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Loved this show - would love to get the DVD
gryffydd25 December 2005
I loved this show and I missed the first episode. The series develops beautifully and the characters are great. I especially liked the 'Cabbie'. It was shown in Australia a few years ago and we have not seen it since. Definitely worth a repeat viewing. The protagonist is quite easy to empathise with, even though he is less than effective. His sister's attitude to situations plays well against her brother. The father/son relationship of the gangsters is fantastic to watch and similar to everyday relationships. The apparent logic of strange situations is hard to argue with and the fact that William and Susan start to behave in line with the gangsters is very well done. Any one know where the DVD is for this one? I would love to have a copy.
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Tony Straw19 December 2009
I too saw this many years ago and loved it. The cast was excellent including many of the great character actors from British TV, like James Fleet and Trevor Peacock (Vicar of Dibley), Alun Armstrong (New Tricks), David Troughton (A Very Peculiar Practice) and many others. However I too am having trouble finding any information about its availability on DVD. I note that no-one has yet responded to the plea for DVD information by the 3 previous posters on this board, Internet searches using the series title are now overwhelmed with the new "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" which is something different entirely. Please please can anyone tell us where we might find a DVD of this excellent TV series?
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Fantastic series - how to get hold of it again?
Karen Ashe2 June 2006
This was an amazing series, one of my favourites. At the time of course I didn't have the wit to record it - I came across it by accident in the first place, and didn't record it from the outset, so there seemed no point after that. Now I am dying to see it again.

To be honest, I don't remember all that much about the dialogue or specifics of the plot - I just remember thinking it a brilliant series. Thus, I'd love to see it once more.

So, can anyone help the previous poster and myself? I've looked at all the major online DVD retailers, and none of them appear to stock a DVD of this series. I can only assume that it hasn't been released, but if anyone knows differently, please tell all!
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Underworld - where is the video or DVD?
jhooke7 June 2005
Liddy Oldroyd's 'Underworld' was absolutely brilliant. We were clever enough to tape most of it when it was shown here, but our tape is severely worn and my whole family would dearly love to get a new copy. Does anyone know if the series was ever issued on video or DVD and if so where I could buy one? All my searching and inquiries have yielded nothing so far. It has to be one of the all-time best series I have ever seen and deserves to be available commercially. The whole cast and all the production crew have done an absolutely superb job. But we want to watch it more - someone, anyone, what's the chance of finding a DVD or video copy?
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Underworld rides out the Cockney gangster clichés
pgchamberlin28 June 2010
With its pathetic drip of a hero and its Cockney gangster psychopaths Underworld could easily have been just another clumsy comedy pastiche, instead it is a gem.

The series is well written, produced and directed, its story brought to life by superb performances. It has an engaging plot whose many twists are sustained by a witty script.

Underworld is a kind of Midsommer Murders-paced bastard child of Mike Leigh and Guy Ritchie (although I think it pre-dates Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels).

This is a great show, and can currently be watched for free on Channel 4's "4OD" website in the UK - which I highly recommend you do!
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Superb oddball comedy-thriller series which is never predictable
garsonfarm10 November 2015
One of my favourite ever TV series from the days when Channel 4 (in UK) would present some of the quirkiest television dramas. It's a comedy-thriller which manages at times to be both very funny and at others very thrilling, but is very difficult to categorise in a way which does it justice. Perhaps its greatest strength is that it has a bizarre storyline which keeps taking unpredictable twists so that you can never anticipate what it's going to throw at you next. So you sit there and enjoy the ride.

Trying to describe the plot is a bit futile - basically 2 ordinary boring 40 year old (give or take) siblings get caught up in old- school gangster feuds in suburban London (or wherever it is) - because the switchback journey to its finale is what makes it great viewing.

Excellent acting and script, good character development for some very strange characters, lots of laugh-out-loud one-liners, other moments of carefully built high tension, some very poignant sub- plots - it all comes together very nicely. There are a couple of brutal scenes which now - nearly 20 years later - look fairly dated and unnecessary and some of the gender portrayals are a bit old- fashioned. But these are more reflections of what was acceptable in 1990s TV than anything else.

Never released on DVD as far as I know, but definitely worth revisiting if you can find it - I did, and it was just as good as I remembered from its original TV screening.

Trivia: it was produced by Hat Trick Productions, who also produce the BBC series "Have I Got News For You", which often features one of its founders - Andy Hamilton - as a panelist. Andy was one of the screenwriters for Underworld and makes a couple of uncredited cameo appearances as the neighbour with the flat cap. Some of Underworld's funniest and/or more surreal moments very much reflect the spirit of his contributions to Have I Got News For You.
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