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Season 4

6 Oct. 2002
Deep Down
As Fred and Gunn search for Angel, Wesley continues his affair with Lilah and conducts his own, more fruitful search.
13 Oct. 2002
Ground State
In his quest to steal an artifact that may help him find Cordelia, Angel competes with a human thief whose body is electrically charged.
20 Oct. 2002
The House Always Wins
Angel, Fred and Gunn discover that Lorne is being held prisoner in a corrupt Las Vegas casino.
27 Oct. 2002
Slouching Toward Bethlehem
Unable to remember her friends and scared by the world of demons and vampires, Cordelia takes refuge with Connor, who saves her from a demon attack.
3 Nov. 2002
Fred discovers that her old physics professor is the one who exiled her to Pylea, and Cordelia begins to wonder about her history with Angel.
10 Nov. 2002
Spin the Bottle
Lorne's spell to restore Cordelia's memory makes everyone think they're high school students who have been gathered to hunt a vampire: Angel.
17 Nov. 2002
Apocalypse, Nowish
As plagues of various pests descend on Los Angeles, the beast Cordelia saw in her vision returns--and the Apocalypse begins.
15 Jan. 2003
Habeas Corpses
Connor gets locked inside Wolfram and Hart with the big bad doomsday beast, who turns the legal firm's staff into an army of zombies.
22 Jan. 2003
Long Day's Journey
After a group of totems linked to the ancient sun god Ra are killed by the big, bad Beast, Angel realizes he's plotting to turn off the sun.
29 Jan. 2003
Angel agrees to try to bring Angelus back, but after the first attempt fails, the group discovers a magic sword that might do a better job.
5 Feb. 2003
Cordelia offers Angelus a deal: if he tells what he knows about the Beast, she'll give herself to him.
12 Feb. 2003
After learning the doomsday Beast is working for something bigger and badder than itself, Angel's friends try to return his soul to Angelus's body.
5 Mar. 2003
After Wesley tells Faith that Angelus has returned, Faith escapes from prison. Wesley takes her to Los Angeles hoping she will be able to trap Angelus. Faith finds Angelus and The Beast.
12 Mar. 2003
As Faith and Angel continue their battle, the voice of the Beast's master invades Angel's mind.
19 Mar. 2003
Fred calls Willow to re-en soul Angel. She encounters unexpected resistance from a mysterious source. Faith's strategy to capture Angelus has an unexpected side affect. She enters Angel's mind and witnesses some of his past.
26 Mar. 2003
As Angel tries to remember what Lilah's book said about the Master, Lorne plans a cleansing ritual to regain his empathic powers.
2 Apr. 2003
Inside Out
As Cordelia prepares to give birth, Angel and his friends finally learn that she--or an evil presence controlling her--is the Beast's master.
9 Apr. 2003
Shiny Happy People
While everyone else worships the beautiful woman Cordelia bore, Fred sees another side of her.
16 Apr. 2003
The Magic Bullet
As Jasmine's influence continues to spread, Fred finally tricks Angel into seeing her true nature.
23 Apr. 2003
Hiding out in a sewer, Angel and his friends fight a nasty monster who provides some clues that could help them in their battle against Jasmine.
30 Apr. 2003
Peace Out
Angel returns from the monster's dimension and finally defuses Jasmine's all-encompassing power.
7 May 2003
Lilah returns from the dead to offer Angel and his friends full ownership of Wolfram and Hart.

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