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Funny and asinine!
The whole plot was tired and foolish, must of us know that. I myself happen to like cheesy and stupid action movies. Cuba was funny, as I thought he might be, even Skeet turned out to have slight humor in his bones. This is one of those movies where two guys hate each other at first, but end up becoming the best of pals. If you like dumb jokes, and asinine plots, you'll LOVE this movie!
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A Movie Slightly Above Average of Other Action Movies
claudio_carvalho14 July 2003
A scientist (David Paymer) develops a biological lethal weapon and accidentally kills eighteen soldiers in an island during the tests. Colonel Andrew Brynner (Peter Firth) is the commander and becomes the scapegoat of the incident. He is sentenced to go to the prison for ten years. Along this period, he becomes unbalanced and decides to get the bomb to sell to terrorists. He commands a group of mercenaries to steal the bomb from the base where Dr. Richard Long is researching. He shots the scientist but he flees with the weapon to the convenience store where the clerk Tim Mason (Skeet Ulrich) and an ice-cream trucker driver Arlo(Cuba Gooding Jr.) are negotiating. Mason receive this weapon from the injured Dr. Richard Long, with an advice to keep it below 50 F. they try to reach a military fort and try to escape from the colonel's team that is hunting them down.

"Chill Factor" is not a bad film; indeed it is slightly above average for this type of action movie. There are some terrible cuts of the scenes in the edition and the egocentric Arlo is annoying most of the time. The deceptive conclusion makes this film forgettable. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Suando Frio" ("Sweating Cold")

Note: On 02 October 2015, I saw this film again.
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Very enjoyable
UniqueParticle18 June 2021
I originally saw on HBO a few years ago now it's on Starz which I have for a couple months. Quite a thrilling kind of disturbing yet funny in some parts especially when Skeet and Cuba are together. Love the line "I am destroyer of worlds"! Odd the few times I watched this I barely got sleep one of those easy to chill in bed types pun intended; great how well written it is. Peter Firth is one of the best villain actors in my opinion!
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Decent action flick
grahamsj321 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This film is, I believe, a bit underrated. Cuba Gooding stars in this action drama about a terrorist and a really nasty chemical weapon. In my opinion, it deserves a bit more than the 4.8 rating that it has accumulated. I gave it a 6. I found the interaction between the two heroes, portrayed by Gooding and Skeet Ulrich, to be quite what I'd expect from people under similar circumstances. There is intrigue and lots of action, enough to satisfy any action film freak. The story is decent and the screenplay is well-written. I thought the execution was OK but nothing to write home about. All in all, a "Not Bad" action flick that shouldn't disappoint.
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Utter nonsense but at least it was enjoyable to watch
CQKRIS28 August 2006
This film was complete trash, but in a good way. I've always looked upon Cuba Gooding Jnr as a semi decent actor but if this is the kind of film he is going to be starring in, then I can see him descending the same way as Charlie Sheen.

You can see from the outset that the makers tried to make one of those high octane action thrillers, which are ten-a-penny these days. But when you've got a budget that would struggle to finance an episode of quantum leap, then maybe making a film of this kind wasn't such a good idea.

They make use of computer graphics in a lot of the action scenes which, to be honest, doesn't look the worst I have ever seen, but still prompts you to snicker at how bad it is. The most ridiculous of which occurs at the end of the movie, when a chemical weapon which we have been told has the power to blow up basically a quarter of America, detonates in a tunnel.

At this point we are subjected to rotten computer graphics which are so bad that I instantly had flashbacks of Dean Stockwell and the film-making atrocity that was the Langoliers.

But the story is complete nonsense, so even with a budget the size of Lord of the Rings, there would be no way of making the whole thing believable anyway. So you can perhaps see where the producer was coming from i.e. lets make a cheap action thriller and we'll plaster Cuba Gooding's face over the front cover and we'll maybe make some money.

It would've have been better if Eric Roberts had been given the leading role.
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One of the better action films I have seen in some time.
Greg-20128 August 1999
Good action flick about regular guys turned defenders of the American people. Cuba Gooding is great as an excitable type, while Skeet Ulrich is the cool one. Once the story is set up, the action is non stop with a lot of "Edge of your seat" scenes. Cuba & Skeet deliver some good comedy lines to take a bit of the edge off the intensity of this film. Their relationship as friends grows throughout the movie so it gives you a good feeling & brings some believability to how they react to each other in tough situations. If you like fast, hard hitting action with a bit of humor thrown in, this movie is for you!
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It left me cold!
Wizard-813 September 2000
I'm no snob who only loves foreign movies and turns his nose at mainstream entertainment - in fact, I am quite forgiving for genre films, and I enjoy a lot of B movies as well. However, this major Hollywood is just as bad as many of the worst B films. Despite a respectable budget, the movie looks quite cheap, sometimes embarrassingly so, like when you see a guide cable hooked to the boat, or when you see that a major highway up a mountain is A DIRT ROAD (?!) The protagonists are annoying little jerks, and you feel sorry for Gooding for playing a foul-mouthed stereotyped hustler. In fact, the chief antagonist is more sympathetic than they are! There's also not that much action, and what there is has been filmed a la "Speed 2" (jiggily camera close-up).

Even if it's free on TV and you're feeling undemanding, you'll feel as frustrated as I felt at the end.
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Terrific fun
ExpendableMan14 July 2005
Don't you just love it when you're channel surfing to pass the time, end up watching a film you've never heard of and discover a forgotten gem? This is one of those movies, an action flick with tongue firmly placed in cheek that is very much in the vein of Con Air with its sense of humour.

The plot is basically one part road movie, one part 'Speed' and two parts 'The Rock,' as two blue-collar losers in the shape of Skeet Ulrich and Cuba Gooding Jr find themselves in possession of a top secret military chemical weapon that will detonate and kill millions of people if its temperature exceeds 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Pursued by a renegade military General, the duo set off against all odds to return the weapon to the nearest secure outpost, but there's a hitch; they have to cross the desert to do so.

It may be more Renny Harlin than William Shakespeare in its premise, but the end result is a riotous hour and thirty minutes worth of entertainment. Skeet and Cuba make for a great on screen pair, their bickering providing plenty of laughs and one liners, while Peter Firth is brilliant as the scenery-chewing villain. What makes it even more fun, is that unlike its contemporaries, the two lead characters are utterly hapless. They are just a pair of ordinary guys thrust into a situation beyond their control rather than muscle-clad, indestructible body-builders or Kung Fu experts and they only really survive unscathed by bumbling through the fight scenes.

You can tell the cast are having a great time and in all honesty, Cuba Gooding Jr seems to be enjoying himself so much it's a surprise he doesn't grin like a cheshire cat throughout the whole movie. So get some beers in, get your mates round, switch your brain off and check it out, its a really enjoyable film.
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dj_bassett24 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Kevin Thomas from the LA Times promises me on the back "A Roller Coaster Loaded with Thrills and Spills". Kevin Thomas is an awful liar, lemme tell you.

A dreadful action-adventure turkey, this starts out squarely on the wrong foot: on some deserted island somewhere mad scientist David Paymer is experimenting with some kind of superweapon he calls "Elvis". (This joke will subsequently be rammed into the ground, covered up with dirt, then dug up and rammed into the ground again as the movie progresses.) Peter Firth is the good-guy American soldier who thinks Paymer's out of control, Paymer pulls rank, does the test, of course something goes wrong, most everybody dies and Firth gets shafted, sent for ten years hard time in Leavenworth.

Got that? We cut to the present, Firth gets out and he's the bad guy? (????) And Paymer's some kind of sympathetic hero? (??????) Huh? (I'm gonna use up my ratio of question marks, you get the idea.) Anyway, Firth, who now has a Hollywood-approved multi-cultural, fully integrated team of bad guys, shoots Paymer while looking for "Elvis", who he's gonna sell to the highest bidder. Paymer, bleeding to death, improbably summons up enough strength to give it to Skeet Ulrich, who's "the only guy he can trust". Ulrich (gamely trying for The Hero With A Troubled Past, but really just reminding me of various convenience store clerks I know) shanghais Cuba Gooding Jr.'s ice cream truck, which conveniently happens to be parked outside (Gooding is doing The Hip Urban Guy Whose Wisecracks Are The Comic Relief; it's an embarrassing role for any actor, and Gooding does not enoble himself here.) I personally was rooting for the bad guys throughout, which is kind of a problem in these sort of movies. But anything to shut Cuba Gooding up. Apparently they blew their budget on a few effect shots -- the schtik of the movie is that the bomb has to remain cold or it'll go off, and you'd think there'd be a lot of sequences playing around with that, but not really, and whenever it looks edgy there's always a cold mountain stream or a handy fat guy with a case of beer in a cooler to save the day. Most of it is a dull car chase around what looks like a resort town in Montana.

My guess is that early versions of the script were much more of a straight up black comedy, with two lunkheads saving the day for the wrong people. "Bill and Ted meet SPEED". Something like that. But maybe that's just my imagination: that'd make a good movie, though, huh?
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Third Rate Guy Flick
FlickJunkie-221 March 2000
This 3rd rate action adventure guy flick will probably set Cuba Gooding, Jr.'s career back about 10 years. This film is basically a variation on `Speed' where instead of keeping the bus above 50 mph, they had to keep the unstable chemical warfare bomb below 50 degrees.

Two regular guys (actually two screw ups) must save the world from a group of rogue military mercenaries who are trying to steal a potent chemical weapon and sell it on the open market. The chemical is unstable above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and will explode stripping the skin from any living creature within a hundred miles. Our heroes must get this doomsday weapon to the nearest army base armed only with a broken down ice cream truck and a pistol with no ammo. The half a dozen bad guys are all have elite military background, the latest in electronic equipment, souped up SUV's, and an arsenal of advanced weaponry. Predictably, the mercenaries are no match for our screw ups.

This film is one big chase scene that takes implausibility to new heights of incredulity. The dialogue between Arlo (Gooding) and Tim (Skeet Ulrich) is mindless tripe that attempts to be funny but merely makes the characters seem pathetic. This is consistent with all the writing in this screenplay which is mostly hack.

As far as I can tell, this is Hugh Johnson's debut as a first line feature director, having mostly done assistant and second unit direction and cinematography. In this regard he fails to distinguish himself. His camera work was pedestrian and scene selection was pretty much stock for the genre. The first third of the film was shot with a blue filter, to get a dark look. The odd thing was, he kept the blue filter for the indoor shots and subsequent daytime shots. This indiscriminate use of the filter, rather than creating an effect just made the entire film look washed out. Then suddenly, he abandoned it entirely. On a plus note, the stunts and pyrotechnics were handled well as were the special effects when the chemical weapon test went awry at the beginning of the film. There were some effective moments of suspense like when they tried to take the oversized ice cream truck past the narrow road on the cliff.

Cuba Gooding, Jr. did his best to bring life to a very insubstantial character. He was witty and energetic as always but there was no saving Arlo. Skeet Ulrich was utterly bland as Tim Mason. David Paymer was decent as the arrogant scientist who's ambition for his work exceeded the limits of prudent science. Peter Firth was dreadful as the evil Captain Brynner, leader of the rogue soldiers.

All in all, this film was a loser. I gave it a 3/10. For guys who want a good beer buzz movie while the wife and kids are out of town, this might be okay. Otherwise steer clear.
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If you like action with wit, this is a good movie to rent.
cbenavidez17 February 2000
I loved this movie. Of course, I like any movie that is packed with action, but is not so serious, that your depressed halfway through the movie. This movie portrayed a pair of undesirables stuck together in a, "wrong place at the wrong time" kind of situation which made them into heros.

Is this realistic? Absolutely not! But was it entertaining? Most definitely! The humor in this movie is what made it good. If they had tried to make this into some kind of serious drama, it probably would have flopped. Thankfully they didn't try that. This movie gets an A+ from me.
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The movie that marked the end of the careers of Cuba Gooding Jr. and Skeet Ulirch.
Boba_Fett113810 November 2009
Skeet Ulrich and Cuba Gooding Jr. once started out their careers as promising new actors, Gooding Jr. had even already won an Oscar at the time of this movie. I have however always regarded this movie as the sort of turning points in their careers, as it's simply a very bad genre movie, with a lame concept and a story that borrows too much from much better other genre movies.

It's not just its concept that makes this movie bad, it's just the overall execution of it all as well. For an action movie it simply isn't a very good one, not in the least because it also borrows heavily from other movies and just isn't original enough on its own to really add anything. The movie is like "Speed" meets "Die Hard" meets "The Rock" and than some movies thrown in the mix with it.

No, I didn't really enjoyed watching this movie, even though the movie obviously got aimed toward it to bring some entertainment, by also adding a dose of comedy to the movie. Gooding Jr. has just never really been my favorite comedy actor and Skeet Ulrich just doesn't fit this genre. The movie tries to be like a buddy flick, in which two totally different mismatched persons just by chance end up with each other, running from a couple of bad guys who want to have a new deadly chemical weapon that detonates when it reaches temperatures over 50 degrees. Luckilly Gooding Jr. is an ice cream truck driver. This already should provide you a troubling image of how this entire movie is being like.

Seems amazing to me in the first place that they decided to turn this concept into a movie. Its concept alone was reason for people to not go and see this movie, which made this movie an instant flop already, far before it had been released. And why some of the actors within this movie actually agreed to be in it is perhaps an even more strange thing. The movie does have some big names in it, next to Ulrich and Gooding Jr., such as David Paymer and Peter Firth.

A movie that is as bad as its concept.

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Doesn't fit anywhere...
Big-Mumf6 May 2008
I am not a huge fan of Cuba Gooding Jnr, but enjoyed his performance in Radio, and as all actors put in the occasional good performance, I thought I'd give this fim a go. It was awful. The plot would belong better in an episode of Starsky & Hutch, the villain was (unfortunatly) badly played by Peter Firth, who I enjoyed in the TV series 'The battle for Rome'. Hugh Johnson directed this flick, and this is his one and only attempt, and since this he's gone back to cinematography where he firmly belongs. The plot is thin, obvious and not entertaining. The action sequences are poorly put together and edited so badly it hurts to watch. It's not an action picture, it's definitely not a comedy, but it trys to be both, and fails. I felt the acting was restricted by the director, who is ultimately to blame for this appalling film. All in all, a waste of a Tuesday morning off work!!!!
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Silly, clichéd and unimaginative but not as awful as it sounds
bob the moo6 June 2003
When a top secret military project on an tropical island goes wrong it results in the death of 18 soldiers. Colonel Brynner is jailed for the accident he swears revenge on Dr Long. On his release he attempts to steal the biological weapon but Long manages to escape. He gets as far as a local restaurant where he enlists local boy Tim Mason and ice cream delivery worker Arlo to take the weapon and deliver it safely back to the Government. The only condition is that the weapon must be kept below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or else it will go off and kill everything for hundreds of miles.

When I sat to watch this it was really because it had been a good few weeks since I had seen a really bad film – from the plot summary I had assumed that this would be one, even with my low expectations. In no way did I think this was a good film but it wasn't as rubbish as other reviews have suggested – rather it is simply uninspired, clichéd and silly. The plot seems daft and it is – mainly because trained military special ops can't seem to catch two small time crooks driving a clapped out van in the desert. However it manages to be enjoyable as it keeps moving constantly and stops you being distracted for even a second, lest you should ask questions.

The action is OK but never really gets the tension up in the same way that Speed did. The director is owed a lot of credit, despite the clichés he really keeps the pace up and makes this better than it should have been.

The acting is not good but is acceptable and is all that is needed for this sort of film. Ulrich is not a leading man and Gooding Jr seems to be trying to prove that the Oscar was a one-off, but together they have an easy chemistry despite it being the usual old mismatched buddy movie banter. Firth plays a traditional bad guy and Paymer seems to have taken his misguided scientist straight from the cliché text book.

Overall this is a poor film. It has no real good ideas of it's own (even the `keep it below 50' idea is someone else's) and it is clichéd all the way. However it keeps moving with such energy that it is hard not to veg out in front of it – just don't expect a good film. You could do worse but you could do a whole hell of a lot better.
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Chilly Silly.
Brogan6 September 1999
Warning: Spoilers
[Editor's note: this comment contains minor SPOILERS]

I can understand some filmmakers trying to make a tounge-in-cheek action film, with a weak plot, and big action scenes. They can work sometimes, CON-AIR for example, it's plot was simple, but the action scenes were great and so was the acting. But CHILL FACTOR, wants to be another big action film with little plot and big action scenes. The problem is that Director Hugh Johnson not only got a dumb plot, but also dull action scenes.

The plot has a military scientist Dr. Long (David Paymer) test out a new defense system on a private island. Because of poor miscalculation, most of the soliders on that island perish, and the scapegoat is Capt. Andrew Brynner (Peter Firth), the person in charge of the soldiers. Capt. Brynner is sent to prison for ten years, while Dr. Long transfers to Montana. Ten years later, Dr. Long is released and seeks revenge on Dr. Long, and wishes to steal the deadly chemical that sent him to prison, and sell it to the highest bidder.

While Capt. Brynner and his crew kill all of the security at the secret military base, Dr. Long is shot by Brynner, but not bad enough to steal the chemical before Capt. Brynner can. Dr. Long takes the chemical and gives it to his fly-fishing friend, Tim Mason (Skeet Ulrich), a short-order cook. Before Dr. Long's perish, Long tells Mason and a ice cream delivery man named Arlo (Cuba Gooding Jr.), to take the chemical to another military base, and to keep the chemical below 50 degrees or it will explode. So it's a race against temperature as Mason and Arlo outwit Capt. Brynner and his team and try to take the deadly chemical to the closest military base.

This is a pretty bland film, the plot seems to familiar (a lot like SPEED meets SORCERER) and the pacing of the film is slow. Some of the action scenes are pretty typical, they look like action scenes taken from such movies as BROKEN ARROW, BREAKDOWN, and SORCERER. And the outcome of the film is a let down.

The only thing in this film that somewhat stands out is the acting by the two leads (Gooding Jr. and Ulrich). Both men do a respectable job with their acting, and seem like that they give it their best shot. But it's not their fault that the screenplay doesn't work. As for the other acting, Paymer plays a typical scientist in jeopardy before he dies, and Firth is following the betraying military Capt. by the book. The book titled: "I am a terrorist, who's trying to be cruel."

The one thing that really bothers me is the logic. I can buy and enjoy two "secret service" agents trying to stop a mad scientist and his deadly female assistants trying to assassinate the president with a 80 foot tarantula. But I can not buy two men, one a cook, the other a delivery, the only physical strength experience one of these two had was being a football player. And these two ordinary men, out-wit and kill a team of highly trained soldiers. The soldiers aren't too bright, since they overlook Dr. Long's blood while Long stole the chemical before they got a hold of it.

Overall, CHILL FACTOR is a weak movie, a typical film released off-season. Had it been released during the summmer or winter, it would have been only been big for a week. But since it came out in early fall, it's going to be big for two weeks. Stick to a Jerry Bruckheimer action film, they're more entertaining. ** (out of five)
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Could have been better
Asteri-Atypical26 May 2001
This movie could have been better if it weren't such a stereotypical, predictable rip-off of Speed and other such genre movies.

I wish original and good writing would make a return, instead of brain-dead plots and trite dialogue that rely on effects and actors' energy to create "eye candy".
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jeffraider14 February 2000
This one sucked. I mean, I can see the appeal of a plain-jane action movie, but this one has been coughed up from the phlegmatic lungs of hundreds of other action movies. Every single damned line in the whole thing was a big cliche. For God's sake, Cuba Gooding, Jr. at one point says, "When this is over, remind me to kick your ass." Raise your hands if you've heard that one before. Skeet Ulrich, I liked. Cuba Gooding, Jr., I didn't. The only line he delivers that I liked was the same one that everyone has heard a hundred times in the advertisements, so, I was ready for it. AVOID.
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Lousy Film! Waste of Time!
lawrence_elliott27 April 2009
I had to review this film because of all the "Not Bad" reviews. This is simply one of the worst films I have ever seen. This one would definitely qualify for Elvira's "World's Worst Films." Cuba Gooding's expletive deleted "Ah S--t!" is screeched from his falsetto voice at least 2 dozen times throughout the film. There is no script and what there is is lousy. There is no story worthy of note. Lousy acting! Lousy direction! They go hand in hand in this film. This movie is consistently bad throughout. Are people going brain dead from watching too many zombie films and/or are they simply smoking too much "weed?" This film should be flushed down the toilet. Or better yet do like Mel Gibson commanded in "Braveheart." "Burrrn it!"
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Hoo-Eee! This one's a stinker!
janegrey10 May 2002
Sure, this is supposed to be an action-packed buddy flick with nifty stunts and jaunty banter. Uh-uh. This movie is soooo bad it's not even fun to watch. The plot is wretchedly implausible and the action scenes are just dopey. If the dialogue were a little better, we could call it trite. One wonders if the original script was substantially better than the finished product. What else could have lured respected actors like David Paymer and Cuba Gooding Jr. to this project? The mind boggles.

All this being said, this flick will always hold a special place in my heart. I saw it on a first date and he and I were united in our mutual disregard for this clunker. Reader, I married him.
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Bore Factor.
anaconda-4065811 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Chill Factor (1999): Dir: Hugh Johnson / Cast: Skeet Ulrich, Cuba Gooding Jr., David Paymer, Peter Firth, Kevin J. O'Connor: Stupid action premise that winds down to clichés, stereotypes and total idiocy. Title represents a device that needs to be kept cold but it can also refer to the situation itself. An experiment goes wrong (much like the film) that costs the lives of soldiers. David Paymer plays the doctor in charge who regrets it. Peter Firth plays the commander who took the fall and plots revenge. The rest is a dumb road trip with Skeet Ulrich and ice cream truck driver Cuba Gooding Jr. Hugh Johnson directs as if this is a Looney Tunes cartoon. Ulrich plays a deli worker whom is the only one Paymer can trust on the verge of death, but the role has him either fleeing by vehicle or on foot. Gooding Jr. brings comic relief but the role is total cardboard. Paymer does well but his role requires him to regret, guilt and then die within fifteen minutes, which renders the role a prop. Firth cannot raise the commander above embarrassment. He murders the Paymer character then spends the remainder of the film trying to do the same to Ulrich and Gooding Jr. He also yells threats a lot but that may be the attitude coming from working on this film. Kevin J. O'Connor also makes an appearance in what will become standard for him and action films. Mindless action junk that should be buried in the Arctic. Score: 1 / 10
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Awful, dreadful, contrived
quin19741 December 2000
It angers me to see a movie like this, 'cause there are so many good scripts out there waiting to be written or have been written already but are considered not crowd-pleasing enough. Then Hollywood comes with this horrible piece of movie not worth the celluloid it is printed on.

The story was so incredibly boring, the supposed "jokes" were not remotely funny, acting was horrendous. Why does Warner or any other studio for that matter keep making these movies, for the money I guess and that's not a good basis for using the incredible cinema medium.

Horrendous, stupid, a waste of your money.


(I give it a 2 for the effort.)
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Stupid setup to premise and stupid ending
SnoopyStyle3 October 2013
Dr. Richard Long (David Paymer) is working on a powerful bio-chemically bomb in a covert tropical base. Colonel Andrew Brynner (Peter Firth) is in charge of guarding the base, but when the experiment goes wrong killing all his men, he is scapegoated and imprisoned for 10 years.

Now it's 10 years later, and Brynner is back to steal the weapon from Dr Long for himself. Tim Mason (Skeet Ulrich) is Dr Long's fishing buddy. When Brynner hit the base, Dr Long is mortally wounded but he escapes with the weapon. He manages to give it to Mason, and leave him with instructions to keep it under 50 F. Mason along with Arlo (Cuba Gooding Jr.) must take the weapon to Fort Magruder.

Arlo is annoying self-centered more worried about his ice cream than saving the world. Why would he drive the bomb around? Mason is more likely to just steal the truck and leave Arlo behind. Of course, they need it for the movie buddy duo road trip genre.

The setup is silly just to bring about the unlikely scenario of two bickering guys in an ice cream truck carrying a super weapon being chased by militaristic bad guys. For about 20 minutes in the middle, they have a fun action movie. Then it just gets stupid again.
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Far fetched plot, terrible dialogue, hopeless terrorists: bags of laughs
gtutt14 July 2005
There's only one reason to watch "Chill Factor", and that's Peter Firth (Colonel Andrew Brynner) and his bunch of totally useless elite commandos / terrorists.

The plot is awful, the dialogue is terrible, and it makes you wince to think that Cuba Gooding Jnr once won an Oscar. However, this movie contains some of the most useless bad guys you've ever seen .

Laugh out loud as one chap abseils into the path of a moving van, whilst another rides his motorbike into the grill of an oncoming truck. Grab your sides as Peter Firth delivers line after line of hilarious empty threats, movie clichés, and, in some cases, complete and utter rubbish.

The movie lacks pace (apart from a nicely done initial disaster) and has no idea which genre it belongs to. Is it a bad action movie, a send up, or a comedy buddy movie? Who knows? What I do know is that Peter Firth realised he was making an absolute stinker of a movie and took the opportunity to ham-it-up to the max. He's a serious contender for worst movie bad guy ever, who clearly recruits his goons from the school for the seriously challenged.

Watch out for his numerous attempts to steal best movie leer from John Voight in Anaconda!
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Dumb, dumber, dumbest
nospam7812 February 2009
This is a total paint-by-numbers job that is devoid of brains, originality or believability. Every element of it has already been done to death many times over. Interracial male bonding buddy movie? Check. Road movie? Check. Rogue military bad guys? Check. Pseudo-scientific BS? Check.

I really can't imagine what Cuba Gooding was doing in this throwaway effort when he can have his pick of roles. Especially playing second fiddle to Skeet Ulrich, who was reasonably good in the TV series Jericho but is not exactly an A-lister. And Gooding's role was annoyingly formulaic as the hyper, wise-cracking black guy. The bad guys, the country sheriff etc. were likewise straight from central casting.

There was a fairly good chase scene, but I'm glad I didn't pay money to watch this movie.
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