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Starks7 September 1999
I have to say that the most fun I had at the movies this summer was when I saw American Pie, the funniest picture I've seen since last summer's There's Something About Mary. This movie has taken the classic teenage boy film (Porky's, Revenge of the Nerds) and spruced it up for the 90's. It is hilarious from start to finish. If you like physical comedy, gross out comedy, sexual comedy, American Pie has it all. A great ensemble cast of likeable young actors makes this a joy to watch.

I think this year's breakout star has to be Chris Klein. He was phenomenal in Election and he is even better here as a jock who tries to soften his image to score before prom. I have a feeling Klein is going to be Hollywood's next big thing and I hope he has a chance to flex his acting muscles in some different movies (I can definitely see this guy in an action film).

Also very good is Jason Biggs who plays the sympathetic Jim character, the guy who is least likely to lose his virginity. His antics are very funny to follow and he gets the lion share of the laughs. Finally a huge ovation for Eugene Levy, who gets major laughs as the Jim's dad.
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My cup of tea. Not everybody's - but certainly mine.
Chris-56426 September 1999
I had the good fortune to see a sneak preview of this film in England, a couple of weeks before release - and I was very impressed indeed. Hurrah - a comedy that is laugh-out-loud funny, enough to make you cringe at the embarrassing bits (of which there are many), and smile at the sentiment, which isn't corny in the slightest. This coming-of-age tale of four boys who make a pact to become men by losing their virginity by prom night is the perfect movie to go the cinema with your buddies to see, but probably not with your family. Having said that, I saw a family (son, mother, father and grandmother) coming out of the cinema, and they had a great time. The grandmother couldn't stop laughing, and saying how true it all was. Which is interesting, if a little embarrassing.

Part of the success of this movie is due to the fact that we've all had to contemplate how we feel about sex, and losing your virginity is something which (no matter how fraught with peril it is) bonds us all because it is a very frightening experience. It's also a topic which has so much comic potential, and I'm glad that cast and crew don't throw any of the opportunities away. Here's the thing: if you're going to make a movie that is probably going to offend a few people no matter what you do, and is a very near-the-knuckle affair, why stop at only half-gags? Go the whole hog, push the boat out, thrust it in their faces. And that's what "American Pie" does.

The performances are all great, if a little clichéd (are all you Americans really either:

a) jocks

b) geeks

c) sweet, loveable square-jawed heroes/long haired, intelligent heroines? ...gosh, I hope so, that would be so funny for us Brits to watch). There is yet another high school prom (jealousy sets in once more - see "Never Been Kissed"), which causes much consternation for all concerned. There are marvellous scenes between concerned father and embarrassed child, quite the highlight of the movie. I'll be interested to see how the careers of all of the stars fare after this film. I wish them all well, but I find it hard to see them all thriving outside a high-school environment (which is good, because it indicates that they all play their roles with a great deal of endearing believability).

It'll certainly give you something to talk about with your mates, and it'll make you think about things, too. It'll make you check what's in your beer, it'll make you think about apple pie, and it'll make you think more about your relationships. All of which is good stuff. The soundtrack is good (although doesn't contain any Don McLean), the lighting is also very good in places, the direction adequate, the editing fine, the . But at the end of the day, this is the kid's movie, and they make an excellent job of an excellent script and situation, so fair play to them. This movie deserves to succeed, and I hope it receives a good welcome from us Brits, who should enjoy it a lot. (Incidentally, this film got a fifteen rating, which I think is about right for it - eighteen would be too prohibitive (after all, isn't this film aimed at people aged fifteen?)). Take a piece of advice, though - if you are embarrassed easily, don't watch it with members of your family. But do watch it.
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Astoundingly good-natured sex comedy
Jaime N. Christley14 July 1999
The director and the writer, Paul Weitz and Adam Herz respectively, will do anything for a laugh -- that's good, as it turns out, because this movie has a great many laughs in it. There's not much of that restricting, suffocating "logic" stuff around, but "American Pie" is immensely enjoyable. I mean, almost none of the things that happen in this film would ever, ever come to pass in real life, but it doesn't matter.

For starters, the characters aren't all one-dimensional. Thankfully, they're two-dimensional, so right away it has an edge on 60-70% of all the movies ever made.

Moreover, it's heart is in the right place. Most high school movies these days are all about cruelty and malice, especially towards (and among) the women. Not the case here. This is the first conventional high school movie I've ever seen that made me smile so much (I say conventional because "Rushmore" still trumps every one of them).

Furthermore, it's very funny. I wouldn't dare give away any of the really great gags (we've all seen the trailer -- that's not the one I mean), but I'll say this: Weitz and Herz are extraordinarily skilled in audience manipulation, which is to say that they know how and when to spring unexpected surprises upon us. They also know how to use foul language for punch, rather than punctuation.

The soundtrack is another positive. It's all about joy and high energy -- even music from Third Eye Blind and Barenaked Ladies that suffers from radio overplay fits the mood appropriately.
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Another reason that the summer of '99 is the Season of Comedy
JeffCNN12 July 1999
I laughed so hard I spit out half the bucket-o-pop I was drinking, and finally had to stop sipping from its fine nectar, because so many times I was hooting and bending over in joy.

There are some slower moments to let you catch your breath and allow for moments of sincerity, but only for a minute. The scenes in the previews (the ones you think will ruin the movie for you) are expounded on ten-fold, so there are plenty of surprises.

During the movie I kept saying, "This is me and my friends when we were in high school!" They were almost the same conversations about life, sex and girls; just not as frequently, but it's only a two-hour film. Any guy will appreciate American Pie full tilt, and girls will realize just what hoops guys jump through in order to get their attention, let alone in their pants.

What added to American Pie is that I liked every character, because the filmmakers didn't feel the urge to give us prototypical teen characters. Their personalities are distinctive, and their situations are all different, which leads to a hilarious finale where we see just how their pact plays out on prom night.

As I mentioned before, there are genuine moments on the screen where the guys and gals have revelations of sincerity. It adds a needed depth to a film like this, where it's not just raw, raunchy comedy, but important to the lives of the characters who know more than sex is at stake. Which is another reason to like Pie, there are several slices, and sexual conquest is only one of them.
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Actually turned out to be deeper than gross out humor
davispittman2 August 2017
I will say this for American Pie, it's not full out of completely gross out humor like Van Wilder (2002). It's got a couple of scenes based on crude humor, but I was glad to see that for the most part, the movie steered clear of over the top disgusting humor. The characters are good hearted boys that think they just want sex, and for a couple of the characters that turns out to be true, but for a couple other of them, it turns out that just "getting laid" isn't the most important thing. I liked that the characters actually ended up to have a deeper want and that they actually end up having better connections with girls that yes may involve sex, but that's not all that it's based upon. Now this movie isn't all love and good hearted stuff, it's got plenty and I do mean plenty of raunchy/dirty humor. Humor that involves male and female masturbation in different ways, premature ejaculation, and very descriptive talk of all kinds of sexual activities. Just FYI in case any of that offends you. There is some truly funny material in the film, I laughed at several scenes in the movie. I didn't think it was laugh out loud hilarious, but some parts were funny. The parts I wasn't laughing at, I was feeling for the characters. I loved the acting from all the cast members. Tara Reid was really good as Vicky. Jason Biggs was a perfect choice for Jim. Thomas Nicholas is great as Kevin. Chris Klein is very good as Oz. And the rest of the cast is good too, but Kevin, Vicky, Oz, and Jim are the biggest characters here. I loved how Oz and Kevin were so adorable and were actually good hearted guys. I really like American Pie because not only is it funny but it's also good hearted and filled with good characters. 8/10.
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They just do not make them like this anymore
jeremiloki9 July 2019
Can you believe it has been 20 years since this film? It is still funny and amusing. The boys were boys, the girls were hot girls and had long hair and flaunted their bodies and the father was super cool. Nowadays we have Daisy of Disney 'Star Wars' with short hair and looking all 'I have a chip on my shoulder' .. aaarrrgh I am going to stop right there. American Pie is funny and you should watch it if you already have not.
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cLoNe1 November 1999
This movie is lots of fun. It has some offensive jokes in it... VERY OFFENSIVE, but it makes up for it with some romantic scenes as well.

The movie is wild and over top with lots of original moments. The best thing about this movie that it's repecting the characters and lets them develop to good and decent people.

A very nice feel-good movie. Better watch it with friends.
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a well seasoned confection
T-1027 July 1999
American Pie has all the ingredients of a good movie. First, the plot deals with young people in search of their first sexual experience. What could be more basic to the human condition? Second, although obviously fiction, the film has a feeling of reality capturing the awkwardness and anxiety of young people at this point in their lives. Third, it is well written and not always predictable as each young man employs his own strategy, and of course, in the real world things do not always go as planned. Fourth, the cast consists of very talented young actors playing characters which may remind the audience of people they may have known. Fifth, the film has its poignant moments. The final ingredient is this movie is hilarious. The film has one liners, sight gags, and situations that very funny. The audience, which ranged from teenagers to middle age, laughed almost constantly and out loud. CAUTION: This film is rated "R" for sexual situations and the use of alcohol by young people. If you are easily offended or sexual humor makes you uncomfortable, stay away. However, if you are not in the aforementioned, you may enjoy it. Three stars!!!
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'American Pie' set the bar for teen sex comedies
dustinkdye28 July 2013
"So high school boys everywhere only think about sex, huh?" my Japanese wife turned to me and said about 20 minutes into "American Pie." She looked at me expectantly, as if she wanted to hear me say I was somehow different, above such base pursuits. I could tell she was mildly disappointed when I replied, "Yeah, pretty much." Eighteen-year-old boys' raging hormones is a truly universal theme.

There have been four American Pie films to date, not counting the straight-to-video releases. The film notably struck a chord with teens when it was released in 1999. I remember sitting in art class and overhearing a popular and attractive senior girl condescending to an awkward and geeky freshman boy, "You haven't seen 'American Pie'? The great American sex comedy?" I still cringe when I remember that.

If you haven't seen it, it is basically about four senior boys who make a pact to lose their virginity before they graduate high school. They shrewdly determine prom is their last chance to get laid, and devote all their energy to getting a woman in bed at the after-prom party, to be held at the lake house of the cocky lacrosse player, Steve Stifler. The boys, particularly Jim, have a series of embarrassing mishaps along the way, one famously involving a warm apple pie.

"American Pie" set a new bar for teen comedies. Every teen comedy since has tried, and failed, to top the scene where Stifler unwittingly drinks a beer with a load of semen in it.

Though "American Pie" is famous for its numerous gross-outs, the movie is good, and not just gross, because we come to identify with the characters, and the humor rises naturally from the situations. The scene where Stifler slips laxatives into Finch's mochaccino, causing him to make a desperate dash for the nearest toilet, is funny not because fart sounds are humorous, but because the film already established Finch's aversion for public restrooms.

The Stifler character was especially believable. When Heather (Mena Suvari) asks out Oz (Chris Klein) in front of the lacrosse team, Stifler proceeds to make lewd gestures. Heather misinterprets this as Stifler making fun of her, when Stifler was really just trying to embarrass Oz. When I first saw the film at the age of 16, I thought, That's pretty much how high school boys act.

The acting is serviceable. Eugene Levy, who plays Jim's dad, and Seann William Scott, who plays Stifler, are totally convincing in their roles. (Toward the end of the film, watch Stifler in the background check his beer before he takes a sip.) Others, however, give flat performances, especially in dramatic scenes. However, since these scenes take back seat to the comedy, and few of the jokes fall flat from the acting, the mediocre performances don't hurt the overall effectiveness of the film.

Another criticism I have of the film is one that pretty much applies to all Hollywood films, and that is that the kids are too rich. You can usually tell who the poor kid is in a Hollywood movie because he's the one who's not driving a late-model car. His family will still live in a two-storey house. Every student in "American Pie" (except for Oz, the only one shown to have a job), lives like the richest kid at my high school.

Overall, "American Pie" is an enjoyable comedy that will continue to be the standard against which all teen comedies will be judged. I recommend the unrated version. While scenes in most unrated or extended editions were cut from the theatrical releases for good reasons (i.e., they were tedious), the theatrical version of "American Pie" was really a sanitized version of the better, unrated version.
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Porkys for the 90s
pcampionz11 April 2020
Back when I was in high school porkys came out. It was at the time, way ahead of its time, and really stretched the limits of an R rating. American Pie far surpassed the Porkys franchise. So glad I was able to see American Pie at the theatre. If you haven't seen this, this should be on your list of comedies to see before you die!
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Funny Teen Sex Comedy.
RhapsodyReviews10 November 2019
Review: 'American Pie' is a comedy film directed by Paul and Chris Weitz. It is the first film in the 'American Pie' series. I was surprised to see the amount of negative reaction to this movie. I remember the first time I saw it and laughed almost the whole way through. The only problem that I had was that I couldn't accept the cast as being an average age of around 17. The performances were really great for a comedy of the 1990's. Jason Biggs stands out amongst all of them, with his dorky and desperate persona. He blends funny dialog with very funny physical comedy. Also, Alyson Hannigan who has a small but funny role is also great and she says the best line in the movie. Let's talk about Eugene Levi for a second, holy cow what a funny man this guy is. He is so natural as the over sharing father who just makes everybody either uncomfortable or laughing out loud. What can I say about this movie besides that It's a comedic classic! American Pie perfectly blends a buddy comedy, extreme gross-out humor, and dare I say a coming of age movie. It's one of those movies that is easy to predict when something bad will happen, but that's what made me laugh so hard. Some of the comedic moments are very offensive and this movie could not be made today. Overall, this movie is a crazy, outrageous, amazingly funny comedy. I recommend it to anybody who isn't easily offended and has a great sense of humor! 4/5
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Classic 90s coming-of-age drama
ellybendi22 April 2019
I don't often leave reviews but I had to comment how this film is clearly lost on some people. I was 18 when this film came out. Obviously those leaving bad reviews are a lot younger and don't realise the contemporary movie landscape.

The American Pie formula has been used a lot since its release but in its time, it was fairly original. It has humour, some of it cringeworthy toilet/sex humour granted, but it still makes me laugh out loud and turn away in disgust.

Then there are the poignant moments, the coming-of-age stuff that makes watching it worthwhile. The superficial pact the friends make is superseded by the various realisations each of them has by the end of the film.

When rating a film I always ask myself: does it present itself the best way it can? do the actors do their jobs well? does it tell the story? does it evoke emotion or thought? And the answer to all of these is a resounding yes. Ergo, it deserves a high rating.

Plus, it coined the term "MILF" and many of these unknown actors went on to have fairly successful careers afterwards. That is testament to this film's quality.
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Nostalgic, classic!
hwoworang9 March 2019
Movies like these just arent made anymore! Sums up all of the 90's. Great music, funny and good acting for a for this kind of movie! The sequels are really good too!
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Total teenage movie,but still very funny and better than average,
lesleyharris3018 June 2012
American Pie is a fairly good movie,with good humor and a funny storyline,its a total teenage movie but its better than average ones.The story lines sort of stupid and the characters are extremely immature for there age,but thats what makes it so funny and definitely better than the sequels.

After there friend loses his virginity,for friends all promise to lose there virginity before they graduate,with the prom coming up,its the perfect opportunity for them,but it proves more difficult than they thought.

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Flutes and pies
StanMakitadonuts15 January 2007
Where do you start... from flutes to pies, this pioneer teen movie has it all. I'm pretty sure this was the first DVD I ever saw, back in 2000. I do remember owing $20 in late fees to blockbuster video for keeping it so long after it was due back. It was worth it! This has classic written all over it, I think it's safe to say that anyone that was involved with this movie has a great career now because of it. American pie has an absolute all star cast led by the Great Jason biggs Anyone who enjoys comedy, teen comedy must see this movie! honestly you need to watch more movies if you haven't sen this one!!!

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This Film Has It All
motchcc10 February 2020
Funny scenes, funny characters, cleavage, nubile desirable legs and the thin waists... what a waist!
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crude but amusing sex comedy
Buddy-511 February 2000
If you are a person easily offended by a film dedicated primarily to the glory of teen sex, you may well view "American Pie" as yet another in a long line of cinematic harbingers of the collapse of western civilization. If, however, you remember adolescence as essentially a period of unending coitus interruptus, you may well find yourself engrossed by this amusing, though admittedly crude, series of sexual and scatalogical gags woven around a plot involving the desperate attempts of a quartet of last semester seniors to lose their virginity on the fast approaching sexual armageddon known as "prom night."

"American Pie" gleans most of its comic energy from its outrageous examination of the crazy and innovative extremes desperately horny teens will go to in order to experience the thrill of sex in lieu of the real thing. An attractive, game cast helps to mitigate the crudity of many of their actions and the filmmakers' lighthearted tone encompasses the characters in such a cloak of affection that the audience identifies with, rather than condemns, their antics.

As meager compensation for the moralists among us, the film does heavily promote the use of condoms and comes up with even more creative prophylactics for those times when a partner is not available.

"American Pie" is certainly not for every taste and there are those who would argue that it serves a less than salutary purpose as a guide for already sex-obsessed teenagers. Be that as it may, the film provides a fair number of hearty chuckles for those of us who can find humor in a group of backward youngsters experiencing the frustration and desperation we have all, at one time, experienced.

I do have one troubling question though: why do none of these characters, whenever they are involved in a potentially compromising position, ever lock a door? The answer, I suppose, is obvious for, if they did, at least half the film's biggest laughs would become impossible to achieve. For this film, at least, such a suspension of disbelief may be a prerequisite.

Be forewarned but enjoy!
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1990s classic.
stemelia2111 January 2020
American pie was a legendary movie for anybody who was mid to late teens in 1999. They literally hit the nail on the head about how guys of that age think and act, so theres a lot to relate to.

I havent really got anything bad to say about this film it's funny and really enjoyable and well worth a watch and probably the best one out of the four with the original cast.... well between this and number 2.

I'd rate it at 7.5/10 which I feel is about right. Its not an epic film for so many reasons but at the same time it has so many reasons why it is. If your the right age especially. If you've never watched this it's a must and if your watching again have fun and reminisce.
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A shocking, but entertaining comedy.
Niceguy11 June 1999
American Pie starts right off with shock value, and while the film relies heavily on it, there's plenty of story and exceptional performances to hold your interest. I attended a sneak preview of what I was told was a rough cut of the film, although there was only one scene that looked unfinished. The underlying story here is that of four high school senior buddies who have made a pact with each other to get laid before they graduate, specifically at the prom. The problem is, only one of them has a serious girlfriend, and she can't decide if she's ready for sex. But where the film really makes an impact is in it's numerous masturbation related scenes. There is one scene particularly early in the film that should test your stomach for the rest of the film's humor. Now while the film may not sound like it has good morals, there is one repeated underlying message, and that is to do what you like and not what you feel pressured to do. Unfortunately, this is NOT the kind of film its target audience should be seeing. At times it makes getting laid seem like the most important part of high school. The strength of the film lies in the fact that everyone who went to a public high school can relate to some aspect portayed here, and in the strong and well-timed performances of the talented cast. If you're mature enough to appreciate the film for its sheer comical performances, then you should really enjoy it. But if you don't like "toilet humor", then you might not find anything appealing with this one. Definitely not a date movie.
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Great nostalgia
superman112118 January 2019
This is how high school really is. Great interruption of how life as an soon to be adult is.
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Refreshingly Funny
mjw230515 January 2005
Since the likes of 'Animal house' and 'Porky's' i've waiting for another movie that confronts the funny side of of teenage life, in particular the sexual dilemmas we all have to face at some point in our teens. (I hope not to many people deal with them quite like this though) American Pie delivers exactly this and plenty more. With some truly hilarious characters and some terrific dialogue, this film will have you in stitches, and contains scenes that will be laughed about for years.

As teen comedy films go, this is up there with the best of them, highly recommended 9/10
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Don't believe the hype, it was pure 100% crap
timbonee9 July 1999
If you're 10 or simian, you might like this movie. For anyone with 1/2 a developed brain, it's not worth the time and money to sit through the vulgarities.
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Men need sex to feel loved. Women need love to have sex. Where do you even begin?
Flagrant-Baronessa29 October 2006
American Pie was a gruesome experience for me because the first time I watched it was with my best friend's older brother and father. Yeah, just us three. I was thirteen years old and a little part of me died as the brazen jokes kept piling up and culminating in grossness, upon which the father shifted awkwardly in his seat. With hindsight it was absolutely worth every minute of agony, because the film is such a powerful staple on the raunchy teen comedy wall of fame today and surely one of the most laugh-out-loud worthy films in my DVD collection (which isn't saying much since I have a total of like 20 films but still).

Its premise and execution both bluntly rehash Porky's but it also updates and modernizes its humour, settings and characters. Both Porky's and American Pie will be extremely dated (the former already is) but undoubtedly that will only contribute to the glossy contemporary feel of the films. They both zoom in on a group of brazen – but ordinary – teenage boys in the last year of high school and unflinchingly follow them as they enter a quest to lose their virginity before graduation, whatever means necessary. American Pie boasts of a quintet of absolutely hilarious guys who take on the mission but botch their way through dates and sexual encounters with fumbling ineptness. What is especially refreshing about the aforementioned is that these guys have no 'assigned quirks' to get the message across but only different personalities. In other words, they are playing it totally straight and the comedy therefore stems from the situations.

Sure 'American Pie' is not devoid of faults. Not by a long shot. It actively perpetuates stereotypes of the jock, the goody-goody two-shoes choir girl, the pimple-faced nerd, the Latin freak and the band camp geek. Far worse is that it presupposes that all girls are emotional predators of sorts, only after a heartfelt 'I love you' and conversely that are guys are horny beasts. Certainly there is a great deal of truth to both stereotypes but come on now – it's plain lazy comedy to ride on these clichés. Luckily American Pie has far more weapons to offer from its arsenal of comedy. How can you not enjoy a film that gave birth to the comic genius that is Eugene Levy, the fantastic Jennifer Coolidge as a Mrs. Robinsonesque older woman and coined the expression 'MILF'? The answer is, you can't. It's crude, dirty, gross, too far – and we love it.

8 out of 10
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This prissy generation can keep their « classics ».
m-478266 July 2021
This is the kind of movie I grew up with. I was a bit younger than the protagonists, and rewatching it now makes me feel really nostalgic. The humor was spontaneous, it didn't care about offending a loaf of bread. It was just comedy for the sake of having people laugh. And indulge in below the waist humor. But the difference with this one, is that it has heartfelt undertones, which is why it didn't get a bad rep, or people diminishing its otherwise qualities. The cast is the most iconic of the franchise, and none of the bad acting bothered me. And it still don't. I also love the music, obviously, and still regret so many good songs were missing from the official soundtrack. Or no volume 2 was ever released. I have no doubt a movie like this would shock a lot of « us » today. When will this regression stop? But it is too good for them anyway. As for the rest, enjoy and just be entertained. And see how cool 90s kids were.
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A really good funny romantic movie
jaroddfinch10 March 2021
This movie is so funny every time I watch it I laugh the whole time the first time I watch it is when I was 16 I seen it 30 times Shannon eliabeth acting is good if you like teen comedy movies you will like this it came out in 1999 the year I was born in
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