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supremely enjoyable!
baikal30 August 2000
A truly excellent and enjoyable piece of entertainment!

A battle of skill, design, tactic, intelligence and raw robot power. Very fast-paced and dynamic, with no useless and vulgar theatrics typical of american "wrestling" shows.
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American TV Execs take note
alcalde7 September 2000
I managed to catch an episode of this wonderful show purely by accident. We decided to stay home one Saturday afternoon, and as we were flipping around the channels, we happened across it. The first thing I heard was the voice of the host, Craig Charles, that I immediately recognized from another wonderful show, Red Dwarf. My girlfriend was ready to keep on going around the dial, but I wanted to watch, mainly because I like Craig so much. He's just plain cool! So we watched the show, and it was amazing! It's we Americans talk about how it'd be cool to do this or that, and it's usually just talk, the Brits are getting out into the garage, and actually building this stuff, and finding their way onto international television, as well!

Hey, I'm gonna have to subscribe to TV Guide so I can find out when and where this shows going to be on again.

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Great show about Robots
AF127 May 1999
It's a great show, robots fighting each other. Then there are the house robots... very strong robots. All robots have to move through a course and fight each other, at the end of the show there's a finale. The best robot's are fighting each other and the house robots are also there.
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Fantastic entertainment!
Infofreak5 January 2002
At the moment in Australia we are in the non-ratings period so all kinds of unfamiliar shows are showing up at odd times. Most are dreck, 'Robot Wars' isn't. It's actually one of the most entertaining TV shows I've seen in quite a while. The basic idea is that contestants build their own "robots" (remote controlled fighting machine on wheels) which then battle each other in a ring. The ring contains obstacles, "house robots" which can attack at certain times, and a pit in which you must attempt to push your opponent's robot. Simple concept, but highly addictive viewing! Maybe I'll get sick of it after a few more weeks, but right now I'm hooked. Great fun!
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Great fun
mike-ryan45520 September 2013
They don't make shows like this any more - and that's a great pity. This is a game show where people bring in the robots they have made and fight them while trying to not get killed by the house robots. It's kind of like boxing or pro-wrestling when nobody actually gets hurt so the robots fight violently and then everyone is quite civilized after.

It's entertainment for the whole family. In fact, whole families often run their teams including grandparents and little kids. It's also inspirational to get kids interested in engineering and computers. They have a really funny announcer too.

The USA versions are fun but this is more fun. They have

If you can catch this on reruns, try it. You may well like it.

Oh, my fav's are Razer (of course) and Bigger Brother.
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Great Show
screenman19 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
'Robot Wars' was a highly entertaining piece of TV. It was actually a serious sport of sorts, but hyped into very provocative entertainment.

Contenstants pitted their designing skills and combative wits against each other with contraptions that they had lovingly crafted and built. For most it was a short, shredding debacle. The hours and hours of time and ingenuity all too often ended in peremptory and almost heart-rending destruction.

We saw some amazing machines, each employing a preferred asset: armour, speed, weapons, or a combination, and some mighty conflicts took place. Sometimes victory was to no avail. The programme employed a variety of extremely robust 'house' robots that were not above trashing the winner.

I think the series reached its own natural, evolutionary conclusion. In the arms-race, machines became so potent and well-designed that they could safely progress no further.

A sadly-missed and highly entertaining effort, though - largely courtesy of Joe Public. These were Britons who really did had talent.
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Too much "candy" taking away from the real fun
bblboy5423 January 2017
Robot Wars (2016) has a lot of potential but the biggest problem is they fill the arena with entirely too much extra stuff with, what I assume is, the intent of making things more dramatic. The problem is that this show is about a battle between two robots and some hazards are desired but when the arena has as many as this one has it really takes away from the actual function of the robots themselves and it forces the robots to not have room to get away and use strategy. I'm also not a fan of the constant replays and edited battles.... The cameras simply don't follow the action the way they should and this also takes away from the actual battle going on.
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Destruction at it's best
Angelus214 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
For me this was part of my schedule on a Friday, I was only nine or ten and this show excited me and my brothers.

Contestants design robots and well, fight..

It's full of rage and anarchy as robots slice, chop, and blow through each other to get go the finals, but the contestants not only have to worry about their opponents and the trap's within the arena floor, but the infamous 'House Robots', the worst of the worst. How, we jumped in joy if a contestant accidentally entered the space of Matilda, Shunt, Dead Metal (My personal favourite) or Sir Killalot.

Great memories..
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Find a skip
wtfwasthat5 January 2017
The new series (2016/17)is now compered by Dara O'Brian (or is that NO'Brain) complete and utter rubbish. The original premise for this show was brill but i think they should have left this in the skip.. The US show Battlebots makes this show look cheap and tacky.

it's pretty hard to do a review, because they insist on ten lines or more. Thats a pretty tall order for this show. The robots are basically crap, i mean come on guys .... MDF robots in 2016. Five seconds and it was in the log pile. what i have seen so far, most of the machines (use the word loosely) have large pneumatic tyres, well exposed and easily damaged and the Christmas special with celebrities (again use the word sparingly) was even worse.. As i said find a skip :0)
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Good entertainment
HORROR_FAN_112 April 2004
A very short summary.

Granny's revenge is trash.

Razer is the ultimate robot, it seems to be able to go through anything with it's lethal injections. The way it lost against tornado was a travesty. Without the shielding tornado would have been torn apart. Whoever built razer is a genius.

Wheelie big cheese was a good robot, never really seen a robot blasted out of the arena before. Wish it would have settled under grannys revenge and hand shanked it right through the roof. Sick of that crap robot.

9/10 for entertainment. Good series.
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