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No Bad Considering
djbuddy975 July 2006
I finally watched this film...and frankly, enjoyed. After all, my father wrote it!!!! I happen to know a little bit about the film in that it was all shot on 200 foot reels AND everything was done in one take. NO multiple takes...which, outside of editing, would be akin to shooting a video on the fly today, and handing it to someone...

All that taken into consideration, it is actually a great horror story: The spirit of a psychotic comes back in the flesh to claim his land...bloodying up everyone on it in the process.

If it had been done with a multimillion dollar budget and b grade actors (ex: Cary Elweis, etc) it could be a lot of fun.

I say, remake it...only this time around with some big names and big budgets.
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A great " B " horror film, worth the price of the DVD.
RickGroat10 September 2012
Great leading man, sure I'd say that, it was me ( Rick Groat ), I am proud to say that I co-produced and star in this good old fun, action horror movie, with my co star brother Tag Groat as the Devil Rider. I did a change of character for this one as a yuppie type dude taking some folks to a ranch to buy property, only to find out that it was being terrorized by an outlaw from H..., and things get hairy. I had a great time doing this film with some very good film makers, stunt men, and actors. Check out the e-f-x, as they are very creative, as we had a small budget, and had to be very inventive. This film is a great B horror movie, and combines the old west with the new. Check it out, it is worth the price of the DVD, I have one. Rick Groat. Come see my page here on IMDb.
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Why bother?
Skippy-1923 January 1999
The only reason I rented this is because I vowed to see every horror movie in the town. My comments are not going to be nice ones.

The premise is not bad. A demon rider living on through the ages. The problems are the writing, directing, acting, dubbing editing, cinematography...I'll bet even the gaffer had something to do with the poor quality.

This isn't even a good time-filler. Even as something just to have background noise while doing something in the kitchen, it don't work.

As a final complaint: isn't a devil incarnate supposed to dress in black?
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