the original novel and keep in mind that I haven't read the novel and I have heard that the worthy follow up Stuart Little 2 follows more closely to the original novel than the first film. I heard in the original novel that Stuart got caught in a window-blind while exercising, and then Snowbell places Stuart's hat and cane outside a rat hole, panicking the family. I believe they may have replaced this scene with the one from first film in which Stuart is accidentally thrown into the washing machine although the Central Park Boat Race is in the original novel.

I think the biggest complaint that this film gets quiet often is how unbelievable it is because well, how can a mouse walk around New York without being stepped on by the foot of a human. How can you adopt a mouse as your son and take him home on the same day, how come cars and boats are operational with inner working parts without the use of an RC steering wheel, and Batteries. You really do have to go into this film with as much suspension of disbelief as possible; otherwise you'll probably hate this Movie for how unbelievable it is.

Final Verdict:

Overall I think Stuart little is a good movie for all the family. Although the film takes some liberates with adapting the film from the novel and the dialogue is a bit odd, the excellent voice and on screen performances, Incredible score by Alan Silvestri and amazing special affects make this film stand out over other family films, the film has also in my opinion has held up surprisingly well after the film was released 16 years ago, in my opinion Stuart Little gets an Seven out of ten
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I love this rat
jmathur_swayamprabha21 October 2010
I have watched only a handful of Hollywood movies including gems like Gandhi and Titanic. However today I am reviewing the Hollywood movie which is closest to my heart. It is Stuart Little. At the time of watching it for the first time, I was expecting it to be a movie mainly made for the children. However after watching it fully, not only I have got addict to watch it every time it is telecast on TV on any channel and irrespective of the fact whether the version is Hindi (dubbed) or English (the original one). This movie has gone so deep into my heart that it moves me every time I watch it.

Stuart Little is a unique combination of computerised animation and live action. The central character - Stuart is a rat and there are certain other animal characters in the movie in the form of the cat - Snowbell, his friends (cats) and one rat couple playing the fake parents of Stuart. These have been managed through computerised animation (with their dialogues dubbed in human voices). And then we have human characters too which are the members of the Little family (husband, wife and male kid) plus the supporting characters. The activities and relationships of all these animated and human characters form the touching screenplay of Stuart Little which is undoubtedly an outstanding movie winning many awards.

Little rat Stuart is adopted by Little family consisting of Mr. Fredrick Little; his wife, Eleanor; their son, George and the pet cat Snowbell. The Little couple loves its adopted son very much but George is not ready to accept it as his brother and Snowbell is not happy to have a new member in the house sharing the love of its masters. How Stuart wins the hearts of both George and Snowbell and finally settles down in the family after a short span of separation from them because of a rat couple claiming to be its parents, forms the remaining story.

Director Rob Minkoff has excellently directed the story adapted from the book of E.B. White with the screenplay written by Manoj Night Shyamalan and Greg Booker. The movie is so engrossing that the viewer hardly realises when it comes to its end. It is well-paced, yet very touching movie. Right from the background score to the dialogues of the animals in the voices of Michael J. Fox (for Stuart), Nathan Lane (for Snowbell) and others to the camera work and art direction to the performances of the artists (Huge Laurie, Geena Davis and Jonathan Lipnicki as the Little family), everything is just superb. The animated white rat (Stuart) looks adorable and lovely. Seeing it wearing different style of clothes and doing different things like the human-beings is an experience to cherish. The scene of the boat-race is outstanding. The film does not let the viewer down even for a moment.

Now the bigger question is - why do I like a children's movie so much that I am ready to watch it countless number of times ? In fact, I have given standing instructions to my children to call me immediately whenever they find Stuart Little being telecast on any channel whether in English or in Hindi (dubbed version). Let me explain the reason for being so much passionate about this movie. This movie establishes Indian family values which are universal in their appeal in the most effective manner. The love and affection among the family members, their adjustments and compromises to accommodate one another, their readiness to sacrifice own joy and benefit for the fellow member's sake; everything touches me deep within. Two members of a family may not look alike, they may not be associated biologically and there may be a plethora of apparent differences between them, still the bond of love, if well-knit, can keep them mentally close.

The love of the Little couple (especially the mother) for the adopted rat and the rat's reciprocation is able to confirm my view that our love can find its genuine expression even for the animals. When Snowbell, the pet cat of the house (after first misguiding Stuart when it returns back to home and then consipiring with its friends to kill Stuart) finally saves Stuart's life from its friends, i.e., other cats; Stuart tells them (other cats) that it is not necessary for two members of a family to look like one another and the love can stand despite the appearance difference; is a lesson for all in the human-world too.

Stuart Little has everything to recommend itself. It generates laughters. It generates amusement. It generates emotions and tears. Not only me, anyone who has seen it once, can watch it several times. I have seen its sequel too. However it is the first and the original part which has had a standing (positive) impact upon me.

I end my review with the final dialogues in the Hindi version of the movie. When Stuart is finally back home in the ending scene, it asks George - Kya Ek Sukhi Parivaar Aisa Hi Hota Hai ? (Is a happy family like this only ?) and gets George's reply - Haan Jab Sapne Sach Hote Hain (Yes, when the dreams come true).
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Sweet Family Film
jvfunn16 June 2009
I went to see Stuart Little when it came out in 1999 and I absolutely loved it! In the movie Fredrick and Eleanor Little (Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis) adopt a mouse named Stuart(voiced by Michael J. Fox) as a brother for their son George(Jonathan Lipniki) who at first doesn't like Stuart Little until he learns he can be a big help with such things as building boats and winning boat races! But Snowbell the cat (voiced by Nathan Lane who I think did a good job as the voice of Snowbell just like he did Timon in The Lion King) is jealous of Stuart and wants to get rid of him but also later learns that Stuart isn't such a bad mouse either! My two favorite scenes are when Monty (voiced by Steve Zhan) says a mouse with a pet cat? And he rolls over with laugher That scene was just hilarious! I also liked it when Snowbell told the other cats that Stuart was apart of the family and the cats start laughing but Stuart manages to tell them that you don't have to look alike, act alike or like each other to be apart of the same family as Snowbell didn't like Stuart but still saved Stuart's life! Good message Stuart! Filled with wonderful characters, story, and setting Stuart Little is in my opinion one of the best family films since The Lion King. My mom and my Aunt Joyce didn't like it but I loved it! True family movie that the whole movie can enjoy! 10 out of 10!
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A cute little mouse in a not so cute movie!
gazineo-129 January 2003
A really cute little mouse is adopted (!?) by a family and start anew life with a mother, father and even a little brother. But he finds some perils in his way, especially the jealous Snowbell, the family's cat. Curious premise is developed with some sharpness until the first half hour but the movie goes adrift after, with predictable, sentimental and unfunny situations. The screenplay is signed by M. Night Shmalayan, the director of the blockbuster "Sixth Sense". For the kids, a good fun but adults will yawn sometimes. I give this a 5 (five).
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Nice film, great mouse
rbverhoef7 January 2003
Stuart Little is a mouse, adopted by a family of human beings. Geena Davis is the mother, Hugh Laurie is the father and the son is that nice little guy from Jerry Maguire. He wants a little brother, Stuart is smaller and so he is a Little brother. The family has a cat, Snowbell. He is jealous because in a way he is the house cat of a mouse. Stuart is treated just as a human being, which sometimes is a little strange, but it has its own charm. The little Stuart Little in a big human-sized bed, but his own little sports car driving through Central Park. It doesn't make much sense, but it is nice to watch. The story is pretty predictable, but most family films are.

The creation of Stuart is wonderful, he looks great and you start to believe he is a real mouse, adopted by caring parents. The voices are also great. Michael J. Fox as Stuart and Nathan Lane as Snowbell especially are very nice. If you just like a nice film, with a fantastic computer generated mouse and a happy ending, this one will not disappoint you.
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DoctorSkyTower3 April 2000
Took my 9 year old niece to this a few days ago.

Read the reviews and must admit this little movie was taken a tad *too* seriously. So what if the mouse talks and wears clothes? He gets adopted by humans? He is probably the cutest character I've seen to date, and just look at how well he was animated! His expressions were very human.

Story was nothing new, but lots of action to keep the kids interested. For the children at heart: The cats. They were kewl! Loved their voices.

CONCLUSION? Take the kids to this! Nice to watch something that isn't loaded with the sex and violence you see in movies these days.
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Great movie!
mitsubishizero2 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I grew up watching this and it holds up well still. Interestingly, this was the last movie Estelle Getty starred in before her retirement as well as the fact that the screenplay was written by M. Night Shyamalan and Greg Booker. The story's loosely based on the book written by E.B. White with some of the plot being moved to the sequel. George Little (Jonathan Lipnicki) is the only child of Eleanor and Frederick Little (played by Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie). He wants a brother so while he's at school his parents visit the orphanage to adopt. They decide to adopt an anthropomorphic mouse named Staurt (voiced by Michael J. Fox) much to George and their pet cat Snowball's disappointment.

It doesn't take long for Stuart to get the picture and begins to feel like an outcast. This leads him on a journey to find his real parents while avoiding cats who want to make a meal out of him. Will he find his true home and earn his place in the family? See for yourself. The movie's heartwarming and the effects are great. Both Stuart and Snowball (voiced by Nathan Lane) look like they're actually there. I like how the moral of this story is finding your true self and where you belong. The movie doesn't shy away from the dark side of being a foster parent and what they to go through. At the same time it's not completely dark as there're a lot of funny, tender moments. Not much else to say. Just watch and I guarantee you'll enjoy it.
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4 - Stuart Little
danboss-4868429 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has always been a childhood classic of mine. I use to watch it all the time as a kid and when i watched it recently my childhood just came back. I really enjoy Stuart Little as its a very good family get together movie. From the humor of the cats to the warm "family means everything" gestures of the film plays a strong asset to the movie. Yes it can be a bit silly in some places like Stuart having to do human tasks etc but apart from that its a definite classic!
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Childhood classic that will never lose its charm
areatw16 April 2017
I must have seen this film about a dozen times, and I seem to enjoy it more and more with every viewing. It was one of my favourites growing up as a kid and the fact it's on TV practically every week says a lot about how popular it remains, even 18 years after its release.

'Stuart Little' is certainly a crowd-pleaser and a film that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and not just the younger viewers it is targeted at. The cast are all great and Michael J Fox does an excellent job voicing Stuart. 'Stuart Little' is a film that never loses its charm, no matter how many times you see it.
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