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Season 1

8 Apr. 1969
Traitors in High Places
When Judge Dee and his entourage arrive in Canton, supposedly to conduct a trade enquiry, he discovers corruption in the local government. With the help of a blind girl he exposes the corrupt element and moves on.
15 Apr. 1969
A Place of Great Evil
Forced to shelter at an ancient monastery until a storms breaks, Judge Dee discovers that it not the serene and holy place it appears. Three people have already died in mysterious circumstances, as did the Abbot. One year earlier. Under cover of darkness Dee himself is attacked - and he vows not to leave until the mystery is solved.
22 Apr. 1969
The Haunted Pavilion
Attending a party to celebrate the remarried of Ko, a wealthy businessman whose first wife died, Judge Dee presents Ko with a bizarre letter which he claims is from his dead wife. Ko reads it, and throws himself from a balcony to his death - a mystery which tests Dee's investigative talents to the limit. .
29 Apr. 1969
A Festival of Death
Although there are sinister superstitious surrounding the Festival of the River Goddess,the last thing Judge Dee expects to find there is murder. But he does so when Tong, a wrestler, dies in mysterious circumstances during a contest.
6 May 1969
The Day of the Scavengers
When the Imperial City is gripped by plague, the Scavengers - corpse-cleaners who rule by terror - the indiscretions of an eminent general's wife, and a prophesy of murder all add up to another exciting challenge for Judge Dee.
13 May 1969
The Curse of the Lacquer Screen
The panels of an elaborately inlaid screen tell a story - and Teng Kan bought it because the story related closely to his own life. But the screen has taken on prophetic power: overnight it's strip-cartoon frames have changed from martial bliss to scenes of murder. When the charge is followed by the death of his beloved Silver Lotus, Teng seeks the help of his old friend Judge Dee to find a solution to the mystery that threatens him with madness.

 Season 1 

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