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Deadpool Hijacks Walmart's Movie Isle in Hilarious Blu-Ray Stunt

Deadpool Hijacks Walmart's Movie Isle in Hilarious Blu-Ray Stunt
Deadpool 2 will officially hit theaters later on tonight, but the Merc with a Mouth hit Walmart earlier this week. To coincide with the release of the sequel as well as the 2-year anniversary of the first film, Deadpool has been photoshopped on to 16 classic movie posters in special, limited edition Blu-ray covers that are exclusively available at select Walmart locations. All of the special slip covers lift up to reveal the real movie poster art and contain the normal film. It's definitely one of the better publicity stunts that Deadpool 2 has been able to pull off over the last handful of months.

All 16 of the movie posters that the Merc with a Mouth photobombed are all properties of 21st Century Fox, which is how the Deadpool 2 crew were allowed to pull off the stunt in the first place. That being said, out of 16 of the posters, 4 of them are X-Men movies.
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Cannes 2018: Mads Mikkelsen Gives Everything in Survival Film 'Arctic'

I love a good survival film. I don't really know what it is about them, even though they're all quite similar, I still enjoy every last one - The Grey, All is Lost, Gravity, Styx, Buried, The Martian, Life of Pi, 127 Hours, The Revenant, Tracks, Cast Away, The Way Back, Kon-Tiki. The latest survival thriller offering which just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival is a film titled Arctic, about a man trying to survive all by himself in the freezing, cold, snowy arctic. Produced in Iceland and filmed in Iceland, the film is the feature directorial debut of Brazilian filmmaker Joe Penna, and features some very real survival tactics. It also has all of the usual survival film tropes: just when you think everything is fine, something else goes wrong. There's always some animal that makes things worse. Rescuers never see them when nearby. Despite these familiar survival aspects,
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Cannes Film Review: Mads Mikkelsen in ‘Arctic’

Cannes Film Review: Mads Mikkelsen in ‘Arctic’
“Arctic,” a notably quiet and captivating slow-build adventure film, starring Mads Mikkelsen as a researcher-explorer who has crash-landed in the frozen wilderness, is the latest example of a genre we know in our bones, one that feels so familiar it’s almost comforting. It’s another solo-survival movie, one more tale of a shipwrecked soul that derives its spirit and design from the mythic fable of the form, “Robinson Crusoe.”

The challenge of watching a stranded man toil away on his own, of course, is that it seems, on the surface, to be inherently undramatic. That’s why nearly every one of these movies has had a buried hook, a way of turning a barren situation into compulsively watchable and suspenseful storytelling. “Robinson Crusoe” set the template by presenting its tale as one of human ingenuity — in essence, it prophesied the Industrial Revolution in the form of a stripped-down one-man show.
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Robert Zemeckis, Sylvester Stallone Backed by China-Based Starlight (Exclusive)

Robert Zemeckis, Sylvester Stallone Backed by China-Based Starlight (Exclusive)
Starlight Culture Entertainment is backing a quartet of notable Hollywood filmmakers — Jonathan Liebesman, Sylvester Stallone, Alan Taylor and Robert Zemeckis — as part of its $100 million development fund.

The company is a China-backed firm with offices in Beverly Hills, Calif. It operates under the leadership of CEO Peter Luo, and came to notice in 2016 through a deal with “Aquaman” director James Wan. Starlight then signed deals with F. Gary Gray, Roland Emmerich and Jon M. Chu last year, and invested in the Thurgood Marshall biopic “Marshall.”

Thursday’s announcement did not identify specific projects or details of the financing. Zemeckis, whose credits include “Forrest Gump,” “The Polar Express,” “Cast Away,” “Flight” and the Back to the Future trilogy, lavished praise on Luo for his support of filmmakers.

“Under the leadership of Peter Luo, Starlight has created an environment that is incredibly friendly to filmmakers,” he added. “I could not be more
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Bhavesh Joshi Superhero, Martial Arts Action From India's Phantom Films

Director Vikramaditya Motwane is one of Hindi cinema's brightest talents who has had critics in the palm of his hand over the last several years with films like Udaan, Lootera, and Trapped. Motwane returns with an unexpected project in Bhavesh Joshi Superhero this May. It's a bit of a surprise from Motwane, whose previous films have leaned more toward the dramatic side of the cinematic spectrum, however, his last film, Trapped, was more of a fantastical take on Cast Away in an abandoned skyscraper and was a hit at several genre film festivals last year. In Bhavesh Joshi Superhero, Motwane goes full-tilt as an action director with relative newcomer Harshvardhan Kapoor in the title role as a vigilante superhero in a very conspicuous Led lit...

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Pro Driver Alexander Rossi Compares IndyCar Racing to Competing on the ‘Amazing Race’

  • The Wrap
IndyCar driver Alexander Rossi can be seen racing in the 44th Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach on Sunday on NBC Sports, but non-racing fans are more used to seeing him competing on CBS’ “Amazing Race.”

While the competitive juices will be flowing hard at Race No. 3 of the 2018 Verizon IndyCar Series, Rossi admitted that he did want to kill his partner, Conor Daly, in that other “Race” a few times, “but I think he wanted to kill me too!” he joked.

The 26-year-old Andretti Autosport driver — who won the the Indianapolis 500 as a rookie in 2016 — took a break from track practice to chat with TheWrap about his chances in the historic 85-lap road race and how he battled boredom while locked in a hotel room for days on end traveling the globe, but being cut off from the world.

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“I had a lacrosse ball and I took a Sharpie to it … drew a face. I felt like Tom Hanks with Wilson,” said Rossi, referring to Hanks’ 2000 film “Cast Away,” in which his only companion on a deserted island was a volleyball he named Wilson. “The only entertainment I had was bouncing a ball off the wall or ceiling,” added Rossi

See the full Q&A below:

TheWrap: How are you feeling heading into the Grand Prix of Long Beach this weekend?

Alexander Rossi: I am cautiously optimistic. We were really good here last year and had a shot to win when we had a mechanical issue, so I think the team is very motivated to rebound from that. I think we have a pretty good chance at winning if we do our jobs right.

What makes Lbgp so special?

The actual race track isn’t that different to any of the other street courses that we do, but in terms of the layout, I think it has a really good rhythm to it and the whole fan experience is cool, like being able to walk from the hotel to the track.

What do you do in the days running up to the race?

Honestly, not a whole lot! I went for a run this morning and had some media stuff … you get to this point where you do things on autopilot. A very important part of driving a race car is staying hydrated because as soon as the hydration levels drop, you get tired and the first thing to go is your vision. I’ve found the most efficient way to stay hydrated is actually deprive yourself of water for very short periods of time by drinking vials of pure salt water at the beginning of the week and then taper off before the race.

The heat is definitely something you prepare for but it is kind of our job, right? It is a race driver’s life as you get to 150 degrees in about 30 laps.

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How did your race car driving skills help you compete on the “Amazing Race”?

I don’t know if any of the challenges or skills were similar, but I think what Conor and I had going for us on “Amazing Race” was that he and I had traveled extensively before. We were very used to waking up in different hotels or beds and spending time in airports, just dealing with international travel. That part of our career path helped, but in terms in being a race car driver, I don’t think that was an advantage at all!

What was the most challenging part of the competition?

The lack of communication. Part of the show is that they don’t want anyone to have an advantage — that can be something as minor as being able to get an internet connection, so they completely restrict contact with the outside world for five weeks. That’s the biggest thing, not being able to check in with your family, friends, girlfriend. Then, obviously, being with your partner and only your partner for 75 days is also not the most fun thing.

You’ve said before that the worst thing was the boredom shut up in your hotel room, how did you battle that?

I had a lacrosse a ball and I actually took a Sharpie to it, named it Purple Pete and drew a face. I felt like Tom Hanks with Wilson. The only entertainment I had was bouncing a ball off the wall or ceiling, trying to do tricks with it. Obviously when you’re filming, you’re running around and are part of the show, your competitive nature takes over and all the bad stuff goes out the window. Sometimes it would only be eight hours [in the room], then the longest was 76 hours. It depended on how far the show had to move for the next leg, and the security problems getting 100 people there.

Did you ever feel like you were literally going crazy?

I got to the point where I was considering myself to be borderline insane! I would lock myself in the bathroom for a couple of hours at a time just to have space alone.

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Did you get out and see the world at least?

It’s weird because you’re in countries that are pretty cool, but you can’t go out to them — even to the hotel lobby — and you can’t talk to the other contestants unless there are cameras on you so you don’t form a relationship with any of these people. But you do get used to it and because it was the first time doing something like that and not having had any prior experiences, there are probably worse [reality shows]. If I were to do it again, I would know what to expect.

Would you do it again?

I don’t think I would do another show — if I was to do one, it would probably be the “Amazing Race” again because I feel I was pretty good at it. But it was a very unique scheduling scenario for it to be able to work out. As race car drivers, to be able to take that time off and not tell your team where you’re going — we were pretty lucky.

There were a lot of professional athletes on your season — including champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut — did that make it tougher?

They said it was the most competitive season yet. I think whether you are a professional eater or a violist, an NBA player or a race car driver, we were all at the top of our field. So these people knew how to work and maximize their potential on the show.

Back to the Grand Prix of Long Beach, who are your biggest competitors on Sunday?

You always have to be wary of the Penske boys and Scott Dixon. My [Andretti Autosport] teammate, Ryan Hunter-Reay, he’s really strong around Long Beach. He’s won here before, and he’s due for a win as he’s been on a dry spell. I know how motivated he is and will really be going for it this weekend.

The Grand Prix of Long Beach airs Sunday at 4:30 p.m. Et on Nbcsn.

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Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser Are Returning For a Mad About You Reboot

18 years after Mad About You's series finale aired on NBC, Sony is working on bringing the show back for a reboot. Thanks to the success of the recent revival of Will & Grace and Roseanne, there's even more reason to dust off another popular property from the network's "Must See TV" slate. Fortunately Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt, who played married New York couple Paul and Jamie Buchman during the comedy's original run, just closed a deal to reprise their roles, per Entertainment Weekly. Co-creator Danny Jacobson is also set to return.

Mad About You followed documentary filmmaker Paul and public relations specialist Jamie as they navigated the ups and downs of married life, and featured appearances from their adorable dog Murray and recurring characters played by Lisa Kudrow and Hank Azaria. It ran for seven seasons between 1992 to 1999 on NBC, racking up multiple Emmys and Golden Globes. It was so successful,
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Oscars 2018 Is Almost Here! Remember the Biggest Transformations From Past Nominees and Winners

Oscars 2018 Is Almost Here! Remember the Biggest Transformations From Past Nominees and Winners
The Academy can't resist a dramatic transformation!  Whether it's going completely meta for role, or pushing the human body's limits with an extreme physical alteration, there's almost always at least one actor or actress recognized at the Oscars for taking their performances to the next level. (See Gary Oldman's 2018 Best Actor nomination for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour.) From Charlize Theron's transformation from red carpet queen to serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster, to Tom Hanks' withering figure in Cast Away, Hollywood isn't afraid to take offscreen risks for an onscreen payoff.  For a...
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Tom Hanks (‘Forrest Gump’) will love you like Jenny after being voted top Best Actor Oscar winner of 1990s [Poll Results]

Tom Hanks (‘Forrest Gump’) will love you like Jenny after being voted top Best Actor Oscar winner of 1990s [Poll Results]
Tom Hanks has been voted the top Best Actor Oscar winner of the 1990s for his titular role in “Forrest Gump.” Gold Derby’s recent poll asking you to vote for your favorite of the decade came down to Hanks and … Hanks, who won the previous year for “Philadelphia.”

Hanks’ “Forrest Gump” performance won the poll with an impressive 47% of the vote, followed by Hanks’ performance in “Philadelphia” at 24%. Anthony Hopkins in “The Silence of the Lambs” was next with 18%, and no other contender came close. The next highest was Al Pacino in “Scent of a Woman” at 4% and then Kevin Spacey in “American Beauty” at 3%. Nicolas Cage in “Leaving Las Vegas” was next with 2%, then a tie at 1% between Jack Nicholson in “As Good as It Gets” and Roberto Benigni in “Life Is Beautiful.” Two Best Actor winners did not earn a percentage point — Jeremy Irons in “Reversal of Fortune
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Robert Zemeckis (‘Forrest Gump’) has feather in his cap after being voted top Best Director Oscar winner of 1990s [Poll Results]

Robert Zemeckis (‘Forrest Gump’) has feather in his cap after being voted top Best Director Oscar winner of 1990s [Poll Results]
Mama always said Robert Zemeckis was the top Best Director Oscar winner of the 1990s for his work on “Forrest Gump.” Zemeckis was the top choice in Gold Derby’s poll asking you to vote for your favorite of the ’90s, and no other director came close.

Zemeckis won Gold Derby’s poll with an astonishing 49% of the vote, leaving everyone else in the dust. Steven Spielberg (“Schindler’s List”) came in second at 15%, while Jonathan Demme (“The Silence of the Lambs”) was the only other double-digit vote-getter at 10%. Rounding out the top five here were Spielberg (“Saving Private Ryan”) at 9% and James Cameron (“Titanic”) at 8%. Far below the rest we had Sam Mendes (“American Beauty”) at 4%, followed by Clint Eastwood (“Unforgiven”) at 2%. Three directors tied for last in our poll with 1% of the vote each: Kevin Costner (“Dances with Wolves”), Mel Gibson (“Braveheart”) and Anthony Minghella (“The English Patient
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The Highest-Grossing Movies of the 21st Century So Far, Ranked

It seems odd to be ranking or considering movie lists having to do with “the 21st century”, but indeed a lot has changed over the past 16 years. The highest grossing film of the year 2000 was The Grinch, a live-action family movie, followed by Cast Away, a largely dialogue-less drama fronted by Tom Hanks. The superhero genre was just starting to become a thing, and visual effects hadn’t yet advanced to the point that every major blockbuster involved wholly CG-created environments. The rare drama can crack the end-of-year box office Top 10 nowadays, …
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Robert Zemeckis, Stx, Alibaba Partner on Sci-Fi Film ‘Steel Soldiers’

Stx Entertainment and China’s Alibaba Pictures will partner to co-develop and co-produce the sci-fi action movie “Steel Soldiers,” with Robert Zemeckis producing.

Stx will handle U.S. and international distribution, while Alibaba retains rights in Greater China. Plans to expand the project beyond theatrical and onto other platforms are also underway.

STXfilms chairman Adam Fogelson said, “Alibaba is a trailblazer in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing consumer marketplace. Together, we look forward to immersing audiences in the battlefield of the future.”

“Steel Soldiers” is aimed at immersing audiences into a futuristic world where humans and androids fight shoulder to shoulder. The film follow a disgraced Special Forces officer being forced to train a new team of high-tech, but imperfect android soldiers, turn them into elite military officers, and lead them in a deadly mission to rescue the robot’s creator.

Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, and Jackie Levine will produce under their ImageMovers label, along with David Styne
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STX, Alibaba Pictures Partner on Robert Zemeckis-Produced Sci-Fi Film 'Steel Soldiers'

STX, Alibaba Pictures Partner on Robert Zemeckis-Produced Sci-Fi Film 'Steel Soldiers'
Bob Simonds' STX Entertainment is partnering with China's Alibaba Pictures to co-produce Steel Soldiers, an original sci-fi action movie set in a futuristic world where humans and androids battle side by side.

STX is taking U.S. and international distribution rights under the partnership, while Alibaba Pictures will handle the Greater China release.

Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump) will produce the movie under his ImageMovers label, along with his partners Jack Rapke (Cast Away, Flight) and Jackie Levine (Allied, The Walk).

Based on an original screenplay written by Ken Kaufman (The Missing, Space Cowboys), Steel Soldiers follows a disgraced...
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Who’s your favorite Best Actor Oscar winner of the 1990s: Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hanks, Al Pacino … ? [Poll]

Who’s your favorite Best Actor Oscar winner of the 1990s: Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hanks, Al Pacino … ? [Poll]
The Best Actor Oscar winners of the 1990s include some of the most legendary actors in film history, like Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Tom Hanks and Jack Nicholson. We’ve also seen actors springboard off their victories to have fruitful careers in film, like Geoffrey Rush and Nicolas Cage. Now, two decades later, which do you consider the greatest Best Actor winner of the 1990s?

Refamiliarize yourself with the winners and be sure to vote in our poll below. (See 2018 Oscar predictions for Best Actor.)

Jeremy Irons, “Reversal of Fortune” (1990) — The ’90s began with Jeremy Irons being awarded for “Reverse of Fortune,” in which the actor plays Claus von Bulow, a man charged with attempted murder after his wife goes into diabetic shock. Despite a long career in film this remains Irons’ only nomination and win, though he has won two Emmys for voiceover work and another for his performance in 2005’s “Elizabeth I.
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‘You Are My Friend’: Will Tom Hanks finally earn Oscar nomination #6 for Mr. Rogers biopic after 17 years of snubs?

  • Gold Derby
‘You Are My Friend’: Will Tom Hanks finally earn Oscar nomination #6 for Mr. Rogers biopic after 17 years of snubs?
The last time Tom Hanks was nominated for an Oscar, George W. Bush had just been sworn in as President of the United States, “Hannibal” was the #1 movie in the country and “Survivor: The Australian Outback” was TV’s most-watched show. Hanks’ fifth career Oscar nomination for “Cast Away” at the 2001 ceremony was a whopping 17 years ago, but with this week’s news that he’s set to star in a biopic of Mr. Rogers‘ life titled “You Are My Friend,” might he finally earn nom #6?

Since Hanks’ last Oscar bid five of his movies have been nominated for Best Picture, yet he was overlooked for all of them including most recently “The Post.” Hanks’ snub for “The Post” is particularly head-scratching when you consider that his co-star Meryl Streep just earned her 21st Oscar nomination for the film. Plus, Hanks’ performance as Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee received bids
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Manifest: first details of Robert Zemeckis' TV show emerge

Joseph Baxter Jan 25, 2018

Manifest, a sci-fi-leaning television project from iconic director Robert Zemeckis, has been ordered to pilot by NBC...

Peacock Network NBC is looking add an intriguing new small screen feather with a television project called Manifest, from the one and only Robert Zemeckis.

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The network has given a pilot order for the Zemeckis-driven Manifest project, reports The Tracking Board. The project will primarily be the brainchild of Jeff Rake (The Mysteries Of Laura, The Tomorrow People, Miss Match), who will serve as writer and executive producer, joined in the latter capacity by Zemeckis and Jack Rapke. The pilot will be a production of Compari Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Manifest will depict a most vexing travel inconvenience, when a commercial flight full of passengers completely disappears from radar,
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Tom Hanks has now been in Five Oscar nominees for Best Picture without a nomination of his own

Tom Hanks has now been in Five Oscar nominees for Best Picture without a nomination of his own
Tom Hanks used to be synonymous with Oscars, earning five nominations and two wins between 1989 and 2001, but lately he can’t get arrested. It’s not that he’s stopped making Oscar movies. Quite the opposite. Since the last time he was nominated by the academy he has been in five Best Picture nominees without a nomination of his own: “Toy Story 3” (2010), “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” (2011), “Captain Phillips” (2013), “Bridge of Spies” (2015), and now “The Post” (2017).

Granted, “Toy Story 3” was an animated film, and no voice-over actor has ever been nominated for a competitive Oscar. And his role in “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” was relatively brief and would have been unlikely to register with Oscar voters even under the best of circumstances. But he played leading roles in “Captain Phillips,” “Bridge of Spies,” and “The Post,” and he earned major precursor nominations for two of them.

“Captain Phillips” was his biggest snub.
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Lari White, Country Singer and ‘Cast Away’ Actress, Dies at 52 After Cancer Battle (Report)

  • The Wrap
Lari White, Country Singer and ‘Cast Away’ Actress, Dies at 52 After Cancer Battle (Report)
Lari White, the country singer whose hits included “Now I Know” and “That’s My Baby,” died on Tuesday following a battle with cancer, Rolling Stone reports. She was 52.

In addition to her singing career, White was also an actress whose credits included the 2000 Tom Hanks film “Cast Away” and 2004’s “No Regrets.”

White told fans of her cancer battle in November, saying that she had been diagnosed with advanced peritoneal cancer.

“Since then a series of complications including pain management, pneumonia and a bowel obstruction requiring emergency surgery has kept me in...
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Awesome Geek Culture Christmas Cards Feature It, Star Wars, Game Of Thrones, Aliens, and More!

Artist Pj McQuaid has released an awesome new series of geeky Christmas card art! We've been featuring his stuff over the years and every year he comes up with some great card designs that the fans seem to enjoy. This time around we have Christmas Cards for It, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Aliens, The Shawshank Redemption, Tom Hanks, Cast Away, Twin Peaks and more. To check out some of his previously released Christmas Card art, click here. If you want to order some to send out to your family and friends, head on over the McQuaid's Etsy page!
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Oscars: Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Post’ Arrives With the Zeitgeist in Its Sights

Oscars: Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Post’ Arrives With the Zeitgeist in Its Sights
When producer Amy Pascal first acquired Liz Hannah’s spec script “The Post” she thought, “Hillary Clinton is going to win [the presidency], so this will be perfect,” the former Sony Pictures head said at the film’s first west coast screening on Sunday night. “It was the story of a woman finding her voice, and an entire country finding its voice.”

Last year’s election, of course, went in another direction, but it was still an important theme to explore, perhaps more important than ever.

Alongside members of the film’s cast and crew, Pascal was speaking to an audience of Academy, guild, and press members who filled Fox’s Darryl F. Zanuck Theater for a look at director Steven Spielberg’s latest effort, one of the awards season’s most anticipated releases. It also screened in New York on Sunday, with Spielberg and key players Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep among those in attendance.

The film, which
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