Jurassic Park III (2001) Poster

William H. Macy: Paul Kirby



  • Billy Brennan : So Mr. Kirby, when you climbed K2, did you base camp at twenty-five or thirty thousand feet?

    Paul Kirby : Thirty thousand feet, we were pretty close to the top.

    Billy Brennan : You were about a thousand feet above, actually.

  • Paul : What are you doing? Those things are after us because of those!

    Dr. Grant : Those things know we have the eggs. If I drop them in the river, they'll still be after us.

    Paul : What if they catch us with them?

    Dr. Grant : What if they catch us without them?

  • Dr. Grant : Why me?

    Paul Kirby : He said we needed someone who'd been on the island before.

    Udesky : Yes, but I did not tell you to kidnap somebody!

    Dr. Grant : I have never been on this island.

    Paul Kirby : Sure you have, you wrote that book.

    Billy Brennan : That was Isla Nublar. This is Isla Sorna - Site B.

  • Udesky : We'll search for your son... in the direction that they're going.

    Paul : Excellent, excellent...

  • Paul : [in abandoned complex] 

    [goes up to snack machine and takes coins out] 

    Paul : Ahem... I need change here, it only takes quarters, I think I've got... I've got about ten...

    [Billy breaks the glass on the snack machines with a kick and then reaches in and takes some things out] 

    Paul : [Paul attempts to do the same, glass doesn't break; Paul limps away] 

  • [repeated line] 

    Paul : Dr. Grant said that is a very bad idea.

  • Paul : [Paul and Amanda are having an argument]  Fine, go ahead and scream and when that "Tricikloplots" attacks you, don't come crying to me.

  • Paul Kirby : [a loud roar rocks the jungle]  What was that?

    Billy Brennan : That's a Tyrannosaurus.

    Dr. Grant : I don't think so. It sounds bigger.

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