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24 Feb. 1998
Body and Soul
Nurse Unit Manager Terri Sullivan manages the 'general medical ward' at All Saints Western General Hospital. Affectionately known as "The Garbage Ward", it takes the overflow of patients from all the other wards.
24 Feb. 1998
Everybody's Human
Terri arrives at work to find Dr. Harry Williams has been admitted to the ward with a mild cardiac condition and he becomes the patient from Hell.
3 Mar. 1998
Gut Feeling
Ben saves the life of a drug dealer who is the victim of a stabbing attack. Connor disputes the diagnosis of a new intern while he is looking after Scott, an anxious country boy.
10 Mar. 1998
A Question of Strength
Bron faces the dilemma of becoming too attached to a patient. Jared discovers that Angie lied to him about continuing her out-patients treatment. Terri goes into battle with the bureaucrats.
17 Mar. 1998
Night Shift
When Jaz collapses after being slipped a party drug, Connor and Bron put their careers on the line to care for her. Jared introduces his fiance to Ben and Stephanie.
24 Mar. 1998
Give and Take
Preparations for a sibling kidney transplant go awry. Bron's professionalism is put to the test and Jared has an unexpected admirer.
31 Mar. 1998
Combat Zone
Von has to come to terms with her past when a long lost friend is admitted to Ward 17. Terri encourages a young woman from a different culture to make her own choices.
7 Apr. 1998
Think Positive
Bron's favourite patient, is readmitted with pneumonia and is stunned with the news that his illness could be HIV related. Sophie has difficulty juggling work and being a single mother.
14 Apr. 1998
Forget Me Not
Jared worries when a new mother rejects her child, and when the baby goes missing, the teenage mum is the prime suspect.
21 Apr. 1998
A Little Magic
Terri finds herself unable to separate professional ethics from her personal beliefs when a witch is admitted to the ward.
28 Apr. 1998
Terminal Speed
Raelene is admitted to the ward and Peter and Connor suspect that she is bulimic. Steph finally decides to act upon her dream of becoming a doctor.
5 May 1998
Heart to Heart
A high profile lawyer arrives for a coronary by-pass, but her irresponsible attitude towards her own health makes the surgeons decide to postpone the operation.
12 May 1998
The Hard Yards
Connor is horrified to learn that his rugby hero has been admitted to Ward 17. Jared's ex-girlfriend turns up wanting to talk about their break-up.
19 May 1998
Goodnight Sweetheart
Terri has been up all night comforting Peter who cannot accept that his wife is brain-dead. She also has the difficult task of asking Peter to give consent for Jenny's organs to be donated.
26 May 1998
Crimes of the Heart
Terri mourns for Jenny and struggles with the breakdown of her friendship with Peter. Connor finds himself nursing an AIDS patient through his last days.
2 Jun. 1998
Nothing But the Truth
The arrival of two high-dependency patients and an incompetent agency nurse increase the stress and workload in Ward 17.
9 Jun. 1998
Babes in the Woods
Terri and Peter are forced to put a young girl's emotional health at risk in order to save the life of a newborn baby. Jared is thrilled by Angie's attempts to get her life back on track.
16 Jun. 1998
Sounds of Silence
Stephanie supports a woman's decision to have a cochlear implant against her deaf husband's wishes. Jared teaches an old man how to be independent and learns a lesson in return.
23 Jun. 1998
A Hard Day's Night
Luke is put through the wringer when a patient deteriorates before his eyes. Jared learns more harsh truths about Angie.
30 Jun. 1998
A young mother has a cardiac arrest and a near death experience. Jaz helps three elderly patients feel worthwhile. Von brings out the devil in an otherwise shy, gentleman patient.
7 Jul. 1998
Smooth Operator
Luke falls under the spell of a man-hungry female surgical consultant. Jared ignores his instincts and botches the treatment of a patient.
14 Jul. 1998
Truth or Dare
Von tries to help a diabetic youth adjust to life in the workforce. Ben is lured into a deserted park which results in him being a patient in Accident and Emergency.
21 Jul. 1998
Terri faces echoes from her past when she helps a victim of domestic violence. Bronwyn has an unpleasant shock when the new head of cardiothoracic surgery arrives at All Saints.
28 Jul. 1998
The Price You Pay
A rookie cop is brought into the ward suffering from a gunshot wound and suspected spinal injuries. Bronwyn tries to teach a young binge drinker about his serious medical condition.
4 Aug. 1998
A Mother's Love
While Stephanie tries to adjust to the idea of being pregnant, she is assigned to nurse a dying woman who wants to hold on for the birth of her grandchild.
11 Aug. 1998
Touch and Go
Terri's faith is tested when her best friend and mentor, Sister Marguerite, undergoes a startling personality change.
18 Aug. 1998
Yesterday's News
Professor Craig drops a bombshell on the staff of Ward 17 - with dire consequences for Bronwyn and Luke's relationship.
25 Aug. 1998
Family Feud
Richard Craig is all set to perform ground breaking heart surgery, but when the patient changes his mind, Richard places the blame on Bronwyn.
1 Sep. 1998
Little White Lies
Stephanie is placed in an ethical dilemma when she is forced to lie. Jared fears he may have contracted HIV while giving First-Aid to a dying drug addict.
8 Sep. 1998
Best Laid Plans
Terri fills in as assistant director of jursing for the day, leaving Stephanie in charge of ward 17. Richard forces Bronwyn into making a huge sacrifice.
15 Sep. 1998
Parting Friends
Bronwyn faces crisis upon crises as she hands in her resignation and her dear friend's life-saving operation goes terribly wrong.
22 Sep. 1998
Cards on the Table
A patient's flirtation with Jared becomes serious when she accuses him of rape. A patient's honesty and optimism gives Stephanie the strength to tell Ben she may never want children.
29 Sep. 1998
Boys Will Be Boys
Bronwyn is looking for action on her first day of ambulance duty - and she gets more than she bargained for.
29 Sep. 1998
Live Now, Pay Later
Stephanie and Luke work together to solve a medical mystery but with devastating consequences. Terri has to deal with a nudist on the ward. Bronwyn realises Ben has post traumatic stress syndrome.
13 Oct. 1998
Out of Control
Terri is placed in mortal danger by the husband of a patient who has been the victim of domestic violence. Jaz tries to come to terms with the fact she was date-raped by Danny.
13 Oct. 1998
Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Ward 17 reels from the consequences when they learn about Jaz's ordeal. Ben discovers an elderly patient who isn't at all what she appears to be.
20 Oct. 1998
The Price of Love
Stephanie faces a moral dilemma when she suspects an old friend of performing euthanasia on her dying husband. Peter is troubled by thoughts of who received his late wife's organs.
27 Oct. 1998
Happy Death Day
Terri is forced to nurse a patient who is determined to commit suicide - he is admitted with a drug overdose as well as legal papers to say he is not to be resuscitated.
3 Nov. 1998
Moment of Truth
Stephanie's life is on the line when she and two patients contract a rare disease. Luke is forced to question his abilities as a doctor when faced with an ungrateful patient.
10 Nov. 1998
Hard Rain
Ben and Bronwyn are called to save a little girl who has fallen down a storm water drain. Terri reveals another side to her nature when a patient pushes her too far.
17 Nov. 1998
Christmas Spice
As Ward 17 celebrates Christmas, a sick child hopes that her wish will come true, an elderly man asks Santa for a special gift for his ailing wife, and Bronwyn is in for a surprise.

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