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29 Jun. 1967
The Mission
Sister Benedict arrives home from Africa to a world where an elderly woman is being removed from her home (against her free will) by the state.
3 Jul. 1967
Keep Him Till I Come for Him
Edna a teenage,confused,unmarried mother who has escaped from a remand home,leaves her baby at the Convent with a promise to collect him in two weeks.A generation clash occurs between the elder sisters and young Sister Benedict as they decide what to do next.
10 Jul. 1967
The Face of Hunger
Sister Euphrasia returns from an ordeal abroad and unwittingly allows a journalist to exploit her for his own agenda.
17 Jul. 1967
A Cup of Tea with the Fullers
After trying to reason with a racist over his treatment of a black couple, Sister Benedict faces a dilemma of who next to turn to.
24 Jul. 1967
Sisters & Brothers
The sisters need a day nursery, and not having enough money, decide to do some of the work themselves in converting an old building. This brings them into conflict with the 'brothers' of the trade union movement which results in a comical situation.
31 Jul. 1967
The Promised Land
A teenage girl's world collides between her life in London and her immigrant family's values.
14 Aug. 1967
The Undefeated
An alcoholic, loud and obnoxious old lady who is frequently mocked, finds she has an ally who wants to help her.
21 Aug. 1967
You Can't Touch Me
Patrick Daley accuses his teacher, a nun, of abuse; when using a ruler in class to discipline him. The palms on his hands are badly marked. Later we find he is seeking attention because of his parents abusive relationship, and his fathers alcohol dependence at home. Patick has been rubbing his palms on the school railings.Eventually the truth is discovered and calm returns to the mission.
4 Sep. 1967
Has Everyone Heard of Juliet?
The sisters try to trace the life of a girl claiming to be suffering from amnesia- but is she telling the truth?

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