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12 Feb. 2008
Against the Wall: Part 2
The emergency department staff continue to be held hostage by James Byrne which challenges Frank's leadership of the department leading him to make a shocking statement on the administration of the hospital.
19 Feb. 2008
The Simple Things
Oliver Maroney and the hospital board grill Frank about his TV interview condemning the hospital. Later, the E.D. have to deal with injured hostage taker James Byrne being admitted. Charlotte and Dan treat a patient with a severe case of hiccups but it takes Von to save the day. A mix-up with patient results in the lab nearly causes the death of a deaf man and Ann-Marie gets devastating news whilst on holidays with Bart.
26 Feb. 2008
Comfort Zone
Following the death of a patient under her care Zoe reconsiders her future in the E.D. and at All Saints particularly in light of Frank's favoritism towards Charlotte. Von is imprisoned in Dominic's house - one of her carers - which frightens her more than she is willing to admit and brings back memories of her time in Vietnam. Mike's estranged son Simon refuses Mike's offer of a kidney for fear that he will come back into his mother's life and destroy her once again but a talk from Frank makes him reconsider. Meanwhile, Jack has to give Ann-Marie some bad news - her ...
4 Mar. 2008
Event Horizon
Mike undergoes his kidney transplant operation but experiences flashes back to his past which shows that his ex-wife Laura was the person who got him hooked on morphine. After watching Frank in action in the E.D. Elizabeth re-evaluates her decision to spy for Oliver and tells Frank why she originally said she would. Meanwhile, Bart struggles to find out what is ailing a patient who initially presented with signs of a chest infection and Gabrielle finds out that Von was raped in Vietnam and the incident with Dominic led her to neglect his care.
11 Mar. 2008
Caught in a Trap
Whilst treating Jennifer Constable, a failed overdose patient, Dan and Charlotte stumble upon a secret of Steve's which causes Gabby to ask him to step down from the case. Ann-Marie tells Von she doesn't want to have more radiotherapy as it reminds her too much of her mother's battle against cancer but later Von is surprised when she learns that she to undertake it and surmises that Bart pressured her into doing it. Dan and Ricky realise that they are excluding Jack at home as their relationship develops and try to make more time for him. Elsewhere, Mike struggles to ...
18 Mar. 2008
Careful What You Wish For
Kimberly Dyer is brought in unconscious by her mother Sandra who tells Von and Charlotte that she has a history of epilepsy. But when tests show that Kimberly's rapidly deteriorating condition is not due to epilepsy but poisoning Von suspects that Sandra has Munchausen by proxy and is enjoying the attention she is getting as her daughter gets worse until the inevitable happens and Kimberly dies. Even then Sandra refuses to see that she is to blame and continues to blame her daughter for her illnesses. Meanwhile, Dan and Steve treat Conor, an illegal Irish immigrant, ...
1 Apr. 2008
Admin pressures Frank into making a tough decision as Zoe, pressurized by Oliver, tries to get the rest of the staff to make a complaint against Frank. Dan's plans to propose to Erica at home are scuppered. Meanwhile, Bart prepares to say goodbye to a terminally ill Ann-Marie.
8 Apr. 2008
When Tomorrow Comes
Everyone is stunned when Frank announces that it is his last day but has Zoe a trick up her sleeve? An patient with Huntington's Disease prompts Dan to make a health choice. Elsewhere, a grieving Bart tells the E.D. that Anne-Marie has passed away.
15 Apr. 2008
Out of the Fire
A young burns victim is rushed to the E.D. and the staff are stunned when his mother doesn't fight for the doctors to save his life - until they discover she's not his mother. Meanwhile, Charlotte treats Phoebe Speight for stomach problems and has an unpleasant encounter with Phoebe's husband. Elsewhere, Frank is summonsed to Admin by Oliver to tell him he has his job back and Jack is intrigued by his patient Simone.
29 Apr. 2008
The Hand You're Dealt
New mum struggles to cope with her child's autism only to be told by Frank that her very focused husband Theo has Asperger's Syndrome. Charlotte finds the nanny from heaven to care for baby Zach but is she all she seems and Bart is reinvigorated when he tries to find out why a young man keeps lapsing into a faint every time he laughs.
6 May 2008
Stepping Up
Jack and Charlotte attend a man who is lucky to be alive after a serious accident at work. Elsewhere, Dan's wheelchair bound brother Luke checks into All Saints and Jack looks for a new place to live.
20 May 2008
That Window in Time
Steve and Jack clash over the treatment of an injured couple but is it really because Steve is jealous of Jack's friendship with Gabrielle? Dan's brother Luke is uncomfortable about disrupting Dan's life.
27 May 2008
Never Tell
Dan takes Erica to meet his parents and announce their engagement but his over-protective mother Rhonda doesn't take the news as well as he'd hoped. While there, Dan's dad has a heart attack. Meanwhile, Charlotte tells Rhiannon about her previous lesbian affairs.
3 Jun. 2008
Risky Business
Frank is presented with an ultimatum by Admin - lose one of his fellows Charlotte or Zoe but who does he choose? Dan's gets some devastating news about his father and the team try to help a semi-paralyzed man who was attempting to impress his young wife.
10 Jun. 2008
Under My Skin
Frank tells Charlotte that he cannot pay her for her emergency fellowship promotion due to budget cuts. This upsets Charlotte greatly and after treating a woman with a calcified fetus Rhiannon misreads the situation and kisses Charlotte. Charlotte is taken aback which causes Rhiannon to run in fear of being found out and ends up telling Gabby that Charlotte made a pass at her. Elsewhere, Erica refuses to attend Dan's fathers funeral and later Dan tells her that he has invited his mother and brother to live with them for a few weeks.
17 Jun. 2008
Blind Faith
As the investigation into Rhiannon's alleged sexual assault by Charlotte begins Frank orders Charlotte to stay away from Rhiannon. Gabrielle tells Frank that he should have Zoe conduct the staff interviews on the assault as Frank is too close to Charlotte. Rhiannon tells Bart her version of the events but he is disbelieving. When Charlotte learns that Rhiannon has been telling staff about her private life she forces a confrontation with Rhiannon causing Frank to send her home. Later, Frank calls to see her but Charlotte tells him she thinks it is time that she moved ...
24 Jun. 2008
Torn Apart
Von goes to the assistance of a heavily pregnant Iraqi illegal at a disused site. After the baby girl is born she develops complications and Von must take the baby to the hospital alone. Gabby finds out the Zoe has been offered the job of Director of Emergency Medicine at St. Angela's. Charlotte gets a letter from the board telling her if she admits to sexual harassment of Rhiannon and gives a written apology the matter will go away. Charlotte tells Jack she's going to resign but Jack forces her to fight the charge against her. After tending to a man who had been ...
1 Jul. 2008
Justice for None
Rhiannon arranges to meet Charlotte in the Park to talk but before anything can be said they witness a hit and run incident. Charlotte tells Rhiannon to drop her complaint but she refuses. Nadir and Adenna continue to stay at Von's place as they try to work out a way to get back their baby girl. Nadir begins to feel unwell and Von sees the extent of his wounds from his life in Iraq. She enlists Mike's help in treating him. Bart and Rhiannon treat Debbie, a patient who displays panic attack symptoms. Whilst she is left unattended she grabs a scissors and attacks Brad ...
8 Jul. 2008
Fearless and Searching
Charlotte and Rhiannon's day in court arrives and Frank is called as a character witness for Charlotte. But will Rhiannon eventually tell the truth or will Charlotte's reputation as a doctor go up in smoke? Tanya Foster Wallace, an alcoholics anonymous colleague of Steve's, presents herself at ED with burns to her face and neck caused by her sister after she told her she had an affair with her sisters husband. Gabrielle's curiosity is piqued as Steve refuses to be drawn on who Tanya is and it awakens dormant feelings for Steve that she thought she had buried. Erica ...
15 Jul. 2008
Blood Lines
Charlotte rescues Rhiannon after she attempts suicide after her court case and to prevent her politician father David Wilson from finding out about her private life as he is an outspoken critic on gay & lesbian affairs. Leon Warner, a patient suffering from Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT), is admitted to All Saints with frequent nose-bleeds. Bart diagnoses leukemia and treatment of this will nearly certain put Leon in a wheelchair. Ricki and Dan's mothers cannot agree on what they want for their offspring's wedding. Dan's mother tells him he is making a mistake ...
22 Jul. 2008
Sons and Lovers
Dan's mother tells him that she and Luke are going back to their farm. Dan doesn't tell Ricki and she is unaware of problems until Luke tells her and it forces a confrontation between all. Charlotte, in her new role, refuses to delegate which annoys Frank and which causes her to miss a stroke in a pole dancer. Meanwhile, Mike operates on Mitch Collins, a teenager who was brought in with horrendous injuries resulting from a collision between a shopping trolley he was riding in and a pick-up truck. His devastated father John learns that a mobile phone video is being ...
29 Jul. 2008
Horses for Courses
Von finds home care patient Robyn Simms unconscious from an unprescribed batch of barbiturates and she is hospitalized at All Saints. Bart suspects that her home care nurse and Robyn know more than they are saying and that she is trying to commit suicide. Jack reluctantly asks Steve to Dan's bucks night party and Ricki asks Gabrielle to be her maid of honor.
5 Aug. 2008
Wish List
Frank's niece Amy Fielding starts work in the E.D. but doesn't want Frank to tell the other staff that they are related. But she makes a mistake which has tragic consequences for the patient she is treating. Steve collapses in the E.D. whilst working on a patient and later the same happens to Mike leading the team to discover that the patient was in contact with fertilizers and Frank has to carry out the procedure. Rikki and Bart look after a cystic fibrosis patient and whilst out on a bucks night Dan is tied to a tree and his friends are then involved in a serious ...
26 Aug. 2008
Best Laid Plans 3
Following the aftermath of the bucks night accident Dan tends to his injured mates and the couple they hit and insists on being involved in the operation of the female passenger. Dan and Rikki initially cancel the wedding but Frank insists it goes on and Dan and Rikki are eventually married. Gabrielle becomes jealous of Steve's attraction to Amy unbeknownst to her than he is jealous of her closeness to Jack. Gabrielle gets very drunk and Jack insists on calling her a cab but on the way out she kisses Jack in front of all the guests.
2 Sep. 2008
Rikki and Dan arrive back from honeymoon to find that Jack and Gabrielle are avoiding each other since the wedding kiss but in the end Jack makes her see that it is Steve that she is still interested in and not him. Mike becomes close to a badly injured skydiver who comes from the same background. Bart sees Amy in a new light but Amy refuses to hear him out and Von acts as an intermediary between a young man with Leukaemia and the family that he's never met.
9 Sep. 2008
Solitary Confinement
Frank and Mike attend deadly inmate Mathew King at a high security prison leaving Charlotte in charge. Diagnosing internal bleeding, he is admitted to All Saints hospital. There, he compromises the lives of the staff of the E.D. New locum doctor Tony Clark starts in the E.D. but he's not who he says he is. Meanwhile, Mike meets Juliet again at his regular blues club.
16 Sep. 2008
Better Safe Than Sorry
Bart and Amy continue to disagree as Frank puts them together at work which makes Bart question Frank's motives. Charlotte and Mike disagree over a head injury diagnosis which puts a single mother at risk. Elsewhere, Gabrielle and Steve work together causing Gabrielle to ask him if they still have a chance to be together but Steve bottles it and denies any spark exists.
23 Sep. 2008
Not What You'd Expect
Rikki gets accepted to do a six-week intensive Diploma in Emergency Medicine which will take her away from Dan. Jack and Dan attend a former pharmacist who is now living rough and who may have taken mercury to poison himself. With the lab results unavailable Jack guesses the diagnosis and gives him antidote to correct the mercury. But the patient arrests and dies. Jack must now wait for the coroner's report to see what actually killed him. Meanwhile, Jack and Amy tend to Paula Griffin who has Proteus Syndrome and thinks that she is in danger of getting an embolism. ...
30 Sep. 2008
Training Wheels
Jack is called to the scene of a serious accident near his home and it quickly becomes known that the only way to save the female driver is to amputate both her legs. On hearing that Jack is at the crash site Frank sends Bart to assist Jack and to monitor him in light of the incident which killed a patient the previous night. Elsewhere, Rikki leaves for her college course but later Dan reports that she has not turned up at the college or checked in at her dorm. Meanwhile, Amy continues to bond with Paula Griffin and agrees to go round to visit her regularly. Von warns...
7 Oct. 2008
When the Party's Over
Dan's fears about Erica's disappearance are not helped by a difficult patient and he finally relents and goes to the police station to report Erica missing. Elsewhere, Jack finds out from Frank that admin are pursuing a case against him over the death of his patient Brian Carey and which might see Jack de-registered.
14 Oct. 2008
Out on a Limb
Timothy Carey's widow visits the E.D. whilst Jack and Frank are attending the morbidity and mortality meeting. Steve and Gabrielle fight to save the life of a worker who has suffered prolonged exposure to chemicals at his workplace. Dan continues to be in denial about Erica's disappearance and Mike is challenged by Juliet to step out of his comfort zone.
21 Oct. 2008
Running for Cover
Mike, Charlotte and Gabrielle deal with Rohan, a store owner who has been shot during an armed robbery, and Sean who has temporary amnesia from his ordeal. When Sean starts to recall the incident it moves Dan to reassess how he's dealing with Erica's disappearance and takes some time off. Bart offers to go with him to search for Rikki. Gail Henderson brings in her 25 year old son Rhys, who has an acquired brain injury and who's suffering from cellulitis. Due to the lack of nurses, Von offers to help Bart for the day. Von realises Gail isn't coping and Von hopes to get...
28 Oct. 2008
Another Reality Check
Dan and Bart begin their search for Rikki but it turns fruitless and Dan must face the fact that something has happened to her. Mike faces the possibility that his girlfriend Juliet is hiding something from him. Elsewhere, Frank and Jack are at odds as is Steve and new doctor Dr Adam Rossi.
4 Nov. 2008
Secrets & Lies
Frank is frustrated as to how new doctor, Adam Rossi, and Von know each other but neither are telling. New agency nurse Claire takes a personal interest in a patient who has been beaten by a baseball bat by his jealous wife. Dan continues to have hope for finding Rikki unknown to him that some of her belongings have just been found.
11 Nov. 2008
A Safe Place
Frank sees Juliet outside of E.D. and brings her in as she's close to fainting. New nurse Claire is tested on her first day in the ED when she has to deal with a very difficult patient with emphysema. Dan is not amused with her being there as he sees her as taking Rikki's place and instead puts his time and energy into finding out the identity of a Jane Doe patient in the E.D. Bart and Frank treat a married man with erratic memory loss and insomnia where blood tests lead them to diagnosing him with Fatal familial insomnia (FFI) which will kill him within a year. Adam ...
18 Nov. 2008
Spinning Out Again
The police call to All Saints with bad news for Dan. Erica's body has been found and it appears she was murdered. Dan leaves with the police and later phones Frank to tell him that he is going home to the farm to be with his family indefinitely. Jack's final day at All Saints is anything but quite as he is challenged by a difficult patient. Elsewhere, Frank puts Adam through hoops in telling him if he will get Jack's job and Mike questions the decision he made to honor a dying patient's wish.
25 Nov. 2008
Another Time Bomb
Angie Clayton is brought into the ED after an explosion at her workplace and is discovered to have a piece of explosive embedded in her neck that could spell disaster for her as well as the entire Emergency Department. Frank and Mike come up with a solution to operate in the morgue where Mike puts his life on the line giving him reason to make a radical decision about his future and his life with Juliet. Meanwhile, Morgan is brought in suffering from severe hypothermia after a camping trip went wrong and the ED team wrestle with balancing the risk of cardiac failure ...

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