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Uuno Turhapuro 25 years
Petey-1026 January 2011
Johtaja Uuno Turhapuro- Pisnismies (1998) is the 18th and second last in Turhapuro series.It's directed by Ere Kokkonen and produced by his wife Anna-Maija Kokkonen.The music is by the master Jaakko Salo.Here's a little about the plot.Uuno's kid brother Peni Turhapuro has promised two ladies to make their daughters, Roosa and Kati, tango queens.It doesn't look too promising, so he goes to see his brother, who has a rich wife.Maybe he could help him.Uuno now has a new father-in-law, who has also taken the name of the original and made himself Vuoristoneuvos.He also shares the hatred for his son-in-law.Soon Uuno and Peni are filthy rich, having Hugo's fortune of 8 billions.Uuno's friends Härski Hartikainen and Sörsselssön now have their own detective firm.Vesa-Matti Loiri plays the character of Uuno Turhapuro as good as he always plays it.Santeri Kinnunen is also funny as Peni.You have to like Marjatta Raita as Elisabeth Turhapuro.Heikki Nousiainen is very good as Hugo Tuura, but I rather would have seen Tapio Hämäläinen playing the father-in-law.Luckily he went to be in the last Uuno movie.It's a good thing we see Marita Nordberg as Mrs. Tuura.Spede Pasanen and Simo Salminen make a great Team as Härski Hartikainen and Sörsselssön.Elli Castrén is terrific as Unelma Säleikkö.Katariina Kaitue is wonderful as Etsivä Pia Terävä.And so are Anu Palevaara and Laura Huhtamaa as Roosa and Kati.Rose-Marie Precht and Liisa Paatso are superb as their parents Sally and Stephanie.Jope Ruonansuu is hilarious as Presidentti Ahtisaari.And so is Heikki Kinnunen as Laulava Juoppo.Aarne Raninen plays the accordion while Heikki sings.Risto Aaltonen and Tom Pöysti make a funny team as Russian thugs.Pekko Aikamiespoika pays a visit in this movie, played by Timo Koivusalo.The Kummeli team Heikki Silvennoinen, Timo Kahilainen, Heikki Hela and Heikki Vihinen are as their characters Pertti "Speedy" Keinonen, Sakari "Saku" Östermalm, Pasi and Kimmo.Hannele Lauri plays Talousetsivä.Saija Hakola plays Pankkineiti.Riitta Väisänen plays Kauneussalongin Pitäjä.Ismo Kallio portrays Presidentinlinnan Vahtimestari.Petteri Summanen plays the part of Autokauppias.Risto Kaskilahti is Alkon Myyjä.Markku Veijalainen is Lehtimyyjä.Antti Virmavirta is Poliisi.Janne Virtanen portrays Asianajaja.Toni Wahlstöm is Pastori Koikkalainen.Tarja-Tuulikki Tarsala is Nainen Kadulla.Eero Saarinen is Ministeri.Aarno Sulkanen is Ravintolan Portsari.Päiviö Pyysalo is seen as Vahtimestari.Arto Bryggare is seen as himself.So is Hjallis Harkimo.Joel Hallikainen sings his hit song Kuurankukka.Director Renny Harlin comes to direct Uuno a bit.Tapani Kansa comes to give a ride.Heikki Hietamies visits as himself.MTV 3 faces of that time, Ismo Jokinen and Minna Kuukka are seen there.Politicians Ben Zyskowicz, Ilkka Kanerva and Sauli Niinistö are there.Reiska Laine makes a visit as himself.Director Markku Pölönen is there as himself.You can see ice hockey player Christian Ruuttu there.Kari Sohlberg is as himself.Poet Tommy Tabermann, who we sadly lost last summer at 62, is seen in this movie.That's quite a list of familiar faces.The movie, although not being at the top of Turhapuro movies, still has many reasons to make you laugh.Like when Uuno thinks his bike has been stolen.It's awfully funny when Uuno and Peni march to the bank and walk out with loads of money.And the song we hear in the end brings a smile on your face.Uuno Turhapuro still hasn't gotten the respect it deserves.To many critics this is a one star movie, that should be sent to space.But us common viewers have always enjoyed to see the new adventures of Uuno Turhapuro.
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