Stuart Little (1999) Poster


Chazz Palminteri: Smokey


  • Snowbell : Didn't your mother warn you that you shouldn't go out into Central Park at night?

    Smokey : My mother was the reason you shouldn't go out into Central Park at night.

  • Smokey : How you doing? You must be Stuart.

    Stuart Little : Actually... I must be going.

    [Gets back into his little car] 

    Lucky : What's your hurry, Murray?

    Red : Yeah, where ya going, Murray - - Urm Stuart. What's his name?

  • Smokey : Say good night... Tinkerbell.

    [Snowbell gulps] 

    Stuart Little : Hey, Smokey! His name is Snowbell!

    [Smacks him off the tree with a branch, Smokey screaming] 

  • Snowbell : You think you could help me?

    Smokey : Consider it done.

    Snowbell : Thank-you Mister Smokey sir, how could I ever think you?

    Smokey : Don't worry Tinkerbell, anytime.

    Snowbell : Tinkerbell! Ha Ha, He called me Tinkerbell! You're a funny guy!

    Smokey : Yeah, whatever. HOUSE CATS, Sheesh!

  • [while the alley cats are chasing Stuart in the roadster] 

    Lucky : I hope he runs out of gas!

    Red : I hope you do!

    Lucky : Why don't you run to the back?

    Red : I can't help it! I have a nervous stomach!

    Smokey : And I have an empty stomach! Now, get that mouse!

  • Snowbell : He's not just a mouse! He's... He's... he's family.

    Smokey : Oh yeah. ha ha ha... I can see the resemblence...

    [laughs evilly] 

  • Smokey : [pushes the branch Stuart's on down]  Here you go, boys! Dinner's served!

    Monty, the Mouth : Alright, Smokey! Way to go!

    Stuart Little : Oh dear!

    Lucky : Look, it's mouse on a stick! I love mouse on a stick!

    Monty, the Mouth : A little further! Keep him comin'! Keep him comin'! Alright I can almost reach him! Keep him coming! I got him, he's mine!

    [Snowbell snaps the branch] 

    Monty, the Mouth : What the? Hey, the branch is the gonna!

    Snowbell : Well, what have we got here?

    Monty, the Mouth : Snow, don't come out here, the branch is breaking!

    Snowbell : Stuart, are you alright?

    Stuart Little : Yeah, yeah I'm okay.

    Snowbell : Just hang on, I'll take it from here!

    Monty, the Mouth : Huh? Take what?

    [Snowbell pushes the branch Monty's on with Red and Lucky on further] 

    Monty, the Mouth : Hey, c'mon Snow! You wouldn't do this to me? I'm not your old buddy?

    Snowbell : Don't worry, buddy! I'm sure you'll land

    [he pushes the branch further] 

    Monty, the Mouth : No, no Snow! What're you doing?

    Snowbell : On your feet!

    [the branch snaps sending Red, Lucky and Monty into the water, all three cats screaming and splash in the water] 

  • Monty, the Mouth : [while Stuart is hugging Snowball]  Snow, what's he doing to your leg? I can't help to think that this is wrong.

    Smokey : What the hell's going on here?

    Snowbell : Urrrrm... Listen, Smokey... I want to quit this whole thing off... okay?

    Smokey : Too late!

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