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3 Feb. 2009
Out of the Ashes
Mike and Steve join specialist paramedic Jo Mathieson of the Medical Response Team and fly to a river location where several crewman have been seriously injured after an explosion on a fishing boat. Later, back at base Mike tells Frank that he plans to set up a medical response unit from the Basement of All Saints. Meanwhile, Bart and Amy continue to be at loggerheads.
10 Feb. 2009
Dreams and Nightmares
Gazza, an immigrant cabbie is pulled from his cab and savagely beaten up by a psychotic man named Corey who is then brought into All Saints by Jo after an incident on the top of a building. The team have to face the fallout when the two come together in the E.D. A subsequent investigation by Gabby and Steve show that Corey has been taking sleeping tablets to help him sleep and mixed them with alcohol causing his psychotic episode. Meanwhile, Bart helps a couple come to terms with the woman's returning cancer. Elsewhere, Mike gets his Medical Response Unit up and ...
17 Feb. 2009
Day One
Mike, Steve and Jo are called to the National Park where they must rescue two para-gliders. Meanwhile, Collette Harris, a patient with a strange condition, baffles the heads of Adam and then Frank. Elsewhere, Bart and Amy continue to bicker which nearly causes serious problems when treating a patient but a passion ignites between them later than night at Amy's apartment. Juliet tells Mike she is going back to Melbourne as his new job is taking up all of his time.
24 Feb. 2009
Sins of the Past 2
On a Medical Response Unit call-out to a rural farm Steve realises that the injured party is Gabrielle's brother Ben and he doesn't receive a warm welcome from her father Russell when he arrives on scene. In the E.D. Adam treats a couple and believes that the man is beating the woman because her injuries don't add up and she is asking for drugs repeatedly. Elsewhere, Amy continues to tease Bart after their night together which makes him uneasy.
3 Mar. 2009
Evil Is as Evil Does
The Medical Response Unit are called out to a cave collapse and find a badly injured Ken Bracey, whom Frank diagnosed previously with Fatal familial insomnia (FFI), and his young son Dion nearby. Steve and Jo stay behind when Ken's wife Roz informs Frank back at base that their daughter Marley is also missing. She is eventually found with her foot caught in an animal trap. Tests in the E.D. show that he had taken sleeping pills which are fatal for his condition. It also showed that the children were also drugged. When Frank queried Roz on it she told him that the kids...
10 Mar. 2009
Facing the Music 2
The tire on newlyweds Garth and Helen Wilkinson's car blew out which caused them to crash into a tree in rural countryside. The Medical Response Unit attend but before they can move Helen she dies but Mike takes the controversial decision not to tell her husband until they get him stabilised in hospital. Meanwhile, Frank takes a personal day from All Saints to attend a recital but the violinist, Annalise Lang, has a seizure and Frank brings her to All Saints where he eventually diagnoses Farr's Disease - a degenerative disease with no cure. Elsewhere, Adam and Bart ...
17 Mar. 2009
Awake in Fright
The past, which Clare has been trying to put behind her, catches up with her with the appearance of her ex-boyfriend Ian Kingsley in the E.D. complaining of headaches. Clare refuses to deal with him and tells both Gabby and Frank that even her family don't know where she is so frightened she is of him. Bart diagnoses Ian with CVST but before Bart can treat him Ian leaves the hospital to follow Clare who has left with Steve. Meanwhile, Bart tells Amy their relationship is over and Adam tries to counsel a young woman confront her feelings of guilt over a car accident.
24 Mar. 2009
Behind Closed Doors 3
The Medical Rescue Unit are called to a domestic siege and Steve puts himself forward to treat the female victim and try to reason with the gunman. Meanwhile, Claire is attacked outside by her ex-boyfriend Ian but as she pushes him away he collapses. She is later told he had a stroke and Frank is adamant that he wants him moved from the E.D. Gabby overhears Ian saying that he will never let Claire go and she fears for her safety. Elsewhere, Amy tries to reason with Bart to give their relationship another try but he refuses.
31 Mar. 2009
Danger Zone
The Medical Response Unit are called to a winery where an explosion has taken place and caused burns of 70% on one casualty. Meanwhile, a psychotic and violent man is brought into the ED covered in blood but Adam discovers that the blood doesn't belong to the man. Frank finds out that the man is a drug addict who has buried his girlfriend so Adam and Von race against the clock to find her before she dies. Elsewhere, Frank finds out about Bart and Amy's relationship and he is not a happy man.
21 Apr. 2009
Pushed Too Far
Frank decides to punish Bart by taking him off rounds and making him do pharmaceutical orders. The Medical Response Team deal with an older man stuck in a car crusher. Elsewhere, Adam and Amy tend to a woman who attempted suicide over a failed relationship. Meanwhile, Ian Kingsley discharges himself from hospital and goes to Claire's home where he rapes her.
28 Apr. 2009
Handle with Care
Frank, Bart and Amy struggle to save a young man who has sustained massive brain damage after vomiting in his sleep, and help his mother understand the need to turn off his life support. Charlotte and Von have to deal with Blanche, an obnoxious rich patient, who pushes Von to her limits. Elsewhere, Mike and Jo attend to a dirt bike accident in the bush as Steve takes a day off to be with Claire. After being told that the chopper is unavailable Mike decides to operate to repair the man's bowel. Meanwhile, angered by Claire's declaration that Ian will never leave her ...
5 May 2009
The Devil Within
Mandy Finch, a female prisoner who deliberately swallowed a toothbrush for a day out of gaol, opens up the past for Claire and Adam. Mindless violence at a teenagers' soccer match, and after the serious injury of a young player, spills into the ED. Steve's anger at being unable to help Claire creates tension with his workmates and patients so Gabby intervenes and offers Claire a place to stay which doesn't please Steve much.
12 May 2009
Give and Take 2
Jules Wilson, a well-travelled wildlife photographer comes into the ED suffering from a mysterious infection forcing Bart to think outside the box after all his tests come back negative. Gabby is tempted by Jules's offer of her going to work in Africa as a nurse. A young expectant mother is admitted with breathing difficulties and Charlotte has to break the news to her and her partner that she has a cancerous mass that will ultimately cause the termination of her foetus. Steve and Mike nearly come to blows over his treatment of a woman trapped in a motor vehicle. But ...
19 May 2009
When the Bough Breaks
The M.R.U. attend to a bus crash which tests Jo when she tries to discover the fate of a baby as the baby's mother is in a catatonic state. Back in the E.D. Charlotte tries to find out what caused the bus driver to crash until a chance remark by the driver leads her to discover that he is suffering from Lyme Disease. Elsewhere, Adam's mother Debra contacts Von and asks to see him but he refuses. His reaction to a bi-polar patient leads him to telling Gabrielle that his mother stabbed his bi-polar dad to death.
26 May 2009
Seeing the Light
The M.R.U. are called to a rural farm where a man has fallen into a toxic grain silo. Jo manages to secure the man eventually but is nearly overcome by fumes and Steve is called in to help. Later Jo collapses and is forced to accept that she is not invincible after all. Meanwhile, one of Von's outpatients - a retired concierge - is admitted and he begins to tire all the staff out with his stories of celebrities who stayed at the hotel but not naming any. Claire received flowers and assumes they are from Steve until he tells her he didn't send any. Ian gets a job as a ...
2 Jun. 2009
We All Fall Down
Amy is not too happy when Bart's patient, Felicity, turns out to be his first-ever serious girlfriend and doubts his seriousness to their relationship after he fails to tell Felicity that he is dating Amy. Meanwhile, the M.R.U. are called out to rescue an injured photographer stranded in remote bush-land. Ian returns to the E.D. and tells Claire he is back and will get Steve out of the picture. At the same time the M.R.U. develops engine problems and has to make a crash landing. Steve finds out that it was Ian that sabotaged the helicopter and goes after him and beats...
9 Jun. 2009
Bodies in Motion 2
M.R.U. is called to an incident where a lorry driver is trapped in his cab by high voltage electrical cables. Mike takes a decision on treating the driver which causes repercussions later. Amy and Adam treat a patient who has a rare infection and a broken heart. Charlotte and Von treat Maggie, a former pub landlady, who's allergic to the world around her but whom they fear is psych related. Frank is forced to make a decision about his future and gets the insight he needs from Bart. Amy tells Bart she loves him.
16 Jun. 2009
On Second Thoughts...
Frank is full of the joys of spring in the E.D. which starts to worry all the staff. Later, he explains to Mike that he wants to take over the intern programme at All Saints as he feels that interns are sufficiently trained. Bart and Adam treat a young man where a wall has fallen on him but he develops symptoms that don't coincide with wall injuries until Claire discovers a spider bite on his hand and realises he's been bitten by a funnel spider. Steve and Jo are called to an unusual medical emergency where a young heartbroken man has gotten his penis stuck in a park ...
23 Jun. 2009
Starting Over
Frank's new intern programme begins in the E.D. and no-one is more surprised than Frank at his first intern - Dr. Katerina Ajanovic - a middle-aged woman who more than gives him a run for his money. Adam's estranged mother Debra turns up on his doorstep and Adam is non too pleased and takes his frustration out at work. Meanwhile, M.R.U. are called to a crash with a man trapped inside. But after freeing him the team realise that his daughter was injured in the crash and left the site to get help but she suffers from a rare disease so it's imperative that the team find ...
30 Jun. 2009
Curve Balls
Claire gets notified about a trial date for her testimony against Ian. New intern Dr. Katerina Ajanovic reveals her hidden skills to Frank when she helps to save a surfer from imminent paralysis. A young woman's well laid plans are threatened by a devastating illness which causes Bart to reassess his life. When a patient dies as a result of an alcohol-related accident, Gabrielle pushes Steve to tell Claire about his alcoholism. When he does he doesn't get a good response from Claire. Debra asks Adam to move in with her to her new home but he dismisses her suggestion ...
7 Jul. 2009
Test of Faith
A pregnant cult member's rare allergic reaction puts her life, and that of her baby, in grave peril.
14 Jul. 2009
Blood Is Thicker
Adam faces death when mindless violence spills into the All Saints ED. Frank accidentally discovers the secret Katerina is carrying.
21 Jul. 2009
Out of Control 2
Jo is pulled out of her comfort zone when she falls for a man at the centre of an accident involving multiple injuries.
25 Aug. 2009
Tell-Tale Hearts
Gabrielle's father Russell suffers another heart attack on the farm and is brought to All Saints. Frank insists on doing a procedure which Gabrielle feels is too risky and she proven right when Russell dies. She initially blames Frank and it takes Steve to make her see that Frank did all he could to keep her dad alive. Jo reveals to Mike and Steve the reason why she wants to leave the MRU is that she tested positive for Huntington's Disease. Adam is once again about to be hurt by the mother he has only recently reconnected with as she battles her last days of her ...
8 Sep. 2009
Safe Haven
The MRU attend an illegal Asian brothel and force the authorities to release them to All Saints for treatment of suspected TB. Bart attends to female patient who has overdosed and is having delusions. Meanwhile, Amy attempts to warn Bree of Elliott's suspicious moves but it falls on deaf ears.
13 Oct. 2009
The Two of Us
With Mike out of action, Steve's leadership abilities are put to the test while rescuing two brothers trapped in a lift. A fathers decision with regard to his daughter leaves Charlotte feeling hamstrung.
27 Oct. 2009
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 2
It's Von's last day and while the rest of the team struggle to get through another day, she is determined to leave with a win.

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