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The Greatest Quiz Show of All Time!
consortpinguin10 May 2001
Over the course of more than 50 years of television history, there have been many game shows. Some of them very good and some really awful. "Jeopardy" stands head and shoulders above any other game show ever made!

The reason I like Jeopardy is that it challenges the contestants both in the studio and watching at home. The questions are very intelligent and require some thought. I consider myself pretty smart and well-educated and I find it challenging. And it's very entertaining. It does not "talk down" to any viewer.

I don't get to watch Jeopardy very often because I'm so busy and don't watch a lot of TV. But we have had the home game for many years -- first as the board game, then as the DOS version computer game and now as the CD-ROM Windows 98/NT/2000 version with all the special effects. I have played this game with my children who are now teenagers and find it very educational. Without trying you can actually learn things about history, geography, music, art, and many, many other topics.

I like the college Jeopardy because it is geared for a younger generation and it is very challenging to the contestants. Middle aged folks like myself may not know all the new hip music and movies. The only variant I don't like is Celebrity Jeopardy because, like "Hollywood Squares" they can be just too cute to stomach. The "Saturday Night Live" parodies are a hoot!

Alex has been criticized by some of the other viewers but he keeps the show on track and on time, not an easy task.

I don't think I'd have the nerve to personally be a contestant on the real TV show, but I enjoy blurting out the answers at home with my family, and I play the home game.

Too many television shows are aimed at the "Lowest Common Denominator" of viewer, but Jeopardy is both entertaining and challenging to people even who have above average intelligence and education. I think it is the BEST game show EVER!!!!
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I'll take "The Best Game Show Ever" for $1,000, Alex.
Lee Eisenberg26 July 2006
I guess that the reason that "Jeopardy!" is so great is that it really challenges you to think, and I've learned so many interesting facts from it. I hope to be a contestant one day. Obviously, Ken Jennings's winning streak was beyond impressive, and the "Celebrity Jeopardy!" spoofs on "Saturday Night Live" are priceless. But it all dates back to this show's premise of forming the answer as a question. It must be really fun coming up with the answers.

I will say that the Clue Crew is unnecessary. But either way, I still say that this is the best game show ever. Alex Trebek is one heckuva host. There will never be another show like this.

So which category to take now?
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Best Game Show Ever
TheExpatriate7003 January 2012
Jeopardy is arguably the best game show around today. Tougher and more competitive than Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, it is at once entertaining and educational. Alex Trebek is a classic game show host, whose mere presence adds to the show.

Whereas Millionaire has one set of questions that the player must go through one by one, Jeopardy adds an element of choice to the game, as players have to pick the category and prize level of their question. This element requires strategy on the part of the competitors, particularly when confronted with Daily Doubles where one can bet all one's winnings.

The questions (or answers as the case may be) are also crafted well. Whereas other quiz shows rely heavily on trivia for the most part, Jeopardy requires an expansive knowledge of obscure topics, with heavy doses of literary obscurities and arcane history. It is one of the few shows on today that should be required viewing for school children.

The show has slipped somewhat in recent years. The addition of the "Clue Crew" was a definite misstep, while the extensive use of video clues seems to be something of a distraction. Luckily, the producers seem to have gotten the message, and have cut down on the Crew considerably. (Although one could argue that having Trebek do video clues in costume only detracts from his dignity, which is part of the show's appeal.) Still, Jeopardy remains one of the truly great game shows.
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one heck of a game show
mattkratz7 December 2005
This will be remembered as one of the best game shows of all time, bar none. They have the perfect host in Alex Trebek. I love the gimmick of revealing the answer and having the contestants guess the question to go along with it. I wish they hadn't discontinued giving prizes to the runners-up though. Those were cool. I love seeing how many of the questions I can guess correctly when I watch it. Perhaps the most recent thing it will be remembered for was Ken Jennings's amazing run of 74 straight wins. That was incredible. Here's to Ken! I also love the final jeopardy theme song. I also tuned in almost every day to the Ultimate Tournament of Champions, which was a great idea. I actually remembered a few of the contestants on that. Hats off to a truly great game show! *** out of ****
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The top of the game show biz
vranger8 June 2009
As a kid I watched Jeopardy in its first incarnation with Art Fleming, and it was always first on my list of game shows. It was disappointing to see it disappear, but exciting when it came back in 1984.

The 'new' Jeopardy was just as good as the first version, and Alex Tribek has always delivered a touch of class as the host. Somehow he manages to give the impression that he knows all this stuff, though of course that is patently impossible. Or maybe by this time he's seen all the material enough times that he DOES know it! LOL When it comes to the high concept game show, Jeopardy is pure. The only luck involved is how well a set of categories happens to match the individual knowledge of the contestants, and with 12 categories per game, that mostly averages out.

Measure your own success against the question at the BOTTOM of the board. If you can get 7 of those 12 questions and two thirds of the Final Jeopardies correct consistently, you should test to become a contestant.
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Hard but fun!!!!!
Seth Nelson13 September 2006
Merv Griffin envisioned another great show, and that was "Jeopardy!" The Alex Trebek version first aired in 1984, and it was a huge success. It was an even larger success in 2004 when, thanks to the change in rules stating that contestants can keep on playing as long as they keep on playing, it proved great for Salt Lake City man Ken Jennings!!!!! He has racked up over a million dollars in cash, and was happy to be on that show!!!!!

Anyways, the game consists of a large video board with seven categories. These questions are tough; I know we have to use the W-H questions to answer, but the questions are so tricky, we're like "OH !!!!!" when we find out that the question is actually easy!!!!! Here's an example: These two men found a very edgy bookstore. I could only think of Barnes and Noble, but that "edgy" part tricked me, as it was "BORDERS !!!!!" That's how funny this show can be. I also remember the Before and After category; "Larry King Kong" still cracks me up to this day!!!!! There was also "Gone with the Windshield," "Tinker Bell Curve," etc.

I don't watch this show anymore because it's always on at an inconvenient time!!!!! Grrrrr.... But still, this is a great show that is now High-Def!!!!!

10 stars
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The Best Game Show on TV
hfan7713 February 2008
After a slow start in it's debut year 1984,Jeopardy has evolved into the best game show on TV and my personal favorite. Merv Griffin did the right thing and went back to the original format from the Art Fleming era, this time with a video monitor game board and keeping the original "think music." Alex Trebek has become one of TV's best game show hosts and the show has no signs of going stale as the case may be with other long-running TV show. It's a game that everyone can play along at home and the degree of difficulty varies per category.

What has kept the show fresh over the years has been the addition of the "Clue Crew", who gives clues from remote locations, the various tournaments (teen, college, celebrity and earlier seniors) and the elimination of the five game limit for champions, paving the way for the game's greatest player, Ken Jennings. When he was on his unprecedented winning streak, I would tape each episode.

Now in it's 24th year, with a firm renewal through 2012, Jeopardy will remain the best game show on TV.
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The Best Game Show in History
Hayden Thomas30 December 2010
My favorite game show is Jeopardy!. People are always saying it's way too hard, etc., etc., but you know, I get some facts from it. I like seeing how many answers I can get right and, like I said, learning from it. I only started watching it recently, so I don't know if there were any other hosts, but I love Alex Trebek. I just think he's great.

Jeopardy! is a great trivia show. Instead of giving the answers, you have to give the questions, which, in my opinion, is a creative way to test your knowledge since there are many, many, answers to the answer before you. It seems much easier answering a direct question, but answering a direct answer? Especially one that gives a lot of information that you may not know? It's considerably harder.

To conclude, all I have to say is you should watch it. Gain some knowledge.
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Today's Final Jeopardy Category is: "Ahl-ex Spakes Fronch"! Translation: "Alex Speaks French!"
John T. Ryan10 November 2007
"JEOPARDY" had been a very good TV Quiz Show program 1964-75. Pleasant and properly "High Brow" Art Fleming, an Actor by trade, was the Host/Emcee for the length of the show's run. The show was slotted as part of NBC's Daytime Line-Up. It was abruptly canceled in 1975. After all of its success, it got the ax, anyway.

Well, wouldn't you know it, but after this 9 year hiatus, "JEOPARDY" was back. It seems that the American Televiewing Audience was ready for ready for a Round 2 in this bout. And after a slow start, it sure looks like this may well be a Championship Bout, with a return bout or two.

This time around, we had the mustachioed Mr. Alex Trebek, installed in the all-important Host/M.C. position. Amiable, knowledgeable (Hell, He's got the Answer Cards!) and possessing a commanding Stage Presence, the Canadian-born Mr. Trebek had gotten his earlier broadcast experience with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a Newsman. Then he did some Game Shows on the CBC before coming south across the World's Longest unfortified border to the U.S. of A. and the National Broadcasting Company for a gig on a forgotten game show called "THE WIZARD OF ODDS".(1973-74) This got Alex's then long haired and Kaiser Wilhelm mustached countenance out in front, where his talents and abilities took over, keeping him continually in the public spotlight (a prime requisite in this Network Game Show Host Racket).

So, by that Orwellian Watershed year of 1984, Alex was ready to get in front of the camera as well as doing a share of the Producer chores on the retooled "JEOPARDY" This time the show would not have to put the decision of its life or death into the hands, and at the whim of any Network "Suits". Creator Merv Griffin, Columbia-Tri Star TV (later known as Sony Pictures Television) and Alex all gambled on putting all their eggs into the 'Basket' called Syndication. The risk seems to have been a big one, but one that sure paid dividends as it all worked out.

That it was highly successful is now strictly academic! The proof is most definitely in the pudding. And this pudding has been around now for some 23 broadcast seasons in syndication and counting. So now they've more than doubled the run of the original series' run and they continue to add to their own record! You see now just what the international co-operation of these 2 North American Giants can accomplish! Canada, represented by Mr. Alex Trebek, and the United States, represented by the Late Mr. Merv Griffin, can both stand tall, brave and free; even they are both definitely in "JEOPARDY!"
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The best game-show ever!
The_Light_Triton20 April 2005
OK, so first of all, you have the answer, right? right. but what is the question?

Merv griffin had this idea a long time ago. so that's when he decided to create "what's the question?" but of course, it's not a flashy name. then, one fateful day, he was talking to some friends when the word "jeopardy" came up. Jeopardy. that's a word you don't hear everyday. so, the name jeopardy was the new game-show name. it was pretty awesome. Alex trebek, famous for "reach for the top", and "the wizard of odds", got hired to be the host of the show. and he's doing a pretty good job of it. some of the most interesting people have been on jeopardy. there was one guy in 1999, who was a one-day champ, named Ben Weiner. but oh man. no history in the history of history can remember that fateful day in June, 2004. the software engineer, from salt lake city, ken Jennings, went 79 days before being beaten. but he won 2.5 million dollars. personally, i like this show because the colors are flashy. that's why i began watching it when i was 3, but i always ran from the room when a daily double came off the board. for those of you who like game-shows, this is the best one ever.
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My favorite game show of all time has finally jumped the shark
drtturner14 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I guess it is good news that I lived to the ripe age that I now have seen something I thought I would never see and that is a terrible Jeopardy episode.

Jumping the Shark is a term that came from the show Happy Days when Fonzi took his motor cycle into the water for a dare devil feat. Referring to that show and all since that time, it generally signifies when a show has run out of ideas, gotten stale and uses a last ditch effort to recessitate itself, but instead comes across trivial and trite. Jeopardy was a game show that was immune to such a failing. It was foolproof in that College and Celebrity week only added to it. Now Watson, replete with spattered vignettes about his birth mark the death of the show's winning streak. The computer has a hackneyed name of Watson and the personality of my netbook. To make matters worst, he gives us the displeasure of watching our past likable champions look like oafs in a surreal event. Like exploited children, they don't even look happy to be there. Oh well.
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This show just is like your toughest college class.
HermanSchafer22 May 2009
Unlike shows like Wheel Of Fortune(where you guess one letter at a time) starring failed talk show comedian Pat Sajak and failed actress Vanna White, (Who's smile reminds me of Mr Ed the talking horse) or guessing the price on an item like The Price is Right starring ex-marine host Drew Carey and the bikini clad models. (Who men would have dreams about them and when they wake up a sticky mess would need to take a shower and be depressed.) Jeopardy is a show starring a very intelligent host Alex Trebek and the clue crew who do a great job at explaining the category at hand.

I like most of the show except for after the first commercial break when Alex asks each contestant such "unrehearsed" comments like (Alex:"You met your husband/wife doing what and contestant says:"While some driver drove by and splashed water at us.) after that when the contestants get done the player with the most money doesn't exactly win because then its Double Jeopardy and that player could end up 2nd or 3rd depending on the wager.

Jean Cui on April 30,2009 won the lowest score ever with only $599 but in 3 game her total was $14,100 which is a nice amount of money.

I like the end of the show too when Alex talks to all the contestants which shows that he has class.

I give this show a 87 out of 100.
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Probably the most challenging game show!
OllieSuave-00711 February 2017
Jeopardy! is probably the most challenging and most difficult game show out there - one that actually gets your mind racing and your brain thinking. Contestants try to solve the trivia questions being thrown at the them by long-time host Alex Trebek. Instead of giving the answers, you have to give the questions, which is quite creative.

You have to have knowledge from a variety of topics, from history to politics, and from movies to science. You can't help but play along, testing your own knowledge and brain. It's quite suspenseful at times as well, especially the Final Jeopardy round, where contestants bid all or part of their earnings to win the game. And, of course, who could not love the ever-so-popular Jeopardy theme song - catchy and recognizable!

Grade A-
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An Institution On Night Time Programming
Desertman8414 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Jeopardy! is a game show that has become an institution at night.It features contestants in a quiz competition wherein they are presented with clues in the form of answers and must phrase their answers in a form of question.Alex Trebek has been the host of the show for the last 30+ years.It has remained popular for many years now that movies and TV shows have parodied it constantly.

This is definitely one of the most educational show in TV history.Viewers will definitely will get informed and educated aside from getting entertained while watching the show.Also,one will also be astonished at the amount of information and general knowledge that the contestants have acquired in all ages whether High School or College students as well the professionals adults.A great quiz show indeed!!!!
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The answer is.... FUN!
JackBauer11211 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This show is fun. I really think that Alex Trebek and Johnny Gilbert make a one two tag team of longetivity. The dollar values of the old 100-500 to the 200-1000 200-1000 400-2000 really make the show more competitive and exciting when in fact. In the early days of Jeopardy!, The show really went around with really simple answers and silly questions. As the years went by, Alex grew gray hair and the contestants really showed how competitive the game can be. The most eptileptical era was a Software Engineer Ken Jennings took over in 2004 and won over $2,522,700 in his 75 appearances. Now that the show has gone really good to the show there was a whole lot of set changes. The most being the new futuristic set that they first debuted in Las Vegas in 2009 and later on would be used in the 2009-2010 season. Nonetheless, Jeopardy! is still being the #2 game show only behind Wheel of Fortune and that gives more than new meaning to watch it in where you live.
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Under The Category 'Best Game Shows' This Would Be In It (SPOILERS)
I_Am_The_Taylrus10 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers

There are two varieties of game shows. One variety is silly, like Match Game or Let's Make A Deal, and they is serious, like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or Deal or No Deal. This I found to be a cross between those two categories. At times, and most of the time, it is serious, but on occasions it can be light-hearted. Either way, this is definitely one of the greatest game shows ever. It knows exactly what it is doing, and Alex Trebek is one of the greatest game show hosts ever. You know that he is smart and knows most of the questions, well, most of the answers, actually.

He is the basis of the game show. There are three contestants. There is a board with five categories. A contestant chooses a category and Alex reads off the answer (This actor starred in the movie Star Wars, etc.) One of the contestants then tries to give the correct question. If they're right, they get money. There is also a Daily Double, which you wager some of your money. Then they is Double Jeopardy, which is basically the same only the money is doubled. After those two rounds are over they go into Final Jeopardy. Alex reads an answer and the contestants are given 30 seconds to write the question and a wager of money down. If they get the answer right, they gain the money. If they don't get it right, they lose the money they wagered. Whoever has the most money at the end wins.

Overall, this is truly a fine game show that should not be missed. I am a huge fan of game shows and this is definitely in my Top 5 favorites, along with Family Feud, Match Game, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, and Lingo. On to a different topic, though. As you know, Ken Jennings is probably the most famous Jeopardy player. I mean, he got the second most amount of money ever won on Jeopardy. Anyway, this is an exquisite game show that you need to watch if you ever want to see a game show done right.


Recommended Shows: Who Wants to Be A Millionaire
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Hallmark of Game Shows ?
cshep30 November 2004
When Merv Griffin, or should I say his wife, created "Jeopardy", it was never conceived to reach the heights of intellectual standards it has achieved today. What separates "Jeopardy " from other game shows, are its tough rules which allows limited chances for success and repeat winners. Over the years , this game show has pinnacled many contestants, from all walks of life, some very knowledgeable and some jacks of limited trades. Every week , people would come from out of the darkness to test their skill in the arena of television, against two other unknown combatants. With much success "Jeopardy" provided its viewers with fresh challenges, to joust our minds and prod us to reach new levels within ourselves. There were good players, very good, and then there was "Ken Jennings." An unassuming software engineer from Salt Lake City, Utah. His reign started in June of 2004, it ended on Nov 30th , 2004. For 75 episodes he dazzled us with a staggering display of intellectual prowess, often signaling in, before the answer appeared to register. Often he would make the challengers play catch up, but in one episode, when he was dead last going into Double Jeopardy, like the champion he is, he roared back to take a commanding lead, and left the others in the dust, scratching their heads, and wondering what happened. There will be other champions, they will come and they will go, but when you think of Ken Jennings, you will say ," there he goes , the best there is , the BEST there ever was...."

"Jeopardy", will never be the same, and neither will we.......
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Answer: It's the best quiz show of answers and questions on Television! WHAT IS JEOPARDY!?!!!!!!!!!!
Danorgan27 February 2000
What a fun game to play! Jeopardy! is my favorite game show. I always dream of being a contestant on there someday. For me, the teen tournament or the college tournament would be in the near future for me, hopefully I can get an audition sometime! The kids at school think I am nuts for likeing Jeopardy! but I don't care. They think I am a know it all but they are just jealious because they can't answer the questions. I really like Alex Trebek and I think he would be an irreplacable host for the show because there are no others like him. I like to watch the old reruns on the Game Show Network whenever I am off from school and think it is interesting how they did things a little differently back then. They chatted with the contestants at the end of the first round right before they went into the break for double jeopardy. Now, they chat whenver they come back from the break during the first round. The set no longer turns red during Double Jeopardy! and Alex Fills the board during the break before Double Jeopardy! instead of doing it just before he reads the double Jeopardy! catagorys. I love the boardfill sound, I think thats neat. I JUST THINK THE WHOLE SHOW IS NEAT! My Mom and I watch it every night and it has just sort of become a tradition for the two of us to spend quality time together watching Jeopardy!
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Jeopardy! not as good as it used to be
madisonwisconsinite25 March 2013
I remember when I was young and Art Fleming hosted a program that truly tested the smartness and savvy of viewers and contestants, with a serious challenge of their knowledge about useful and practical information. Science, History, Geography, Politics, these were the kind of categories that would come up to test the minds of the contestants. The new program has become all-too-much a test of how much pop junk info you've got in your head, what celebrity married whom, which Shakespeare play has a redheaded man who wears black shoes and brown socks, which sports team did such and such or which athlete lost or won what contest. I was talking to one of my brothers the other day, and he summed it up that today's society has got to place too high a value on useless information, and become too little concerned about teaching young people things that will benefit them throughout their lives. If it would be of absolutely ZERO value to you if you were marooned on a desert island, you might be less brilliant, and more of the other kind of "maroon" à la Bugs Bunny, to know the latest about the Kardashians, Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears; who killed Roger Rabbit?, and which country won the most medals for synchronized swimming at the 2004 Olympics (were there Olympics in 2004?); than if you know the significance 3.14159, that there are 2.2 pounds in a kilogram, 5,280 feet in a mile, that -40C = -40F, that the USA is a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy, what the Federal Reserve System is, or other actually useful information. Shame on those who have taken a great and classic game show, and dumbed it down. I've also noticed that, historically, men were much, MUCH more likely to win the game than women; and have heard recently that there are or were allegations that Jeopardy! altered the clues in some way to favor female contestants. I don't know if they did, or didn't, but there have been an increasing number of women winning on Jeopardy, with certain characteristics in common. Finally, I also have a problem with the change that allows a winner to keep being a winner, for days, weeks, even longer if he/she is "good" enough. Think what it would be like, you've waited two and a half years for your chance to get on the show. You've paid for your airfare out to Los Angeles, you're in a hotel, you've got your good clothes all dry-cleaned, and it isn't even until the fourth day you've reported to the studio that you get your chance, and you go out onto the set only to find yourself facing a champion who has been on the show for three weeks and has got the method of buzzing in down pat. You don't stand much of a chance. You wind up in third place, and get $1,000.00 for your appearance. Alas, you spent a lot more than that getting out there and staying in your hotel, but hey, you get to say that you were on Jeopardy!
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Definitive of the "good old days"
drystyx11 September 2012
Jeopardy, the game show, is definitive of the "good old days".

It's no "frills or fakes", "no models walking across the floor". It was made to be a true game show. To win, you had to know real facts.

I wouldn't be smart enough to win, unless I played a couple of IMDb posters, in which case I'd be a shoo in.

There is a "Jeopardy of the past" and a "Jeopardy of Today". Sad to say, that's why the "good old days" truly were better.

In the past, you had to be knowledgeable about many subjects which required something besides pop culture or reading tabloids. In the past, the contestant who won "earned" a win. Only "Wheel of Fortune" can make the same boast. The other game shows were either sheer luck (spin a wheel, roll a dice, choose a curtain), sheer dorkiness (knowing each Hollywod celebrity's marital status), or sheer obvious cheating (Name That Tune-contestants naming a song in one or two notes, played by a band that sounded nothing like the original song. You do know there are only 13 notes? Only 13 combinations for one note, and only 169 for two notes, yet out of the tens of thousands of songs, contestants would name the right song-yeah, it was fixed).

But Jeopardy, you would score yourself at home, and lose, but you didn't feel bad, because you knew the winner "earned" it. The winner knew about Chemistry, Math, World History, American History, Sports, Drama, even the Arts, all in a nice proportion.

Then came the "clue crew", and it was shot to Hell. No longer could you feel you were beaten by someone more outstanding. Now, the winner had to be a superdork. Whereas before a tenth of the questions might be for dorks to get some scores, questions about the latest pop singer's vacation, about the latest movie's star's real, 90% of the questions were for the dorks, and the nerds now have no chance.

I don't mind losing to a nerd. They have some degree of intellect. Losing to some dork just because the dork knows how many Coen brothers there are, but not how many great lakes there are, that would be unforgivable.

The "clue crew" ruined it in other ways. Jeopardy was once as much audio as visual. Now, if you have a small screen, you can't see what they are pointing to, and they can't enunciate, so you don't understand what they are saying.

The rating of 6 is a balance of "10" for Jeopardy before this date, "6" on this date, and "2" for today.
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Merv's Marvel
DKosty12317 August 2007
This is the Alec Trebek version of the show. The show itself is timeless & addictive. Once you watch it, it always interests you.

That is because the answers & questions can deal with any subject. The show can ask the most difficult things or it can ask easy subjects but still interest the viewer. The contestants can be almost any age. There is very little that can't be done with Jeopardy.

This is one of the most parodied of game show ever broadcast. Some of the earliest Saturday Night Live (SNL) programs did take offs based upon this. Most interesting about those is that the announcer for the original version of Jeopardy & SNL were Don Pardo. This gave the comedy sketches a different feeling for those who were long time fans.

Because of the spoofs of the show, nearly every big time sketch person in comedy from Chevy Chase on has done a take off of this show. That is the really big dedication to Merv Griffen that this show has. Merv created something so successful that even comic sketch take offs from it pose no threat to the real thing.

To the addict, it is the game & the contestants that you tune in for. Almost anyone with a decent voice & some intelligence could host it. I wouldn't be surprised Alex Trebek might keep going for a long time as host. Between this & the paid infomercials he is doing, this has much more class & pays better.
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mojobitty19 May 2002
After 18 years these guys are still on top of their game. When "MILLIONAIRE", "WEAKEST LINK" & "BEN STEIN" are long forgotten, "JEOPARDY" will still be going strong. This game show remains the one to watch if you want your brain to be challenged by the toughest & most enjoyable questions (or is it answers?) around.
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Used to be good
z9_58910 August 2001
This show used to be good back when it started. Intelligent questions. It was a serious quiz show. Then it started changing. Maybe they wanted to appeal more to a younger audience. But ever since around 1997 they ask questions that are easier. They try to be more funny with more video daily doubles for example. Sometimes that have categories that go together which means less variety. Alex too often tries to be funny but fails 100% of the time. It has become less intelligent and more "fun-oriented" and that is a very bad thing. I miss the earlier shows.
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Nothing tops it.
Danorgan7 June 1999
There is no game show that could top Jeopardy! Not even Wheel of Fortune (no offence meant because I like Wheel of Fortune too). I like Alex's smooth voice and the way he expresses himself in reading some things. I can't picture anyone else hosting Jeopardy. I love to play Jeopardy on various Video Game systems and I like to shout at the TV all the questions. My little brother (11 years old) thinks I am nuts sitting there at the TV at 7:30 in the evening shouting at the TV.

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Fun game show
First off, I must say that this is a fun game show. Also, I haven't seen every episode. However, since I have been watching for as long as I can remember, I do know the show very well. Every time I watch it, I have a lot of fun playing along and watching. This makes me long to be a contestant. The things I like most about it are Alex Trebek, his occasional jokes, the questions, and the contestants. If anyone replaced Alex Trebek, I would be really sad. When it goes off the air, I hope some network brings it back so I can play along and watch again. If that happens, I will be really happy. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever. Now, in conclusion, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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