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  • Resident Evil 2 (Biohazard 2) starts on the afternoon of September the 29th, 1998, almost two months after the events of the first game (which took place on July the 24th). It ends on the dawn of September the 30th.

    ***Go into the blue office where you meet Marvin and click on the green schedule board near the adjacent door to clarify that it takes place on the 29th and ends on the morning of the 30th.

  • In an interview with Resident Evil 3 scenario writer Yasuhisa Kawamura reveals that Leon and Carie were able to slip by the blockade unaware when the military forces quarantining Raccoon City retreated after facing an attack from the zombies.

    Raccoon City is a isolated city surrounded by many hills and mountains of dense forests. Since by the time Leon and Claire arrive on September 29th the majority of it's citizens had been confirmed dead, so the military decided to quickly back off to prevent any unnecessary casualties.

  • The "G-virus", is the central plot point of Resident Evil 2. It is a highly advanced strain of the Progenitor virus with continuous mutagenic properties, but the only known successful hosts of the G-virus are Dr. William Birkin, his daughter Sherry, and Curtis Miller.

    According to the series timeline, when Dr. William Birkin's test subject Lisa Trevor displayed unexpected resistance to the experimental NE-, he discovered that the cause was her infection with a primitive form of what he named the G-virus. Later, shortly after the events of Resident Evil 2, Agent HUNK and Ada Wong procured samples of the virus for Umbrella and Albert Wesker, respectively.

    The G-virus is only transmitted through implantation or ingestion, rather than physical contact. It can only be fully accepted by hosts with a suitable genetic makeup, such as a blood relative, but can partially infect others by implantation of "G-embryos", producing severe mutations that culminate in the death of the host and the release of additional G-embryos. In general, the G-virus greatly accelerates cellular duplication and revitalization, at the cost of higher brain function. This causes the host to exhibit feral behavior, loss of moral reasoning, memory, and other higher drives, leaving only the urges for self-preservation and reproduction. The virus exhibits its symptoms within seconds, inducing extremely volatile mutations; a third eye is a typical outcome. The mutations accelerate when the host is wounded; this phenomenon caused William Birkin to suffer five increasingly gruesome mutations before expiring.

    If the host is compatible, the embryo begins to pupate and assimilate the host's body, turning them into a mutant of immense strength. These hosts, called "G-mutants", create their offspring by orally implanting small, parasitic G-embryos into a living host through the palm of their hand. If the host is incompatible, the G-embryo will rapidly grow inside the host's body, and will burst from their chest in a matter of minutes. It will then quickly develop into an adult "G-creature" and search for another host. G-creatures periodically emit more G-embryos.

    The G-virus can be cured by DEVIL, an experimental vaccine. However, the vaccine is only effective during the initial stages of an impregnation-induced infection, before the embryos gestate. In the case of Sherry Birkin, DEVIL did not destroy the cells infected with the G-virus; it merely halted their spread, leaving her as a virus carrier.

  • Yes, he was one of their top researchers. However, with the threat of the Mansion incident (from RE1) getting exposed and the virus epidemic possibly spreading to the nearby town, Umbrella wanted to pull out all its research activity from the Raccoon City labs, and retrieve all critical data and samples. But they knew that Birkin considered the G-virus his life's work, and that he would not hand it over easily. So they started spying on him some time before the outbreak, which made Birkin even more suspicious and reclusive. With the knowledge that Albert Wesker, Birkin's colleague, had already betrayed the company, Umbrella decided to take no risks and obtain the G-virus from Birkin by force. So they send in a team led by Agent HUNK, and Birkin was accidentally shot during a tense confrontation.

    Further Resident Evil games offer a further back story to Birkin's betrayal. Umbrella receives information that Birkin is attempting to sell his G-virus to the US Government. In response Umbrella sends HUNK and his team to collect the G-Virus before the deal is made. It is not clarified if this was Birkin's original intention with the virus, or if because he knew that Umbrella was planning to take his creation from the beginning.


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Chris Redfield and Barry Burton have left Raccoon City after several unsuccessful attempts to expose the truth about the dangerous experiments done by Umbrella in the Arklay Mountain labs. Their boss, chief Brian Irons, who received bribes by Umbrella, intentionally dismissed their statements and stalled their investigations; with Umbrella as their employer, most civilians were too afraid to listen to warnings about the imminent zombie plague and the company's malpractices. Chris has left for the European headquarters of Umbrella in Paris, in the hope that they can stop Umbrella there; Barry remains in the neighbourhood, as he picks up Jill and Carlos by helicopter in RE3.

    Jill Valentine is still in Raccoon City, but she has resigned from the RCPD. She remained in Raccoon City to try and get more secret information to expose Umbrella, and she is waiting for news from Chris and Barry in a hotelroom when the zombie plague hits the town. She escapes the city after RE2, but she never gets into contact with Claire Redfield or Leon Kennedy (as told in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis).

    Brad Vickers (the pilot) is also in Raccoon City when the zombie plague hits. He is being chased and killed by the Nemesis. He runs into Jill when trying to escape, but does not come into contact with Claire or Leon while he is still alive (as told in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis). Brad only shows up in Resident Evil 2 as a zombie under certain conditions).

    Rebecca Chambers' location is unknown. She could still be somewhere in the city, or perhaps she left before the zombie attack began.

    Albert Weskers' whereabouts are unknown. He was killed by the Tyrant, but survived and escaped because he had injected himself with a modified T-virus earlier. He is probably not in Raccoon City.

    The Resident Evil novels, which are based directly on the games, but provide one single continuity, specify that Rebecca is in Cablin Cove (the second book), and Wesker is at one of the Umbrella bases waiting on Ada Wong to complete her mission in retrieving the G-Virus.

  • Leon S. Kennedy - Alive

    Claire Redfield - Alive

    Sherry Birkin - Alive

    Ada Wong - Alive. At first Presumed Dead (Falls off the Catwalk / Dying When Mr. X Slams her against the Machine); however, as detailed in Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, she turns up badly wounded in Raccoon City, and escapes just prior to its destruction. She appears alive and well in Resident Evil 4, giving further closure on her survival.

    Annette Birkin - Dead (Died after a Heavy Blow to the Head from the Ceiling Caving In / William Birkin kills her after he transforms into a monster.)

    Dr. William Birkin - Dead (Injected Himself with the G-Virus after getting shot down by Umbrella Soldiers; he turns into a monster and is destroyed on the train when it blows up)

    Ben Bertolucci - Dead (Gets a G-Type Mutant Implanted by the G-Type Birkin; it Bursts out of his Chest)

    Chief Brian Irons - Dead (Gets Ripped in Half by the Birkin Monster)

    Officer Marvin Branagh - Dead (Gets Severely Wounded and Turns into a Zombie)

    Robert Kendo (Gun Shop Owner) - Dead (Eaten Alive by a Pack of Zombies)

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