Charlie's Angels (2000) Poster

Tom Green: Chad


  • Chad : Is it the eggs?

    Dylan : It's not the eggs.

    Chad : Is it the boat?

    Dylan : No, it's not the boat, I have to go though.

    Chad : Is it the Chad?

    Dylan : It might be the Chad.

    Chad : The Chad... It's the Chad!

    [Chad falls into the water] 

  • Chad : The Chad... is stuck.

  • Chad : Starfish, I would just like to say that I'm honored, honored to see you taking an interest in my work and I also think you're very pretty and... (sees girls getting scuba gear on) Starfish? Where are you going? Starfish are you going swimming? Where are you going? Where are you going again Starfish? Was it the Chad?

    Dylan : No the Chad was great.

    Chad : The Chad was great.

  • [Natalie, Dylan, Alex, and Chad are on a boat] 

    Natalie : Hey Chad, does this thing go any faster? We're kind of in a hurry, and I could really open her up, and if you wanted me to drive.

    [turns to Dylan] 

    Natalie : I could drive, right?

    Chad : I'm sorry, friend of Starfish, but there's only one captain of this love boat. That captain is me. The Chad.

    Natalie : The Chad.

    [both Natalie and Dylan are giggling] 

    Natalie : Chad, captain of the love boat-

    Chad : [correcting Natalie]  *The* Chad.

    Natalie : We're kind of in a hurry.

    Chad : [repeating]  *The* Chad.

  • Chad : Good morning Starfish.

    Dylan : Good morning Chad. Sweet Chad.

  • Chad : Where are you going, Starfish and Friends?

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