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Season 5

1 Oct. 2003
Angel and the gang adjust to life at Wolfram & Hart, while Angel lets loose the shocking contents of a package from Sunnydale.
8 Oct. 2003
Just Rewards
Angel and Spike challenge a necromancer who is unhappy with Wolfram and Hart's new leadership.
15 Oct. 2003
Angel saves a woman from a werewolf attack, but not before the woman was bitten. Now she will become a werewolf. As Team Angel tries to help her cope with her new situation, someone else would like to have Werewolf for dinner.
22 Oct. 2003
Fred faces technical and budgetary setbacks in her project to make Spike corporeal. Meanwhile, Spike is beset by grisly apparitions that only he can see.
29 Oct. 2003
Life of the Party
When Lorne foregoes sleep in order to prepare for the firm's big Halloween party, the dark side of his subconscious begins to manifest itself and affect the gang in strange ways.
5 Nov. 2003
The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco
Feeling disconnected from his real mission to be a hero for the people, Angel befriends an elderly mail clerk at the firm who was once a hero too and who feels the same way.
12 Nov. 2003
Wesley's father comes for a visit. With his father overseeing and critiquing everything he does, his old feelings of insecurity arise. Also, Wolfram and Hart is besieged by robot ninjas.
19 Nov. 2003
Spike opens a package that makes him corporeal again, turns the firm's employees into bloody-eyed monsters, and pits him against Angel in a race to drink out of the Cup of Perpetual Torment.
14 Jan. 2004
Harm's Way
Harmony finds herself in over her head and desperate to keep her job after she wakes up in her bed next to a dead man with vampire bites on his neck.
21 Jan. 2004
Soul Purpose
While Spike assumes the role of vampire-killing vigilante, Angel begins suffering from horrific dreams that seem to center around his inner fears and insecurities.
28 Jan. 2004
When Angel and Spike try to help a young woman who escaped from an asylum, they discover she's actually a potential slayer empowered by the spell Willow cast back at the Hellmouth in Sunnydale.
4 Feb. 2004
You're Welcome
Cordelia awakens from her magically induced coma and returns to help Angel fight an old enemy who has reappeared even more powerful than ever.
11 Feb. 2004
Why We Fight
Angel's past comes to haunt him. An ally from World War II takes Fred, Gunn, and Wes hostage while seeking Angel. This is the only vampire Angel sired after he got his soul back. Angel relives the past and must determine his future.
18 Feb. 2004
Smile Time
While Wesley and Fred's relationship heats up, Gunn makes a deal to ensure his mental powers are made permanent, and Angel gets turned into a little felt-covered puppet.
25 Feb. 2004
A Hole in the World
After breathing in the air from an ancient sarcophagus, Fred falls deathly ill and the rest of the gang races to find a cure before it's too late.
3 Mar. 2004
As Illyria, the ancient god now occupying Fred's body, gets used to her new world, Wesley uncovers Gunn's part in approving the customs document for the sarcophagus.
14 Apr. 2004
Angel takes Gunn and Spike with him on a mission to rescue Lindsey from the hell dimension created by the Senior Partners, totally unaware that Gunn has his own hidden agenda.
21 Apr. 2004
When Connor and his new parents show up at Wolfram & Hart asking for help, Angel refuses, leading Wesley to uncover how Angel had everyone's memory altered.
28 Apr. 2004
Time Bomb
Although Illyria rescues Gunn, Angel realizes she must be killed after her body begins a deadly physical breakdown, which could unleash enough power to destroy the world.
5 May 2004
The Girl in Question
As Fred's parents arrive to visit their daughter, Angel and Spike fly to Rome to save Buffy from her new evil lover who they're convinced has her under his equally evil spell.
12 May 2004
Power Play
Angel's strange behavior convinces the gang that he's joined an elite group of evildoers called the Circle of the Black Thorn - a group he could have only joined by killing one of his own.
19 May 2004
Not Fade Away
The gang prepares to attack the true powers of evil by attempting to take down the Circle of the Black Thorn - a battle none of them expect to survive.

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