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worth watching for Rachel Leigh Cook
rmlattimore4 April 2009
There are some movies that make me just stop what I'm doing and watch. Braveheart, Clear and Present Danger, Casino Royale, Godfather I and II, Goodfellas, Top Gun are just a few that come to mind. Not all are classics, but all have _something_ to them that engrosses me. She's All That is one of those movies.

Yes, Rachel Leigh Cook is so so cute. Fuggedaboudat. Watch her. See if she delivers one line as if she memorized it, as if she's repeating what someone else wrote. There's not one unnatural act or utterance from her. She is completely believable, and because her character rings so true, you cannot help but empathize with her, and that is what makes the movie -- when she wins out in the end, you're happy she did because she makes you care about her. She's as good as Kate Blanchett was in The Aviator (completely different movies, completely different roles, by Blanchett deservedly won an Oscar). She has that character absolutely nailed, you won't see - can't see -- a better performance.

(And for what it is worth, this may be Paul Walker's best performance. I credit the director for getting the performances that he did out of cast of young actors not generally known for their talent.) As for the rest of the movie, you've seen it before, but so what? Star Wars is Battle of Britain, set in the future with a backstory, no one holds that against it. The choreographed dance scene is great, and it IS well cast and it IS well acted, clichéd or not.
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Predictable but nice
rbverhoef9 July 1999
When I saw this film a couple of years ago, I was sixteen, I sort of loved it. Seeing it again, not in my teenage years anymore, I realize that 'She's All That' really is for teenagers. I still like it, yes, but now that I have seen so many more movies there are a lot of predictable, therefore lesser, parts.

For starters it is set on a high school but the characters seem to be in their mid-twenties. Of course that is pretty logical since the actors are in their mid-twenties. Well, Rachael Leigh Cook was only twenty, and I have to admit that she is the main reason to see this movie if you are a guy. Freddie Prinze Jr. is her love interest and personally I think he is one of the most annoying actors out there, no exception here.

The whole story is very predictable actually. Prinze is the most popular guy on their high school, just dumped by his beautiful girlfriend. Now he makes a bet with a friend: he can turn any girl into a prom queen. The friend selects the girl and of course he chooses Rachael Leigh Cook. Convenient for Prinze, since she already is a beautiful girl. It does not really matter whether she wears glasses and floppy pants. Of course he really falls in love with her, of course the bet comes out, of course the girl is mad, of course the movie end on the prom, and of course it will be a happy ending.

Yes, predictable it is, but also sweet, even with an actor like Prinze. Sometimes it is funny and when you are watching a romantic comedy all you really want, I guess, is the main characters get together in a nice way. That sort of happens. A teenager will probably love it, but others will not completely waste their time.
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Travis McBeal1 December 1999
High school Jock Number One gets dumped by his prom queen to be! Doh! So the fool bets that he can make a replacement out of the geekiest girl in school.

And this is one helluva geek. For a start, she DOESN'T LIKE DUMB MACHO JOCKS. No, really! And listen, you're gonna love this - SHE WEARS GLASSES!!! I know! And the first time we see her, she TRIPS OVER ON THE STAIRS!!! What a total geek-of-the-week man-eatin' psycho Commie MUTANT, huh? Let's all point at her and LAFF!

Luckily, he redeems her by making her wear contact lenses and pretty dresses. Soon, she'll be just like everyone else. Hallelujah!

God, I hate my generation.
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It had its moments, nothing spectacular.
series_of_moments5 January 2005
I'd actually recommend seeing it if you don't feel like a heavy movie and just want to watch something fun. The movie is 'another teen movie" but does have some unique aspects to it, some pretty funny quotes ("what is this, the dork outreach program?")and moments, but unfortunately, a lot of that average teen movie drama and a few overly two-dimensional characters (Zach's friends and girlfriend). Cool dance scene though, and Freddie Prinze Jr. is bearable Rachel Leigh Cook is likable (I personally thought she was pretty good in it) and notably talented actors like Kevin Pollak, Kieran Culkin, and Anna Paquin give the movie some supporting foundation. Not a bad movie, not a great movie, just simply what it is:'another teen movie'.
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Nerdy girl, popular boy, a bet, self-discovery, bet goes bad, love triumphs (with some sweet revenge).
dmaynard-25 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Loved this movie. Great for a date, good for a laugh, entertaining and a sweet romantic comedy.

Yes, is a pretty predictable plot, but what teen movie isn't? It had some unique aspects that I thought were creative and entertaining.

I thought it was well cast and well acted. The parts where I was supposed to laugh, I found myself laughing. The parts where I was supposed to get angry, I got angry. And the parts were I was supposed to yearn for love, I yearned.

Whoever rates this poorly, probably doesn't understand the PURPOSE and MEANING of a romantic comedy teen movie... This one totally fits the bill.
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"She's All That," and then some...
dee.reid11 July 2012
I'm actually surprised at all the negativity aimed at this movie. But I really shouldn't be, you know? It's a formulaic, stereotypical movie about high school and teenagers. In short, it's another teen movie (Not Another Teen Movie - get it?). But there is something disarming about "She's All That." It's sweet, it's funny, it's cute, it's charming, and it's kind of innocent (in its own unique way, of course).

OK, maybe I'm being a little hyperbolic with calling this movie "innocent," but I'm making these judgments because this is a movie that I've always admired since it first came out in 1999 - I was 14 and in middle school that year, so I was definitely within its target audience - and I eagerly rented it on VHS from Blockbuster Video after being released on home video. Regrettably, I never really watched it again after that for some reason; I really wish I could come up with a reasonable explanation, but I honestly have none. (As an aside, a few months ago I purchased the movie on Blu-ray DVD and I finally had the opportunity to watch the movie in its entirety for the first time in 12 years.)

I personally feel that, unlike many of the teen comedies released on the tail end of the oh-so-cynical seen-it-all '90s, "She's All That" was one of the far better movies from that time. It was incredibly well-acted (by its wholesome, good-looking leads, played by Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook), well-written (by R. Lee Fleming, Jr), and directed (by Robert Iscove). I felt that the budding romantic chemistry between the two leads was real and believable. Additionally, the characters, especially Cook's character, Plain Jane art student Laney Boggs, seemed real, three-dimensional, and sympathetic.

I single out Rachael Leigh Cook because this was really her movie all the way. In other words, she simply wasn't running her character through the motions of Fleming's script, and she made Laney Boggs all her own - a living, breathing human being and not a brown-eyed, brunette-haired bombshell. She doesn't go from zero to 10 in the time it takes for you to zip up your jacket, no (even though in the real world, it would be utterly ridiculous for her to be considered, even in her "ugly duckling" stage, anything less than "very, very pretty"; all she needs to do is lose the glasses, do her hair, and update her wardrobe and she's done - instant prom queen status). Her transformation into a beauty queen is something that is seen as a gradual process and is full of real effort on her part. In other words, She really is All That.

At the beginning of the film, all-American jock - star soccer player - and class president and essentially nice good-guy Zack Siler (Prinze, Jr.) is publicly dumped by his shallow, self-absorbed girlfriend Taylor Vaughan (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) for an annoying reality TV star from "The Real World" named Brock Hudson (Matthew Lillard, of "Scream"). Zack bets with his best friend Dean (Paul Walker) that he can turn any girl in the school into a prom queen in six weeks. Dean chooses Laney Boggs. Predictably, Zack starts to fall for Laney - especially after his younger sister Mackenzie (Anna Paquin) gives her an extreme makeover - and soon finds himself questioning his bet with Dean.

As I stated earlier, there isn't a whole lot to the plot that hasn't been seen before in earlier, better teen pictures (like, say, for instance, 1987's "Can't Buy Me Love," which this film could be considered in some ways a modern update of). But what saves it are its performances from two real, likable characters who are given a chance on-screen to really learn from each other, and learn ABOUT each other and make some unique discoveries about themselves in the process. It's just a quality that I wish more teen films shared these days.

"She's All That" - It really is All That, and then some more.

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"I feel just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. You know, except for the whole hooker thing."
utgard149 August 2014
Silly but fun teen romantic comedy about a high school jock (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) who bets his friend (Paul Walker) that he can turn a geek (Rachael Leigh Cook) into the prom queen. Flimsy updating of Pygmalion is hard to hate. It doesn't take itself seriously in the least. Yeah it's absolutely ridiculous that Rachael Leigh Cook, an exceptionally pretty girl, would be considered unattractive just because she wears glasses and overalls. But you just roll with it because it's cute and fun. The cast is very likable and the script is good for this type of movie. Matthew Lillard steals pretty much every scene he's in. It's fluff but you'll be smiling when it's over. Can't see the harm in that.
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Moments in Time
A_Different_Drummer3 August 2014
That the IMDb score is way too low speaks I think to the fact that the intended audience for the film was ... disappointed. Perhaps expectations were too high? Perhaps this story had been done once too often. But the odd fact (and the thrust of this review) is that the film is memorable because the stars rise above the material .... before they themselves burn out and lapse into film obscurity.

It was an odd confluence of talent. Director Iscove is well respected in TV but this remains one of his only shots at a feature. Prinze, who had pretty much owned the casting niche he was in, was 23 at the time the film was made and arguably long in the tooth for a high schooler. Nonetheless the chemistry between him and Leigh-Cook was powerful and that chemistry held the movie up when the dialog and the mugging by the other actors let it down.

It's all timing. Leigh-Cook never really made the transition to films after, but kept very busy with TV. Prinze never really made the transition, period, but he's still a young guy and who knows? The Pygmalion thing has been done to death but oddly Iscove, Prinze and Leigh-Cook kept it alive for one more outing. Entertaining.
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Watchable but unimaginative teen `comedy'
bob the moo9 September 2002
When high school jock Zak is dumped by his prom-queen style girlfriend, he rashly says that he doesn't need her and that any girl he dates will become the prom queen. A friend takes her up on the bet and picks geeky art student Laney. Zak tries to get close with limited success but gradually he begins to get to know her and they become friends – now all he has to do is get her accepted by the jet set.

How many teen movies do we need, with their similar themes of jocks and geeks and the seemingly revolving casts? Here we get yet another retelling of Pygmalion except here it doesn't really convince as a comedy or a story. The plot isn't particularly imaginative and feels lifeless and a little flat as a result like it has no spark of it's own. The other problem is the fact that Laney is actually quite good looking before `the change' – I prefer her look before Zak supposedly made her better.

The film needs to pander to the teen audience so we get the obligatory `gross out' comedy in a few scenes which are funny but outside of that it's really very light melodrama between Zak, Laney and the jocks/cheerleaders.

Prince is annoying but is actually alright here despite having a cardboard jock character. Cook is good as Laney but it's a shame that the film sees some sort of victory of making this geeky arty girl into a beautiful Valley girl type that conforms to the pack. What message does that send out to teenagers? At one point Zak says that he'd rather work with fat or ugly than Laney – but really she is only acceptable because she is pretty and not fat or ugly. The rest of the cast are a range of teen actors who you'll recognise from other films who do nothing out of the ordinary. Usher has a cool cameo – but why did Lil' Kim take a role that was barely a support character? I hate Matthew Lillard with a passion but here he does a good job sending up those reality TV `celebrities' and is very funny in his handful of scenes.

Overall this is an acceptable teen film but really never gets to the point where you could call it more than good. The story lacks spark or imagination and the comedy is either crude or too slight to be funny. It's watchable but it's not all that.
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Charming, occasionally silly romantic teen comedy.
Lucien Lessard15 July 2010
Zack Siler (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is the most popular teen in his high school. He shocked that his girlfriend (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) broke up with him for an celebrity (Matthew Lillard). He decided to take any girl to the Prom, but his best friend (Paul Walker) wants to bet. His friend wants him to take the biggest geek to the prom, her name is Laney Boggs (Rachael Leigh Cook). Laney is an ambitious art student, Zack decides to take the bet and he starts talking to Laney. Difficult at first, Zack actually warms up to Laney and they find out, they have a lot in common. Slowly Zack starts to fall in love with her, while his best friend starts to be jealous and he will do anything to ruined the bet.

Directed by Robert Iscove (Boys and Girls) made an enjoyable if predictable teen romantic comedy. Prinze Jr. and especially Cook are terrific in the movie. Walker gets to play the biggest jerk in the movie and he is sometimes amusing. But it is Lillard steals the show in his supporting performance. It was an surprise Box Office hit back in the winter of 1999. This movie is remember for the two lead performances and an good song by the ill-faded band "Sixpence None The Richer" titled "Kiss Me".

The movie is double feature with "Down to You". Another Prinze Jr. movie. DVD has an fine anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1) transfer and an good Dolby Stereo 2.0 Surround Sound. "She's All That" does have an familiar supporting cast like Kevin Pollak, Kieran Culkin, Elden Hanson, Usher Raymond, Clea DuVall, Tim Matheson and more. "She All's That" is certainly one of the better teen movies of the late 1990's. This movie is make fun well in "Not Another Teen Movie". Sarah Michelle Gellar appears uncredited. (*** ½/*****).
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One of the best movies in its genre
Joejoesan22 August 2008
I just saw this movie for the sixth or seventh time on television and I wondered what Rachael Leigh Cook was doing these days. So I checked the IMDb and to my amazement I saw that this movie is rated with a miserable 5.4! What the hell? In my opinion She's all that is one of the best movies in it's teenager/highschool/romcom genre. The story is comfortable predictable and all the performances (from Freddy Prinze to Rachel Leigh Cook and even Matthew Lillard - who's pretty hilarious) are great. We also find Paul Walker (pretty scary!) and Anna Paquin in one of their earlier roles.

Director Robert Iscove also has some nice visual surprises in store for us. The way he introduces the Florida flashback at the pool may be lent from Tucker: A man and his dream, but it works very well. One of the best parts is the dance scene to the music of Fat Boy Slim at the end of the movie. The choreography is excellent and the camera-work first rate. I think that scene is an absolute classic (especially since it wasn't even planned to be in the movie).

All in all She's all that is pretty underrated, I think. It's difficult to make a good romantic movie, I know. I love the genre, but the only ones that really survive the test of time can be counted on one hand. Rob Reiner's The Sure Thing and When Harry Met Sally are up there. Garry Marshall's Frankie and Johnny, Ang Lee's Sense & Sensibility, The Notebook and Simon West's Pride & Prejudice also come to mind.

She's all that may not be a classic like the movies I mentioned before, but there's more to that movie than you would think after first seeing it.

A miserable 5.4... Come on, guys! 8,5 out of 10
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A Brilliant Romantic Movie
Hollie_H27 March 2007
I loved the movie it had a good plot and great acting. This movie was so good it won like 8 awards. It is your average teen movie. Zach Siler(Freddie Prinze Jr.) makes a bet that he can turn and unpopular girl Laney Boggs (Rachael Leigh Cook) into prom queen after being dumped by his girlfriend Taylor Vaughan (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe). The movie has some aspects of a Rom com with the odd witty comments. Freddie Prinze Jr and Rachael Leigh Cook play the characters amazingly they give you a great impression of the character and how they react in certain situations. If you have seen Not Another Teen Movie then you will find the plot line similar thats because they stole It from She's all that. This is a amazing typical romantic teen movie that will make your heart melt and i strongly recommend it for girlie nights in.
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Not the worst
MisterWhiplash24 October 2000
While I would never put this film up with the contender teen flicks (American Pie for instance), if there was a pick between this and Bring it On, I'd go for the first. The story follows a smart, preppy, and popular teen (Freddie Prinze Jr.) called Zach who gets dumped by his girlfriend, but then takes a bet the to turn a outsider art girl (Rachel Leigh Cook has some great charm and sexuality) into prom queen. While I wouldn't call this the best idea to turn someone's mindset like that, the film makes it almost work, and slightly (though never completely) makes Zach's lifestyle apealing. Sweet romantic comedy, though it isn't a quality flick. B-
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A cool movie :)
TheEireReviewer1 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Seeing this now as a 20 year old and it coming out when I was only just around 4 years old, it makes me think how the 1990's were awesome. Although I have to say, this movie unlike today gives us a scoop of the way people are stereotypically just judged people by the way they look and change them. I honestly think Zac shouldn't have really changed Laney but really let Laney change for herself like!

I was so happy to see the stars in this film. Usher really made his character bring a good vibe as a school DJ. Paul Walker (RIP) was brilliant at acting as a really mad frat guy, although I didn't think he was gonna take Laney at the end of the day haha! Also seeing Lil Kim really enlightened this film, however she didn't get much lines in this film which was a bit disappointing but it was great to see her in the film. :)
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Another High school story
galmg8627 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
this movie is another high school movie which is with prom, stupid bet, geeks. so Laney she's a student of art. likes to paint and etc. and Zack is playing football. after Zack got dump from Taylor Zack having a bet with his friend that he's gonna make Laney like him. so the story goes on they having a good time he also helped her brother to stand up against bullies.he also got good grade so he can go to good university or college. and in the end she finds out it's a bet but he convince her he did this for a bet in the beginning but now he really likes her. happy end !!! my favorite moment is the reaction of her face in the graduation when kiss me song on background. also likes the song kiss me by sixpence none the richer.
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I had a few laughs!
Butfish5 June 2003
It was fun, but the idea is a little used. I have seen a couple of movies like this, but this one was actually entertaining, it had a good deal of jokes, but also is´s sappy moments. Anyway, the bottom line is, that this i for the people that are into the genre, but it can give you a few laughs.
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Did anyone else thing this was terrible?
EvilToady10 August 2005
Will someone please tell me they also hated this movie? Please? It was a clichéd plot, the acting was crappy, and it was entirely unrealistic and unbelievable.

The whole 'Guy makes a bet about a girl but then starts to fall for her- oh no! She found out!" thing has been done a million and a half times. The make-over thing? Really stupid. Come on, how many people can just cut their hair, pluck their eyebrows, and then suddenly look like a beauty queen? Besides, he likes her AFTER she has a whole bunch of stuff done to change her appearance so what does that tell us?

Okay, I'm done. I just really hope I wasn't the only one that thought this movie was a steaming pile of excrement.
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You've almost certainly already got this tee-shirt
ian_harris4 October 2002
So predictable, so derivative. This film came recommended but I feel that the recommendation was misplaced. Taming of the Shrew has been remade many times but in some cases (Pygmalion, My Fair Lady) new eras and genres add something. In this case, we have "taming meets teen-movie" - nothing is added, only taken away.

Cook is very watchable, but she's no shrew which somewhat side-steps the point. And as for having a chip on your shoulder about the jet-setters when you're a teenager living in a house with a huge basement that you can monopolise as your art studio and a swimming pool in the garden. Please. At least in Pretty in Pink the poverty was more relative and somewhat absolute (although even then, if you can afford a car and have a job........).

Unless you have never seen a teen movie and/or never seen a remake of Taming, you've already got this tee-shirt many times over so this movie is not worth the 90 minute wait for the closing credits. My partner, Janie, was asleep within four minutes and barely stirred until the end, which is a record even for her.
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She's Really Dumb...
paulmst3k8 August 2000
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING: (might contain spoilers) (of course this movie is so predictable, I don't believe it is possible to have spoilers)

This movie is a cesspool of cliches, swearing, cute but untalented actors, and lots of "hip" and "cool" so-called "music." Freddie Prinze, Jr. plays the typical popular guy. (i guess that's because he plays soccer, that makes him popular, just like real high school, right?) Anyway, his bleached-brain friends start a bet to turn an ugly duckling into a prom queen. Unfortunately, they already picked a beautiful swan. In fact, the movie points out that Cooke's only "ugly" attribute is that she wears glasses. And, naturally, we assume that glasses make her nerdy and ugly. It would have been much more interesting if they picked an overweight girl with braces, and started an alternate day bulk-up routine and a diet of Slim-Fast, to make her skinny enough for prom-queen acceptable. Instead, the filmmakers make it easy on themselves by simply getting the girl contacts. The rest of the movie tries to make us believe that this is how high school students behave and act, and becomes offensive. I hated watching the scenes of the big parties, the walking on the beach, and the unsightly hair on the pizza. Don't any of these students take time to study and learn? Oh, no. Of course not. That's what all the nerdy people do, and we're trying to make them prom queen. And prom queens do not like books (according to the movie) Anyway, I am sorry to say that I saw this movie, luckily I saw it at the dollar theater. I'm hoping that Hollywood will come out with a satrical, unique high-school comedy in the future. I continue to wait...
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Excellent Film, really funny!
scharnock27 October 2000
This film was a fantastic portrayal of what it's really like at school. We all went through it, and we can all relate to at least one of the characters. There is the gang of posh, snotty nosed bullies, the nerds, then all the people in between, and this film shows what happens when the two extremes come together and clash. It depends on which group you fitted into at school as to whether you will like this film or not... If you were a nerd, or anyone in between, you'll love it, because it shows that the bullies don't always come out on top.
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A realistic story based on Popular Guy loses Popular Girlfriend, and is out to Save His Reputation!
kiasavanna24 July 2005
She's all that is my favorite movie ever! The story begins with Zack Siler, the all-a-round popular boy (Freddie Prince Jr.) who loses his girlfriend Taylor (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) after her rampage on Spring Break. Then after the public dismissal by radio host (Usher) he is out to save his reputation. He then takes a bet from his friend Paul (Dean Sampson) to turn the girl of Paul's choice into the prom queen in only six weeks. After a look around he decides on Laney Boggs (Rachael Leigh Cook) a girl who does not care of what other people think this helps her and sometimes weakens her in her art. Zack then decides to meet up with her. She thinks its all a joke and does not listen to anything Zack says until his many futile attempts to learn about her and her interests! Soon the Beauty and the Geek fall in love with some help from Zack's sister Mackenzie (Anna Paquin), Laney's good friend (N/A)and Laney's Dad (Kieran Culkin). In the end see if Laney wins Prom Queen and the consequences on Zack's behalf if she doesn't!

This movie is a classic! I like this movie ,so much I am purchasing it! If you are looking for a movie that is realistic, check out She's All That! You'll be glad you did!
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Clichéd but delivers expectations.
insomniac_rod14 November 2007
Rachael Leigh Cook stars in this filled with clichés movie that may be better enjoyed by girls. Don't get me wrong; I did watch it because I didn't have anything else to do and it aired on late cable and I ended up liking it for what it is: a typical teenager American flick with a message.

There are many, many clichés like the nerdy girl who suddenly becomes very sexy and desirable and the jock who ends up falling in love with her.

There are elements that make this a chick flick but on the other hand, there are some scenes that make it a clever teen comedy.

I can recommend it for those who are still on their 20's and want to watch how young American society behaved in the late 90's.

Leigh Cook shines in the lead role; she's perky, petit, sexy and fresh.
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Oh man, not ANOTHER teen movie
RatSpyKiller1 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"It's amazing, isn't it? You would have never guessed that everyone at this school is a professional dancer." I saw "Not Another Teen Movie" before seeing this and didn't realize how closely it resembled this. I didn't go to my high school prom but I did attend the days of school leading up to it. I don't remember so much emphasis being put on King and Queen. No one had a posse following them around and each candidate wasn't endorsed by specific clubs. In fact, we didn't have stupid clubs that focused on hygiene and prisoners; we weren't that obscure.

Anyway, Rachel Leigh Cook is beautiful and anyone could see that before Anna's character "fixed her up" and made her pretty. Glasses, overalls, and a pony tail don't exactly make a person undesirable. The only benefit to the existence of this movie is that a number of parodies can be made after it.

One last thing, at the end he was indecent in public which calls for an arrest. He would go to jail or at least pay a fine for that. That was a dumb ending.
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Pretty Bad
rec262 June 2003
Formulaic Recipe gone bad!

This movie has all of the elements of an average teen high school flick. The popular group, the unpopular group, the 'controversial' mixing of the popular group and the unpopular group. Yet somehow this movie is definitely below average. The bright spot of the movie is Kevin Pollak who plays La-Ney's practical, dim-witted father. Also the cheesy art spectacle near the beginning is ok and La-Ney's friend (?) Elden Henson gives the audience a fresh comic break from what is an otherwise predictable and unfulfilling plot.

The main problem with the movie is not that it is filled with cliches. Rather that some of the cliches just do NOT make any sense within the scope of the movie. A good example is the subplot of the conflict between Zach Siler and his father. It just is something extra that adds nothing to the main plotline of the movie. Then in the end when Zach graduates he is naked. What does any of this have to do with the movie? He already got the girl so what does it matter if we even see him graduating or not? In this movie it was entirely unnecessary. The movie should have just ended with Zack and La-ney kissing or something like that.

I don't know it just seemed to me as though this movie started out ok and then went on a downward spiral.
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I almost had a crush on Laney
sid_rich16 October 2005
I never give a second thought to any teen movie, specially the prom-movie craps, but I liked this movie....because most of the stuff in this movie was not blown out of proportion. The plot is real LAME, but still liked the movie, I guess only because of Racheal Leigh Cook. This is the first movie I saw of her's. The way Leaney half-smiles, the character was SO strong, SO cute and SO lovable and SO sad....would give anything if something like her happened to me in real life. Loved her geeky talks. When she talked about the ocean, or the children in Mexico, or when she says to Taylor "....this is the reason why I always avoided places like these and people like you.", never met anybody so soft like her. When she trips in her red dress and cries...her eyes covered with her should listen to her voice at that time. She is a very good actor. Somehow she made ME feel romantic....which I think is an achievement. Didn't like Zach tough (Freddie Prince Jr.), was too perfect, almost stupid. You should also see her when in the last scene in which she bursts into a laugh, when Zach accepts his graduation without his clothes, because he lost the bet. He does it for her, because he had fallen in love with her and she becomes more important to her than his bet. But somehow in the movie her hair keeps on growing long and short.....weird!!
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