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A true cult classic. Wonderfully aesthetic and thrilling.
vkn14 April 2001
There'll never be enough space to describe how special this series really is here, but maybe it can't be said with words as it is. Saint Seiya is very much a visual experience, after all.

The story, in a nutshell, is about five young boys who's task it is to defend the modern-day reincarnation of Athena against several threats. This translates into loads of very theatrical duels between these five Bronze Saints and their rivals, who happen to all be pretty boys with groovy armors and hairstyles. At a glance, it sounds terribly daft, but there's so much -more- in here than in your average boys-oriented battle series.

For starters, the overall quality of the presentation is quite a surprise. Of course, for such a long TV series there are always one or two episodes that look a bit drab. But taking in the big picture, Saint Seiya has an immediately recogniseable visual style of it's own that really leaves an impression. Long, fluttering strands of hair (in some very groovy colors) surround faces with dreamy eyes, and the fine, stylised bodies of the characters are shot from many inventive angles and animated with lots of flair. Kudos also to the one behind the backdrops; Saint Seiya sports some of the most gorgeous background paintings I've ever seen. From ruins of Greek temples to snowy wastelands, every setting is painted with rich and exquisite detail.

The music would really deserve a full review of it's own, as composer Seiji Yokoyama has done a marvellous job. Rousing, dramatic themes are the order of the day, who fit the scenes wonderfully and amplify the impact of the series no end. They also stick in your head forever, as do the punchy rock songs in the opening credits (it's the music that drew me into this series to begin with, actually. One listen of "Soldier Dream" and you're marked for life).

The plots and structure of the battles have their own "typically Saint Seiya" style as well. What is remarkable is how much cruelty and sadness shows through here. Not just meaning that the fights get rather bloody at some points (Hyoga's duel against Milo of Scorpio), but also that a lot of the characters have painful pasts and deep traumas. This makes for a rich, and very interesting cast. The opponents of our heroes aren't plain "nasties", they usually have their own ways of thinking which pushes them to fight for their cause. They're often misguided, or being used for someone's other dark means, which makes it all the more tragic to see them bravely dying in a battle to the limits, after they've shown such rich and fascinating personalities. There are only one or two truly "evil" characters among the enemies (and even they are very captivating to watch).

The five young heroes have equally likeable and deep personalities (with the exception of mister big hero Seiya, perhaps), and develop distinct styles of thinking and of fighting throughout the series. It makes for a gripping experience, full of rich and very dramatic moments.

Another interesting touch is the clever use of mythologic references. Each character is affiliated to a constellation, and often to a mythological figure as well. These are usually well-researched and very clever references, and it's probably the best job I've ever seen of bringing ancient myths up to date again, all while respecting the tone of the original myth.

With such a long series (114 episodes), there are ups and downs, inevitably. Particularly during the first "Sanctuary" series, Toei larded on a big dose of filler episodes and soulless extra characters, purely for marketing purposes, who just hamper the series as a whole. The later "Poseidon" episodes are also rather dull and empty. The best of the series is concentrated in the latter Sanctuary episodes, and the tremendous Asgard series. Next to the TV series, there are also 4 short movies, worth watching just for the eye candy (the Abel movie is really wonderful to look at).

All in all, Saint Seiya is and always will be one of the greatest works Japan has produced. It has gathered a huge lot of very faithful fans, simply because once you've gotten into the flavor of Saint Seiya, you'll never be able to forget it again. Some may be put off by it's delicate visual style and baroque touches, but this was never intended for those who can't appreciate beautiful stories in the first place. Just a shame this is hardly known on the English-language market.
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One of the greatest shounen/action anime ever created.
dominicanphenom30 May 2006
Saint Seiya (also known as Los Caballeros del Zodiaco in Spanish, Knights of Zodiac in English and Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque in French) is one of the best series ever created. First aired in 1986, the series was not as outstandingly popular as your DBZ's or your Sailor Moon's in Japan but strangely it contains/contained an almost religious following in Hispanic (Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic, etc) and Europ(France and Spain). Based around the idea that our modern world coexists with warriors wearing cloth/armors which are associated with constellations, the series dwells with the adventures of the saints/knights of the goddess Athena. Swearing to protect her, the Bronze saints (the main characters of the story) go to any length and fight anyone who threatens Athena or the well-being of mankind.

The series aired in Adult Swim for a while in a crappy time slot and has never really developed an American audience, which is a shame.I can not stress enough how good the series is.
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Light the fire of my Cosmos!!
Volkenraider31 August 2003
If you've just happen to stumble across this series by accident, or are in fact a true Saint Seiya fanatic, please feel free to read this commentary on such a great animated series.

First of all, it is a great break from the typical anime where you have robots and tons of martial arts; the idea behind Saint Seiya is truly original and that is why it still impacts on the world today: Imagine our modern world protected by mythological Gods of hallowed antiquity. We have Palas Athenea, or Athena, protecting our world from evil. She is reborn when the presence of evil is strong. (Around 200 to 300 years usually). Then imagine her sitting on her throne in her Sanctuary, protected by 12 golden saints, each one representing a Zodiac sign, each with a unique power, armor and cosmos. (Cosmos is from where these Saints obtain their power, taking it from thier constelation).

But there are more than 12 saints. The Saint order has three different ranks: Golden, Silver and Bronze. Each Saint holds the power to a different constelation, and this is where our main characters come in: the Bronze Saints are also twelve, and are the destined ones to replace the Golden Saints in the future, but till then, they hold their own armor representing minor constelations. And from these twelve, five stand out as the strongest and bravest: Seiya of Pegasus, Shiryu of the Dragon, Shun of Andromeda, Hyoga of Cygnus, and my personal favorite Ikki of Phoenix (not the city), who happens to be Shun's older brother and probably the most troubled of the five.

To sum things up, each character has their own unique personality, their own unique and cool repetoir of attacks, problems and existential angst. But they are the sworn protectors of the Goddess Athena, and all that is good on Earth. (No matter how corny that sounds)

The series back in 1986 saw these five Saints battle it out in the Sanctuary against the false High Pope (keeper of the Sanctuary until Athena is reincarnated) and the Golden Saints who did not realize the High Pope was evil; against Madam Hylda and her Seven Warriors of Asgard in the frozen regions of Scandinavia; and against Poseidon's reincarnation and his Generals: the Marine Scales. The series finished with them defeating Poseidon, but the Manga (comic) actually had a continuation, where they battled Hades, the Lord of the Underworld, and his 108 specters (of which only about 20 are important). For any of you interested, TOEI animation has decided (after 17 years!!) to continue the series where it left off. And it will be aired in english and spanish later this year!!!

So to sum up, imagine a series where the characters each represent a myth, and hold in their soul the power of a Constelation. Battling Gods, monsters, and even their own troubled minds. So if you do get to watch this series, be delighted because it is a rare gem in the TV World. (Check out Cartoon Network, I think they're playing it now on a regular basis).

So the only thing I can say (and all you fans know what this means) is: Pegasus RyuSeiKen!!
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The Best Anime ever!
ShiryuK27 October 1998
Saint Seiya, no doubt, is the best Anime Japan has to offer. It is fast, exciting, and moving. The story line and the character are so real and deep that you'll be attached to them right away. The fierce and fast action is spetacular even using today's standards. But you really have to know the series first in order to enjoy more from the movie. The movie itself, for a first timer is still great, but there are missing details, which by knowing the series will help to fill them.

Great anime, watch it.
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The coolest anime ever!
daria8415 November 2003
I am totally addicted to Saint Seiya, there is so much adventure, action and everything here!! I especially like the old episodes, but still they're so cool! All the characters are very well done, each one with especial habilities and skills, and in every episode, something new and cool comes up, you just never know what will come next! I love their powers, for being a show from the 80's is quite impressive how they did it, and even nowadays, it's still very impressive.

it's about 5 (more like 4, Ikki shows up not very often) "saints" trained to serve and protect everything that represents good. They always face new adventures and keeps us in the edge of our seat.

Also special mention to the music.. wow the music is probably the very soul of Saint Seiya, it suits to every single ocation, a sad moment, a fight, a happy moment, etc.

Masami Kurumada es definitely a genius, and now with the new Hades OVAS coming, is definitely something to look forward.

Well if you want to see a good anime filled with action and entertainment, you can not miss this one! ***** out of *****
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The Show that inspires me in the important moments
Goncalo3 April 2009
Saint Seiya - The Sanctuary Chapter is a treasure not only in the anime world, but in fiction in general. With features of unusual quality, it is more like a show to enjoy and admire than to entertain us. The only thing that is in contradiction with this is the high number of episodes, which makes the series losing quality sometimes. But these few low moments are easily forgotten when you look at the series as a whole and you can get its real value.

The technology, although not excellent (as the series dates from 1986), can present us with splendid effects of light radiation involving the bodies of the knights. The drawings are the most beautiful I have ever seen: characters, armors, environments – they have an outstanding creativity and beauty. A wonderful story, which uses the tireless theme "Good versus Evil", is based on a perfect combination between the Greek mythology and the world today. The fights are spectacular, with diversified moves and strategies that almost always have something to teach us. The knights are often invaded by memories of training with their masters, through which they apprehend important lessons and motivation for the battle, and they have a carefully written (sometimes Epic) speech, through which they explain their ideals.

The bronze saints have a strong spirit of sacrifice, and thus can bring me a huge energy and willpower to face the difficulties of day-to-day and to achieve my goals (you can make an analogy between their combats and the obstacles that come in lifetime).

Another analogy that I found is the fact that Seiya, a little guy, can defeat Cassius, when the latter presents a physical condition disproportionately higher. Indeed, the Cassius muscles are only due to a superficial and repetitive training that relies on brute force, while Seiya achieves a high energy level (the cosmos) because of the passion that he deposits in training and in combat and the noble ideals it stands for. Therefore, we should also get interest for our work, by doing something that is really good for the society we live in, even if it does not result in better personal profits (such as money and credit), because only the passion for what we do can move us to the level which Cassius was unaware.
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Yes, the best anime ever made.
Silver_Cat_DT20 March 2003
Saint Seiya is the best anime ever, it's about 5 young warriors "The Bronze Saints" who defend the reincarnation of Godess Athena (Saori Kido) against threats such as the "Silver Saints" and the deadly "Gold Saints" (the zodiac signs, from aries thru pisces) in which the bronze saints come out victorious, and with the 5 remaining gold saints alive as their allies, who repair the heroes' destroyed armors

Then comes the Asgard saga, where the heroes have to fight against the threat of a corrupted Hilda Polaris (the representation of Odin on earth) and her 7 god warriors

And the 3rd part of the series, the heroes fight Poseidon and his 7 marines to protect not only Athena, but the whole world..

The series are great, the characters (in my opinion) is what makes a show (or an anime) great, and in saint seiya all the characters are awesome, both in apperiances and personalities... I really can't choose who my favorite character is, they're all cool... but one thing is for sure: this is my favorite anime of all the time!
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An excellent work, idealistic and packed with action.
Boadicea-217 October 1998
Saint Seiya is a Japanese animation TV series about a group of young men chosen to defend the Goddess Athena with their mysterious powers. However, it isn't simply an action series where everyone gets beaten to pulp. It is scattered with mythological references, from Greek mythology to Norse tales. The graphics, although rather old (1986) are splendid, very aesthetical. We quickly become attached to all five of the heroes, who will risk their lives to preserve justice and peace. The musical score of the anime is, all along, a work of art. All in all, anyone interested in mythology and who likes Japanes animation should try to get his hands on this deep yet action filled anime!
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10 times better than Dragon Ball Z
Emphinix19 July 2003
Well i've only seen this show in the Dominican Republic, I wonder why they didn't release it in North America, well this show is the best anime ever and it's a lot better than Dragon Ball Z because they have special powers instead of being from another planet and they fight gods from the Greek Mythology like Poseidon, Hades and everything.

If someday Saint Seiya is released in the USA i'm sure that everybody will like it and all the people will know that this show is a lot better than Dragon Ball Z and they say some things that are true like in one of the episodes that love and beautiful memories in the battlefield are useless, they're just ridiculous but love makes us stronger a lot of times.

The best Saint of all the 5 main characters which are the 5 most powerful saints is Ikki the Phoenix, he's the best and the strongest of all 5 of them and the eldest, Seiya is the main character, most people believe that he's annoying, and a lot of people say that Ikki's brother Andromeda Shun, is gay, that is right he is gay because he is calling for his brother the whole time when he is in major trouble.

When this show came out in the Dominican Republic, it was the number one kick ass show in the country and the best anime of all time before Rurouni Kenshin came to the Dominican Republic and everyone who was serious about Saint Seiya doing their homeworks earlier so they can go and watch the show like most children, teenagers and adults did when they went home from their school and work a lot earlier to go and watch Dragon Ball Z.

Lots of people in that country we're addicted to Saint Seiya, like I was addicted to that show. This show is the best animation but not as better as Rurouni Kenshin is, I give this show a big 10/10 and if it comes out in America it will be the second most popular anime in America.
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US Translation a Disappointment
gdeangel24 September 2003
With the recent release of this series on Cartoon Network, a disappointing translation has been revealed. Who ever heard of knights wearing cloth instead of armor? Why don't the knights use their zodiac constellation names, instead of the common animal names? Is it because this US release presumes that Americans neither know nor care about the accuracy of anachronism nor the Latin proper names of constellations? Having watched foreign language versions of this series before, I must say that the bad translation seems to sap much of the richness of the original fantasy world.
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One of the greatest things on a screen, period.
John Brooks3 June 2012
Sure, a big part of me and my brother's childhood. But beyond being pedagogical, teaching all kinds of myths n mythology to kids - which in itself is FANTASTIC, what a great tool to convey those stories - it is just simply classic literature.

I've read "greatest anime ever" on the reviews here. This, if anything, is highly reductive. Of course it's by an infinite measure the best Jap Manga/anime thingy ever, but it is also unparalleled greatness in the realms of literature, poetry, fictional philosophy and cinema altogether.

  • The level of emotions (I cry on a bunch of episodes !) - The depiction of absolute purity - The quality and adrenaline rush in the directing and writing of the action scenes/battles. - The overall class of the characters/scenes/settings. - The intelligence of the script and screen writing: the villain isn't simply a bad guy who wants to kill everyone, there's a very specific motive each time that is brilliantly wrought. - Aesthetics: of the women, the armors/cloths (esp. Gold saints and Poseidon Shoguns), never too violent (decent enough to let you understand the guy lost an arm, but not to show it explicitly)

This is the highest piece of cinematography you can get in terms of myths/symbols/poetry/wisdom + enormous emotions + classic tale-telling + and just CLASS overall and incredibly layered.

For what it does, it's more perfect than the most perfect thing you could think about. It beats your highest expectations.

And I think above all, it sure is informative but above all: HEALTHY. It's hyper positive. You can show this to anyone who's down, and even amongst the most depressed, this can only help and perhaps instill a new breath of life for a few days.

This is legendary, it's beyond greatness. No exaggeration. Perhaps the only thing I'd ever want to rate 11/10.
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The anime series that started my love for mythology
Warning: Spoilers
"Saint Seiya" was a very important part of my childhood, mostly because it was one of the very first anime series that I've watched in my life. Along with "Batman: The Animated Series" and "The Simpsons", this anime changed forever my way to see cartoons, being darker and way more violent than anything that I've seen before. But besides of that, "Saint Seiya" had a very entertaining plot and many interesting characters.

The mythological elements used in the story worked very well, being a key factor in what concerned to the character development, their personalities and abilities. The excellent music composed by Seiji Yokohama deserves a special mention, as it is one of the main components that serve to recreate the perfect mood and atmosphere for each story arc, capturing the emotion, excitement, sadness and solemnity of the plot.

Considering the time when this series was made, the animation and the designs (done by Shingo Araki) were pretty good, and have a very good quality. It is true than some episodes are better animated than others, but the overall series keeps a good level. In many ways, this anime adaptation exploited very well the original story and concepts created by Masami Kurumada in order to create a fascinating epic tale with several elements from Greek and Norse Mythology, resulting in one of the most iconic anime series from the eighties.

It is true than in the last two parts of the original anime series (And in the movies) the story was somewhat simplified, focusing only in the quest done by the main heroes in order to save another character (in this chase, Saori/Athena) which plays the role of damsel in distress, following a predictable pattern of events, while many of the characters introduced in the first part of the series are reduced to a secondary role (Or are completely forgotten or mentioned again) some characters which were especially created for the animated series in the first season are simply killed off or just disappear as the series advances.

However, despite those flaws, this series never stops as being funny to watch, and even those parts that could be seen as melodramatic and cheesy (At least from a modern perspective) have an undeniable level of charm, the main quality why I still enjoy watching this series in the present.

It seems that this series was poorly dubbed in North America, receiving lots of censorship and lots of absurd changes done to the animation and the story. Too bad.

"Saint Seiya" is an iconic anime series that is in the same level of "Dragonball" or "The Fist of the North Star". I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the Japanese animation done in that decade, having many good qualities that made it worth of appreciation. It is an entertaining and well done anime series.
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A very important part of my childhood
Jessica Carvalho16 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"Saint Seiya" was an important part of my childhood.Here in Brazil it was a very big success ( I don't have a single friend who didn't watch this series when they were a kid)and It was also the first anime I started to watch. After it, I became a big anime fan. Being inspired in many different mythologies like the Greek and the Nordic ones,and also having some influence in the zodiac signs, we have a very cool story with lots of action and different types of fighters. I remember so many memorable fights,each one better then the other, and we see the the story of each one of the characters as long as the episodes are being seem. Nowadays we have the Hades OAVS(OVAS)that are the continuation of this saga, and also have awesome elements and surprising powers of some of the characters. I would recommend this anime for everyone who loves scenes of fights and mythological aspects.
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Eles são!!!Eles são!!! Eles são os caavaaaleeiiiiiiiirrrrrrooooossss!!!!
buchass19 September 2005
hum....a childhood animation series! Good story, good animation, lots of actions, excellent characters and a great soundtrack, "Knights of the Zodiac", "Saint Seya" or "Cavaleiros do Zodiaco", is a an excellent Japanese "manga", later put on screen in a television animation series, and like almost the Japanese "anime", this one is pretty good!

Its basically a good vs evil fight,where the good guys (the Bronze Knights) kick ass the bad guys, over and over again,always to save Princess Athena from the evil ones which always tend to rule the world..

Its an original story based on mythology, legends and myths, an eternal fight of light and darkness.
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L'aventure est sur ton chemin...
Raphaël Iberg6 April 2007
"Saint Seiya" is first a very good manga by Masami Kurumada, one of the bests I think.

The anime is rather good but the French version is a catastrophe ! The dubbers are, for the majority, very bad and the translation is really awful ! There are lots of mistakes ! But to defend a little the French version, the introduction songs are very funny... "L'aventure est sur ton chemin", "Les chevaliers du zodiaque"... The French-speaking fans will understand.

There the anime added a story, which was very interesting: the Asgard Part with the God Warriors (it wasn't successful in Japan).

"Saint Seiya" is nonetheless a good anime, the story is respected and it's always cool to watch our heroes speak, move and fight on TV ! And I want to say that the Hades Part (not translated into French yet, I saw the beginning in original version) is great !
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Story of a group of teen that posses the powers of the constellations and are sworn to protect the goddess Athena
quetzalcoatl694 March 1999
This is one of the greatest animes ever made. I grew up watching the show, hell I still do watch it when ever I can find it on tv.
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Knights of the Zodiac
mvpc221 April 2005
Hey, I first saw Knights of the Zodiac in Mexico. I was really drawn to the animation. I recently saw the first seven discs that I rented from Netflix. In these first seven discs, their blood is blue. Well, the last episode on that seventh disc is entitled "Dragon's Sacrifice" which ends with Dragon sacrificing his sense of sight to beat the Medusa shield and Athena and the rest of the Knights finding out who the Steel Knights are and what their purpose is. I am expecting Saint Seiya next through Netflix, where there is actual RED blood. My question is, does Saint Seiya pick up after "Dragon's Sacrifice"? Or, does this Saint Seiya start at a different point of the animation series? Also, I remember in Mexico watching episodes where all the Knights had gold armors. My next question would be if there was anyone out there that knows the titles to any other Knights of the Zodiac/Saint Seiya animation? I'd appreciate some feedback on this. Thanks.
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Great anime series
alejo227 September 2008
"Kights of the Zodiac" or "Saint Seiya" is one of my favorite anime shows. The animation was very well made for the time it was made, the story made was very interesting, filed with references to the mythology, and excellent characters. The character designs made by Shingo Araki are very stylish, and improve the original designs made by Masami Kurumada (creator of "Bt'x") The history was filled with adventure, drama and action, and one of the best things besides the excellent animation and the story was the music, that suits very well with the atmosphere of the different arc of the series( Specially the music of the Asegard saga, inspired in the Norse mythology) Too bad that the English dubbing of this series wasn't so good as the original (They made a lot of horrible changes, add too much censorship, and changed the music and the original names)No wonder why "Saint Seiya" wasn't so popular as in other countries. However, this show was amazing.Try to see the original version, which deserves all the good reviews.
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kevink204619 June 2007
i watched this series back when i was like 6 yrs old in china (i live in the US now). of all the cartoons i saw this one is one of the few that is really ingrained in my memory. the story and characters have a deeper, darker side to them, making them all the more human. you don't find this much in cartoons (or anything really in the media) nowadays. anyway this series really does have something special about it. i don't think it can really be justified by words so all i can say is WATCH IT!!!

other animes i like:

Neon Genesis Evangelion Sailor Moon Akira Ghost in the Shell
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Great mythological work
Macacao Sapao9 March 2001
Wonderful animation. It has a quality of drawing that's extremely good for 1986. And, not just that, it has great stories and well developed characters. The mythology around it is wonderfully used and mixed into the world as we know. It's admirable how they managed to mix Greek Mythology with Nordic Mythology in some part of the series. Although it's all mythical, the characters are extremely human, with feelings, conflicts and all the discoveries everybody goes through in life. This series was a big success everywhere it was shown, and it deserves it. Saint Seiya is one of the best Japanese animation series ever. And it's a great introduction to the world of animes. Fans of Greek Mythology are going to go berserk.
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Saint seiya
adioz79037 October 2005
Look I have seen saint seiya in the dominican republic, too, although I didn't see the Asgard and Poseidon series. I have bought saint seiya in English and I like it better, it sounds more manly. Saint seiya is definitely the "best show" but that is just some people's opinions. You can't say saint seiya is the best, because compare to the many animes that are out there right now it doesn't hang too well. I will say that it is worth watching it has many good themes, but the graphics make a little less than mere crap, except for the volumes 8-12 which spice things up a bit, for the better. However, the Hades and Heaven chapter really bring saint seiya into what it originally was supposed to be: a wholesome, kick-ass anime.
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Horrible!Just Horrible!!
titanfan357 February 2004
Boy, does this ever suck. Blue blood? I thought we had gotten over that! Who's dubbing this show? Funimation, circa 1995? And the whiny voices...My God. And what is up with the darn 3-D fillers between scenes?Plus this show is PLAIN boring and hardly has no suspense at all!! And I know the series is fairly old, but ...It looks sooooooo terrible!!!!!I've seen just about every anime there is......and this is the worst one out there.
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