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(1991– )

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Season 28

27 Aug. 2018
Episode 6209
Following the stabbing of Amélie, Veronique is on the run. Lucas wants to press charges against Emma. The accusing attitude of Evy forces Maarten to draw a drastic conclusion.
28 Aug. 2018
Episode 6210
Two months after the stabbing, Veronique is still in prison. Lars however suspects his ex-girlfriend Marie to be the real culprit. Niko is visited by an old friend.
29 Aug. 2018
Episode 6211
Marie gets interrogated by the police. Niko and Michiel discuss the return of beat copper Vereecken. Although she is still facing physical difficulties, Hanne goes back to work.
30 Aug. 2018
Episode 6212
Robyn's brother Jonas gets released from prison. He coincidentally befriends Benny at the cafe. Veronique gets a cellmate. Michiel has kidnapped Vereecken and asks for Niko's help.
31 Aug. 2018
Episode 6213
Mieke catches a news report about Vereecken's disappearance. Meanwhile Niko tries to defuse the situation. Hanne is falling back in love with Quiten. Vicky suppresses Veronique.
3 Sep. 2018
Episode 6214
Peter and Lars discuss Veronique's shifted behavior. Jenny wants to bring her son and daughter back together. Hanne's advances force Quinten to make a harsh confession.
4 Sep. 2018
Episode 6215
Lars suspects Veronique is being terrorized by Vicky. Louise has made a decision about her university studies, but Trudy is not being supportive. Vereecken tries to escape.
5 Sep. 2018
Episode 6216
Niko has lost control over Michiel. Marie attempts to get closer to Lars. Hanne and Quinten get back on talking terms. Jenny imposes herself on Patrick.
6 Sep. 2018
Episode 6217
Mathias overhears Cédric confessing his love for Marie. Vicky keeps harassing Veronique. Mieke still suspects Niko to know more about Vereecken. She decides to follow him.
7 Sep. 2018
Episode 6218
Niko and Michiel have been arrested. Marie rejects Cédric once again, and tells him about her ongoing feelings for Lars. Jonas finds out that Benny and Robyn are a couple.

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