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Season 10

13 Feb. 2007
Family Matters
Vincent and Jack fight to save Bart's life in the Operating Theatre as Frank finds himself eaten up with worry and guilt over the shooting - not helped by visits from his dead father. Meanwhile, Dan is still stuck in his house with Erica's brother AJ who has a serious injury. Even with his best efforts it looks as if Dan could very well fail in his quest to save a life. Zoe must deal with an overwrought father who feels responsible for his daughter's illness while Cate, still recovering from her drug overdose, makes a life decision that sees her leave the Emergency ...
20 Feb. 2007
The Hardest Word
Everyone in the Emergency Department (ED) are on edge as Bart recovers from his gunshot wounds and how they deal with the death of Erica's brother. Von brings in Ian, one of her transitional care patients, to the ED as his carer, his son Lance, was not caring for Ian properly. Meanwhile, Cate, out jogging as part of a concerted plan to turn her life around, is the first person on the scene of a horrific MVA. She's forced into radically treating one of the victims, Brian MacPherson, much to the horror of his girlfriend Lisa. As the day unfolds Cate gets some new ...
27 Feb. 2007
Erica has to do some detective work to find out why a teenage boy's health is deteriorating. Meanwhile, a car crash at a motel sees two patients admitted to the Emergency Department where the cause of the crash creates controversy. Elsewhere, Frank and Vincent clash over Bart's recovery.
6 Mar. 2007
Smoke and Mirrors
Mike Vlasek returns to the ED after a six-month detox for morphine addiction to discover Frank and Jack have problems just as serious as his own. During an operation with Mike, Jack is shocked when he recognises the patient in front of him - one he would rather forget. Frank's obsession with Bart's recovery has consequences for Zoe and Gabrielle who struggle to cover for Frank's absence with Zoe missing a diagnosis which sends her patient Sharon into renal failure. Eve has some news for Frank but because he is distracted by Bart she doesn't tell him but ends up ...
13 Mar. 2007
The Hearts of Men
Mike and Zoe clash over the treatment of Josh, a methamphetamine addict, who is unwilling to face the reality that he is an addict. With Bart due to be discharged from the hospital Frank decides the best way for Bart to stand on his own two feet is to take him home with him - which Eve agrees with - but which again stops her telling Frank her news. A woman is brought in with a serious degloving injury. Vincent, Sean and Gabrielle work with tenacity and skill to calm and then stabilise her for Theatre. But have they left things too late? Meanwhile, Jack is forced to ...
27 Mar. 2007
Back on Track
Cate and Heath arrive at a park where a group of friends have set up a makeshift horizontal bungee catapult. One young man has died and the other is critically injured. Their friend, Conrad, is worried not just for their medical situation but because he knows he's responsible. Cate becomes obsessed with finding out the truth surrounding the accident. Bart forces himself to be overly optimistic about his first day at rehab when Frank tells him he and Eve are expecting a baby. It doesn't help Bart that Conrad is an old adversary from his school days. Bart pushes himself...
24 Apr. 2007
Life Interrupted
In his grief, Frank is determined to throw himself into his work and everyone else's. This brings him into conflict with everyone who comes in contact with him: Mike as they argue over the best course of treatment for a trauma patient; Sean as he struggles to diagnose a young mother's mystery illness; and Gabrielle as the battle lines are drawn over the ED's administration.
19 Jun. 2007
Precious Moments
The team pull together to save one of their own - but is it too little too late? Plus, a secret shatters friendships; a young family faces their darkest hour, Can Bart come up with a solution; and Vincent picks the wrong night to cross Mike.
24 Jul. 2007
Bad Blood
Dan treats a woman with Hep C and bungles a needle disposal. He sticks his finger with the contaminated needle and contracts the illness. Tension in ED rises due to animosity between Charlotte and Zoe.
24 Jul. 2007
Push Me, Pull Me
Zoe and Charlotte are at each other's throats as Zoe grieves the death of her boyfriend and Charlotte's partner is going back to Africa with or without her. Two middle aged brother's bickering brings one of them to the brink of death. Hormone therapy proves almost deadly to a man undergoing gender reassignment.
14 Aug. 2007
Mixed Blessings
After winning the lottery, a couple fall victims to a brutal home invasion. It's Steve Taylor's first shift on the job as the new ED doctor and thoughts of an easy day soon disappear when he encounters his first patient. Dan gets his latest round of Hep C results. Meanwhile, Frank tells Bart that there's no room in the ED for him anymore.
11 Sep. 2007
Reality Check
Cate and Heath have their drug bag stolen at an accident site. Zoe and Charlotte are forced to work as a team together to save a young patient's life. Gabrielle is forced to make the most painful decision of her life and tell Frank that Steve is drinking on the job. When Von discovers a patient is violently abusing his wife, she and Frank must work together to help his wife. Mike catches up with Jack after he's resigned and tries to map out a future for him.
25 Sep. 2007
Lost & Found
Bart is helpless in the face of a difficult patient who refuses treatment for a life threatening infection and comes to a cross road in his career. Dan refuses to accept the onset of flu-like symptoms may be the onset of full blown Hep C despite Erica being concerned with him. Jack is on his first day back in E.D. and he deals with a woman who has a heart complaint.
16 Oct. 2007
Open Hearts
Charlotte and Jack take different sides on a patient who's brought into the emergency department after a failed abortion. Dan cannot seem to tell Erica that he is not going to Hep C counseling as Steve moves out of Gabrielle's apartment. Meanwhile, Mike tries to save a patient who's throat was cut by his friend who was trying to save him.
30 Oct. 2007
Precious Time
Frank has a dilemma on hand when a patient dies due in part to a faulty resus bed. Does he tell the widow the truth? Dan breaks up with Erica and decides to start on the Hep C programme. Steve tries to get his job back with Frank.
6 Nov. 2007
Cutting Free
Dan starts his Hep C treatment and the side effects start to cause problems and ends up being sent home by Gabrielle after reacting badly to comments made by amputee Ben Quilty. Director of Medicine Oliver Maroney tries to find out who leaked details of the hospital bed malfunction to a dead patient's widow. He asks Psych consultant Elizabeth Foy to attend to all psych consults in the E.D. and monitor Frank Campion at the same time. Erica deals with a difficult patient whilst at the same time deals with the flirtations of new maintenance guy James Byrne. Dan later ...
13 Nov. 2007
Thin Ice
Gabrielle, Jack, Erica and Heath attend an ice-hockey game where a fight ensues between a fan and one of the team players resulting in another team player's throat being cut by an boot ice blade. Melissa, a woman whom Heath fancies, feigns illness at the ice-hockey match and is taken to All Saints. New maintenance guy James Byrne sees her there and tells her she shouldn't be there and she will stuff it up for him. Before she leaves she takes Heath's hospital badge but James takes it off her when she leaves the hospital. Ann-Maree's health deteriorates and Von advises ...
20 Nov. 2007
Against the Wall
Mike gets pathology report on Simon and he is a perfect candidate for a kidney transplant but he ponders what to do because he will not be able to take morphine when he's in recovery. Frank and Dan treat Georgina Feeney whose only chance of survival is a heart transplant. Mike, Charlotte, Ricky and Gabrielle fight to save the life of a patient badly injured in a construction accident. Bart persuades Ann-Maree to come in for follow up tests to determine whether or not her cancer has spread. Later, James Byrne, Melissa and an accomplice close down the E.D. and raid it ...

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