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Season 2

9 Apr. 1966
The Case of the Fellowship Murder
The secretary of a charitable society is found strangled in her office, but Cork is not convinced that a man spotted running from the scene is the killer.
16 Apr. 1966
The Case of the Wayward Wife
The attempted suicide of a married woman leaves Cork forced to investigate her relationship with a prominent politician.
23 Apr. 1966
The Case of the Missing Cabinet Maker
The workers in a small furniture-making business throw out their employer, who had been cheating them, and take over the business for themselves - but when he is found dead they are suspected of murder.
2 Jan. 1968
The Case of the Horseless Carriage
An early automobile and it's potentially lucrative patents lead to it's inventor's murder. Cork and Marriott find many suspects, including the mechanic, two feuding financial backers and a farmer who's son was injured by the machine.
14 May 1966
The Case of the Dutiful Bride
A mother's concern for her missing daughter is not shared by her husband, but when she is traced - newly married, living with her husband - the matter seems officially settled, however anxious Cork may be for her situation.
21 May 1966
The Case of William Huckerby, Platelayer
A clumsy attempt to infiltrate a union meeting sees Cork's sense of justice challenged, and he takes an interest in the inquest into the death of a railway worker.
28 May 1966
The Case of the Notorious Nun
Sergeant Cork and Marriott are faced with a unusual mystery when a Police constable is discovered severely wounded in a Nun's cell in the Convent of Divine Reparation.
4 Jun. 1966
The Case of the Rogue Regiment
A returning colonial regiment has a score to settle with one of their ex-officers that survived an ambush massacre at the Khyber pass, and is now running for MP, trying to capitalise on it.
11 Jun. 1966
The Case of the Travelling Texan
An American traveling wild west show has not been very successful during it's British tour, and to make matters worse, robbers take the payroll during a performance that Marriott is attending.
25 Jun. 1966
The Case of Albert Watson, V.C.
Albert Watson, received the Victoria Cross for bravery on the North West Frontier of India. During a quarrel with his father, Albert kills him, and barricades himself in his house with Sergeant Cork as hostage.
16 Jul. 1966
The Case of the Devil's Daughter
A music-hall mystic predicts the murder of an MP, and when he is found dead later that evening becomes an obvious lead for questioning - but Cork can do nothing to shake her from her claims of 'second-sight'.
23 Jul. 1966
The Case of the Unpopular Judge
Cork investigates after two attempts on the life of a judge, and finds it is both his harshness on the bench and his personal life that have made him enemies.
6 Aug. 1966
The Case of the Strolling Players
Cork and Marriott investigate when the climax of a play - the shooting of the heroine - turns out to have been all too real.
20 Aug. 1966
The Case of the Silent Bell
Cork investigates the disappearance of an elderly aunt, and the connection with the return of her nephew from Canada in need of money.
27 Aug. 1966
The Case of the French Mademoiselle
Scotland Yard are alerted by the French police that the mastermind behind a forgery ring has fled to Britain to resume her operations.
17 Sep. 1966
The Case of the Crystal Ball
When a fortune-teller solves one crime, Cork feels there is no choice but to take her warning of an impending robbery seriously.
24 Sep. 1966
The Case of the Silent Policeman
Cork and Marriott investigate a string of warehouse robberies, but find that the local police have arrested a suspect - one of their own officers.

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