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Chicago Sun-Times
Not as awe-inspiring as the first film or as elaborate as the second, but in its own B-movie way, it's a nice little thrill machine.
Chicago Tribune
Another of many recent Hollywood plotless wonders.
What makes it worth sitting through is the chance it offers to catch up on the technical advances since the last installment.
Chicago Reader
Isn't terribly frightening or gory, and at times it's even atmospheric. It also has a sense of humor, and the digs at the prequels hit pay dirt.
New Times (L.A.)
At its best, Jurassic Park III is eerily similar to some of the more recent dinosaur-themed video games on the market.
When a cell-phone gag is the most exciting or inventive thing in a big summer dinosaur movie, you have to wonder if the species might not be ready for extinction.
All it wants to do is scare a smile onto your face, and it often succeeds. After all, how can a movie that offers Michael Jeter as a mercenary not be fun?
Game ride that makes the two previous installments look like models of classic filmmaking.
The "Jurassic Park" movie franchise does not evolve. Quite the opposite: It degenerates at great speed.
Village Voice
Drama is minimal and character nonexistent.

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