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MPAA Rated R for graphic violence including some scenes of dental torture, and for strong sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • In the opening montage, Dr. Feinstone is being interviewed and looks a back on his wife cheating on him. She is briefly shown giving oral sex to a man but it is not shown in great detail.
  • Dr. Feinstone has a romantic evening with his lover, and ends up passionately kissing her. She then suggests they should go to her room before they are interrupted.
  • Dr. Feinstone has a delusional episode involving his lover cheating on him with her childhood friend he recently discovered she had. He overhears them engaging in intercourse and looks into their bedroom door to see it happening. The woman's breasts and buttocks are shown as well as the man's bare chest. he walks through the door to attack them but then snaps out of his fit and looks to see that there was really nobody on the bed and he was in an empty room all along.

Violence & Gore

  • The fact that Dr. Feinstone cut his wife's tongue out for cheating him presented clearly as her mutilated is shown throughout the movie. A brief shot of drilling her mouth is in the opening credits.
  • Brief shots of bloody mouths are shown throughout Dr. Feinstone's psychotic episodes throughout the movie.
  • Dr. Feinstone encounters the current dentist, Dr. Burns in Paradise and violently confronts him for doing poor dental work on him. Dr. Burns is backed into a corner and then falls down the stairs. When Dr. Feinstone goes to check his vitals he was dead on impact as he has no pulse and blood is shown coming from his forehead.
  • Dr. Feinstone is shown cutting into his arm in detail in a few scenes to try to battle his violent impulses. Blood is shown everytime this happens.
  • After a passing tourist discovers Dr. Feinstone's real identity. This makes him frightened and he attempts to quickly leave his office. The doctor worried he will be reported, begins to choke the man and proceeds to stab him in the ear canal with a dental needle. The man's pale dying face is shown with foam coming from his mouth. The doctor then buries him in his backyard.
  • Dr. Feinstone sadistically performs dental torture on a woman who knows about his real identity. He knocks her out with nitrous oxide and she awakens taped to the dentist chair. Graphic close-ups of her bloody mouth being poked, drilled and slit are shown. A man who comes to the office attempts to help her, but the doctor beats him, stabs him with a hammer and then smashes in his skull. His blood is shown to be leaking on the floor. He then proceeds to play a game called truth or tooth, where if the lady lies to him she gets a tooth pulled. It is implied that he later kills the woman as well but the act is not shown. Overall that is most violent and disturbing scene in the movie.
  • After Jamie, the doctor's new girlfriend finds Brooke attempting cut his tongue out she knocks her away and goes to call the police. In the procress, she sees a bloody hammer on the ground and foot sticking out of the closet. When she opens the closet door she finds the bloody and dismembered corpses of her friends who the doctor killed earlier in the movie. Their fatal wounds are shown in great detail.
  • A man is shot many times with a nail gun at the end of the film but does not die. His injuries shown soon afterward though. The scene of him pulling the nails out of his face was done for a dark comic effect.


  • A few swear words but nothing major or excessive.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Casual wine drinking between adults is shown.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole movie is rather intense but the dental torture scene in a particular would be considered the hardest part to view. Definately not a movie for children or anybody afraid of the going to the dentist to watch.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Dr. Feinstone's wife Brooke comes looking for him at the end of the movie. She attempts to seduce him by rubbing him, kissing him and sucking on his tongue. However, this seduction is revealed to just be a plot to get back at him for maiming her in the first movie.

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