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Crystal Kung Minkoff Joins ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ For Season 11

Crystal Kung Minkoff Joins ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ For Season 11
Crystal Kung Minkoff is joining the upcoming eleventh season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Kung Minkoff, the wife of filmmaker Rob Minkoff, will be the first Asian-American housewife on Rhobh.

Kung Minkoff is an entrepreneur and mother of two children. She also is the founder of Real Coco, a line of organic coconut products.

Kung Minkoff will join fellow Beverly Hills housewives Garcelle Beauvais, who last season became the first-ever Black cast member on Rhobh, Kyle Richards, Erika Girardi, Lisa Rinna and Dorit Kemsley on Season 11. Kung Minkoff and Beauvais replace Teddi Mellencamp and Denise Richards, who exited after Season 10.

Kung Minkoff’s husband, Rob Minkoff directed the original Lion King in 1994, the Stuart Little films and Eddie Murphy’s Haunted Mansion. The couple wed in 2007.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is produced by Evolution Media for Bravo with Douglas Ross, Alex Baskin, Christopher Cullen,
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‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Adds Its First Asian American Cast Member With Crystal Kung Minkoff

  • Variety
‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Adds Its First Asian American Cast Member With Crystal Kung Minkoff
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is adding new housewife Crystal Kung Minkoff for Season 11, Variety has confirmed.

Kung Minkoff marks the first-ever Asian American cast member to join the franchise. Her addition to the show comes as Bravo has been increasing efforts to diversify its casts across its programming.

Kung Minkoff will join Kyle Richards, Erika Girardi, Lisa Rinna, Garcelle Beauvais and Dorit Kemsley in Season 11, which will no longer feature former cast members Teddi Mellencamp and Denise Richards, who departed after the most recent season.

Kung Minkoff is an entrepreneur who founded Real Coco, a company specializing in coconut products. While not all “Housewives” cast members across the franchises are married, Kung Minkoff’s husband, Rob Minkoff, is filmmaker, who directed the original “Lion King” in 1994, the “Stuart Little” films and Eddie Murphy’s “Haunted Mansion.” The couple has been married for 13 years and shares two children.

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Meet Crystal Kung Minkoff, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Newest Cast Member

Meet Crystal Kung Minkoff, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Newest Cast Member
Crystal Kung Minkoff has nabbed her diamond. On Monday, Oct. 26, E! learned that the mother of two is joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for season 11. This casting update comes after Teddi Mellencamp and Denise Richards' exits from Rhobh. So, who exactly is Crystal Kung Minkoff? Not only is Crystal an entrepreneur as the founder of Real Coco, but she's also married to filmmaker Rob Minkoff. And it seems as though Rob has directed most of our childhood favorites, including Disney's 1994 animated film The Lion King, Stuart Little, Stuart Little 2, The Haunted Mansion, The Forbidden Kingdom and Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Crystal and Rob married back in 2007 and share two...
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The Sixth Sense Star Says He’d Love To Return For A Sequel

The Sixth Sense Star Says He’d Love To Return For A Sequel
1999 was the year that M. Night Shyamalan burst onto the scene out of nowhere and instantly established himself as one of the most exciting talents in Hollywood after writing the screenplay for massively popular family movie and box office smash hit Stuart Little, as well as performing uncredited rewrites on the script for beloved teen rom-com She’s All That. Oh, and he also directed The Sixth Sense.

The supernatural chiller was one of the year’s defining movies, earning over $670 million at the box office and going on to scoop six Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, not to mention it had a shocking twist ending that would go on to dominate popular culture for months and launch a thousand parodies.

Over the next two decades, Shyamalan’s career saw plenty of ups and downs as he succumbed to his own worst tendencies,
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10 Movies To Watch If You Like Stuart Little

10 Movies To Watch If You Like Stuart Little
The first Stuart Little film was a charming family comedy that adapted E.B. White's 1945 novel with immense success. It was put together on a massive budget that allowed for genuinely convincing CGI to bring Stuart Little himself to life amongst the live-action Little family, and was a hit at the box office. Thanks to lovable characters and a great screenplay from M. Night Shyamalan, critics and fans were happy with it.

Related: Stuart Little & 9 Other Film From the '90s That Critics Loved But Audiences Hated (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

While we got a TV show and a couple of sequels out of it, there hasn't been a lot coming out of the Stuart Little world as of late. As such, we've put together a list of things to watch if you were a fan of the anthropomorphic mouse back in the early 2000s.
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A Ton Of Great Movies Are Leaving Netflix In August

A Ton Of Great Movies Are Leaving Netflix In August
The recent debut of HBO Max has only increased the competition in the streaming wars, and with both WarnerMedia and Disney having launched their own in-house platforms to try and compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime, they’ll have to make do with pre-existing content for the time being as they slowly but surely start to build up their library of original projects.

Obviously, the superhero genre is set to play a huge part in the potential success of both HBO Max and Disney Plus thanks to the hype surrounding the Snyder Cut of Justice League and the shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe respectively, but it’ll be a while before they can match the two market leaders when it comes to the sheer quantity of exclusives.

Netflix have been letting a lot of movies and TV shows revert back to their original owners as they’ve focused more heavily on their originals,
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Every Movie Leaving Netflix In July

Every Movie Leaving Netflix In July
Are you kept awake every night by the fear of your favorite Netflix movies vanishing without warning? Constantly checking and rechecking when every individual title will be leaving? Well, fear not, as those days of terror are over.

Provided for your benefit here is a list of every movie that’ll be leaving the service in the month of July. Ready to dive in?

Leaving July 4

Blue Valentine

Leaving July 5

The Iron Lady

Leaving July 8

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Leaving July 8

47 Metres Down

Leaving July 11

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III

The Adderall Diaries


Ginger & Rosa


The Spectacular Now

Under the Skin

Leaving July 12

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain

Leaving July 15

Forks Over Knives

Leaving July 18

A Most Violent Year


Life After Beth

Obvious Child



Leaving July 21


Inglourious Basterds

Lucasfilm Drops More Than A Dozen Bts Star Wars Pics From The Last Jedi,
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‘The Lion King’ Director Rob Minkoff Boards ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas’ (Exclusive)

‘The Lion King’ Director Rob Minkoff Boards ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas’ (Exclusive)
Rob Minkoff, director of the original Disney animated classic “The Lion King,” as well as “Stuart Little,” “Stuart Little 2,” and “Mr. Peabody & Sherman,” is attached to direct and co-produce an animated adaptation of beloved children’s book “How Winston Delivered Christmas.”

Written and illustrated by creator Alex T. Smith (“Claude”), “How Winston Delivered Christmas” follows a brave mouse who finds a letter that has been lost on its way to Father Christmas on Christmas Eve, so, with no time to lose, he sets out to deliver it himself in time for Christmas Day.

Kelebek Media (“Wissper”), an independent U.K. production house and global children’s media business focusing on high-end television and film production, has optioned the rights of the property from Macmillan Children’s Books, to develop as specials and series. Kelebek founder Deborah Thorpe will co-produce.

“We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to
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Netflix Is Losing A Ton Of Great Movies And TV Shows Next Week

Netflix Is Losing A Ton Of Great Movies And TV Shows Next Week
As the streaming wars continue to heat up and get more competitive, a lot of studios must be regretting their decision to hand over the rights to a lot of their biggest movies and TV shows, which puts them at a significant disadvantage in trying to gain a foothold in the battle for subscribers.

Disney Plus is doing just fine given the vast amount of brands they have as part of their ever-expanding portfolio, which has only increased exponentially following their takeover of Fox, while Netflix are relying more heavily on their in-house content than ever as they let the rights to more and more pre-existing stories revert back to their original owners.

The world’s most popular streaming service may be continuing to add new titles at a steady rate each month, but there’s a whole lot of great movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in a couple of weeks,
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Every Movie And TV Show Leaving Netflix In June

Every Movie And TV Show Leaving Netflix In June
It’s a cycle for all streaming services. Alongside the myriad shows and movies added to their libraries every month, many will depart, too. So, in the interests of consumer awareness (there’s nothing worse than missing out on a movie because it’s no longer available), here’s an exhaustive list of all the content leaving Netflix in June, starting with those up to the 29th.

Leaving 6/1/20 – The King’s Speech

Leaving 6/3/20 – God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness

Leaving 6/4/20 – A Perfect Man

Leaving 6/7/20 – Equilibrium, From Paris with Love

Leaving 6/9/20 – Mad Men: Season 1-7

Leaving 6/10/20 – Standoff

Leaving 6/11/20 – Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: Series 1

Leaving 6/12/20:– Dragonheart, Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer, Dragonheart: A New Beginning, Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire

Leaving 6/13/20 – Cutie and the Boxer

Leaving 6/16/20 – The Stanford Prison Experiment

Leaving 6/22/20 – Tarzan, Tarzan 2

Leaving 6/24/20 – Avengers: Infinity War

Leaving 6/27/20: Jeopardy!: Celebrate Alex Collection, Jeopardy!: Cindy Stowell Collection, Jeopardy!: Seth
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IMDb TV Is the Free Streaming Service You Didn't Know You Needed

IMDb TV Is the Free Streaming Service You Didn't Know You Needed
Is streaming fatigue a thing yet? If not, it will be soon, as HBO Max, Peacock, and Quibi enter the already crowded market of streamers vying for our attention. But in the midst of the streaming boom, a few totally free services are just sitting there begging for our attention. One of those services is IMDb TV, an ad-supported section of the movie information website that ends arguments about whether or not Shazaam was a real movie on a daily basis (it was not). Owned by Amazon, the collection of movies and films on IMDb TV is far from expansive, but it features quite a few titles you might actually want to watch. If you're intrigued, read on to find out everything you need to know about IMDb TV.

Is IMDb TV New?

It is not! We've all just collectively been sleeping on this aspect of The free
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Netflix Added A Ton Of Great Horror Movies Today For 2020

New year, and a host of new Netflix additions to match.

While subscribers are currently mourning the loss of Friends – after going dark today, January 1st, the beloved sitcom won’t be available until HBO Max arrives in May – Netflix has today rolled out a bevy of fresh TV shows and movies to keep us entertained, including some truly unmissable horror properties.

From Event Horizon to Cloverfield, The Amityville Horror to the Tremors franchise, Netflix’s horror category has officially been restocked. There’s plenty to choose from, too, including the 2002 rendition of The Ring, which only makes us long for a competent retelling of the Japanese horror legend to right the wrongs of Rings (2017). At least we have the upcoming Grudge reboot to look forward to on Friday (or January 24th if you happen to be located in the United Kingdom).

Per What’s on Netflix, here’s the comprehensive list of new additions,
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Film Review: ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’

Film Review: ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’
If you were a kid growing up in the ’80s or ’90s and you read Alvin Schwartz’ 1981 spook-tale collection “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”, you may have felt like the stories added up to your own private “Twilight Zone,” to be consumed with a flashlight under the covers. They had a subversive wonderstruck creepiness intertwined with a weirdly comforting morality. Of course, much of the impact came from Stephen Gammell’s drawings, which were jaw-droppingly horrific for the illustrations in a book aimed at children. His melty black-and-white images of skeletons and corpses and rats and scarecrows and wounded bodies were at once fleshy and ghostly, like dreams with a quality of decay. You could call his style pop-art Francis Bacon, but it also owed something to the children’s-book illustrator Garth Williams (of “Charlotte’s Web” and “Stuart Little” fame). His drawings were over-the-top EC Comics visions given an elegant Victorian timelessness.
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‘All That': Meet the 7 Teen Castmembers for Nickelodeon’s Sketch Comedy Revival

Nickelodeon unveiled its all-new cast of seven tweens and teens for its upcoming revival of sketch comedy series “All That.”

The new version debuts Saturday, June 15 at 8:30 p.m. Et/Pt, and will air in that timeslot going forward. The premiere will feature original cast members Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg and Josh Server. Former cast member Kenan Thompson is executive producing the new version with Mitchell and Kevin Kay.

Here are the seven new castmembers, with descriptions courtesy of Nickelodeon:

Also Read: Nickelodeon Sets Premiere Date for 'All That' Revival, Jonas Brothers Named First Musical Guest

Ryan Alessi – Born and raised in Chicago, Ryan Alessi, 14, began studying improv comedy at age eight with The Second City Improvisational Comedy Troupe. After moving to Los Angeles, he started studying with The Groundlings and developing his own characters and performing various impressions and accents. Reece Caddell – A Denver native,
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You will never guess who is a ‘Survivor’ fan — hint, one half of a now-defunct tabloid-worthy superstar couple

You will never guess who is a ‘Survivor’ fan — hint, one half of a now-defunct tabloid-worthy superstar couple
Angelina Jolie and several of her six children she shares with ex-hubby Brad Pitt attended the recent live reunion show that capped off the CBS show’s 37th season, “David vs. Goliath,” in Los Angeles on Dec. 19. Her presence at the event was originally reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

A source told People magazine, “They had a great time. The kids really enjoyed it.”

Turns out she has ties to one of the players who made the final three, writer, producer and actor Mike White (“School of Rock”). He was part of the Goliath tribe and previously appeared on another reality contest, “The Amazing Race.” White came in second on “Survivor” while David member Nick Wilson, a public defender from Kentucky, was voted the winner.

People magazine reported that Jolie invited White and a small group of friends for an informal gathering at her home after the reunion show was taped.
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The Bottom Shelf: Willard, Ben, Street Trash and The Wonderful Worlds of Ray Harryhausen

Nick Aldwinckle Oct 30, 2017

This month's round up of genre DVDs and Blu-rays features Ray Harryhausen, Willard, rats on the rampage and more...

The underappreciated ‘nature gone wild’ porn horror movie subgenre has a somewhat patchy history, with a viewer’s search more likely to end up in some SyFy channel Megapterranoshark Versus Crocosaur cul-de-sac than something of the calibre of a Jaws or Arachnophobia. Sharks, spiders and gators are all well served, though (alongside the glaring lack of a movie adaptation of Guy N. Smith’s glorious Night Of The Crabs books) rodents have had something of a raw deal.

See related 26 new TV shows to watch in 2017

Fear not, though, faithful readers: we’re not going to drift off into Stuart Little territory just yet (that’ll be next month’s Stuart Little IV: The Rattening), as this month brings with it not one but two seventies rat-themed monster movie classics (well,
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Best CGI Movies: Top 10 Sony Imageworks Visual Effects Movies Ranked

Best CGI Movies: Top 10 Sony Imageworks Visual Effects Movies Ranked
Sony Pictures Imageworks, celebrating its 25th anniversary, is unique in Hollywood as the only studio-run visual effects and animation division. Formed in 1992 (now headquartered in Vancouver), Imageworks alternates between live-action/CG hybrids and animation with its younger sister, Sony Pictures Animation, which was founded in 2002.

Imageworks has won two Oscars (“Spider-Man 2” VFX and “The ChubbChubbs!” animated short) along with an Academy Sci-Tech award this year for an advanced shading program. But Imageworks first cut its teeth on “Speed,” “James and the Giant Peach,” “Jumanji,” “Starship Troopers,” and “Contact” before tackling “Stuart Little” in 1999, the first-cg-animated character to star in a live-action feature.

Since then, Imageworks spear-headed performance capture-based virtual production with director Robert Zemeckis (“Polar Express,” “Monster House”), and has continued to work on franchises including “Spider-Man” (“Homecoming” opens this week), “The Smurfs,” and “Hotel Transylvania.”

Here’s our ranking of the 10 best VFX moments from Imageworks:

10. Re-Inventing Invisibility
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Will & Grace's Eric McCormack Sings About Gun Awareness on New Concept Album — Hear the Moving First Single

Will & Grace's Eric McCormack Sings About Gun Awareness on New Concept Album — Hear the Moving First Single
Emmy Award winner Eric McCormack is known for providing comedic relief on Will & Grace, but now the actor is teaming up with other performers to highlight a very serious issue.

McCormack, 54, alongside Tony nominee Terrence Mann and Oscar nominee Tess Harper, will be featured on a new concept album entitled Guns: The Album.

“I was thrilled to contribute, in my small way, to this project,” McCormack tells People exclusively. “Musically, it is brilliant and soaring and ambitious as hell. Culturally, it is downright crucial.”

McCormack lends his voice to the song “Welcome to the Gun Show.” Described as “a mix of filmic anthems,
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Nine Actors Who Reinvented Themselves and Revitalized Their Careers

  • Cinelinx
Some actors manage to catch lightning in a bottle twice. It’s impressive enough to find your niche in Hollywood’s A-list even once. Occasionally, an actor will reinvent him/herself and begin a new phase of their careers that will be even more successful than it was before. Here are nine actors who had a cinematic rebirth.

Liam Neeson- Neeson has had a long career, and the early part of it was in dramatic roles. An intense dramatic actor, he apeared in films like The Dead Pool, Dark Man, Schindler’s List, Rob Roy and Les Miserables. His career rebirth came after playing Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars-Episode one: The Phantom Menace. After that, he got more offers for actions parts and recreated himself as an action hero in films like Gangs of NY, Batman Begins, Taken, Clash of the Titans, the A-Team, Unknown, the Grey, Taken 2,
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Interviews: Women in Film Chicago 2017 Focus Award Recipients

Chicago – Women in Film Chicago (Wifc) continues its role as one of the best resource and advocacy groups for women filmmakers. Last month, they celebrated their Focus Awards and honored four women – producer Julie Smolyansky, cinematographer Tari Segal, filmmaker Mary Morten and comedian Julia Sweeney.

Focus Awards Honorees, LtoR: Mary Morten, Julie Smolyansky, Tari Segal and Julia Sweeney

Photo credit: Patrick McDonald for HollywoodChicago

Before the event, interviewed Julie Smoyanksy (click here), the CEO of Lifeway Foods and producer of the documentary “The Hunting Ground.” At the event itself, the other three honorees were interviewed on the Red Carpet.

Julia Sweeney, Comedian and Cast Member of “Saturday Night Live

Julia Sweeney was a force of comedy during her years on “Saturday Night Live” from 1990 to 1994, where she created memorable characters, including the androgynous “Pat” (no one could tell if she was a man or woman). She moved on into one-woman shows,
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